Review Motorola Moto G8 Another Solid Sub-£200 Budget Phone?

if your smartphone budget is under 200 quids do not despair these days you can actually get a pretty good selection for that sub turn your parent asking price you certainly don’t have to get something that would function better as a doorstop than a mobile phone and in the realm of budget laws or grimmy and motorola is still one of the rim in champions although what is fierce and tougher and tougher competitions from rival manufacturers like Xiaomi and real me and it is a matter that’s been further confused by the fact Motorola seems to be launching a new phone every couple of minutes so this right here is the Moto G it a 180-pound mobile offering competitive specs for a low price and though it is also one of four new Moto G Series smart phones to hit the UK in just the past few months if you don’t a resort to the super cheap immortal eight series spot falls then the Moto G is one of the cheapest motorola blow so you could buy right now in 2020 I’ve got my sim slots in there for a good few days now and here’s my full review and also if you’re bit confused by all the Moto G 8 Series smartphones there are quite a few of them I’ve done an in detail comparison between them all in a separate video so go check that out and from all the layers to great stack

please do plug subscribe editing that not a fear should spell cheers now as far as the design goes motorola hasn’t chucked in any particular frills or surprises here the malla g it is a plastic fantastic handset with your standard glossy finish available in either this standard blue hue or a spot of white instead thankfully the blue model does an orcish job of hiding those grim greasy fingerprints but you’ll definitely want to give it one of these every so often just to be sure it’s not too surprising after just a week to say a few like Nick’s appearing on that plastic surface as well and slightly more worryingly on the actual display itself motorola does throw in one of these cheap e cases to kind of limit the damage but you’re definitely slap on your on screen protector as well in better news though the Moto G it is at least water repellant so you’re alright for checking your instagrams in the rain now while some budget handsets are still languishing on the old Android nine including some of Motorola’s more recent efforts thankfully here on the Moto G it is a pleasingly stock version of Android 10 this comes complete with all of those great features like a proper dock mode and gesture navigation while the model experiences app also adds in some essential extras like a one handed mode the Moto G it may be relatively compact and just 6.4 inches but those chunky bezels to add a fair bit of bulk and if you got stumpy little digits like me you’ll definitely do all the help you can get and while there’s no face recognition that really print

sensor does work a Chong it’s not exactly instant but it rarely feels like most model of phones however I’m expecting the G it’d be rather slow as far as updates go despite that stock Android finish but hopefully I’ll be proven wrong on that front sadly though there’s no NFC support here so no contactless payments and it’s also single band Wi-Fi as well there’s no five gigahertz support although personally as an experience any issues when streaming HD video or playing games like pub G that six point four inch IPS screen is certainly sizable enough for enjoying games and shows although it’s only a 720p panel if you’re on a proper full HD display you’ll have to bump up your budget a bit for the g8 power or plus unlocked arrivals like the redmi note instead all the same iPhone that that resolution was absolutely fine for even smaller text and also certainly did not result in poor video quality either visuals definitely on grainy or fuzzy at all vivid colors don’t exactly dazzle even on that saturated display modes and brightness levels are just about good enough to clearly see what you’re up to when you’re sat outside on a sunshiny day it’s a bit of a mixed bag on the audio front however there’s a single mono speaker house down here on the bottom edge and no support for Dolby audio or anything like that it’s a far cry from the stereo speaker setup found on the GA power and plus however you do get a pop a bit of Bluetooth 5 support and I had absolutely no

problems whatsoever streaming audio to a stereo speaker setup or a pair of headphones anything like that and you even get a better headphone jack action up top if you want a proper wide connection now power in the Moto G it is the snapdragon 665 platform a common choice for these more affordable blowers and it’s backed here by respectable 4 gigs of ram on the whole that’s a pretty dependable setup you will occasionally be left hanging while the Moto G it tries to catch up a little bit generally I found when using the camera tech but apart from that it’s absolutely fine you can even indulge in a spot of light game and pub G mobile for instance plays out alright as long as you keep it on that low detail setting it’s not the smoothest experience ever but it is about as good as you’ll get around this sort of price point and it’s certainly playable even this hick fingered player managed to make it to the final 10 more often than not as I help in hand you also get the new mortal gametime app pre-installed on the Moto G it but you can block notifications and keep your focus on the game it’s quite basic compared with rival offerings from the likes of Apple and real me but it’ll do the job just fine I did also notice the call blocking the calls will actually still ring out loudly just want to pop up a notification on your screen so it’s still a little bit distracting on the battery life tip that 4,000 milliamps I’ll delivered a full day of use every single time even with a bit of Skype or game inaction thrown in quite often I did manage to make it Abed with

around 20% battery life remain another one some of those more intensive days where there was a lot of Skype and especially involved and definitely I was just about hanging on come bedtime so if you’re the kind of person who’s never off the smart phone you might be better off with a five thousand milliamp smart phone like the opera 92020 or the most legit power or even the good old really sick sigh which I only just unbox to go check that out you also get a reasonably generous 64 gigs of storage stuffed inside the Moto G it as well but if you do find you fill that up you can always expand with a micro SD memory card up to a whopping 512 further gigs so basically sorted now last up is the camera tech and here you get a triple that lens rear setup I thought you get a 2 megapixel macro lenses one of them and that’s pretty pointless as usual capturing low res blurry shots the 9 times out of 10 thankfully the 16 megapixel primary lens is reasonably respectable for a budget blower capturing a fair amount of detail it’s not too bad for those high dynamic range pics although you will definitely see some over saturation when you’re shooting in brighter conditions the portrait mode can occasionally be a wee bit junky with the edge detection too but it usually serves up slick look and picks and you’ve got water all as usual ai features on board including that smoke composition which can

crop in towards your subject and straighten them up things can look a bit soft and murky when you’re shooting indoors at times and there’s also no night mode on here unlike the g8 plus but the standard g8 can do OK in low-light colors look pretty weak but the detail levels on too bad unless things get proper dark and it’s also great to have a wide-angle option for your photos as well unlike some of the other G Series blowers as for video recorder and while that tops off at full clear resolution at 30 frames per second pretty much standard for a 200-pound ish handset in 2020 killer capture is certainly vibrant and you can shoot footage using the standard or wide-angle lenses a bow you can swap between the two on the fly that focus can struggle at times with moving subjects but audio CAPTCHA is pleasingly clear as long as it’s not blowing a gale or anything basically the moto G it is fine for simple home movies as long as you avoid dodgy lighten and your subject isn’t too hyperactive and you’ve also got a perfectly competent it megapixel front facing camera for grabbing some selfies to share on the instagrams if you shoot against a bright background it will be completely washed out but your fist is shop with decent lighting and you’ve also got all of those usual jazzy portrait mort effects to play around with

once again the results can be varied but usually tilts towards the good end of the spectrum and the front-facing camera here on the moto G it can also shoot Full HD resolution as well as you kind of expect it does struggle a little bit in its your situations but it does perfectly fine job pretty much bang on for a budget smartphone it’s like I know nutshell is what I think of the motorola moto G it after use it for a few days that’s my fault I’m personal

smartphone as you can see it doesn’t really do anything at all to stand out from the opera’s the real measly shammies of the world if your budget is around that sort of 200 pound price point you can certainly find smart phones out there with a full HD display with NFC support and so on and so on but you know what the Moto G it is perfectly inoffensive as well as didn’t piss me off once and the entire time I was using it so that’s a bonus but anyhow that is what I think what do you think that Phoebe grater your thoughts down in the comments below if you are in the market for a budget smartphone I’ve done lots of best budget phone roundups in 2020 sub 200 pounds of 300 pound and so on including of course I’ve done a best Motorola phone roundup as well so plenty of other videos to cook and digest and probably just confuse you more but hey give them a go give them a like give them a subscribe all election anagen be very much appreciated indeed thanks to everyone love you

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