Amazfit T-Rex 2 One Month Later: Top 5 Things I Love! 🔥

hi everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews currently in today’s video clip i wish to speak to you a bit much more about the amazefit t-rex 2 that i’m using today since i have actually been using it for nearly a month today’s testimonial is based on my individual usage case i recognize every person uses their wise watch in a different way however, for me personally i utilize it generally to track my health as well as to track a number of runs and strolls that i do the majority of the moment i don’t do severe sporting activities so i’m simply mosting likely to be sharing with you my individual thoughts of the amazing t-rex to which i truly concerned like a great deal so today’s video clip i’m mosting likely to offer you my leading 5 points that i actually like concerning the remarkable t-rex 2. now the very first and foremost the initial thing that i definitely enjoy regarding the incredible t-rex 2 is the battery life currently i have actually not stayed that for a really lengthy time for smart watches coming from impress feed yet surprisingly the

outstanding t-rex 2 right here really came with phenomenal battery life currently i was on a journey overseas last 2 weeks and i really really did not bring along the battery charger and i observed that the watch itself was able to last two weeks on just a solitary fee now this is my usage situation i really shut off the always on screen i have the race to wake at a specific period of time as well as i was obtaining my notices each day apart from that i additionally tracked a couple of activities that i did so those were the products that i did throughout the two weeks men and it in fact lasted that whole duration so i was truly amazed with the battery life of the amazefit t-rex too that’s not something that i can save for clever watches these days extremely excellent battery life currently the second point that i actually love about this spectator remains in terms of the gps now somehow i understood that the gps really locks on to you know the satellites and also all that a bit quicker on the outstanding t-rex as well compared to any other remarkable t-rex gadget that i’ve made use of in the past now for instance i was just walking along New York City city as well as i intended to track you recognize my my walks as well as all that like i constantly do and also i observed that it secured onto general

practitioners in around 10 secs to 15 secs currently gps is truly depending upon where your location is so in some cases the signal is not that terrific however i discovered it was really regular on the mace vtrx 2 and also that’s why i truly enjoy that concerning this watch now proceeding to the third factor here one point that i also actually like regarding this watch is in terms of the display screen currently amazefit has been coming out with some truly great screens on their clever watches it always features amoled displays but this set below in fact feels a bit smoother than their typical ones i’m not exactly sure what it is i’m not likewise certain what the refresh rate is but it’s a really smooth refresh price if i need to offer a brief suggestion i would certainly state that it might in fact be a 90 hertz refresher course display i can’t actually tell however it’s just very fluid as well as the very best component right here is that the illumination levels is always extremely adequate no issue just how bright the setting was so once again like simply to re refer to my use instance i was in New York City the sun was crazy warm it was just

one of the hottest days in the year and i was still able to see the screen on the impressive t-rex also plainly with no concerns it’s simply so brilliant outdoors to make sure that’s additionally something that you might wish to make note of in case you’re seeking a smart watch like this all right so let’s go on to the 4th point right here that i like about the watch and also that is really regarding those health and wellness trackers now me personally i actually use the surprise in shape t-rex too simply like any kind of various other wise watch that has throughout the whole day and what i mean by that is that i also track my sleeves at evening each day individuals without fall short so i observed that the impressive t-rex device was in fact rather accurate in terms of tracking my sleeps it was able to tell when i go to bed in fact dropping off to sleep extremely accurately to make sure that’s terrific i likewise noticed that the heart rate screen is really rather constant with my high blood pressure screen that i’m actually checking as well so it’s rather accurate there however i still will not say that you ought to depend on this absolutely simply for your wellness if you are having any concerns the very best bet is to

always check in with your physician to ensure that’s that currently last yet not least the fifth thing that i like about this outstanding t-rex device is certainly the latest style currently the layout is virtually near to ideal the only thing that i really did not actually like is the fact that we have this t-rex wooding on the strap below a little below the watch face itself besides that it looks definitely good i indicate like simply have a look at this particular design here the black and gold version it looks fantastic men again like my first perceptions video clip i pointed out that it looks extremely comparable to a g-shock currently i’m a fan of g-shock so naturally i’m a substantial follower of how the outstanding t-rex 2 looks and i assume it is the most effective looking fantastic t-rex to day it’s likewise rather comfy on my race once more i use it throughout the entire day so i can guarantee how comfortable it is you men can even see that i do have like a white line over my wrist right here due to the fact that i have actually been using the watch for such a very long time but yeah those are essentially my five top favored points that i love concerning the amazefit t-rex ii certainly as soon as again there are a lots of attributes

with the remarkable t-rex as well that is this backtrack kind of attribute that actually aids you to go back if you are going for hiking you can also pre-load you recognize courses onto the watch itself i’ll put the official link down below so you can discover even more of those attributes yet if you are simply in the marketplace trying to find something you know a fancy looking something that resembles a clever watch like a g-shock smartwatch you desire those fundamental health and wellness trackers you do your little of run see as well as there let’s claim you’re not such as a substantial sportsperson and also all that i believe the impressive t-rex device right here is actually something that you might desire to take a look at uh aside from that if you have any type of more concerns allow me understand down in the comment section below again i’ll try my best to aid you out as well as many thanks for staying right throughout as constantly i truly appreciate you men examining my videos i wish all of you are remaining secure and also i eagerly anticipate seeing you guys in the next one keep risk-free everyone bye

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