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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from Tech’s pert and I’m here with one of the most exciting one the most hotly anticipated smartphones of 2020 the oneplus it pro offering significant updates compared with the standard oneplus it including a gorgeous 120 Hertz screen with some very clever tech packed in there indeed if you’re after a portable entertainment machine then the oneplus it poor certainly looks like it’ll be absolutely ideal for cinephiles for game lovers anything like that I mean the yank the oneplus it brought out of its box take you on a full tour of the hardware the software everything you need to know if you’re thinking of buying this mean machine inform on the latest greatest tech please do put Subscribe ending that notifications belt Cheers so once again the oneplus it pro comes sheathed in a mighty red box just like the standard oneplus it and of course the one for seventies before it so is the actual oneplus smartphone that’s just set that aside for now check out what is in the rest of the box so spoiler all that I’ve already unboxed the standard one per se you can check out our video right now as well I already know what’s gonna be packed in here is of course boring safety information Quick Start guides a whole heap a one plus stick is so you can get wild and crazy with us we’ve also got an invitation letter from war man Pete let’s just crack that open on a average as we emphasize in that connection with the community through the oneplus has it’s really good at they’re still listening to their fans after all this time and this is where you’ll also find the pop keep in device to get your SIM

inside that one plus a pro and inside the oneplus a pro box you also get a free condom kiss just to give it a bit of extra protection complete with never settle Brandon lovely stuff get your bright reds at USP type-c cable you ain’t gonna be losing that in a dark room or anywhere really and of course three-pin plug here on the UK sort perfect stuff and it’s all walk charged 30 teens it to the Mac solo run through some of the battery tech and all that sort of stuff in a bit now of course the moment I’ve been looking forward to for a good long while at the official unveiling find me at least of the oneplus it poor and there it is so the 1+8 poor design doesn’t do anything sort of radically different but I definitely like it overall as a package looks very slick indeed this is the Glacial green version so as you can see that’s got a matte style fish almost a metallic sheen to it but it is constructed from glass you can also pick up the oneplus April in a mirror black finish if you prefer more glossy shiny finish to it I believe those are the only two colors are actually coming to the UK so limited choice but hopefully it will expand as time goes by its 199 gram handset a little bit more heavy to it than the standard one plus it not crazy big considering it’s got six point seven eight inches of spear well thanks to the fact that that screen actually curves around the edges as you can hopefully make out there you don’t get a screen protector pre-installed and fortunately here on the oneplus it put unlike the standard

it we do get Gorilla Glass around front and around the back as well so if you actually keep it nice and pristine for the forseeable not sure which version of Gorilla Glass unfortunately oneplus left that particular detail out of the specs a good news for everyone who’s been clamoring for an official IP written for water resistance here on the oneplus smartphones because one plus eight pro is the first one to finally do it it’s ip68 water and dust resistant lovely stuff so let’s just do a super quick tour of one plus eight Pross or here on the left edge you’ve got of course your volume rocker over on the right you’ll find your power button and also your alert slider as well standard nothing particularly exciting up top and then down below you’ve got your USB type-c port and your SIM tray I’ve got a couple of cases to try it on the 1 plus 8 pro as well of course starting with that free a rubber bumper where’d you get bundled in the box and as you can see doesn’t really add much in the way of girth as that nice bit of never settle Brandon if you like that of course because it’s transparent you can still see the original quite sleek design through all that which is quite nice so yeah just if you want a bit of extra protection for your expensive shiny new smartphone and that’ll do the job alternatively I rather like this fetchin Sian sandstone bumper kiss this does I admittedly add a little bit of chunk onto your oneplus it for a smartphone with chariot but it’s super protective and as you can see there and gorgeous coloration as well not too dissimilar it’s actually the standard natural color of the oneplus 8 pro and I love the rough texture to it as well it is almost like you’re clutching a rock could probably give you a veruca’s a good pummeling with this thing otherwise if you want

something that’s a little bit more professional I guess you could go for the carbon bumper kiss instead it’s just got a as you can see that patterns black finish to it again just like the other kids just slaps on there as a little bit of girth to it just like you feel rather nice though it’s got this nice sort of soft texture to it I can certainly see this one suiting the pampered exec who’s on some sort of company retreat anyway enough of all that bollocks 1+8 Pro is just power and I’m gonna get it all set up and that’ll take you on a full-on top right so the 1+8 port is all set up and good to go now like previous one Plus handsets you do of course have an in display fingerprint sensor to actually unlock the handset dive into your desktops nice and fast and responsive as you can see there you’ve also got a nice bit of face unlock action as well so a quick tap of that power button or a bit wrist wig and there you go straight into your desktop so again nice and quick and easy and you’ve probably noticed by now of course that front-facing camera is a pinhole effort instead of a notch affair or a pop-up affair like some of the previous bras and it’s very dinky indeed though and you do have the option of hiding it in the settings if you’re not a fan and let’s focus first of all while we’re on the subject I’m at six point seven eight inch fluid AMOLED display absolutely stunning stuff and definitely one of the highlights here and the oneplus it for it’s got some significant upgrades over the standard oneplus see it as well so stunning quad HD resolution so as you can see they’re absolutely pixel perfect gorgeous for all of your movies pictures whatever you you’ll want to be doing and thankfully yet that little pinhole camera all the entry is a tiny little bit barely even noticeable tucked away there in the corner go for each to your ten plus support here and one plus eight pro as well as my strong contrast and natural-looking colors on supported content and the color reproduction is apparently very accurate indeed just in

general oneplus reckons that its new it’s whose handsets comes with a ugn CD score that’s a just not a superb color difference of 0.4 finally the lower the better I never heard of gen CD to be perfectly honest with you before I got my mitts on the oneplus it handset but yeah apparently not all very very good very accurate colors very natural so there’s certainly good news for any buzzing photo editors out there and so far touchwood yeah definitely those pictures look nice and crisp and colourful and yep certainly appear very natural indeed and apparently the oneplus here pull maxes out at a mighty 1,300 nits on that maximum brightness so just boost it over if it’s not even it’s probably about a third of the way there at the moment are already pretty powerful and says bump it up to maximum and yep how about will do of definitely do the job Jesus name is a invisibility is not gonna be a problem on a super bright sunshiny day when we’re eventually allowed to actually leave our houses again and as you kind of expect from a smartphone that calls itself a pro you get a nice swift refresh rate in here as well it’s actually a 100 Hertz refresh rate so as you can see every swipe and pork just immediately a silky smooth response to it absolutely immediate gorgeous stuff dive on into the display and you see you’ve got the usual control over the blue light filters the color affected everything so you’ve got a vibrant color effect that you can activate if you prefer those more vivid hues that’s actually deactivated by default if you dive on into the advanced display settings you’ll see you can change the resolution it said to all or switch right now so it’ll bump it up to quad HD Plus whenever your friends enjoying a nice bit of movie action that’s supported and just pump it down to full HD again just to preserve a bit of battery life when it’s not needed

you’ve also got screen refresh controls as well as you can see 120 Hertz by default but you can manually chuck it back down to 60 Hertz if you want and as you can see there 120 Hertz on quality plus resolution is perfectly possible Samsung take notes and one of the final 1+8 Pro display features worth talking about is the motion graphics smooth and this is actually deactivated by default but if you turn it on what it does is it can upscale the fins per second on supported video content from services like Netflix YouTube Amazon Prime using some very clever software this it makes everything look a lot smoother so I’m definitely looking forward to checking this feature and as you can see is a pretty strong content at the moment if you tap more supported apps unfortunately just basically takes you to the Google placed on guessing that will be updated in time for the oneplus it pause actual release as for the audio well it’s pair of built-in stereo speakers here on the oneplus it bra it’s got full Dolby Atmos support everything you’d expect I mean just boost up that volume ting check them out those colorful physics-defying hairstyles have never looked better as you can hear they’re nice and loud and punch on that top volume level and impressive clarity as well really good stuff it’s a shame you don’t get a headphone jack here in the 1+8 pro of course you got four bluetooth 5.1 support on the software side it’s the latest oxygen OS 10.5 slap there on top of corsica bit of Android 10 action not massively different over the

version of oxygen OS that we already saw on the oneplus 70 series support for the dark more has been expanded and you’ve now got these dynamic wallpapers which run in the background as well a few other little tweaks here and there as well Bob we were running through the best features on the oneplus it and it put in my full tips and tricks guides and check that out and before we take a look at that new core lens rear camera let’s just quickly run through the rest of the oneplus it pros specs so we get packed in areas of course the little snap dragon six-five chipset you always get the latest most premium snapdragon on these oneplus handsets which is great to see so you can expect great performance no matter what you’re up to good gaming and all that it or twelve gigabytes of ddr4 unpacked on this bad boy as well so that’s nice and fast is pretty efficient DDR I’m more efficient than ddr4 and also a nice fast read/write speeds as well you’ve also got Qualcomm Zechs 55 more and I’m stuffed in there so it’s fully 5g ready as well as a bit Wi-Fi six support as well so this thing is proper future-proof on storage trying to go to toys for 128 or 256 gigabytes of space not expandable via microSD sadly but it is ufs 3.0 just like mum plus 70 series so nice nippy storage at least as for the battery well that’s also been boosted here for the oneplus airport of 4500 and 10 milliamps on out so hopefully should keep you going all day you got usual warp types 30 T support on that so you reckon get back half charge in about 23 minutes that’s what 1 + quartz I reckon that’ll probably about right judging by this the standard of it on the oneplus 70 handsets and you’ve also as you can see here now I’m going to be a wireless charging and reverse wireless

charging as well finally on a oneplus handset for all those people have been demanding it for years and years not wireless children actually was at 30 watts as well which is even better than the new Huawei it p40 pro and yeah you’ve got the robust wireless charging if you want to power up bass for instance some true wireless earbuds that Archie supported something like that on the go so now let’s take a look at the bit of the oneplus April that a lot of funds will be very eager to hear about that new quad lens rear camera so where you have here is a 48 megapixel primary lens using Sony’s imx6 eight nine sensors an F 1.78 aperture that’s backed by a forty eight megapixel ultra wide-angle lens as well using the mx-5 86 you’ve got an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with 3 times optical zoom and finally a 5 megapixel photo chromatic lens as well which I’ll explain in a bit now be running through the oneplus it pro’s camera capabilities in fall very shortly but just going to give you a quick tour of the app now just you’ve got a vague idea of what to expect so of course you can swap between the various lenses just with a little tap of these little icons down here so that’s the wide-angle forty at megapixel effort every tap here you got your three times optical zoom using that telephoto lens as well and of course you can pinch in in order to go even further up to 30 times the zooom I believe it is pixels I shot with that primary 48 megapixel lens by default at 12

megapixels in order to use bit pixel billon just to sort of brighten up images when the light is a little bit tricky but you can immediately swap to a high-res 48 megapixel images with a quick tap this icon up here as usual you’ve got wide selection of bonus modes as well as you can flick between down here always just pull out this little time you got fast access to them all so you got four this is the usual pro board where you can shoot JPEG images all RAW format images up to that mighty forty eight megapixel resolution cause you got your spirit level play around with the white balance ISO levels all that kind of shenanigans all the classics are of course on there like a bit of nightscape for your low-light shots and a good bit of portrait action using Bakke style backgrounds to really help your subject to stand out and I mentioned before as well you brought you four total chromatic lens here on the Mon plaisir Paul what you’ll need to do is dive into the filters scroll to the very end and that’s how you get into your for Tour chromatic filter as you can see there it just bleeds all of the color out of your shot so as you can see there the red one plus it box completely grayscale as is Batman meerkat and everything else here so if you want to get quite arty with one it probably shoot some funky photos of some flowers things like that then there you go I’m not sure how much general mainstream use it’ll get will be interesting to see well I should a good bit of hot movie action as well you can swap to the video mode you’ve got up to four key resolution photos that up to 60 frames per second once again with usual super stable efforts

and all of that on board as well you can of course split between the various different lenses in order to shoot your video too but Lee the video chops have been upgraded in a couple of other areas for the oneplus 8 port as well as for frozen’s if you zoom into a subject the audio input will be directed there as well so you’ll only pick up what is happening in that area supposedly of course I’ve found that in the lights of the new iPhones and stuff it doesn’t really work like that you still pick up everything that’s going on around you so I’ll test it out see if it actually works and above the HDR smarts were a lot stronger now on the pro as well so again I’ll be testing that out in fall stay tuned for my four verdict and then finally if we flip around to that front faces 16 megapixel selfie camera cause all of the usual smarts that you would expect you can flip to the likes the portrait mode in order to get a Baca style effect behind you as well you should a nice bit of full HD video action and you’ve got yeah hopefully some nice shop results hopefully even in HDR situations again be testing it out and there you have it my lovely peeps that in a nutshell is the new 1+8 pro I think it sees a very shiny very premium tech indeed unfortunate of the final Yukiya pricing just now as I shoot this video because it won’t be announced until the actual official launch which is happening as this video pretty much goes live but I’ve done a fallen box under the standard one plus it as well and a full comparison between these two handsets and of course I’ll be bringing out my tips and tricks guide full comparison between all of the pro smartphones that includes the it pro the 17 pro and the original 7 protein see exactly what’s changed what’s evolved over the course of a year and lots more content as well as the stay tuned please DuPont subscribe thing that notifications as well and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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