HONOR MagicBook 16 Review: POWER-PACKED! 🔥

hi everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim reviews now today we’re going to be taking a look at among honor’s latest as well as extremely extremely powerful laptop that is the honor magic publication 16. now these days we are always working from home utilizing our laptop computers as well as we always want an increasing number of power but still keeping that small type factor so this set below really loads rather a reasonable little power but we’re mosting likely to discover all the capacities that we can get out of this honor magic publication 16. now prior to i begin the video naturally i have to show you the rate in malaysia this is going for rm4299 as well as in terms of the ram and storage you’re getting 16 gigabytes of ram matched with 512 gigabytes of storage so that’s rather a reasonable bit inside this instead slim laptop all right so currently that we’re finished with the rate very first things first we’ve reached speak about the style just how it looks like how it feels and also all that so right off the bat we do have this a very nice base grey type of color with the honor magic publication 16. Ownership this is one of their

most solid sort of laptops so that implies that you can drop it not truly drop it but like knock it perhaps hit it versus the table and it won’t obtain harmed that usually owner states there’s done a great deal of screening to it so it’s absolutely an extremely strong item of a laptop computer right here now in terms of the weight it is really 1.84 kg this is great because it’s actually under 2kg and also of training course this is a 16 inch laptop computer so yeah still pretty uh manageable with one hand aside from that in regards to the density levels it’s 18.2 millimeters you can see that it’s very slim total the develop top quality really feels very superior on this honor magicbook 16. currently right at the front right here of training course you can see that we have an extremely minimal look we have the honor logo design date facility and also initially if you have a look at the left side you’ll discover that we have a pair of components we have two kind c ports below type c 3.2 along with a hdmi port and on the right you have 2 kind a 3.2 as well and an earphone jack over there so it does not matter if you’re utilizing like the most recent cables or type-c cables or if you’re making use of the conventional kind a cable televisions both sort of wires will certainly work quite possibly on the honor magic book 16. good so we’re mosting likely to turn open the gadget itself and also see what else we have below certainly we can see the initial point we are

greeted with is this substantial screen the 16.1 inch display screen which i’ll talk a little bit much more later yet the amazing thing below is that we still have this very minimal a really slim bezels about 5.1 mm on the sides and yeah the bright side below is that we still have the cam dead center on top so you will not have those very weird unpleasant angles when you’re making those video clip telephone calls especially you recognize to your coworkers as well as all that so that’s quite great also now relocating down to the body itself and we discovered that we have a very great key-board over right here uh there’s respectable travel so typing on the key-board is a very you understand extremely comfy experience i reached make use of the knack very rapidly after utilizing it for simply a number of hours really extremely great keyboard right here in terms of the back light you have a two degrees of backlight you can either transform it off or you do not have it at low or brilliant degrees on the key-board itself so once more very really nice and comfortable key-board currently next to the keyboard you will notice that we have two strips of these uh audio speakers and they in fact seem respectable now in terms of the audio

high quality the honor magic box 16 does come with the nahimic audio impact software application constructed in so what this software program does is that it allows you to you know control the kind of audio turning up from it it enables it to consider that border sound impact and overall you’re able to fine-tune the equalizer and also actually seems respectable on the honor magic book 16. So definitely a good idea to have that software developed in since you can have a better experience just paying attention to your songs on the laptop computer currently aside from that we additionally observed that we do have that fingerprint scanner on the top right edge once more it’s relatively quick less than one 2nd to you understand unlock your gadget really extremely convenient it’s never review my fingerprint mistakenly to ensure that’s excellent there as well as of program moving better down we likewise can see that we have a relatively huge trackpad over here that makes it very simple to browse on the honor magicbook16 so overall simply in terms of the layout the develop as well as whatever i assume it’s

extremely done extremely well below due to the fact that you recognize i didn’t have a very tough time adapting to it utilizing it was extremely really basic now simply for enjoyable purpose i’m mosting likely to turn the gadget to the bottom here you can see that we do have this huge grille and that’s because it’s real estate two truly outstanding fans inside there to you understand uh offer that really powerful ventilating system to ensure that it does not contain a great deal of heat whatever can be pressed out in general yeah that’s what you can expect in terms of the design and also develop top quality now we’re gon na talk a bit concerning the display screen due to the fact that yeah that is something that is really important to me currently display wise we do have that 16.1 inch ips lcd that i mentioned previously on uh it is a 1920 times 1080p display screen and in regards to the refresh price you are having a 144hz refresh rate that implies every little thing is extremely smooth on the display itself scrolling through internet sites as well as just surfing stuff here and there everything is simply very smooth and likewise this 144 hertz of refresh price is terrific if you play a lot of video games which we’ll chat a little bit later currently besides that you also have that 100 srgb high color range and also in regards to the element ratio this is a 16 by 9 element ratio that means if you’re gon na watch a lot of your uh reveals or youtube videos it’s mosting likely to be uh fully loading the

entire display on the whole this is an extremely really good screen fantastic for you understand taking pleasure in flicks as well as shows on the display currently relocating on allow’s chat a little bit about what’s truly powering this device below as well as certainly the user experience so at once you currently recognize that we do have an amd ryzen 7 5 800 h cpu it also features the incorporated gpu that is the amd radeon graphics in addition to that the tool itself is geared up with that said 2 millimeter three-way heat pipes 75 mm plus dual fans and also obviously that eight temperature sensors and all this truly aids to develop that enhanced wind path to push up all the extra warm specifically when you’re playing video games due to the fact that there’s a little bit of heat taking place so it will help to push out the warm very effectively as well as essentially according to honor this in fact aids to enable 68 even more air volume for just the honor magibook 16. So those are just the numbers and requirements yet how does it really feel like to use it well uh first off using it was in fact quite smooth the first point very first is that it booted with home windows 11 right out of package so extremely extremely great there in terms of utilizing it i utilize it to do a great deal of my job creating scripts word papers powerpoints and all that if you’re doing a great deal of basic workflow kind of associated things there will definitely be no

delays in any way every little thing is very smooth and also extremely extremely fast this is a really powerful processor that you have in right here as well as doing work will absolutely not be a problem introducing your teams zoom every little thing is super quickly currently if you intend to talk a little concerning playing games that’s in fact fairly possible as well i do have steam installed here as well as i really played a pair of video games on the laptop itself which ran really extremely smoothly naturally you have to fine-tune the visuals levels to be like tool and also something like that to obtain the most effective experience however the point below is this device is not simply made for job however it’s also created play currently apart from that there is likewise the pc supervisor attribute in the honor magic box 16 below that enables you to deal with your mobile phone effortlessly so what this suggests is that i can simply utilize my smart device the honor 50 to tap the trackpad as well as very conveniently i can get my smartphone synced with the computer system as soon as possible with that link i actually can regulate my smart device with the computer system itself very very simple i can drag and go down

data again really flawlessly between both devices and also it simply produces that whole you recognize like ecosystem where every little thing simply deals with each other so that’s absolutely fantastic right here on the honor magic publication 16. At the end of the day profits below once again is that it does not matter if you’re just playing your games or if you’re doing a lot of work you know dealing with your tool as well as all that all of it jobs really seamlessly on this really effective device currently proceeding we’re going to speak a bit regarding the battery life since that’s additionally really important currently what sort of battery do we have in below is really a 56 watt hr battery which is relatively huge you additionally get that 65 watt rapid cost battery charger in the box and great news is that it’s in fact really little as well it’s not such as those costs from those various other laptops which is just huge this set right here is not simply small yet it additionally bills up the laptop really very promptly so according to honor you can do like 85 in just one hr as well as if you wish to charge up the whole gadget from no to 100 you will take about one and a half hours all right men at the end of the day uh that is this laptop computer for well once again i need to state that this laptop right here is really appropriate for all type of people it

matters not if you resemble a student if you are an employee as well as all that you can all do that on the honor magic publication 16 extremely efficiently and without much issues finally it’s additionally worth mentioning that owner is offering a pair of free presents off if you buy the honor magic publication 16 they are providing a cordless computer mouse a backpack for your laptop you additionally obtain the m365 the microsoft 365 to use those workplace applications and you also get an added one year of battery treatment that indicates if anything takes place to your battery honor will deal with you currently prior to i go it’s likewise worth stating that if you are looking for a mobile phone don’t forget to have a look at the honor x 95g that was recently released by honor i did a full review of that phone on the channel you can check that out however yeah honor is making a number of extremely fascinating gadgets today alright keeping that thanked all for watching till the end and also this is what i can discuss about the honor magic publication 16. wish you like this video clip don’t forget to drop a like sub to the channel if you intend to see even more web content similar to this and i wish to see every one of you individuals in the following one stay risk-free everybody bye.

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