Review Motorola Edge An affordable flagship phone?

so 2020 has already seen the launch of a couple of super premium handsets that will cost you over a grand a piece like the Opera fine x2 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S 20 ultra but honestly these days you don’t need a spunk up all of your savings to get yourself a flagship handset phone such as the real me ex 50 por the nokia 0.35 G and the oneplus it serve up premium specs and all of those snazzy features you’d expect for half the price of some of these mega expensive pocket fillers the latest addition to this affordable flagship lineup is the Motorola edge a five hundred fifty quid mobile packin trouser moisten and design smart camera hardware and 5g support I’ve had this shiny wee beasties stuff to my shorts for about a week now use it as my personal handset so here’s my full in-depth Motorola edge review and for more the latest greatest tech please do book subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now first up a fat man actually had a smart phone slotted into his bat belt it would almost certainly be this thing here the Motorola Edge is the blackest phone I’ve reviewed in a good long while seriously there’s not a splash of color on that reflective surface and although you will see an occasional unexpected rim ball beam when the light catches it just so it’s definitely a neat an attractive finish but I would have preferred a choice of at least a couple a different more colorful models as well not quite this ready to embrace my inner golf and I was also rather dubious about more dwellers choice of using plastic for the back end as well we’re more struggles tend to go with glass but does mean that the edge is a lot less likely to crack if you I’m going to drop it on the floor but

plastic is also a lot more susceptible to scratching and how this feels like a premium material worthy of a flagship handset and sure enough that back end is already coated in some light scars after just a week which isn’t a great sign and though thankfully the Gorilla Glass 5 display has emerged unscathed despite the lack of a pre-installed screen protector Oh before I forget the Motorola Edge is also a slippery wee bugger as well place our on a table at your peril because chances are it will casually drift its way to the edge like a lemon intent on hurling itself into sweet oblivion and if you have a fancy checking your instagrams while you’re lounging in your Jacuzzi sipping on your Tia Maria’s or anything like that well more bad news the Motorola Edge is an water-resistant it’s simply water repellent now thankfully it can take a splash and no worries you don’t to freak out if it starts raining or anything but you definitely don’t go dropping it in the bathtub and for the software side of things you’ve got a slice Android 10 action and as usual with Motorola there’s no heavy launchers slapped on top and despite that’s stock version of Android as well motorola is only guaranteeing you a single OS update with the edge so we’ll get Android 11 later in 2020 but may not get Android 12 next year of course motorola is saying that it constantly reassesses you’d kind of hope that the edge on the edge Plus would get that update to Android 12 as well but if you are really dead set on getting guaranteed updates and especially the security updates in a timely fashion you’re probably better off gone with something like Nokia still using the edge is undoubtedly a smooth satisfying experience most of the new features thrown in there by Motorola are worthy additions as usual from the gametime tools that enhance your gaming sessions to the screen edge antics making the most of that curved finish I mean while all of the features that you would expect come pumped inside

of a 500 pound handset like NFC dual band Wi-Fi yada yada yada all present and correct now if you want a more in-depth look at the mod well edge software some of the new features on there such as the screen edge shenanigans then definitely check out my for Motorola edge tips and tricks guide which is live right now and if you’re into watching movies and shows on the go then the edge is really going to boost your turkey in most respects at least that curve your LED screen is a six point seven inch full HD plus beast seven upshot visuals and punchy colors you can’t make both hues pop a little less in the settings but I really enjoyed those lush colors especially for my usual crunchyroll geek out sessions and it’s technically an itch to your 10 supported screen as well but I did find that in Netflix it was only supported by Widevine l3 not l1 so it wouldn’t even stream in HD let alone HDR I have us Motorola to clarify why that’s the case and when we can expect full Widevine l1 support here on the motorola edge and when they get back to me I will update you in the description below and while there is a pinhole camera shoved away in the corner of the Motorola edges screen that’s rarely a bother and you can actually block out that bit of the display at any app you like if it does get on your nerves and thankfully I didn’t have any problems with my palm flesh on my fingers accidentally intruding on that screen despite the fact that it goes right the way around the edges here and like all phones around this price point you’ve got a nippy refresh rate here on the border all the edges display as well it automatically switches between 60 and 90 Hertz by default become bump it up to 90 Hertz permanently without too much of an impact on that battery life you’ve also go an in display fingerprint sensor built into the screw and that works just fine it’s not the fastest around but it does the job and you also have fierce unlock as well which won’t worked with closed eyes or sunglasses so it’s nice and secure although once again it’s not the nippy ax stand it is easily balked by slightly dodgy lighting that’s the audio where

you got dual stereo speakers which pack a respectable punch clearly cutting through even quite noisy shenanigans when you’re kicking back with your favourite sure and as well as an actual headphone jack here you also have Bluetooth 5.1 for connection to their headphones or speakers with full support for HD audio now while some laws are on this price point like the real me X 50 pro for example serve up the top-end Billy Big bollocks snapdragon 865 chipsets here on the motorola edge you get the 765 instead and that’s backed by six gigs of RAM ddr4 not the more energy efficient DDR five and right now pub G Mobile is unfortunately capped at HDD two levels on just 30 frames per second which is a real shame hopefully that I’ll change soon but all the same I enjoyed blasting my way through a fair few games in my downtime or rather those bloody kids enjoyed blasting their way through me just go back to school already a little thankfully motorola has given you the option of preventing apps from displaying around those curved edges which is really handy for likes of pubsey mobile because the responsiveness does tend to get a bit iffy once you get to the curvy bits and as I briefly mentioned earlier you also get those nifty gametime tools as well which actually do help out and help keep you immersed in the experience sure this feature isn’t as complex as some rival game boards as found all the likes of colour OS but you can block notifications and quickly call up apps like discord when you need to while you in the middle of an online bout I was surprised at the effectiveness of the virtual trigger feature here as well which you can pop up on the top edge and assign to any on-screen controls that you like this was definitely very handy for a man and shoot and during those more frantic buggy moments and if you care about 5g the good news is the Motorola Edge has sub 6 gigahertz 5g support here in the UK and provider or two as promised in up to 50 UKC should be covered by around summer time so as long as

you don’t live out in the countryside or in some crap little town you might well have support later this year I’m also definitely a fan of the battery life here on the Motorola edge that 4,500 million cell happily keeps you going all day long even if you’re skyping Gaiman and piddling about with those cameras seriously I had to try really really really hard to kill this thing before I got all snuggled up in bed come the end of a busy day and even then I’m really really they’d struggle though suddenly they’re 18 what charging speeds do leave a lot to be desired especially in these days a 65 watt fast charging beast it definitely is no longer deserving of that Turbo Power moniker Nori’s on the storage tip though as the 128 gigs of space can be boosted with a microSD memory card up to one terabyte in size back of the net now here on the back end of the Motorola Edge you’ve got a triple at lens camera set up and when you want to snap some photos and sixty four megapixel primary lens does a reasonable job as long as the lighting conditions on to dodgy you get 16 megapixel photos served up by default and these are still detailed enough to look sharp when viewed back on a laptop or a telly or whatever however the Motorola Edge is easily confounded by bright scenes often over saturating results see it colours look a bit bland while HDR pics are also inferior to many other flagship handsets and these scenarios you’re best off swap in to the 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens which has a smaller aperture and therefore does a much better job of realistically reproducing those more vibrant hues this also doubles as a macro lens for up close shots of flowers or bugs or whatever if that’s your bag alternatively the model edge serves up an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with a 2 times optical zoom for getting a bit

closer to your subject it’s rather limited compared with rivals like the real me x3 super zoom whether it’s mega 5 x oom and things do get proper grainy if you try to punch him with that digital zoom as well but it’s still handy when you’re snapping kids animals stuff like that speaking of which the 64 megapixel primary shooter is good when snuff and moving subjects and you can even capture photos of at maximum resolution as well use in a bonus mode as usual or the difference is only really evident once you zoom right in the Motorola’s also served up its usual AI smarts as well and this doesn’t just suggest alternative camera modes when appropriate it’ll also help to sort out any wonky shots and also serve up a little features like a level whenever you’re shootin a nice bit of Vista action video is a similar story to the photos your footage can look a little bleached on a sunny day but at that 4k level you get fine results audio pickup is nice and clear except on windy days and the image stabilization is pretty good even at 4k for moving and shooting at the same time you can only use the primary lens for 4k Reds video but drop into full H the other 30fps level brings the ultra

wide angle and the telephoto lenses into player 2 although you can’t actually swap between them all while shooting you’ve all got a handful of bonus mods including a respectable portrait mod mod rule this funky spot color effort and a welcome return for the night vision board as well which helps to brighten up any shots in low light conditions and last up the 25 megapixel front-facing camera does a perfectly fine job of snapping your mug with full portrait mode smarts again just avoid any dodgy lighting and

you’ll do well it’s not right there is what I think of the motorola edge I’ve to use it as my full-time smartphone for a week definitely some clever tech in there not bad at all 550-pound price point although of course it does a very strong competition for likes the real meat X 50 Pro which is a very good handset indeed again often strong at value for money and don’t forget Nokia’s 8.3 5 years just on the horizon as well often very similar specs and features so what do you reckon Oh it’d definitely be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below especially have you been using the mod wallet edge yourself as well and please do POC subscribe think that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest SEC G’s are on

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