Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G Hands-On! The ULTIMATE Redmi Note? 😱🔥

hi everyone welcome back to one more video with lim testimonials currently today is a really exciting day since i do have the newest and also most effective redmi note 11 series to day right here in the room with each other with me so i’m mosting likely to be showing to you my thoughts on this tool uh of program i have to show you some proof this is the box itself the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g incredibly duper lengthy name yet that’s what we have right here if you remember about 4 or five months ago i really assessed the china variation and the neighborhood version the international variation is lastly below in malaysia so very pleased to show to you this device right here due to the fact that based on my experience on the china version it is in fact an extremely great tool as well as i really also contrasted it to you recognize like poco f3 it’s an extremely good tool so let’s speak about the brand brand-new most recent most effective redmi note 11 gadget now prior to i do that naturally i’m mosting likely to reveal you what can be found in a box here this is just truly actually just open up so i’m going to show to you what

can be found in package clearly we do have this box itself i do have my redmi note 11 pro plus here in the woodland green variation i’m going to unpack this especially just before the electronic camera for you guys since you recognize it’s the very first time we’re opening this gadget below so we’ll wait on that aside from that we likewise obtain a number of manuals in this little cardboard and also with each other with that squeegee case you individuals enjoy those so we’re gon na place that down in the meantime and also look into what else was available in the box now certainly we likewise get the type c cord sitting right here as well as lastly now this is an extremely unique one due to the fact that we do obtain that 120 watt battery charger in package this is going to be very quick below on the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g currently let’s go on to the device itself and also let’s unwrap this man below right before the electronic camera very swiftly allow’s take out these plastics this is like all ideal plastic is out as well as we’re going to get rid of that sticker from the back begun there we go guys that is the look of the redmi note 11 pro plus currently examine this out this is once again the woodland green

there is also an additional variation in like grey or blackish kind of color but i picked mine in woodland environment-friendly so it looks wonderful uh in terms of the style and also all that again it’s really similar to the previous redmi note 11 professional the plus variation right here does look a little different in regards to the camera sensor on the back the bump here is really emphasizing on the major 108 megapixel sensing unit to make sure that’s a little various however quite much totally the same currently what’s really trendy about this layout right here is that once more it does include this entirely matte out back panel as well as fortunately below is that it is totally free of fingerprints so you do not have any type of fingerprints no issue how oily your hair is it will certainly be entirely tidy currently aside from that yes we still obtain those you know flat sides throughout the sides here around the frame feels exceptionally great you do still have your earphone jack at the leading you have your stereo audio speakers at the base you have your kind c port and of training course you have the sim card tray now the sim card right below is a double sim crossbreed kind of sim card tray that implies you can really put in a micro sd if you wish to increase that memory currently considering that we are speaking a little on memory allow me

share with you the price of this gadget here guys this device below is actually fairly costly below in malaysia we do have two variants the reduced version features 6 gigabytes of ram and also the top variation features eight gigabytes of ram both variants featured the same amount of internal memory which is gigabytes which might not really be sufficient for you people so it’s excellent that the gadget itself supports the micro sd you recognize card assistance all right so in regards to the prices it begins with rm1499 for the lower specification version and also one five 9 9 for the 8 gigabyte of ram version so you guys allow me know if this prices is also pricey honestly talking i assume it’s a little bit more than anticipated but again redmi has really spoiled us with you recognize giving us so a lot you understand value so i think whether or not it is still worth your cash allow’s learn a little bit more in the future good so now let’s talk a little bit extra one final aspect of the style below is that it does include ip53 you recognize splash security you can not actually put it like completely immersed right into water and also all that however it will safeguard your tool you recognize from a little of beads of the rainfall you know you’re next to the pool you obtain splash and all that to ensure that will in fact secure your gadget right here currently that we have actually done discussing the design and the price let’s chat a bit more

concerning the specifications as well as what you actually require to find out about this gadget however before i begin that naturally if you resemble material similar to this don’t forget to go down a like below to the channel that will certainly be very much appreciated thank you individuals for that assistance currently back to the redmi note 11 pro plus we’re mosting likely to talk a little about the display screen at the front since this is really an excellent one this is in fact one of the very best screens still is among the most effective display screens on a redmi note tool currently we do have a 6.67 inch 1080p incredibly amoled display the refresh price right here is 120 hertz the touch tasting price is 360 hertz all of these are good numbers yet an additional ideal component right here remains in terms of the brightness levels it goes all the way up to 1 200 nits of illumination as well as once more this is certainly really great for those of you that utilize your phone outdoors many of the moment even if you are in an auto driving using your waste your google maps as well as all that you will certainly have the ability to see your display screen flawlessly great so don’t forget constantly ensure that the tool that you’re acquiring has at least 1000 nits of brightness maximum if not you will certainly have a bit of trouble or challenges

checking out a display under the intense sunshine right currently let’s talk a little more concerning the efficiency what’s truly you recognize in shop here as well as what is it a bit different from the redmi note 11 pro the non-plus variation well in this individual below we are using the dimension processor it is the ruby city 925 g so that indicates you have the 5g assistance covered no concerns keeping that there in regards to the ram like i discussed earlier on is 8 gigabytes of ram lp ddr4x once more not the fastest however quick adequate and in terms of your storage space you have ufs 2.2 storage space which again is not the fastest yet i believe it’s rather appropriate at this cost point now having actually utilized all the previous redmi note 11 series and also obviously i also made use of the redmi note 11 pro plus that i pointed out a number of months back the china version what i can state after using this same variation below is that this is definitely the fastest the smoothest redmi note 11 collection to day actually it’s the very best note series from redmi to date since whatever is so much smoother and also significantly optimized on this man right below now keep in mind that it is only running miui 12.5 factor something it’s not even on miui 13 yet but i make certain the miui 13 you understand update will be coming soon and also all that yet yes it is a really smooth tool releasing apps whatever is extremely quickly you recognize playing video games is additionally very smooth you can actually rise to you know fairly high graphics settings when you’re playing games certainly if you’re also mosting likely to play like jensen influence and all that you still can use your highest you know

settings you know with suitable framework prices and all that but once again if you’re just trying to find one of the most effective efficiency you know from a redmi note device this is the one to in fact take a look at now in addition to that i should likewise highlight the reality that this tool here comes with outstanding haptics as well as what i mean by that is that it comes with the x-axis direct haptic so that implies that everything is actually very crisp all your communications with the tool itself really feel great the resonances are amazing wonderful haptics here once again on the redmi note 11 collection all right so now finished with the efficiency allow’s take a glimpse at what do we have in terms of the camera sensing units at the back now again this is just a suggestion this is simply a glimpse at the redmi note 11 pro plus i essentially simply fairly unbox this earlier on so it’s not a full review or anything like that however in regards to the cam sensing units at the back below you have that triple video camera setup currently this is being led by the 108 megapixel sensing unit at the back you likewise have your 8 megapixel 120 levels ultrawide sensing unit as well as last but not the very least you have that 2 megapixel macro lens currently if you rewind the time back regarding a year ago you men might in fact keep in mind that the redmi note 10 professional it featured an incredible 108 megapixel sensing unit at the

back now just looking at the data here i find that you recognize the specifications for the sensor of the 108 megapixel on this redmi note 11 pro plus is really the same in with the redmi note 10 professional so again i think we are going to anticipate some excellent comparable uh type of efficiency showing up on the electronic cameras below but do wait on the complete review you know for me to in fact show to you the actual images now proceeding let’s chat a little about the battery we do have a 4 500 mah battery at the back right here um in fact if you look at these density levels you might really anticipate it to find with a 5000 mah battery but unsure why it just features 4 500 well fortunately right here is that like i stated earlier on the gadget does sustain a 120 watt active charge so evidently it does no to 100 in just 15 minutes people that is crazy crazy rapid i assume it is among the fastest you know for also at this rate point so excellent stuff there from redmi uh in addition to that i assume that’s practically what you recognize i need to share with you men in this very glimpse of the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g uh if you men have any type of inquiries or if there are anything else that you desire me to evaluate out let me know so i can you understand do it in the full testimonial and share with you people my ideas my straightforward thoughts on it and also yeah i hope you such as this video clip once again do not neglect to drop a like quit to the channel if you intend to see more content similar to this keep safe everyone and i wish to see you people in the next one bye

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