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the m1 mini is an awesome computer i enjoy it as well as it is packed with speed and you obtain an awful great deal for your cash however one thing it does not have is ports however i could have discovered a solution welcome back to mark ellis evaluations as well as thanks as constantly for subscribing if you haven’t subscribed hit the button very easy quick proclaim to the sponsors of this video clip nordpass so nordpass is a password supervisor yet it’s additionally an actually risk-free repository in which you can save your bank card information and it’s simply a truly great way of not needing to remember your passwords or your bank card information ever before once more it deals with your mobile it works with your desktop it’s simply extremely super hassle-free as well as the most effective point is they’re running a wintertime sale currently which obtains you 70 off the membership and also even a month cost-free so to get hold of that 70 discount simply head over to forward slash mark ellis or utilize the code mark ellis when you look into that offer finishes at the end of february too so fast so if you’ve seen or read any

testimonial of the m1 mac mini including mine you’ll understand that it’s dazzling however there are some imperfections principal amongst which is the reality that you don’t get many ports so contrasted to the intel version you obtain 2 usb a ports two usb c ports that’s it clearly get an ethernet link too um earphone jack yet that’s that’s your lot you’re not obtaining any type of even more than that you likewise don’t obtain an sd card viewers which from a video clip makers viewpoint is an outright discomfort in the you know what 2 solutions for this either you purchase lots of centers and also simply load your desk with cords as well as hubs and things or you purchase something like the aluminium type c hub and also stand from a firm called satechi now i’ve been using this over the last week approximately as well as i have actually got a couple of thoughts as you think let’s work out if it’s appropriate for you i’m a huge follower of items that have names that imply something you’ll know that if you have actually seen my previous video clips and this hub and stand is exactly that it’s a center as well as stand for your mac mini it’s around

regarding 80 on right now and also it works with mac minis from 2018 onwards so it will deal with those intel mac minis yet also obviously the current generation m1 mac minis it’s extremely straightforward you just actually take it out of package place your mac mini in addition to it attach the mac mini to the hub using usbc and also you’re great to go there’s no drivers to install absolutely nothing it just functions you then entrusted to a slightly taller mac mini yet one that has actually got these added ports on the front i say extra that isn’t quite real which i’ll come on to soon however yeah i suggest in regards to what it is it’s simply a hub as well as a stand which is developed to to fit the mac mini design-wise i was actually impressed with this when i got it out of package it’s aluminium as the name recommends and also it simply fits the mac mini completely you recognize they have actually obtained the dimensions bang on there’s no overlapping or anything like that it’s just an extremely well made little bit of kit for for 80 it likewise and this is a

subjective thing however i think it makes the mac mini look a little bit of a kind of scandal sheet version because it kind of raises it and also provides you those ports in the front once more a personal point truly however i quite like the appearance of it currently just can be found in silver or area grey so you can match the specific color of your mac mini the various other point it does actually well which i love because i’m not a fan of unpleasant wires if you’ve seen my studio tour you’ll recognize that’s a little bit of an oxymoron since there’s great deals of rubbish on this workdesk but besides that i like neat cords as well as the satechi has this really very thin flat and also rugged usb-c cord at the back it’s simply flawlessly enough time to match the back of the mac mini and also not trigger any mess so i actually like that that’s hit design wise it exists’s not a huge total up to claim regarding it apart from the fact that i think you get a whole lot for 80 bucks it feels solid it looks good what’s not to such as so connectivity you obtain an added 3 usb a ports and also you get

that sd card viewers you obtain a full dimension sd card viewers and also a micro sd card visitor as well as well as it also gives you an earphone jack at the front also currently there is a usbc input on the center certainly however it is very important to keep in mind that it’s not an additional usbc connection because you’re utilizing one up on the back so primarily it sort of extends the positioning of that usbc port to the front of the mac currently in doing that it does lose a reasonable quantity of rate practically i’ll come on to some tests momentarily however it’s vital to remember that this does not provide you anymore usb c ports it offers you even more usb a ports yet not usb c ports yet what it does provide for 80 is provide your mac mini primarily five usb a ports two sd card readers as well as yeah still two usb c ports yet one of them is a great deal much more available currently for me it does two fairly helpful things actually one is that sd card reader which just from an availability viewpoint is so beneficial from my factor of view the way before i had this hub that i made use of to communicate with the mac mini for sd cards

was i would certainly have to reach around the back which isn’t that hard yet it’s just a bit of a pain reach around the rear of the mac plug in my sd card right into a sandisk sd card viewers which i love by the method i’ll put a web link in the description to that due to the fact that it’s extremely excellent if you need a just a mobile sd card visitor but i would certainly need to do this several times a day being a video clip creator digital photographer and also all the remainder of it and it just it’s a little bit of a discomfort i’ll be straightforward whereas with the satechi i have right in front of me an sd card port there they prepare to use it deserves remembering with this this caught me out a number of times it still captures me out currently actually it’s the fact that you have to put the sd card for some indecipherable reason upside down to make it enter if you try and also put it in what looks like the proper way you can actually place it right into the right into the sd card reader however it will not work the other thing is the earphone jack currently i do utilize an exterior light for my headphones generally but sometimes i simply require to plug a set of earphones in rapidly and also again since it’s so

awkwardly placed at the back of the mac mini by default the fact that it goes to the front is excellent currently i’ve not examined the dac in this point or i do not recognize also it possibly simply expands the bit and also it gives you a little an extension from from the back i don’t know i have no concept just how it works i would certainly not recommend this to be used for high grade audio listening and also keeping an eye on yet it’s simply handy simply to have a very quick method of connecting in your earphones if you require to performance sensible this thing isn’t mosting likely to knock your socks off but i did a really really quick test and also if you view my channel you’ll know that i don’t take a massive quantity of rate of interest in criteria however i was interested to see just how swiftly it moves video files and rather large video documents from an sd card so i took a 13 gig 4k video clip documents and transferred it initially of all from my sandisk which is this one here that took two mins 26 secs not poor um that’s pretty fast in fact for for my usage i have actually obtained utilized to that speed with the satechi i did the specific very same data as well as that took three secs longer from my

perspective that’s definitely fine i can handle those extra 3 secs as well as i will simply utilize the satechi currently just to transfer data so it seems pretty fast the both the usb an as well as the usbc ports are ranked at 5 gigabytes a second you understand that’s not globe breaking you have actually reached birth in mind that the conventional usbc ports or thunderbolt ports on the back of the mac mini are actually rated at 40 gigabytes per second i also haven’t attempted to run a monitor from this because well for one point i don’t think you ‘d intend to check k looking at the front of it i don’t think directly i’ll let other individuals test that yet i do not assume it’s truly developed for that i’ll come on to why those ports are there later on however in regards to performance it does what you would certainly expect it to do usb a performance is really similar it moves data virtually the same as the ports on the back of the mac mini speed wise few secs difference very little at all really the other thing i did was attach a sandisk exterior ssd drive to the front of that that usb c port on the front basically and also i did some editing from it i’ll be truthful it

worked great i didn’t truly experience any type of downturn in last cut pro it was really quite workable so that i found that intriguing the reality that there is such a disparity between the performance or the you know the ranked information transfer speed on the sateshi compared to the mac mini itself however yeah i took care of to to function with 4k video clip from that front port and also it was absolutely great the various other thing to remember is that satechi make a big point of these ports not being powered so you’re not expected to connect anything to them to charge currently you’re going to do that let’s be straightforward i did it immediately i connected in my iphone i connected in my earpods max my airpods professional and also all 3 charged not a problem whatsoever they really did not charge particularly rapidly however they they billed and i commonly find this with usb ports that aren’t powered they do often tend to work now i can not you know be responsible for any

problems that you can run into as an outcome of that so you do it at your own risk and satechi do make rather a huge thing concerning not making use of those ports to bill however my experience it does bill those smaller tools rather quite well really now warm is definitely worth covering due to the fact that there’s no follower in this center and stand absolutely nothing in there at all in truth if you open it up there’s simply a gap between the steel base as well as the plastic top there’s some vents which are undoubtedly there to i assumption aid with warm dissipation but there’s no active air conditioning constructed into it currently i have an m1 mac mini and also i’ve claimed this in my previous video which i’ll link to up below someplace concerning the performance of that mac mini as well as i have actually never heard the follower come on ever as well as i have actually never ever made it fume either you understand and also i do lots of 4k video modifying lots of audio production i can not make this

point sweat whatsoever now unquestionably presently as i’m tape-recording it is freezing cold in the uk it’s winter things might transform in the summer season but i’m not too anxious concerning the truth that i’m placing this mac mini on top of the hub don’t believe it’s going to have an issue with with calling whatsoever i’ll report back if it does certainly i suppose the only point to bear in mind is if you’ve got an intel mac mini from 2018 for example 2019 then it may be different it may you may have different outcomes i don’t have among those equipments to check so i can not provide you any type of real life guidance on that or a real life support on that particular yet i believe at 80 it’s worth a punt actually um i don’t think we can expect active calling to be developed in for that cost so ought to you get this hub as well as stand for the mac mini i assume if you’re a video developer or a professional photographer or a person who does use sd cards a great deal as well as you’re obtaining a bit fed up

with needing to utilize these kind of points as well as scrabble about at the back of your mac mini i ‘d get it i assume for 80 it’s a it’s a great get it truly is if you simply require even more usbc ports it does not give you that it like i claim it simply expands among the back ports to the front it does not offer you any type of extra connectivity as far as usbc is concerned so if that’s your main demand this will not function for you you require to get something else you’ll need to get a hub or some form of dongle that has additional usb-c ports on it if you want more usb a ports if you’ve got reasonable couple of drives for example or simply reasons that you need those if you have actually obtained you understand software application secrets that you need to place in there then indeed obtain it eighty bucks as soon as again you obtain five in total usb a ports so it’s a rather a huge upgrade in that respect two things offer it for me one is that the develop the building and construction it’s extremely

extremely well made it looks very good for the cash as well as that sd card i can not applaud that enough the reality that exists it it transforms the ready me when you’re a maker when you routinely transferring large data the capacity to shave also simply seconds off that process is substantial throughout of a month over the course of a year it amounts to quite a whole lot of time that you’re conserving so it’s just hassle-free currently i hope you discovered that intriguing if you are still undecided concerning acquiring an m1 mac mini or you’re viewing this believing ah actually perhaps it will certainly work in conjunction with something like the satechi hub and also stand then maintain enjoying for a link to my complete review of the m1 mac mini i believe you’ll discover that really fascinating as well as in the meanwhile thanks extremely extremely much for enjoying and also i will catch you in the next clip

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