OnePlus Nord 2T 5G: SOLID Mid-Ranger! Now EVEN MORE Affordable!

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with Lim reviews now obviously 11 11 is around the corner and that means there’s going to be a lot of great deals going on for smartphones well today I want to share with you one of my favorite deals here which I actually spotted on Lazada and shoppie and that is all about the OnePlus note 2T now if you just really look closely you might be able to get the OnePlus note 2T here in Malaysia for slightly more than 1 400 Ringgit and I think that is an excellent price considering the amount of specifications and the overall user experience that you can get all right so let’s talk about this phone first before we go into the details about those great deals now first things first I want you to know that I’ve actually owned this phone for a couple of months now I’ve actually done the full review and in somewhere on my channel I’ll put a link down below but today I just want to really quickly recap my experience with the OnePlus nor 2T alright so we’re going to first and foremost start off with the design now the design here actually still looks very modern and up to date me personally I’m a huge fan of

this design especially this really beautiful color which I like a lot another thing I noticed here is that the phone itself is actually very slim and very lightweight in fact some of you might even consider the size of this phone a little bit Compact and it’s great because you don’t have to feel like you’re holding a heavy phone all the time which is awesome all right so moving on just in terms of the user experience let’s talk a bit more about that today the dimensity 1300 is still a very capable processor apart from that we do have eight gigabytes of RAM in here which you can expand by an additional 5gb but just in terms of day-to-day use how does it feel well so far it’s actually felt very smooth we do have oxygen OS we have the latest version of Android of course OnePlus is also promising two plus three years of updates I’ll put more details down below so definitely you can expect a very smooth experience with OnePlus which is what you always get with OnePlus by the way right so apart from that I noticed that launching apps everything has been fairly smooth if you’re playing games you can actually play most of your

favorite games at its highest graphic levels and the phone won’t really heat up because the dimension 1300 is actually a very efficient processor so if you’re looking for something mid-range or even slightly better than mid-range I would say then the OnePlus note 2T here will definitely be able to satisfy all your performance kind of needs with a smartphone Right Moving On Let’s Talk a bit about the cameras at the back because it is also very capable now you guys might already know we do have a triple sensor at the back here but the main sensor is the one that I want to talk about and that is the 50 megapixel Sony IMX 766 you guys are already very familiar with this sensor today we are seeing a lot of phones with very high megapixel count but it’s really not about that high megapixel count so let’s check out a couple of photos that I took using the OnePlus note 2T since I’m actually in Bangkok here traveling all right so last night I actually went out took a walk and I took a couple of very nice shots using a OnePlus note 2T you will notice here that the images

looks very crisp there is minimal noise here and there’s a lot of detail in these nine images which I found was really really stunning so in terms of night images you can definitely trust the OnePlus note 2T to take excellent shots alright so you might be wondering is it this good at night but how about the daytime shots well obviously I took a couple of shots as well and I’m going to show you guys right now you can see that we have very nice images here we have very good dynamic range the saturations are not super saturated like how you will find on other Android devices so I think that is also something that I appreciate from the OnePlus not 2T so images generally look great but what about videos well since I had some time I also went out and took a very short clip over here and the main highlight I want to talk about here is two things first things first it does really well in 1080P at 60fps of course if you want slightly higher resolution you can go to 4K at 30 but what I noticed here was the second big and that is about stabilization so obviously we do have ois on board so taking videos here is actually going to be very

stable there is an additional Ultra steady mode which I personally did not use because I find that the normal stabilization already works very well so again here’s a very quick clip so you guys can check out what I’m talking about alright so moving on we have to talk a bit about the battery life because you know it’s a very slim device and we do get a 4500 mAh battery so be using it on the daily again like I said I’m traveling here in Bangkok I noticed that I was able to start the day at 9 00 am and by 9 pm at night I still had about 20 to 30 remaining so I would say that battery efficiency is quite all right here what’s most important is we do get a very fast charger in the box and it’s actually an 80 watt charger so it charges up super fast guys I never really you know have worries about not charging my phone before I sleep because whenever I wake up in the morning I brush my teeth take a quick shower and when I charge my phone it just flies it goes to 100 really quick so 80 watt fast charge fast charge is ready to hit the girl now we should talk a bit about the deals here so I noticed that you know for OnePlus specifically they are having

multiple deals it’s not just about a OnePlus not 2T there are also deals for the OnePlus 10t their Flagship device which puts it slightly more than 2 900 Ringgit again a very very good deal considering you are getting Flagship specs all in that really nice package I put the full details in the description box below there are discounts of up to 39 on OnePlus shop so again I put in all the links that you might need to know don’t forget it’s 11 11 around the corner so you want to get the best deal check out the links down below for more information all right so with that said if you have any further questions about the OnePlus note 2T or even about the OnePlus 10t feel free to leave a comment down below I’ll be more than happy to help you out and thank you guys for watching all the way to the end I really appreciate you guys staying here looking forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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