Nokia T20 Tablet: OMG. My FIRST Nokia Device in 15 Years! 😱

hello there everybody welcome back to another video with lim evaluations now today i’m extremely thrilled to show to you a very intriguing product from the brand name nokia now i have not talked concerning this brand name for a really long time now as a matter of fact i think the last time i’ve heard regarding nokia was you know a number of years ago possibly many several years ago when i really used a nokia mobile phone yet today uh nokia actually connected to me and asked me if i wished to examine out their all new nokia t20 tablet computer so of program i stated yes i suggest nokia i imply i’m not sure if you individuals understand the brand allow me understand down listed below if this brand name really implies something to you however yeah i was extremely thrilled when they connected to me as well as obviously i stated yes to have a look at the nokia t20 so i have actually been using it for a number of days currently actually a number of weeks really as well as i intend to share my experience with you on what the nokia t20 is truly all around is this something that you need to actually take into consideration and also what nokia actually wants journal customers to

assume concerning the nokia t20 let’s learn currently prior to we begin certainly i have actually stated it’s on all my all my videos yet if you simply want to sustain the network sustaining a malaysian content similar to this too don’t forget to drop a like below to the network that would actually aid me out thanks so much let’s start all right we’re going to start off very promptly by just talking a little about package simply have a look at this box individuals it looks so nice i mean these days are phone makers also tablet manufacturers in their box and all that do not look that fantastic they’re going to choose all those minimalists and also extremely plain layout but when i saw package for the t20 by nokia it truly obtained me really feeling delighted it looks really great right here really colorful graphics on the front so i understand i don’t typically speak about a box however this box does make it look really nice okay so there’s really three things that nokia is really pressing out today in regards to their essential messaging as well as you can in fact discover that out when you flip open their situation that’s actually extremely intriguing when you flip open the

instance you do have three things there as well as what it states is to like it trust it and also maintain it so what nokia actually implies by this what does it indicate to like it well generally they’ve come out with a number of features on the nokia t20 that they believe you may really such as in terms of trusting it well this is the case of their resilience nokia is stating that the tablet here is actually quite resilient as a matter of fact this is in fact ip52 ranked that suggests that it is protected from minimal amount of dirt and water so that’s what you get in terms of the longevity nokia is also understood for you understand going down the stuff and all that so it won’t really harm the tablet however naturally i have actually not gone down the nokia t20 and also finally when it says to keep it what do they imply by that well generally nokia is assuring up to 2 years of os updates to guarantee that the t20 is maximized with most current software application so you do not have to change your tool every few years aside from that with 3 years of protection updates this additionally makes certain that your device and information are protected from the most up to date hazards to ensure that’s what they really mean by to like it trust it and also keep it now proceeding allow’s concentrate on a number of cool functions so i want to highlight 3 main specs below initially up of

course is the screen itself if you flip the gadget to the front this is where you will obtain the 10.4 inch 2k show currently you can see that we do have a very symmetrical bezels all over it is really quite thick however i would claim that it’s really quite good due to the fact that it makes it really easy to hold currently the second vital spec that you must recognize here is that it is being powered by a unisock t10 processor now what this implies is that it’s certainly once more not a super powerhouse that will certainly provide you maximum performance you do have four gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of interior memory and this is really expanding through microsd currently it’s additionally worth mentioning that these devices sustains a sim card slot so it’s lte sustained and also you can additionally place in the sim card to make sure that you have web whenever you get on the go now lastly the third thing right here the third major spec that you really require to understand right here is all about the battery currently we do have a relatively huge battery at the back here this is an 8200 mah battery and it supports 15 watt fast cost so again you’re gon na anticipate some rather good battery life on the nokia t20 currently proceeding since you’ve done understanding the essential specs let’s talk a bit about exactly how it

seems like to make use of the tablet well i have actually been using it a pair of times in the coffee shops to you know occupy on the internet meetings calls with my colleagues as well as all that and also i must say that it’s really fairly a suitable gadget right here now the display screen at the front below although it is a 2k display screen i must state that the exact resolution is 1200 times 2 000 so yes you are still able to view movies you know and just browse the web really clearly as well as responsively on the display screen itself and also it’s not the brightest display available yet i was still sufficient for you recognize getting in a decent quantity of home entertainment i would certainly say that if you’re simply looking for a standard tablet computer to you recognize carry with you anywhere you go and also the nokia 220 is in fact something that you may really want to think about due to the fact that it does include a quite good display now in terms of efficiency i do not actually play a great deal of video games on right here yet i had the ability to play a pair of fundamental video games on the nokia t20 until now it did not actually delay really poor and all that it was quite alright although i do have to

admit that it is not the fastest tablet computer out there sometimes it may take a bit of time to load a couple of applications and even navigating via applications yet general i would certainly still state that the the performance here is actually fairly suitable for a tablet computer similar to this now going on in terms of the battery life of course once more we are obtaining very great battery life according to nokia you are able to obtain up to seven hours of on-line conferences 10 hours of films and also 15 hours of surfing the web to make sure that’s fairly a whole lot of battery life that you can anticipate right here in truth i haven’t billed my tool for the previous 3 days and also it still has regarding 30 to 40 remaining so i would absolutely vouch for the battery life appearing of this individual now finally it’s likewise worth discussing in terms of the style it does look quite wonderful right here if this is a blue version we do have the cameras at the back it is an 8 megapixel system and also at the front you do have a 5 megapixel selfie camera for those on-line

conferences but you do have those bands at the side below the antenna bands for the lte yet total i would certainly simply say that it’s an extremely solid looking tool really feels great in hand extremely lightweight as well as well as easy to take about with me great men so at the end of the day that is this nokia t24 well again like i stated if you’re seeking something that is sturdy you understand it could last you in the long run well i assume you could really wish to have a look at the nokia t20 currently once again i desire to remind you that it is most definitely not an incredibly power home but uh if you’re going to do a bit of light gaming you know browsing the internet viewing movies you know passing it to your kit or something like that the nokia t20 actually does a couple of things rather nicely good men that’s it for today’s an extremely quick video clip of the nokia t20 if you do have any type of additional questions don’t neglect to leave them down in the comment section listed below i wish you liked today’s video clip and also i definitely expect seeing you in the next one remain safe everyone bye

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