Why Does Apple Seem So Lazy & Boring Now?

hi there buddy Brandon right here Apple just announced a ton of stuff today however does anyone actually care did you even know they released anything new truthfully it seems like Apple just has become a little bit lazy currently allow’s discuss why it appears like they really feel a lot more like a museum than a pioneer and also what they might be doing to fix it since this is technology today hey close friend this is Brandon here from this is tech today your resource for sincere technology evaluates the information and also my sights and you’re seeing this is tech today a regular show in addition to my various other material where I look at tech information from this past week that directly passions me if that’s something you’re interested in make certain to share subscribe hit that Bell icon to be alerted when I publish a new video or Tim Chef will not release air power we need the air powers provide us the air powers Apple [Music] really that in fact cares concerning it still hit subscribe in the bell symbol so if you really did not recognize this past week Apple

launched a lot of things for nearly each day of the week there’s a new iPad Mini wait a minute iPad minis are still a thing it looks the same right well it does include an 8 12 Bionic chip which is honestly pretty beastly and also it has support for an Apple pencil however not that great new Apple pencil that works on the iPad pro it’s the old one that you charged I connect it right into the Lightning port because that’s still point as well as when you plug it in you try to avoid like not poking your eye out just yes in addition to that came a new iPad air which is quite much the like what happened with the iPad Mini yet simply much more Airy it’s dumb then there was an updated Apple iMac which had an upgrade to the shoelace cpus which I indicate that that’s a good idea however it looks the very same the bezels are big and also then there’s the iMac Pro

which does not have a redesign I suggest the pro thing with iPad pro at least had that upgraded however my Mac Pro does not have upgrade it coincides style yet gray the high Mac Pro really did not even get a processor bump however it currently enables you to place a deposit worth of ram into it you can buy sufficient ram to make it set you back greater than the base model of the iMac pro itself that’s insanity I just wonder what the mark-up gets on that edge out however it instantly though that’s sort of legit if you do anything with manufacturings as RAM assists a lot yet why do not we have a refined look or brand-new design to the iMac Pro at least some have that mech Pro come out at some time quickly appropriate Apple please they likewise lowered the cost of their MacBook Pro storage which they ought to considering the price of storage space and also RAM in general has been going down fairly a little bit over the past few months and we can’t fail to remember the revolutionary air coverings to currently it features a wireless billing case a new h1 chip for connectivity enhancements more talk time as well as the capacity to mistakenly turn on see I suggest that you can currently turn on Sirius hands-free what’s nuts is that it will set you back $200 contrasted to the original cost of 160 dollars and also there’s no ability to tell which version you have when you’re trying to flex tablet exact same I

indicate he can take place Amazon and acquire those stickers that you can put on your Apple watch to make it resemble it has mobile service put it on your earbuds instead of course those sticker labels are real if you really wish to get them there’s a web link in the description oh and actually interesting news apple additionally released brand-new cases in Apple view bands that’s it awesome why worldwide does it feel like Apple is so careless currently why does anyone appreciate these updates if you take a look at every one of them it’s really all simply a speck bump of the exact same shell or simply a color adjustment this is a very easy point for Apple to do and also of training course much better specifications are always a great point for consumers yet I’ve spoken about this in the past Apple is beginning to look a growing number of like a museum where there are a firm that looks extra like a covering what greatness they once had rather than a company that’s pressing forth and innovating or taking threats we have actually seen the exact same layouts

over as well as over again and any type of changes they have actually made have created inconsonant or inappropriate features ports and accessories as an example check out the iPad pro with a modification to a slimmer bezel a new much better Apple pencil design the step to USBC and also the incorporation of face ID all of these brand-new iPads have the very same old style as prior to keeping that big bezel they can not use the brand-new Apple pencil they still have a lightning port and they have touch ID it’s practically like the groups weren’t all in sync or Apple had leftover stock of certain materials and also we’re simply trying to eliminate it or they’re just attempting to lower much more product r & d expenses by placing out the same thing with different internals after all Tim Chef’s toughness is supply chain and also raising margins looking back on that it feels careless to me does it feel lazy to you in addition to that it’s much more confusing to figure out which iPad you must obtain because there are five different versions to pick from and also within those five different versions there’s a heap of different arrangements you can choose from that’s frustrating as well as appears extremely undistinct I talked concerning this detailed in a previous video which king t’chaka

show up and also discussed just how Apple has actually lost its method due to the fact that they’re doing the same point they did when Steve was gone from Apple they created also lots of various products perplexed clients and began to fall short as a company what Steve came back he lowered the line of product took threats as well as flourished you see when Steve was around things were a lot much easier and also we have the iPod you just selected between a black or a white one and also then you picked your storage space option X Y or Z it was straightforward right we can not underestimate how fickle the ordinary customer is they enter into a shop they simply require a replacement and also if they really feel overwhelmed you understand what they’re gon na do they’re just gon na follow what the salesman supplies to them or they rest currently I actually have to state this anybody who claims Apple isn’t still effective now is totally unconcerned to just how much money they carry hand and also just how much revenue they make every solitary year

they’re not passing away and they won’t pass away anytime quickly they are still hugely successful in creating outrageous amounts of revenue yet you can still be gross abundant but dead within and also it looks like Apple has lost its spirit and they’re just trying to milk old designs as high as they can since they can not seem to introduce on their very own any longer however possibly this year will certainly be various for Apple depending on what they have actually prepared which in such a way is it in exactly private due to the fact that a great deal has dripped out but you can prevent having your private details leaked out everywhere by utilizing a digital personal network by this video clip sponsor Nord VPN Nord VPN aids you create a digital private network which is a point that adds protection and also personal privacy to your net link to avoid cyberpunks as well as other individuals from surveilling your web use this is super handy if you get on a public or open Wi-Fi network and also you check your banking info or acquire something online due to the fact that

it develops an encrypted tunnel for your net link on top of that if you’re taking a trip and you’re unable to gain access to area block material you can simply transform your place to resemble it’s someplace else simply by connecting to one of the five thousand four hundred plus Nord VPN servers in 61 different countries that suggests that your web speed is still good and also rapid whether you get on a Windows Mac Android iOS L as well as Linux in our day as well as age you absolutely need a VPN I use Nord VPN regularly and it is the simplest VPN I’ve used it’s just one click to connect you can start utilizing it today for as little as $2.99 a month by clicking the web link in the description or mosting likely to Nord VPN comm lower tech today thank you so much Nord VPN for sustaining this community and also thank every one of you who aided support me by sustaining our enrollers it truthfully aids me make these videos for you thank you it’s clear that capitalists are generally worried concerning Apple and also the instructions they’re heading I have actually covered extensively exactly how important it is for Apple to relocate in the direction of software program and services in order to continue

expanding as a firm as well as it appears like they might introduce their very own streaming service in addition to their own new solution the concern will certainly be whether this will be effective sufficient just how much did they will open up their services to others beyond the Apple ecological community and if people even care and also while software application and solutions is the route to opt for investors customers may be a little bit bored by what they’re seeing coming from Apple on the equipment side Apple remains in an actually unpleasant in-between point where they have to truly press right into software application and also services while maintaining their hardware as well as equipment is still the point that many consumers believe of when they think of Apple it makes sense Apple emphasis so much on the top quality of their equipment which truthfully benefited the whole tech industry yet that emphasis seems to have been lost in many means their hardware seems dated and the exact same without an outside or exec rejuvenate or

upgrade individuals are just not inclined to update or purchase the brand-new items as well as when they have done an aesthetic refresh there have actually been considerable compromises or concerns with those layouts whether it’s a toughness of an item or just how well it can run at a correct temperature level as much as I desire as well as need an iMac Pro for making the video clips I make below for you I can’t aid however have that terrible feeling that I ought to hold back our true redesign of the iMac kind to something that doesn’t look so outdated as well as has a much more polished and smooth style without any thermal or longevity problems or await the Mac Pro don’t draw air power on that particular Timmy so what do you believe does it really feel like Apple has simply rehashed the exact same designs with various digestive tracts over and also over once again does it really feel lazy or uninteresting to

you do you still intend to purchase any of their items or anything that they just announced do you care in any way about Apple streaming solutions allow me know in the remarks and right into this is text a neighborhood dissonance chat server that’s it ensure to take a look at my last video clip where I discussed new video that dripped out for the Samsung Galaxy fold this video clip originated from a source that had not been from Samsung as well as consequently doesn’t have all the fancy illumination and also convenient angles to conceal the crazy fold check out my ideas on it make certain you share subscribe hit that Bell icon if you haven’t currently thank you for watching this is technology day you simply watch this is technology today up until next time oh and hi there have a terrific day

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