CASETiFY iPhone 14 Pro Max Case & Accessories: NEW RELEASES & 11.11 Promo!

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with Lim reviews now 11 11 is once again around the corner and just in terms of phone casings well I actually did a video of kc5 phone cases about a month ago and a lot of people were asking me like you know what kind of other cases Could you actually get and of course if there are any promos going on well guess what like I said 11 11’s around the corner and there’s actually a couple of good deals from his device so if you’re looking to buy a case for example you get 15 off with just one single purchase and if you’re looking to buy MAC safe accessories or even the straps those new accessories they are also even better discounts there if you buy two items you get 25 discount if you buy three items you get 30 off so a lot of discounts going on there with case defy but case defy actually sent me a very cool package right here and I’m going to do a very quick unboxing to show you guys what’s it all about of course you already know that kc5 is really all about customizing your case to the Max and apart from that it does offer a lot in terms of drop protection you know it’s put a protect

your phone very nicely so let’s do a very quick unboxing check out the cases here and talk a little bit more about them let’s go alright so first things first I actually cut open the package right away so I can show you what’s actually inside I really like the fact that you know case if I gives us this really fancy wrapping which you will receive if you do buy a case defy case and in here we do have this really nice looking box right so we’re going to unwrap this right up straight up in front of the cameras and see what we do have inside you do get a very nice black ribbon here and upon unwrapping it this is where you will be able to see all the beautiful casings alright so first things first like I said I do have three cases inside here the first case here is actually one that was really waiting to check out this is a bounce case that means that it has like really good protection all over the sides but we take a look at this later on in more detail apart from that I do have an ultra impact case now this is the second level in terms of protection from case Divine and last but not least I also have a very nice custom case here now this is an impact case here which also protects a phone very well so total luxury cases here

what I was really excited about is actually in terms of the accessories because this is the first time I actually got a strap from case defy so this is in the form of a sling and we have black with black Hardware so just going to unwrap it really quickly so you guys can have a very quick look so this is essentially the scrap here you can actually attach this to the casings and then you know if you like to hook these kind of straps around your neck or whatnot you can actually do that with these straps very very sturdy materials here oh one more thing that we do have in the case is actually the max safe wallet and they’ve got a ton of crazy designs going on which you can actually choose so very very excited to unbox this in fact let me just unbox this the first so I can show you what’s it all about so this is the design that I chose again it’s a very nice design here completely in blue which I think will match my iPhone really well alright guys so now that I’ve got all these cases you know unboxed let’s take a deeper look at each of these casings now I want to start off first and foremost with the bounce case now you can actually identify the bounce Case by just taking a look at its Corners this one is the most aggressive because it has these bumpers at the side here they will really absorb the fall in case your phone does happen to drop onto the ground so let’s just

remove this for now so we can take a closer look at the insides as well notice that all the keys that I have here today are all actually mic safe compatible and if you look at the sides here this is a very nice detail it says that the case is made from recycled phone cases so that’s something that I really love about kstify and that’s their sustainability efforts now if you take a look at the insights you’ll notice that we do have more equal shock you know uh textures at the side here and again this is all to really protect the phone from any sort of damage you know cracks you know scratches and all that so this one here the bounce case is the most aggressive so putting that down let’s check out the second case here and this is actually the ultra impact case now this is also a very protective case here and you can notice it from the sides here this is how you differentiate an ultra impact against a bounce this one is not that aggressive but it’s actually managed to keep the case very slim so I like the fact that it fits really nicely in my palm here again very very slim sides here and I love the fact that these bumpers at the side that are very many email so you do not really feel any additional have in there but you do get

Extra Protection so very cool there you do have sort of a lip at the front so if you place your phone flat on the desk this lip at the side seal will actually protect the display from getting scratched now last but not least let’s check out the final case again this is the impact case you can see it from the sides it is completely smooth all around and I really like this look because it’s completely matte black the slides are also matte out and again it’s the lightest out of the tree if I’m not mistaken very very smooth back panel here and again you can have your own customized kind of printings at the back and it really is a very good printing you can see that it’s slightly elevated at the side so you do have sort of a texture when you rub your finger across and very very nice so let’s just put the phone in for now and take a look once again you do have magsafe compatibility at the back and you can see this equal shock you know protection all over the sides is very very obvious here because it’s in Red so you can really see the amount of detail that kc5 goes into ensuring your phone is always safe so let’s just put this in for now and see how it looks there we go

again you do have that slight elevated lip on the sides here so the phone doesn’t really lie flat on the desk you also have this slightly elevated camera protector here to make sure your lenses does not you know again sit flush within the table very very nice all right so we do have this magsafe wallet as well again this is from case Define the materials look very premium you have this ladder here and the printing again on it is very top notch it does not scratch out by the way so I’ve already got a touch and go cut already put into here so all you need to do is actually put it at the back here and again it attaches very firmly to the back guys the magnets here actually very strong it will not really fall off and anything like that last but not least we’re going to take a look at this nylon straps as well again this is really for you to hook it over your neck or anything like that so how you assemble it is first you need to put this piece inside and then you put your phone right above it so you should really get that hook at the bottom all right so once the phone is installed you then just use this you know simple hook here to hook it to the phone

again very very simple operation there you go you have your phone already connected to the case super easy to use guys alright guys so that’s basically a quick look at all the cases and accessories that I received from case defy today just to give you a very quick recap you know kc5 really offers all kinds of customizations in terms of the color of the casings the texture the amount of protection from Impact Ultra impact all the way up to bounce and of course you can also put in right things of your names and you can put custom images on the back of the in the casing itself so it’s just a lot of customizations other than that it’s also worth mentioning that again kstify is not just about making phone cases but they also make a bunch of different accessories ranging from phone straps you know the magsafe wallets you have screen protectors lens protectors a ton of stuff and you can find them all in the links down below with that said again a quick reminder of the 1111 promo if you’re looking to get yourself a phone case you can get them at 15 off for one single item and of course if you’re looking to buy accessories such as phone stripes or even the Mac safe wallets two items on 19 five percent and three items will net you 30 percent links down below for you guys to reference with that said thank you for watching today’s video I hope you enjoyed this very quick look at all these classified cases if you have any further questions leave me a comment down below and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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