hello everyone and also welcome back to another video clip with lim evaluations now if you discover on my background it looks a bit various it’s not the typical kitchen that you’re seeing but we do have a little cooking area at the back there and the reason for that is because i’m currently right here in barcelona for mwc currently if you observe a slight eco-friendly on my face that’s due to the fact that i’m very excited for today it’s actually day one as well as this is actually my very first time here for mwc so extremely thrilled but allow’s talk a little about the tool that i have actually been using for the previous couple of days so i can share a little bit with you this tool i’m speaking about is really honors latest front runner device the honor magic 4 pro now if you see this device is not something that you see each day because the honor magic series hasn’t constantly come to the global market but also for the 4 pro especially here it is definitely pertaining to malaysia so all my malaysian buddies out there remember of this actually outstanding gadget now

prior to i start chatting concerning this gadget here it would certainly indicate the globe if you might simply go down a like as well as below to the network that would certainly be very extremely outstanding currently allow’s discuss the honor magic 4 pro now in regards to the layout itself and also you can notice here that we do have an extremely intriguing layout we do have a really good round intermediary establishing right in the leading center section currently apart from that we do have this reflective back panel we do have two colors the one i’m holding right currently is the black but i’ll additionally show you the one that is in environment-friendly it is a very refined sort of green and also it really looks rather wonderful currently it deserves mentioning that this very big camera shade at the back it’s not actually a huge intermediary it remains in reality quite slim so you will not find it extending out excessive it is just the ideal dimension i would certainly claim however yeah that’s what you obtain for the camera sensors currently in addition to that we likewise have this rounded sides on the back right here that actually makes it quite easy to hold in one hand now this is definitely not a compact

gadget it is quite large however keeping that rounded sides you know it in fact makes for quite a comfortable feeling in addition to that near the bottom you do have your normal type c part you have double stereo audio speakers and yeah you additionally have your sim card tray right near the bottom currently that’s what you enter regards to the design overall i assume it is quite a streamlined design definitely something that you could intend to check out let me recognize what you people consider the honor magic 4 pro currently turning the tool to the front here we do have an extremely intriguing display as well as allow me simply direct out one really fascinating fact which is uh this magic four pro’s front display below is really in proportion on all sides so if you take a close appearance at the leading and lower along with the left and also right sides you will certainly observe that everything is really symmetrical i understand some people available you know you people are extremely

choosy concerning your front dealing with display screens you don’t like a substantial head you don’t like a massive chin so with this magic 4 professional you actually obtain the very best of every little thing because every little thing is just in proportion currently just in terms of the numbers what are we obtaining for the display well we do have a 6.81 inch ltpo amoled display that suggests it is able to do variable type of refresh rates to help you reduce battery power in addition to that is a really high resolution present you likewise have your 120hz refresh price so every little thing here is simply buttery smooth in terms of the illumination levels i’m not sure what the specific number of demands is however i was able to test it out outdoors the majority of the time and i realized that i have actually never ever had any kind of problems considering the display since it gets really extremely intense so no stress over that now one thing that i ought to aim out is that on the leading left corner you do have that peel shape sort of removed and also the reason for that is because it houses 2 sensors one is your front encountering

selfie cam and certainly you have one more ultra large so you can simply capture a bit more people in your selfie fired to make sure that’s just in terms of the display screen total i think it is rather all right currently carrying on allow’s talk a bit concerning the power due to the fact that you guys understand power is really very essential right here and also we do have a snapdragon 8gen one so this is absolutely the top of the leading the best cpu that you can enter any kind of smart device today besides that in regards to your ram as well as your rom ram wise you are getting lp ddr5 so that’s again the very best in regards to the storage space you have ufs 3.1 so everything is simply a rapid storage space as well as fast ram so you can anticipate maximum performance on the honor magic 4 pro currently allow’s carry on and also speak a little bit concerning my favored component of this tool which is the cams at the back now we do have a triple electronic camera setup which you can see below we do have a 50 megapixel main sensing unit we also have one more 50 megapixel high resolution ultra large sensor that takes actually

terrific sharp shots and also lastly it’s all concerning the telephoto lens we do have a 64 megapixel 100 times zoom so once again simply in terms of numbers you do have some truly remarkable numbers however let’s take an appearance at the pictures that i handled to discuss the past few days now i observed that images taken throughout the day below look very color accurate it has a lot of detail and especially given that we constantly have this extremely brilliant warm days outdoors below in barcelona i had the ability to get shots that looked virtually picture excellent there was very extremely minimal noise you could see that the shades the shadows everything looks truly excellent here on the honor magic 4 professional i also realized that pictures taken of individuals you recognize specifically the faces it looks fairly realistic too unlike other tools which you know beautifies your entire face so i believe that’s something that i additionally like also currently going on to the zoom this is absolutely pre-production software program so it is not the settled one yet i was able to see the capacities due to the fact that it had the ability

to zoom extremely smoothly on particular circumstances and what i indicate by that is i was certainly able to record rather a fair little detail despite the fact that i was looking extremely far currently i would certainly state that the most effective the sweet area for using this telephoto lens is zooming up to 10 times which currently enables you to see a lot of detail and a lot of details for something that is rather much away specifically like you know in my hotel space right below i was able to see appropriate out a pair obstructs in the future here on just how the building over there resembles so i believe that’s actually quite enjoyable to play around with particularly if you have that telephoto lens now i also took an extremely fast video clip below simply to reveal you men just how the ois really works i’m not certain what type of ois it has yet it was extremely stable in regards to just video recording so i’m mosting likely to put a fast clip right here so you can just imagine how it really appears like to take videos on the magic 4 pro which i have actually checked out on my computer system to look rather steady let me recognize what you men think about the electronic cameras that you have on the back below currently once more simply to promptly recap this is not like a full

evaluation i was simply doing a number of shots right here and also there just so i can show you the first perceptions of very first check out the video camera arrangement on the honor magic 4 pro alright guys so carrying on to the final part below allowed’s talk a little concerning the battery that we have actually constructed in so naturally as you can see this is a rather slim device so we have a 4600 mah battery but the actual quick part that you require to understand about right here is everything about that charging so owner is actually placing in a 100 watt rapid cost you know support and also it additionally does 100 watts of fast wireless billing so it is meant to be crazy fast according to honor they are zero to 50 takes simply 15 minutes for that quick wireless charging and also i assume it’s in fact fairly crazy now i had not been able to test out the 100 watt rapid cost wired charging yet i did notice that from no to 80 it took about less than thirty minutes so definitely additionally really quickly there good individuals i believe that’s it that i desire to cover concerning the honor magic 4 pro once again take this video as like a quick look an impressions or the initial hands on with this very very brand-new front runner device from honor it’s certainly excellent to see honor returning with actually incredible gadgets and you know it provides us one more option as buyers to have one more front runner device to pick from those numerous devices that we currently have in the market great individuals i think that’s it for today’s video once more if you did appreciate this very fast and also brief introduction allow me know what you men assume if you have any type of concerns placed them down in the remark area listed below don’t neglect to go down a like as well as sub to the network and obviously i really hope to see every one of you guys in the next one stay risk-free everybody bye

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