HONOR Magic 4 Pro: What’s UPGRADED Since HUAWEI Days?! 🤔

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now i’ve actually been using the honor magic 4 pro here for quite some time now and a couple of my friends they were actually very sharp with their eyes and they noticed that the honor magic 4 pro here looks very similar to the huawei mate 40 pro from a couple of years back so some of them were asking me like hey liam is this honor magic 4 pro actually related to huawei is it sort of like an upgraded version to the huawei mate 40 pro well guess what i do have both devices here today and we’re going to be taking a quick side by side look at what’s different from between the honor magic 4 pro and the huawei mate 40 pro of course we are going to see a lot of advancement in technology since the honor magic 4 pro was just launched compared to the huawei which was done a couple of years back so without further ado let’s just jump into the video and check this out now first things first we got to talk a little bit about the design

because although they look very similar they are actually quite different in some parts so over here i definitely have to agree that they both look identical because of the symmetrical back panel and the circular camera down in the middle i personally feel that this design is highly recognizable and super unique to both huawei and honor however the most obvious difference here is that the circular camera cutout on the honor magic 4 pro is way larger and that’s probably because it houses an upgraded camera system now since we are talking about the cameras here let’s dive deeper and find out what’s new in terms of the technology that is being showcased on the honor magic 4 pro alright so back then huawei actually released the mid 40 pro with an awesome camera that is still hard to beat today it comes with a 50 megapixel main sensor a 20 megapixel ultra wide and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens that does 50 times zoom moving on to the owner we have a 50 megapixel main sensor another 50 megapixel ultra wide and a 64 megapixel tally that does up to 100 times zoom now this is more up-to-date today there is also a detox sensor for increased focusing speed to ensure that all the shots you take are always clear apart from that honor has also their trademark ultra

fusion tag and what this does is that it stacks the images taken from its multiple lenses to form a higher resolution picture that produces a ton of detail now i think this is one of the best in the industry today as we all know huawei phones are great at taking night shots but honor with its latest camera tag is able to capture more detail now in terms of video honor has introduced a lot of cool features here such as shooting in lock mode and this was actually created in collaboration with imax enhanced you can also use the multiple 3d luts to make more firm light videos huawei on the other hand you know they used to focus more on slow motion shooting back then but i really appreciate what honor is doing here because this is unlike anything that you can see on other smartphones shooting in lock is really something different guys alright so now let’s move on and talk a little bit about their processors because it’s really different here now in terms of processing power huawei uses their own kirin 9000 processor whereas honor is using the latest snapdragon 8 gen 1.

well obviously we cannot compare them here because both were launched at different times but what i can say is that they are both flagship level in their own rights at the time when they were launched well with that said i must also talk a little bit about the operating system the user interface and all that because again they might look quite similar but they are quite different here well on the huawei itself it is using emui which you guys might be familiar with whereas owner here is using magic ui which is sort of based on emui with a little bit of tweaks and changes now the user interface on both devices look very similar and both feature some cool tricks like the knuckle screenshot you also have your honor and huawei share which works beautifully amongst both platforms and this allows you to share files instantly between mobile devices you know your laptops and all that so it’s a very very useful feature here um the main difference i would say here is that obviously as most of you guys know honor supports google and that means you can download all your favorite apps from the app store whereas for huawei you will have to download your favorite apps from the app gallery alright alright so now let’s talk about the next thing here and compare the displays because

you know both have curved displays and you guys might think they are very similar but again through the years we have seen an advance in technology here in terms of display attack let’s talk about it all right so while both devices here have high screen to body ratios the curve on the huawei is actually a little bit more on the sides here compared to honor but i personally prefer the four sided curves on honor magic 4 pro because you know they are less prominent and they allow me to not have so many accidental touches which i really appreciate now apart from that i think my favorite part here is actually the 3rd gen ltpo panel on honor magic 4 pro because it allows variable refresh rates and that is between 1 to 120 hertz this helps to save battery by reducing the refresh rate especially when i am not using the phone furthermore the 1920 hertz pwm dimming here helps to reduce flickers significantly and this makes me more comfortable when viewing the device itself as for the top left cutout now both huawei and honor here come with a selfie camera pad with 3d sensor for face unlock however obviously due to the advance in technology the cutout is a little bit smaller on the honor magic 4 pro

compared to huawei mate 40 pro now moving on let’s talk a little bit about the charging speeds because again we are seeing a massive jump in charging speeds here well to be honest with you the huawei itself huawei mate 40 pro is not slow at all with 66 watt charging but guys the honor magic 4 pro here takes things to the next level it comes with 100 watt wire charging as well as wireless charging and it is crazy fast so for your typical wired kind of charging it does zero to 100 in just 30 minutes that’s very fast guys but hear me out the wireless charging actually goes from zero to 50 in just 15 minutes guys that is the fastest that we are seeing today and definitely i always appreciate a faster charging speed because it prevents me from having any sort of battery anxiety on my mobile devices now alright guys at the end of the day like i mentioned earlier on although both devices are very similar it is quite obvious here that honor has inherited a lot of cool technology from huawei but of course they have advanced it and made it more usable for people to

actually solve their pain points in their everyday use of their smartphones as the first flagship phone to be released in malaysia after honors independence i think honor has done a great job by taking what they had and making it even better here for the consumer what we have here is a proper flagship that is ready to take on any other flagship in the market and what i will say here is that if you are an existing huawei user and you are looking to upgrade your phone i would say that you might actually be very happy to actually check out the honor magic 4 pro here because you know it works very similarly to the huawei and of course you also have a ton of new stuff to play with now with that said thank you for staying all the way to the end i hope you liked today’s video don’t forget to drop a like and sub to the channel if you have any further questions feel free to drop them in the comment section down below and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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