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so when I first reviewed the pixel for Excel back in a simpler time when we could actually go outside and hug strangers and stuff like that admittedly I wasn’t massively impressed Google’s mega-sized flagship phone was good in many ways but it suffered from two very serious flaws first the less-than still a battery life and second the fact that it costs as much as one of them iPhone thingies well six months on the pixel for excels still costs a barmy 829 quid but I have seen it go on sale a fair few times so you probably snag one without having to sell your least nak and fleshy bits if you’re a wee bit patient but has that battery life improved at all and how was the rest of the phone held up over half a year well here is my full six-month pixel 4 XL review and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribed ending that notifications bell Cheers so first up obviously the design of this phone hasn’t changed a peep in the last 6 months this isn’t a frigging transformer or anything like that and yes it is still a chunky we beast thanks to those rather wide bezels stick it next to the gorgeous new p40 pro which is six point six inches yet almost the exact same dimensions and the pixel for Excel just looks like a bit of a relic it’s almost like the pixel is the p40 pros homely friend who it hangs around with in bars just to make sure that it gets all the attention so far though the pixel for excel isn’t these proven

respectably Hardy I’ve shoved in the bags and pockets God knows how many times to take it out and about take test photos and things like that and so far touch mode there’s only a single scratch on that back-end and a couple of light Nick’s on the display allows you’d hope and expect Google has done a bang-up job keeping the pixel for Excel nice and fresh those security punches are rolling through and a monthly fashion nice and timely and well some pretty impressive new features thrown on there as well in fact the last update was an absolute whopper not only did we get a potentially life-saving util on there but Google also threw in the beginnings of an if this then that style automation system and added new features to the camera and the likes of dual in fact the update was so massive that I’ve actually done a full dedicated video all about it and all the new features it brought along so definitely go check that out for all you need to know if I remember I’ll stick one of those link cubbies in somewhere above my head here if it hasn’t popped up then I’m gonna see forgotten so go search for it or done whatever it’s your life don’t lie YouTube it’s they me tell you what to do now one of those updates added in a bit more functionality to the motion sense gesture control using the pixel for excels built so non-tech the usefulness of motion sensors mostly limited to just controlling your music when you listening to what the pixel bought without touching your

smartphones or skipping tracks on now pause and playing as well with the new functionality but I don’t find myself in this situation where I need to do that without touching the handset in fact more often than not I found myself accidentally skipping to the next song just by reaching for my cup of tea when the pixel is sat there playing my music there’s an example of something similar the works better on a different handset I really like WoW is air gesture control here on the p40 poor this allows you to actually scroll through a website when for instance your bacon cooking you got messy hands you don’t if you want to touch that smartphone screen which makes a lot more sense but I gotta say I am still enjoying that stock Android experience on the pixel for Excel which is lean and slick you’ve now got scheduling for the excellent dark mode and the parental controls are more handy than ever now that my kid is stuck inside the house with me 24/7 which by the way any parents out there major empathy coming your way we’re gonna get through this man one god damn day at a time but anyway if you want a closer look at these stock Android 10 experience here on the pixel for excel some of the best features then deftly go check out my full pixel for tips and tricks guys now I already covered that gorgeous 6.3 inch OLED screen in my original review and my opinion obviously hasn’t changed it’s still an absolute stunner pumping out super sharp quad HD plus visuals with poppy colors and perfect contrast well that 90 Hertz refresh for it

makes everything buttery smooth it’s definitely still one of the very best displays even now in 2020 likewise that serial speaker setup is great when King bar with bidden Netflix or YouTube or an event an especially great when game and as well although I do rue the lack of a headphone jack cuts stumbled me quite a few times over the past few months but luckily Bluetooth connectivity been absolutely perfect hit on the pixel for excel no worries and it’s the same story for the performance as well Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset hazzard course since been succeeded by the year 65 but the pixel for excel will still blaze through any games and chores with nary a stutter whatever you’re up to now one of the major reasons I wanted to re-review the pixel for excel in 2020 was the fact that I saw a lot of people that optimistically posted online that the battery life appeared to be getting better with every subsequent update and unfortunately I got to see I’ve seen no such improvement about 3000 some unfamiliar I’m cells still just about last the day if you don’t lean on this phone but if you burn through a lot of screen time in the average then you’ll definitely wanna look elsewhere because the pixel for Excel will be slapped into the Power Save and more before you even get to the sort of early evening stage and it’s a real shame about that battery life because design aside I really like the other features of the pixel for Excel especially that brilliant dual lens rear

camera the HDR smarts are still among the best out there the night mode is absolutely fantastic but it’s just the fact that it takes some brilliant shots of your kids your family your pet even when they’re all bouncing around like absolute idiots that’s what really sets the pixel 4xl apart plus that camera software has been tweaked slightly since launch as well to improve features like the blocky effect when shoots and selfies I’ve never looked better sadly of course the pixel for excel isn’t quite as flexible in its setup as recent rivals such as the one with P 40 paw or Samsung’s Galaxy S 20 family while Samsung’s flagship also has a beat for video smarts if you’re really fancy a superhot telephoto lens or any funky tech like that and the pixel definitely isn’t the one for you this is just a brilliant every dish shooter they can capture slick look and pics with minimal effort so go check out my pixel for camera review for all you need to know so six months on to be perfectly honest nothing has really changed the pixel for excel still costs way too much at over 800 pounds and something that battery life is raw P at best

this is a really difficult recommendation to make in 2020 despite the fact you’ve got those great software updates you’ve got a fantastic stock Android experience and some really slick features on there that’s it if you’re sort on the idea of a pixel for excels camera tech and of course that stock Android experience which is regularly and reliably updated then definitely go check out the pixel three-year smartphones instead Google is constantly updating them as well still ice the pixel 3xl now has those HDR smart suits you find on the pixel for friends again fantastic for capturing yet every dear pix it costs an awful lot there’s still dependable performance and the battery life is a lot better but of course don’t forget that the pixel forea smartphones might be just around the corner so you might want to hang on a little bit longer see what happens there so anyway that’s why I think of the pixel 4 XL after having it in my pocket my bag wherever for the last six months but have you been using the pixel for assault as your full-time smartphone be great hear from you as well please do bug your thoughts down in the comments below and maybe you’ve been loving it more than I have and from all the latest greatest actors do put subscribe ending that notifications bell chairs

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