Huawei P40 Pro Best Camera?

so quite obviously the biggest concern these days when you’re buying a new blower isn’t actually how good is it at : people nope the burning question is what will it take an awesome-looking selfie for slapping on instagram and making people believe I have the best life ever now in recent times one way has confidently established itself as one of the most accomplished crafters of smartphone camera tech so it’s not exactly a massive shock that the while we’re p44 comes rocking one of the best camera setups of 2020 around back you’ll find the super upgraded ultra vision like a quad camera while flipping the phone all the reveals a dual selfie shooter giving you a grant all of six different lenses for capturing your everyday existence that sounds like a pretty complicated setup for sure but the beauty of the p40 port is its complete ease of use this clever we blower is definitely the perfect weapon for anyone who wants to grab absolutely gorgeous looking pics and haul movies the entire fan while putting in absolutely bugger-all efforts just point and shoot and the funders all of the hard graft ideal for lazy buggers like me so I’m a bit of a stroll through all of the very best camera features here on the wall we’re p40 pro and for more on the latest greatest tech please do box subscribe and thing that

notifications bell Cheers and when you open up that camera app the first lens to kick into action is WOW is fresh 50 megapixel snapper with built-in optical image stabilization designed specially for these p40 handsets this boasts larger pixels than previous while with flagships for even better low-light and HDR performance plus that pixel bin and tech also helps to brighten up shots when the lighting conditions are a bit on the tricky side and if for whatever reason you’re trying to take photos in near darkness while no worries while we’re dependable night mode is back on board and it’s still some crazy voodoo shenanigans capture an impressive detail and accurate colors that you really will struggle to see even with the naked eye but the best bit is definitely the fresh face detection photo diode tech basically every single pixel on that sensor is used to help the camera focus with two individual focal points per pixel or it if you’re using the 4 in 1 pixel bin in tech so basically what you can expect is an auto focus there’s not just superfast but it’s also super accurate and of course as any mom or dad will tell you that is absolutely essential if you’re the proud owner of one of those small hyperactive human-being things for getting clean shots of them in

full-on with an action blurry crappy pics truly are a thing of the past on top of that there’s also a nifty move and chu mode which captures a bunch of fins every time you poke that shutter button if you’re not happy with the selected image just tap Edit and you can choose another frame to save as your final pic instead job done the speaking of which wow is photo editing tool is now smarter than ever thanks to the fresh new golden snap tools which will help you sort out a wonky pic in no time at all while thought oh bombers might not be the biggest problem right now if you’re in full-on lockdown the p40 pro’s AI smarts can helpfully remove any unwanted intruders from the background of your pics for a cleaner smarter finish and it’s also possible to temper those pesky reflections when you’re shooting through glass which will be a fantastic feature when we’re finally allowed to visit museums and stuff like the London Eye again as always the one of the most impressive features here on the one with p40 pro is that portrait mods the bonus time of flight lens helps to accurately judge the distance between you and your subject so the p40 pod can keep them pinch off while blowing out any background noise you get throw in a variety of effects to jazz up your portrait snap but even on the default settings you’ll

grab some great family shots worthy of any album and that’s how the photo lens is also perfect for snatching shots are the fun without getting right in their faces thanks to its 5 times optical zoom and it’s ten times hybrid zoom at that five times level you’ll start to see grainy or fuzzy pics with most of the smartphone cameras but you can get really up for the p40 pull to capture natural-looking photos without any sacrifice to the quality and even at that 10 times level my test pics still looks good when I toss them up onto a big tele screen and the final lens around back is a clever 40 megapixel ultra wide cine camera you can use this not only to grab a snazzy ultra wide pic but also to up to 4k resolution video and a stunningly lifelike 60 frames per second or with that slightly surreal viewpoint in fact the video chops here on the p40 port have been seriously upgraded compared with the older P 30 handsets now you can capture an impressive amount of detail and color clarity as well in low light while the image stabilization is smoother than my Baldy bonce in fact you can even shoot footage using that telephoto lens and the super clever stabilization will help to keep everything ridiculously

steady even a 10 or 15 times zoom I also love the various video filters that you can play about and experiment with these can make everything look all super sparkly or mess around with the colors of all kinds of bizarre and cool results any one of the indie film directors are like and we go to town and craft some unique looking footage now while there’s a stack of cover camera tech slap there on the back end of the p40 probe are we it definitely has not forgotten you selfie lovers so up front you’ve got a 32 megapixel primary lens backed by another time-of-flight sensor time you get the same super accurate portrait shots as the rear camera setup that means perfect edge detection and full control over those Bakke effects again so you look prettier than a bunch of roses tied up with a bulky of bacon the HDR abilities are once again crazy good producing well balanced photos with plenty of detail and strong color capture and if you want to drop some Instagram action at the club nor bother in low-light you’ll still get some good luck in snaps even if the club in question is

basically just just spare room with some funky disco lighting and a spot chosen Dave slapped on the radio oh well here’s to another wild and crazy Saturday night and the one where p40 pro is also one of very few smartphones that allow you to shoot up to 4k resolution footage at up to 60 frames per second using that front-facing selfie set up so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a vlogger you get Sue’s supremely crisp silky smooth footage out of that bad boy lovely stuff so there you have it that is an in-depth tour of the Huawei p40 pulls very clever camera takes I think one of the best shooters on a smartphone in 2020 we’ll check out the rest of my coverage on the wild p40 port for all you need to know about this clever we handset and please do poke subscribe think that notification as well and have yourselves a lovely week cheers everyone

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