GALAXY S9/S9+ Spigen Case Lineup Review + Whitestone Dome Glass Compatibility

hi there Frances this rainfall from this is Tex day and we’re gon na have a look at the entire spigen instance lineup for the samsung galaxy s 9 as well as s 9 plus have a look at the fit coating and also functions many thanks so a lot for spigen for sending this whole box full of situations let’s go examine it out so the first situation is that we’ll have a look at is the thin fit ones there is a black one and after that this type of matte grey one so yeah it’s an extremely thin fit one thing to bear in mind is that the edges don’t have a lots of real defense there this is really more similar to a shell that goes on the phone itself it does not do a great deal of impact avoidance it’s probably extra valuable for protecting against things like scrapes or fingerprints on your phone it’s a hard plastic the buttons themselves are not covered I just actually incredibly super-thin it Aussie doesn’t feel incredibly costs it really feels a little bit plasticky and to include in the entire not superior look or really feel intermediaries near the bottom or otherwise focused for the black one it’s a really smooth feeling to it and after that the environment-friendly one has even more of a matte finish it most likely holds a little bit more but it simply does not

look as excellent it’s kind of glittery looking this situation has lots of clearance for points like display protectors so you’ll possibly be great in terms of the stay in the top as well as bottom that protects against the screen from relaxing on the table itself there’s very little there and if you have a display guard it’s practically non-existent it’s not in fact working most likely not my initial selection the next 3 instances that we’ll consider are green light first one is the clear fluid crystal as well as it has a sort of versatile feeling to it and also it comes out the lens cleansing wipes so you can cleanse it off it’s truly soft in the hand it really flaunts the means that the phone appears like as well as if you have something like a D brand name skin or anything like that it’ll reveal that off really well I believe I really believe it looks truly awesome because it’s so adaptable it has a really soft feeling to it and a great cutout for the earphone jack it’s centered as a hall all the intermediaries feel really wonderful and intentional the buttons feel truly good and apparent the only point I would claim is with the volume rocker even though there is an indent in between the top and also bottom one the bump between the 2 is not

super deep so you might mistake those this instance does attract a great deal of finger prints so perhaps that’s why there’s a wipe consisted of but general it’s extremely comfortable I ‘d say the leading and also bottom side really feels a little weird yet it suffices that it would certainly secure your phone if you had a screen protector on there I will certainly claim though that some screen guards may have some with this guard I do have the white some dome glass on this galaxy s 9 plus and it does produce a couple of issues there so maybe not the ideal suitable for that a person so I came from the edges is is alright you can feel a bit of a bump there I would certainly claim if you intend to display your phone as well as you don’t have a screen guard this is a great choice the second one is a clear ultra crossbreed it’s a bit more inflexible than the fluid crystal and after that the rugged armor that we’ll have a look at later and also it does have military-grade drop security which is really great and also since it does have that military-grade drop defense there’s a bit

more of a pillow on the corners the top edge really feels in looks really great and it’s not getting in the means of the white stone dome glass display guard well it does not really feel as soft as a liquid crystal and also it has a bit even more of a plasticy sensation it still has a soft touch to it so it doesn’t really feel cheap the switches are really very easy to find up until a component without looking yet when again the quantity rocker just has a mild indent in between the top and bottom one to ensure that may produce some concerns for you it’s additionally a finger print magnet the cutouts are great whatever feels really intentional I assume it’s really great I would say this set’s a buy the last clear one we have is the clear tough shield and it’s relatively adaptable however it has military-grade decline protection included and that’s as a result of these corners it’s just really reinforced so the leading and bottom lifts are quite significant and also I’ll safeguard your phone quite well also if you have a screen guard on it as well as it collaborates with the white stone dome glass the buttons really feel outstanding it’s incredibly clicky and if you have not seen the trend the top as well as lower rocker have a little indent between both but it’s not incredibly obvious to ensure that could be one disadvantage with it this set also has a clean that comes with it the change in between the instance as well as the display of the clear rugged armor is a bit rough overall I assume the intermediaries are truly excellent as well as I like this one a lot this one’s another buy if you

require additional protection this next one is the liquid-air as well as it’s constructed out of flexible TPU the cutouts are actually excellent as well as the switches feel good really the cancer button has a texture to it the angles and cutouts feel very willful they look wonderful and also they’re not extremely blinking I actually truly like the pattern to it it’s really tidy but it does add a grasp to it it type of advises me a little bit of the black tough armor this set has an edge air padding design to it so if you drop it on its edges I’ll protect it yet due to the fact that of all the additional cushioning on the sides it does not truly function too well for my whites do not gloss in spite of that the top as well as bottom lips are fairly good the bottom one’s a little bit smaller sized than top one which is intriguing but if you do have a screen protector that does fit within this situation those lips will certainly secure the display protector I’ve actually never ever seen this before personally and also I like it a whole lot if it worked with my white some dome glass I probably would utilize this often it’s truly sharp looking this following one is the rugged armor the black one

I’ve in fact utilized this one a fair bit on numerous generations of phones it has a carbon fiber designed to the top and also base which I’m beginning to wonder if it looks a little outdated yet it’s still sort of amazing it has a soft matte surface to it and it’s versatile simply like the liquid air it’s a little thicker than a liquid air but it’s mainly visible if you put both beside each various other the top lip is great and also it behaves and considerable as well as the great deals of right I simply really feel actually fantastic it’s a natural development from the situation to the screen the intermediaries are sensational on this set and also I love the button feel on it something concerning spigen x’ quantity rockers it only has that little indent in between both to make sure that one part might be utilize some job this likewise has an air cushion style so if you happen to drop it on its corners it must safeguard it and the large C button is ribbed so from individual experience utilizing this style of case from spigen the instance can start to look a little bit scuffed and it’s because it’s just a matte surface it’s not a pattern to cover any kind of type of abrasions the next four cases are the four different shades of the Neo Hybrid so in regards to the various colors there’s a maroon one right here with gold accents not exactly my style there’s a navy blue one right

here with silver accents this is possibly an actually good one if you have heaven version of the galaxy s 9 or s 9 plus and then they have a black one with a Space Gray sort of accent to it as well as then a totally blacked-out variation of it where the accent the black is even more of a shiny look to it instead of a matte finish in terms of appearance I would say select the passed out one or the black one with the area wonderful accent something that I would be worried about with the metal accented ones is that they would certainly type of scuff up as well as begin looking pretty poor so the black that is certainly the leading choice in terms of shades now although in terms of the switches really feel really great but there’s no hole structure to the Bigsby button I still want a larger indent in between the quantity backwards and forwards and afterwards the website edge Allah is fairly noticeable I don’t believe that in between the case and also the display is good it does have a soft matte really feel to it and the pattern is really subtle but so really feels unsafe somehow the top lip is truly great and it fits well with my white zone dome glass and also the lips are large sufficient to secure the screen guard as well as I

would claim the cutouts near the bottom appearance really wonderful general though not really my favored layout what’s interesting concerning the Neo Hybrid collection is that the within of the instance is an adaptable TPU and those accents are type of a semi difficult plastic this next one is the hybrid shield this set has a tough plastic back to it with the adaptable TPU accents on the sides the switches are not truly specified as well as is a bit tough to locate what you want there’s no rib buttons and actually in terms of the worth switches it’s simply one gigantic switch you can’t inform the leading as well as bottom one apart there is a military-grade cushion tech and if you look at the edges there’s really type of a ribbed layout to it to ensure that’s type of cool and despite that military-grade security the shift in between the case as well as the display is very great I would certainly say if you have a screen protector you might encounter some concerns it’s just hardly touching

my white zone dome glass this one is definitely one even more finger prints will reveal on the back due to the fact that the plastic is simply a finger print magnet on the whole the layout is interesting I would state it has an unusual appearance to it this following one is the slim Armour CS and it has a little slide out where you can fit cards in there which is truly neat and also sensible as a result of that it does add a little bit of density to it probably a little beefy feeling with that said comes the military-grade air pillow protection so the edges are enhanced it can hold two charge card the back is very plastic you feeling I would certainly be sort of stressed that it’ll split if you drop it but although it feels a little low-cost it is really practical I can visualize this revealing a little scuffs on it quickly one point that I have an interest in particularly with this one is whether it deals with a cordless charger when you have two cards in there as well as wow it works the switches are good but they’re not focused on the situation so it sort of feels a little unpleasant they’re placed closer to the display than the back the buttons do protrude a fair bit though however the cancer button is not ribbed and then the quantity rocker just has a slight little indent between the up-and-down the

transition between the situation in the display really feels truly good as well as the top and also lower lip it seemed rather considerable it would shield a display protector if you have it and this deals with my white zoom dim with that plastic key back though it feels a bit unsafe this following one is the slim Armour has military-grade air pillow defense an extremely inflexible back to it with soft flexible TPU on the inside and there’s a kickstand on here which is truly great I like that the buttons are okay the big C switch does have a distinctive feel to it what’s fascinating concerning this though is that the buttons attract attention as a result of the smooth sides of the case and afterwards the transition to the buttons themselves it really sticks out but the buttons for backwards and forwards on the quantity are truly difficult to inform the edge lip is wonderful and also not extremely obstructive whatsoever i really feels decently slim for its ruggedness as well as one thing that’s intriguing concerning the slim Armour in comparison to you the tough shield is that the back contours a bit more so it’s a little bit extra spherical feeling in the hand the leading and bottom lip are great it’ll secure a display protector simply hardly however it’s not really suitable on my white rock dome glass in the last situation that we’ll look at is the challenging armor and also this is the one I really make use of as an everyday vehicle driver

this I would certainly state is an extra refined version of the slimmer armor like I pointed out on the slimmer armor the back contours a little bit much more in the hand this one has even more of a sharper side to it as well as I like it more it really makes it feel thinner the buttons do you really feel really good on there as well as the large C switch does have a pattern to it the quantity backwards and forwards rocker has a little bit more of an indent in between the two so it’s a little bit easier than the slim shield the side lip is a little bit a lot more pronounced though which is a little a drag and after that the top and lower edge lip is truly great I’ll protect a screen protector as well as this set does work with my white rock dome glass it has this really incredible kickstand on there too as well as the intermediaries are provided near the bottom there’s some considerable side security on here so this’s another military-grade one with these plastic backs though on the swimmin sturdy armor you can show a lot of finger prints on them so I do not know if you can see that below both of them are surprisingly not slippery despite that plastic back I sort of think of the spigen hard armor as the otterbox variation of the protector means way much less chunky I would certainly say much more

fashionable and has a kickstand if you desire best security this is the one that would pick and like I discussed prior to for instances this is the one I utilize everyday so I checked out each and every single among these cases in there’s wonderful news the wireless charging does work so there’s the whole talking schedule for the Galaxy S 9 which’s 9 plus with any luck that was valuable for you if you would love to get your hands on any one of those instances I’ll have some web links down below in the description and also whenever you acquire something with those things I do make a little Compensation but you don’t pay added and it does assist sustain the channel so thanks if you have any type of questions regarding any kind of various other instances for me go ahead and leave some remarks down listed below I love aiding you out and while you’re at it go ahead and share what situation you’re considering obtaining if you discovered this video valuable please give me a thumbs up and also subscribe I truly appreciate it many thanks again for seeing this is tech today until next time you

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