Switching to a 34″ ultra wide monitor | MSI Optix MAG341CQ review

i definitely enjoy that 5k 27 inch imac yet for a while currently i’ve truly wanted to enter into the ultra broad screen monitor game but how does a lower resolution non-retina widescreen screen compare versus that imac day after day welcome back to mark ellis reviews thanks for subscribing struck the switch if you have not extremely fast proclaim to the enrollers of this video clip that are nordpass and also nordpass is primarily this fantastic device that allows you store all of your charge card information as well as all of your passwords for your various sites and applications and also things in one protected location it’s outstanding it deals with your mobile it works on your desktop undoubtedly your laptop computer whatever primarily as well as it’s just an extremely quick hassle-free way of one authorizing up to brand-new sites and new solutions but likewise never having to remember your password ever before again which is a large convenience so presently nor pass are using a 70 discount rate if

you register prior to the 25th of february and all you require to do to get that 70 off and one month totally free is to head over to onward reduce mark ellis or make use of the code mark ellis when you take a look at currently if you have actually ever made use of a 5k 27 inch imac you’ll recognize that the screen has always been its crown as well as splendor i enjoy it i still use mine although it’s type of a secondary maker these days i still love it since i enjoy that display nonetheless just recently if you have actually been enjoying my video clips you’ll know that i have acquired an m1 mac mini which has actually become my new daily driver from a desktop viewpoint currently see that suggested i required a screen as well as i chosen to accomplish a wish to obtain right into the ultra widescreen keep an eye on video game now if you have actually watched any kind of various other youtube channels any one of the tech youtube channels you’ll have observed this trend towards individuals having these really broad screens on their desks and also i

have actually simply wanted one if i’m truthful ever before given that i first seen individuals using it my goal with this was simply to see exactly how i could shift from that ultra sharp 5k screen to something which was gon na be much less sharp yet give me more screen estate so if you remain in a similar watercraft as well as you’re questioning if you must get involved in this widescreen monitor game i think you may locate my experience is pretty fascinating after a fair bit deliberation i chose the msi optics mag341 charming item name msi it’s not well beating by anyone’s requirements it cost me 349 uk extra pounds it’s got a resolution of 3 4 forty by one four forty and it’s got a 100 hertz refresh price which is rather good actually um it’s not gamers would certainly want most likely a higher refresh price than that but also for me it’s it’s no worry at all so it’s not the most costly totally featured screen in the world yet it’s it’s a respectable mid-range alternative i assume the major factor i opted for the msi was since i wasn’t totally certain if i was mosting likely to take to this sort of screen so i didn’t wish to invest way too much cash and also wind up not using it much however impressions when i left

package i was actually impressed it’s really well developed it’s obtained terrific connectivity too so it’s obtained dvi hdmi and also displayport it’s got all the sort of connections you would certainly ever before ever want actually it’s just a very durable display for the cost i think it looks rather excellent just as good as a monitor can look and yeah in terms of the bang for your buck when it involves connection as well as layout as well as just the construct quality it’s fantastic it also occupies less space on your desk than you could assume that was a quite a pleasing thing for me i was a little bit concerned that it would certainly be all-inclusive and just occupy the entire desk below of which i do not have a huge quantity of room so it was good to discover that it really did not take up way too much area primarily however i recognize what you’re assuming now what is it like to switch from that gorgeous 5k imac display to this msi check now when i first transformed the msi on i was i won’t exist i seemed like i would certainly go back a number of years which is because it does not have the exact same pixel density as the 5k imac it simply doesn’t and also that basically implies where when it comes to instance on phones

apples iphone and also even the apple watch you recognize ipads and so on macbooks also you obtain very high thickness screens nowadays and also they resemble publication high quality you recognize you can’t see the pixels they’re just they’re really brilliant very sharp wonderful the msi doesn’t have that degree of pixel thickness so you can see the pixels and total the the sort of web outcome of that is that it looks much less sharp it just looks a little bit softer and also it’s not as intense either and also yeah i truly when i initially turn it on idea hang on a min is my is my monitor faulty do i require to tweak the the mac mini settings in any way i’ll all of a sudden recognize that no this is what a non-retina display resembles i won’t lie i was a bit disappointed that is necessary to point out at this point that you can purchase retina like widescreen screens but they’re really costly you know you’re considering anywhere from 800 to 1000 pounds bucks etc and also beyond actually you can spend a terrible great deal of money on these type of monitors that does once more show you how much value you get from those imacs due to the fact that you get a fantastic display an excellent dazzling computer sat behind all of it the peripherals you require so it does illustrate that in fact apple

stuff is costly yet when it concerns the imac i assume it’s you get great value for money so if you intend to obtain a screen that is similar basically identical to the imax in regards to sharpness you have actually reached spend a great deal of money i wasn’t prepared to do that like i said before so i sort of placed that away started utilizing it and also that absence of pixel thickness began to come to be much less as well as much less of a problem as well as that’s since the msi has a significant celebration method which i’ll come on to soon yet it did it truly simply type of faded right into history as well as i still make use of the imac like i mentioned earlier so when i visit the imac or start using my macbook it’s really beautiful simply to get that retina display back but recalling i think my preliminary reaction to this monitor was as a result of tools such as this like the iphone and a lot of the other devices that i usage have very high dpi screens and this screen doesn’t have that to ensure that was why i had that initial response i believe however now i’m looking at it

currently in fact and it looks fantastic i i do not actually notice those pixels however allow’s hop on to the msi’s substantial literally event technique i’m someone who definitely likes optimizing my modern technology to obtain one of the most out of it from a performance point of sight so i have extremely hectic days like every person you know i have great deals of various tasks i have to get on with and the kind of job i do requires numerous home windows being open so i might have for example ulysses open to do some writing safari open for a bit of research material and afterwards maybe a job monitoring application like trello open too now normally on the majority of screens also the imac the 27 inch i will certainly have to be very mindful about home window monitoring i could have two one alongside which is terrific that’s fantastic there’s constantly a third i require to reference as well or perhaps even a 4th possibly the party method this msi 34 inch broad display has is that you can fit at the very least 3 applications side by side

with lots of space to spare it’s absolutely game changing now it doesn’t seem like much but the fact that it gets rid of the demand to keep alt tabbing and keep switching in between applications really saves a massive amount of time throughout your day as well as when i reflect on days where i’ve been utilizing this msi monitor i realize that i invest really extremely little time changing in between apps due to the fact that it’s just all there on the display i can even such as i claim go from to four apps if i intend to maybe if i want discord open it just to watch on the conversation on that particular on that particular group i can do that also without ever changing in between apps it’s just all there it’s amazing so for me that 34 inch vast display and also you can go much bigger than this you can go up to 49 inch you can most likely go larger than that i assumption however the 34 inch for me is a charming pleasant place where i can just obtain even more work done faster a really fast reference for video clip editors and audio production individuals around the ability to fit a massive timeline on this display is actually game changing it’s wonderful you do so little zooming and also simply seeing your whole

task on one display without it being little is brilliant you could be asking at this moment do i miss out on that 5k screen as well as like i claimed i do utilize it still it’s still there and i love that maker however i do miss it i do miss out on the 5k screen however the crucial thing with this is that i would certainly sell the imac now as well as not fret way too much concerning it i don’t miss that retina high quality screen enough to leave this widescreen display game actually currently i mean like anything i just desire more i want wider you recognize i do i ‘d like a higher dpi as well and also whether or not you should purchase comes down significantly to the sort of job that you do like i claim if you’re a video clip editor an audio editor then that broad display is extremely very useful yet also if you’re an author or i do not understand a developer for instance the majority of us depend on greater than one application each time we’re always doing something we’re always possibly composing something looking into something or referencing as well as the even more things you

can fit on a screen at once the quicker you’ll obtain things done as well as it will just be seconds that you slash off yet you incorporate those secs over the course of a month over the training course of a year and also it truly actually includes up what i would certainly recommend you do is if you’re lured by this do what i did acquire a less expensive widescreen keep an eye on to start with i think 350 pounds 350 bucks that isn’t negative for this kind of screen like i stated the msi i truly do suggest i’ll put a link in the description however if you begin like i did go a little bit more affordable do not go for it and invest a thousand pounds on something which you may not like go as economical as you can obtain utilized to that widescreen method of working if you are originating from an imac or a macbook as an example approve the fact that you’re not

going to have as sharp a brighter display yet however i guarantee you that that type of preliminary frustration will dissipate and simply see how you hop on since i assume you’ll be amazed by the efficiency obtains that you experience like i have now if you still need assistance choosing your m1 mac mini i understand a whole lot of individuals do or possibly you’re considering the m1 macbook as an example i have placed some guides with each other to try as well as assist people buy the appropriate m1 device so if the mac mini is something that you intend to possibly couple with among these wonderful big ultra large display shows i have left a link to that video clip at the end of this one so carry on looking for a web link to that i’ll also place in the description my links to my m1 macbook pro as well as m1 macbook air buying guides too however in the meantime thanks as always for enjoying i’ll capture you in the next clip you

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