hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim testimonials now today we’re going to be doing a very thorough sort of electronic camera contrast between the vivo x80 pro versus the oppo money 5 pro that i have actually been testing out for the previous couple of days currently the reason i’m doing this cam comparison is since these individuals still have really trustworthy electronic camera names on the backs so for the vivo x80 pro right here they have actually collaborated with zeiss and for the oppo finance 5 pro they are dealing with hasselblad and also i simply wished to see which one right here in fact gave us the real lifelike colors currently today’s video we will not discuss the numbers the electronic camera requirements and all that i’ll put the web link to their complete specs down in the summary box listed below however we’re simply mosting likely to leap right right into the photos along with the videos considered this specific contrast i have actually likewise placed in several various type of illumination problems so today’s video is going to be a little extra longer than typical but i’m certain you will certainly have the ability to discover a great deal of

fascinating arise from this comparison video currently before we start the video naturally if you might just drop a like and sub to the channel that would certainly be extremely much valued and also with that stated allow us begin the comparison right away now we’re mosting likely to start firstly by having a look at the photos taken by the vivo x80 pro with zeiss turned on and what this implies is that the saturation degrees right here are truly going to be lowered by the phone itself so you’re going to see a quite paler image on the vivo x80 pro compared to the money 5 pro right so now with that said said simply in regards to color precision i noticed that you know to be truthful uh the vivo x80 pro below does look really accurate however it is lacking uh those saturation levels that is what i’m seeing with my very own eyes so what i indicate here is that the oppo phonix 5 pro is a little bit as well saturated so the genuine precise image that i’m seeing with my eyes is really what remains in between these images now we’re mosting likely to relocate on right into a various group of pictures below currently this classification of pictures we’re going to be looking at is daytime shot with both tools established to automobile

so the zeiss mode will not be switched on now as well as we’re going to see exactly how this executes on the everyday instead alright so let’s begin the very first image we have right here is two trees here you could observe that once more vivo x80 pro pictures tend to look a little a lot more cooler than the actual circumstance is currently going on to the following shot you can see below that once more it is a really saturated sort of a circumstance with the vivo as well as the zeiss coloring as well as all that in regards to this shot right below the eco-friendlies on the vivo x80 pro is simply incredibly environment-friendly and it’s not reasonable whatsoever the one that is practical is the one on the right the one with the hasselblad now next shot right here we’re visiting remains in regards to this blossom i would certainly state that in this particular instance the turf the eco-friendlies on the vivo is the one that is much more precise once more bear in mind that this is under a very hot mid-day sunlight as well as it’s intended to be warmer so the one on the oppo the hasselblad is a bit messed up right here because it’s not fix at all and also going on to the next shot this below is extremely similar

across both pictures once more the major difference you will certainly see below is in terms of the lawn that is a little greener on the hasselblad side so simply in regards to precision once again it is likewise somewhat extra precise on the hasselblad so we are seeing this type of uniformity a lot more precise shades on the hasselblad okay so we’re mosting likely to relocate on to the following shot and talk a bit regarding daytime shot inside your home okay so this bmw over here you’ll notice that once more vivo x80 pro here is truly lightening up the picture a little more but real to live one gets on the one on the right the hasselblad it keeps the comparison right here on the on the oppo finex5 pro so good shot there relocating on to the next shot this case is a bit different this specific shot is shot versus a really bright home window at the back so you’ll notice that in this situation i really felt that the oppo f5x5 pro did a better job here i observed that the wheels itself is a little brighter compared to the one on the vivo vivos one looks really dark carrying on to the next shot

once again this is also pointed in the direction of the glass so everything is extremely brilliant on that particular end however in this situation once again i felt that the oppo great x5 pro did a better task here again in terms of simply the shade accuracy the environment-friendlies right here are extremely extremely comparable they’re excellent precise sort of environment-friendlies however just in regards to the total image i really feel that the one on the hasselblad is doing a somewhat far better work okay so let’s carry on and discuss images taken of individuals okay so we have a pair of shots of me over below currently this is a couple of portrait shots that we’re going to have a look at and also immediately simply have a look at this i can inform you the primary difference right here is that the vivo x80 pro is maintaining the the type of complexion that i have for my face whereas on the oppo f5x5 pro is attempting to brighten my skin or something like that whenever it identifies an individual in the scene it tries to brighten it and also instantly it simply ends up being an awesome blue tint to it so once more i’m going to reveal you the next shot right here it’s a comparable tale the shades are much much extra exact on the vivo x80 pro all right so since we’re done talking regarding the day daytime shots outdoors indoors as well as complexion allow’s carry on to evening setting and also see just how they do okay so night time i did

this testing i took a pair of shots of cars on the road you know and in this case i saw that the red below is actually extra accurate on the vivo currently take an appearance at this this ferrari i indicate you individuals understand ferrari raid is simply red the one on the oppo below looks a little bit off it looks a little unusual carrying on to the next shot in this case below the aston martin you’ll see that on the wheels itself is a little brighter on the vivo x80 pro so once more in terms of the evening mode you know vivo has a tendency to brighten the image a little bit more below compared to oppo right so currently we’re going to talk a little bit concerning individuals taking shots about of individuals at night in this situation again whenever it comes to people i find that it is always just much better on the vivo now forgive me for my ruined hair over there but in this situation the complexion once again is much more precise on the vivo x80 pro this 2nd shot reveals the same instance again if you look at the photo on the ideal i look very strange with this kind of green

yellowish kind of slim taking place below and also in terms of the vivo it’s just an extremely preserving the initial look of the skin tones as well as i like that concerning the vivo x80 pro now i did take a couple of night pictures also as well as in this situation as soon as again it’s a comparable tale below vivo does far better at taking evening pictures the skin tones are once again really precise right here in this shot particularly again you can see that you see that vivo is you understand providing us a slightly brighter photo and on the oppo f1x5 pro here you’ll see that i’m almost mixed in with the history i can not truly separate myself from the history so not too nice there so you might discover that in terms of uniformity smart the complexion and all that tend to look a little bit better and also a lot more reasonable on the vivo although periodically the oppo f5x5 pro do tend to get it appropriate from time to time so however anyways i would certainly say that the wind in regards to evening pictures simply daytime pictures goes to the vivo okay currently we’re gon na take a look at a number of evening setting shots of atmospheres and also all that so this shot was taken at an extremely dark type of location as well as in this situation i would certainly state that the oppo money 5 pro the hasselblad is doing a better job right here the greens is exactly as it was for some factor vivo has this actually weird you

recognize yellowish color taking place which is strange this second shot in fact it verifies that happens again in extremely very dark atmospheres it will certainly light up the whole setting however vivo is simply having this very strange sort of yellow point taking place currently going on to another thing a little more sensible here you’ll most likely be taking shots of this cool lights as well as all that now in regards to realistic kind of appearance i would certainly state that it’s more sensible on the oppo f1x5 pro due to the fact that the lights were really yellowish it was not so creamy colored as you see on the vivo x80 pro yet the vivo x30 pro picture tends to look a bit cleaner if you go on to the following shot here again you’ll see that there is a fad with vivo in regards to the night mode they are always slightly brighter than the oppo phone x5 pro this next shot will also tell you the very same story allowed’s go on this likewise shows the exact same point again so if you’re trying to find so if you’re trying to find brighter night shots i most definitely that is where you can find it in the vivo x80 pro yet if you desire something more you know keeping the comparison degrees and also all that that is where you can discover it on the oppo okay so currently we’re mosting likely to have a look at a video clip allowed’s check out the video clip comparison i

understand it’s a rather a number of mins in already yet let’s check this out so we take a look below at this specific scene and also in regards to the video clip right now you can see that the turf on the vivo which is on the left incidentally is super eco-friendly the shade is just off uh in regards to this video i would certainly say the color accuracy is area on with the oppo f1x5 pro the hasselblad shade adjusting here is excellent every little thing that you are seeing on the display today specifically on the oppo 5×5 pro is precisely what i was seeing when i went to the park whatever on the left the vivo one is slightly enhanced as well saturated and the grass does not look practical at all it’s simply too environment-friendly on the vivo side alright so we have this appearance right here once again uh really regularly you guys can see that both are really doing extremely well in regards to the you understand stabilization moving occasionally uh we’re mosting likely to check out a couple much more video clip shots soon for this certain one i’m going to walk throughout this bridge and also you can simply have a look at the stabilization extremely very comparable sort of stabilization below although you will certainly discover that the colors once more are not that saturated on the oppo f5 x5 pro which is where it’s doing a far better task so in terms of evening setting videos i would certainly state that both gadgets are in

fact doing a wonderful task right here but simply in terms of the shade accuracy again it is more accurate on the oppo phone x5 pro vivo is still trying to lighten up the photo for also for video clips also so if you desire a brighter sort of video taking you can check it out on the vivo whereas on oppo it does not brighten the picture that much yet it does maintain even more you know contrast it keeps even more color accuracy as well so we’re just mosting likely to go on here and also look into the following video clip that we have great very promptly now i’m going to stalk this sphere of light see as well as once more you can see that the yellowish tint is really a lot more accurate on the oppo f5 x5 pro these photos these illuminations are really yellow-colored kind of lights whereas on the on the vivo on the left you see that it’s a bit more whiter so once more simply in terms of the shade accuracy more precise extra precise video clips on the best whereas the vivo on the left here is just really attempting to lighten up the entire scenario that is the kind of results that we are seeing on both the images along with the videos right here great guys to ensure that quite much amounts up the contrast in between the vivo x80 pro against the oppo great x5 pro at the end of the day me personally i do not assume either among them are winners i assume

they’re both champions in their respective classifications sometimes it’s a little much better on the vivo x80 pro often it’s a bit better on the oppo f5x5 pro regardless it’s always amazing to see you know these designers these producers here pressing the limits of the cams that we get on our smart devices nowadays well allow me understand what you individuals think due to the fact that at the end of the day i wish to know what you think which one actually won your heart was it the team zeiss or group hasselblad that truly took your selection today allow me recognize down in the remark section below please please allow me recognize because i really need to know which one won you people over keeping that stated thank you for staying completely till the end don’t neglect to go down a like and also below to the channel to see more material like this and do take treatment as well as stay risk-free i intend to see you individuals in the following one bye

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