TECNO Phantom X: Mid-Range Device in a FLAGSHIP BODY?! 😮

hello everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim reviews so i’m not really sure the amount of of you people out there know with the brand techno however these people they’ve already been in malaysia because 2021 last year as well as in fact so they’re actually rather developed in malaysia for quite a long time but anyways techno malaysia did reach out to me and also asked me if i intended to take a look at their latest front runner which is the techno phantom x that i have right below so normally obviously i said yes as well as in today’s video i’m going to be showing to you my personal experience after utilizing it for virtually a week now this brand is in fact relatively unidentified to me so i was in fact extremely delighted to see what sort of experience can techno actually supply to me as a user so without more ado allow’s simply leap into the fast review right now now prior to we do that obviously if you can just drop a like and below to the channel that would be extremely much appreciated with that stated let’s relocate on ideal so initial things

initially we need to speak a bit about the unboxing experience currently techno is claiming that this is intended to be one of their front runner gadgets so naturally it was available in a significant box and as soon as you lift the lid itself you will certainly have the ability to see you have the gadget itself along with a ladder case currently the natural leather situation looks actually actually excellent below men not just does it look good however it also feels good to touch and also it’s really a really slim case so it does not add a great deal of bulk to the tool itself and also i like it currently relocating down as you go additionally into the box itself you will certainly notice that you have an additional number of couple of boxes below and this actually includes the battery charger itself it additionally has a usb cord and lastly it also comes with a wired hands-free now having stated that this is generally what can be found in the box and the unboxing experience was in fact extremely really positive so good beginning to this video right so moving on to the following factor as soon as i get rid of the gadget from the plastics and also all that my

first impressions concerning this device is that it looks truly good now my version below is the blue version as well as there’s a special name for that however if you just have a look at the back panel design uh directly on you will see that it might advise you of a smart device from a pair of years back however that’s not too essential what we do have here is a really wonderful develop high quality back panel and also what i suggest by that is that we have a glass back panel below that is in fact secured by corning gorilla glass 5. You do not have to fret so much concerning scrapes or splits occurring to the back panel apart from that if you simply slide your hand throughout the back panel you will discover that there is a distinctive back here which is truly wonderful to really feel people it’s truly really superior sensation on the techno phantom x i’m going to show you a very nice close-up as well as you’ll observe a lot of solitary lines going down throughout the whole body of the back panel it’s actually good there all best apart from that you do have the camera range resting dead facility in the middle and it does extend out a little bit so it may

trigger the phone to totter on the table but truthfully speaking that does not truly bother me relocating on to the frames we have these really slim frameworks and this is actually a really slim tool on the right you do have your volume rocker together with your power button relocating down to the bottom right here you have a kind c port you have a solitary firing speaker unfortunately no double stereo audio speakers here as well as last yet not the very least you have that earphone jack that you can use with the wired headset that came in the box other than that you’ll see that we also have a minor curves on the sides at the back here that makes it actually great as well as comfortable to hold in one hand and also overall just in terms of the layout the develop top quality and also feel i think it is definitely first-class degree below on the techno phantom x all right so moving on allow’s flip the tool to the front and also speak a bit regarding that screen now at the front we also have a bent display screen so the entire device is simply bent on all its sides in terms of the numbers this is a somewhat bigger 6.7 inch 1080p amoled display it rejuvenates at 90hz so everything is fairly smooth here certainly i would certainly have really hoped to have actually seen 120hz but 90hz is additionally

appropriate you know in this tool right here now colors wise saturations sensible you recognize your comparison levels whatever looks excellent on this device it’s an extremely beautiful looking screen at the front as well as those curved sides at the edges right here does not really cause a great deal of unintended touches it truly improves the whole experience whenever you recognize it does not glide your finger from the right or from your left to actually go back to the previous food selection so i like that because it integrates well right into the user interface now the only drawback for this screen right here is in terms of the maximum brightness which doesn’t truly get that bright i observed that outdoors occasionally it was having a hard time a little bit you know as well as even for me to also see the display under very strong sunshine so that’s probably the only drawback however or else it is an extremely extremely nice show an extremely good bent amoled display on the techno phantom x currently moving on to the next factor i desire to talk a little bit about the cams at the back due to the fact that we do have that three-way cam

arrangement like i discussed earlier on uh techno is stating that this is one of their finest electronic camera experience so allow’s check it out okay so in terms of the numbers again we do have a 50 megapixel major sensor you have an 8 megapixel ultra vast and last but not least you have a 13 megapixel telephoto lens that does 2 times optical zoom currently those are just the numbers yet in terms of real photo top quality individuals i was in fact happily shocked with the performance of these cameras at the back all right so photos taken throughout the day came with a great deal of detail you understand there was a really good vibrant range and also even more notably the colors actually look rather true to life now most smart devices these days they often tend to increase shades a whole lot so they look extremely very edited even you understand with simply the stock electronic camera app however for the techno phantom x the photos here just look really pleasurable as well as they do not have those over saturated kind of vibes there as well as

overall i assume that just taken throughout the day this is just extremely very great now in terms of the night picture once more you understand techno is saying that this is one of their finest shooters at night and it did a fair task here i wouldn’t claim that it did an excellent work in the night setting it was rather great there is very little sound and also there’s quite a lot of information being captured i discovered that there was a little bit of glare specifically when i aimed extremely extremely straight at you understand light belts as well as all that however that’s really rather anticipated in your gadgets these days so overall yeah this is the kind of photos and also that you can expect during the day and also night from the techno phantom x right so relocating on to the next point here allowed’s talk a little bit concerning the performance on board now performance sensible it comes with a helio g95 processor uh apart from that it comes with eight gigabytes of ram plus 5gb that if you desire to expand that even more in terms of the inner memory it comes with 256 gigabytes of interior memory and it does support the mini sd card port so you can boost it up by up to 512 gigabytes so that’s this in terms of the numbers currently in terms of the efficiency how does the helio g95

perform um basically if you are acquainted with snapdragon 680 you will certainly discover that their performance is rather similar although the helio g95 does have a tendency to in fact go beyond the snapdragon 680 in terms of benchmark ratings by regarding 3 to five percent so it’s around that kind of benchmark so in terms of day-to-day use with your social media your youtube browsing as well as all that it will actually launch most of your apps fairly rapidly without much problems in terms of video gaming sensible of training course you are able to play a bit of games below i saw that mobile legends was really enhanced for the techno phantom x it was able to support an extremely high visuals degree as well as a super framework rate so i’m very surprised to see that there all right so moving on to the next point here let’s talk a little bit about the batteries on board now seeing that this is a really slim device uh we are able to get actually 4700 mah battery inside here and also in terms of charging speeds it supports 33 watt quick fee according to techno it does no to 70 percent in simply half a hr so quite fast there really with the billing rates on the techno phantom x all best so the last point i desire to chat about below is actually in terms of the rate now the techno phantom x8 is going for rm1499 here in malaysia and at that cost point you might be able to obtain a little more effective gadgets

nonetheless what techno is actually providing below is type of even more of a user experience a kind of ambiance below since in terms of the style you have this exceptional looking design it feels excellent it feels premium if you are somebody that you understand appreciates craftsmanship on a smartphone this is something that you may want to consider apart from that you additionally have that really wonderful bent amoled screen at the front a terrific pair of a great pair of video cameras at the back as well and in general i simply assume the user experience is in fact quite great so you will certainly be paying for that with the techno phantom x anyways let me recognize what you men assume regarding this gadget below is this something that you could actually think about let me know down in the comment area listed below because i would like to hear what you assume and also of program thank you for remaining all the means till the end and of program if you like this video do not neglect to go down a like and sub to the channel i really hope to see all of you people in the next one do stay safe everyone bye

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