Hey pal, Brandon here. So perhaps you or a pal or family members participant has obtained their hands on a galaxy note, 10 or 10 plus. And also you’re looking for out some innovative pointers and also techniques for the tool. Perhaps you’ve experienced three different video clips and also you actually haven’t learned anything brand-new or intriguing. Well, ideally this video will alter that for you below. 25 tips and also techniques concealed in innovative features for apple iphone switchers and also beginner users. And also naturally, if there’s anything that I really did not cover in this video clip that you think that would certainly be valuable for others, go on and also leave a remark down below and also assist the area. Allow’s wield the power of. 10 since this is tech today. Portion of this video clip is sponsored by privacy. com. Our free service to aid shield you from charge card fraud. When shopping online, figure out more information by clicking the link in the summary or most likely to is tech today. $5 complimentary on your following

acquisition using personal privacy. com. If you subscribe with that web link, if you have not already please share, subscribe, hit that bell icon to be notified. When I upload a new video, there’s even more videos commit for the note 10 and also various other tech devices. As well as if you haven’t bought the note 10 yet, or you’re planning and buying some devices from Samsung, there’s a link down below in the summary. Promo code to obtain 10% off your purchase from Samsung. Hopefully that’ll conserve you some money. Okay. Tip leading might be a bit frightening for several of you. It depends upon if you’re really advanced on the Android or otherwise, but I promise it will certainly be all right. This set is actually my favored and also I do on every solitary gadget I ever before get. So if you swipe down from the top of one finger and you struck the gear icon up right here and also you enter animations, you can do decrease computer animation. So this is one option of. Just click that and it needs to make animations go a little bit faster, but I’ve discovered that it’s not fairly as great as my preferred methods. So I’m going to

transform this off and also we’ll go back. Currently, if you scroll all the means down to all-time low and you click on regarding phone and afterwards click software info and also go to build number and just tap on it. Till it states that you need to put in your pin, this pin number is the one that you established when you established your gadget. It’s not my personal point of view. It’s nothing from Samsung. It’s the one that you selected. I simply put it in my pencil. Let’s return one. And after that again. If we scroll all the means to all-time low, you’ll see developer alternatives, click that and afterwards scroll right down until you see the alternative. Okay. And exhaust range. So you’ll see 3 options here as well as we’re mosting likely to change it. We’re going to change windows computer animation range 2.5, shift to 0.5 and computer animation scale or duration to 0.5. And afterwards you’ll notice that this is method snappier now to contrast it. Allow’s return to the normal speed. See exactly how it’s a little bit slower, maybe smoother, however I such as the stylish field. So we’ll go back to 0.5. Far better. It truly makes your phone

really feel actually fast. Pointer second is actually 2 pointers that have to do with your two fingers. So if he swiped down with both fingers, it’ll reduce the notice color right to your fast setups. Typically you would have to do it two times to obtain there. As well as the 2nd part of this tip still pertains to the notification shade. So usually if you swipe down. You get the app display due to the fact that this phone is so large and tall as well as you typically need to rise to pull down on the notification color. It can be a bit odd to do that. Like maybe you intend to utilize it with one hand. There’s a way to take down on the notification shade simply by swiping down on the residence display rather. So if we hold down on the residence display, I can go to home screen setups. There’s this choice right below. It says, swipe down for notification panel. Allow’s examine that and after that cook home. Now, when you swipe below the house display, it’ll take you right to your notice. Jade. I assume he also swiped

on two times to get to your quick settings? Idea number 3, allow’s swipe to the alert shade and struck that gear icon for say. And after that we’ll go to display. Since we have this really cinema, it’s kind of crazy to have actually huge messages, at the very least in my point of view. So I choose to change the font size. You can go to font, dimension and style and afterwards make it smaller sized as well as it can fit a whole lot a lot more on your display. Or if it’s a little harder for you to review, you can transform it. But we’ll relocate down. Yeah. It’s a bit as well huge. As well as if you happen to have the note 10 plus, as well as sadly this is not readily available on the normal note, you can most likely to screen resolution and transform it fully resolution. Normally it defaults to 10 ADP. So click on it and also then hit use as well as you’ll use. It’s a full display resolution tip. Number four is truly good if perhaps this a brilliant display or interface is a bit much for you. It’s called evening mode or dark setting. So if you go to the display screen area, there’s evening setting

right below. If you check it, it’s a little darker. As well as I assume it looks actually sharp. It’s a little bit simpler on the eyes, at the very least for me, as well as a great deal of other individuals. And due to the fact that it’s an amyloid screen, having a darker user interface or black pixels on your screen will certainly save battery life. All. Number 5 is actually valuable when I’m stocking bed as well as you most likely should not. Utilize your phone way too much in bed, but if you just occurred to, to do that, like, um, I happened to you and you intend to inspect something out in landscape mode, you can turn your phone, 90 degrees, and also this little symbol stood out up right here in the edge when it turns up. You can manually turn it. It’s a fast setup as well as toggle there and also it’ll hold it there. So you’re not like having it turn continuously when you’re setting. And afterwards also, if you rotate it back to portrait mode, the icon will certainly appear, you touch it as well as it’s back to regular. As well as number 6 is actually fantastic, particularly as a result of this big, gorgeous display it’s created for multitasking it’s split-screen. So we

have to do is hit the food selection switch near the bottom and afterwards tap on the application symbol itself. And also there’s a choice for open in split screen sight. It’ll pop it up to the. And after that you can choose your various other applications. He can swipe in between them. So claim we select the setups alternative. Currently you have 2 different applications that are open, which is truly valuable. This is my favored. If you maybe you’re seeing something and also you need to take some notes in a notes application, or maybe you require to copy something from an email right into a papers app, and afterwards you can adjust this. And if you intend to close it, you drag all of it the means down to the base. There you go. Now, number seven is actually cool as well as you might recognize with this sort of design. If you use Facebook carrier, there’s those little bubbles that stand out up. You can actually do that with your apps. If you most likely to your settings and you hit the gear icon and also just merely key in smart jump, it’ll bring up this alternative as a smart appear. You simply click on that and then click it. Okay. Within this food selection can select certain apps that can sort of show up

because little popup sight. Let me allow like the YouTube application. We’ll go into the YouTube app as well as then hit the menu or application review and then struck the little icon there. As well as you’ll see an alternative claims open and also pop up sight. Currently turn up right here is a little bit of a preview of the app, yet you can hit this little button right here. That’s closing in on the square as well as it will certainly make it right into this little bubble. And also you can relocate any place you desire. And after that whenever you intend to access it, you just simply click it and it opens it up. He can even change it’s transparency, which is an actually brand-new. Enlarge it, if you intend to, or simply strike the X tick, shut it. Also, if you’re wondering why my note 10 looks various, I have this really sweet concrete skin from our network sponsor D brand name. It really assists my phone from looking all fingerprinting and also there’s a lot of various alternatives there. So if you want to look into Derenne, there’s a web link down below in the summary. All right. Tip

number eight is really wonderful. If you have youngsters or they just intend to make a phone call as well as you do not really want them to go via your phone, most likely to the setups, click the search option and hit pin. And afterwards you’ll see this pin window is. It’s right near the bottom. Enable it and then struck this little food selection icon at the bottom. As well as after that if you hit the icon of the application that you have, there’s an option to pin this app. If you pin it currently, you can’t leave it. So this is actually wonderful. If you just want your youngster to play a game, to leave it, you do have to hit the menu and back arrowhead at the same time. And after that it’ll ask you to visit again, which is really great for protection. Now idea number nine is really great and also it might hemorrhage in a bit to the following suggestion, yet I’ll clarify that in a minute. Claim you have an app open and you want to switch to the last application that you’re in. If you simply just hit the menu symbol twice, you’ll go to the left. So this is a little a quick application switcher.

I’m just dual touching it. And also it’s mosting likely to the last one, the previous one. Currently remember this because it’ll can be found in handy for this next pointer. Currently go back to the settings and click on the search as well as enter navigation. As well as there’s a navigation bar or type alternative. So depending on your preference or possibly you have actually made use of an additional Android phone, you can actually transform the order of these switches near the bottom. Samsung phones have actually on flip compared to equip Android, or like you ‘d find on a pixel phone. So you can select that choice below. There’s likewise this option called motions. So if we click on that, You’ll notice that all-time low looks different. Currently there’s three various lines right here and they act type of like those 3 buttons that you have normally, and it will follow the various switch order that you have picked. So I have mine set up sort of like a pixel phone. Currently rather of just merely tapping on them, you just swipe up or if you swipe up from the best side, I’ll go to your app summary. And also currently if you remember our last pointer, we just swipe up 2 times from the food selection summary, which I have

currently on the best side. If you do that, Yes, which the last app, however this may really feel a little cumbersome. One various other motion that you can utilize is simply swiping right from the center of. As well as it’ll most likely to your last app. I think this set’s a bit much more instinctive and naturally, to go back, you just swipe up on the left one. If you’ve chosen that for the back button, number 11 is really useful, specifically because this phone is actually large. You just type in gesture and also then you’ll see this choice right here. It’s the 2nd one for one handed setting. And after that you simply turn it on considering that we have motions on now, there’s just one choice for us, however if you don’t have motions on, you can select the button choice, however essentially if you swipe up from the. It will make the screen smaller sized so you can kind of reach every little thing. It’s a little bit wonderful in this way. If you need to change side, you can do that. It’s like your entire. On this tiny little screen. And also after that up leading, if you tap there, I’ll go back to full display. Number 12 is an actually great if perhaps you’re an influencer or you have multiple social media sites accounts. For some factor, if you go to the setups and also key in double, you’ll see a double messenger option there, click it near the bottom. And also depending on what applications you have actually set up on your phone, you can have

the choice to have two instances or variations of Facebook or Snapchat. And afterwards every one will imitate they’re independently. This is likewise really fantastic for services that occur to handle social media. All right. Suggestion number 13. If you enter into the cam app, hi, and you go to Instagram, you can take a photo. And I go right into your Instagram tales to post there. So you can simply modify it there and also then just release to your tale, by the means, if you’re not following me on Instagram, I publish a great deal of things there. So go follow me at this is tech today. Now you may have seen that there’s only 3 switches on your note, 10, there’s a quantity rocker and also this one various other switch here, it’s kind of the on-off button, however you can control specifically what occurs with it. If you go to your setups and type inside secret, we’ll see that option. Faucet on it and can choose to have it open up big rate. If you do favor that as the assistant or he can select the power off food selection, additionally, you can alter the double click from the electronic camera to a specific app. If you favor that, I such as just maintaining the quick launch camera as well as after that power off menu. To ensure that method you can simply hold back and also shut off

your phone. You can likewise transform off your phone with this button up here. Pointer number 15. One of the advantages of the note. Here’s the S pen. Currently, if you go to setups and also enter S pen, there’s this option, it states S pen unlock, and also then you can allow unlock with the S pen remote punch in the pin that you selected when you activate your tool. And after that when you take your S pen as well as struck the button on it, it’ll unlock your phone. So you do not have any pin code or your fingerprint. Just maintain that in mind. There’s a bit of a safety loss doing that, but there’s a great deal of benefit. Suggestion number 16 is the S pen app shortcut. Whenever you pull out the phone, I would certainly list of apps or alternatives come up. If you scroll right down to all-time low there’s apps faster ways. Perhaps I want to use that for Instagram. Now, whenever I secure my S pen. You’ll see, Instagram is among the choices. There it is. Pointer number 17 is truly excellent because of Samsung notes. So let’s open up Samsung keeps in mind to obtain our S pen started. Now, since I have actually composed this down, you can actually most likely to this location right here with the T. Faucet on that particular. And also then it’ll convert your composing right

into messages so you can copy it and afterwards paste it elsewhere or simply transform it. Tip number 18, still makes use of the S pen it’s for air actions to head to your settings type in air actions. Make certain it’s made it possible for and also you can alter. What takes place if you hold down the button so it can open the camera. That’s what I have picked, however you can transform it to other apps, but let’s quiet as well as open up the electronic camera. Currently, if I hold the button and wave up, it changes to the. And afterwards vice-versa back to the back video camera. Currently, if I want you to change the setting that I’m in for the video camera, you hold down the button as well as swipe left or swipe, right. You can keep doing that. It’ll transform between the various settings. As well as if you quiet right into a circle left or right, you can identify how much it zooms in or out Sophia. Zooms out more and after that vice versa. Now I can zoom in currently. That’s actually great if you just wish to obtain actually specific with the focus or out, but if you intend to just do that quickly, you simply hold back the switch. As well as as opposed to doing a full circle, like I was doing before you hang on the switch and also simply quit, see exactly how it’s doing that. The opposite

direction. Before I was doing a circle, however you can just hold down the switch as well as do like a half circle as well as hold it rather pleasant. And afterwards obviously, if you intend to take a photo, let’s do it by doing this. You just click. Now, this other one is truly excellent. If you occur to like gifs or jifs, relying on what you favor. I choose GIF. Let me know which one you prefer, however if you intend to record a present, simply take out your S pen and afterwards select the one that states clever. There’s a gift choice over below and you just drag your screen and also where you want it and afterwards struck record. And after that now I have my own present. You can just download it. You can add annotations to it if you want. Incredible. I love it. And also currently it’s conserved to your gallery so you can share it. Pointer number 20 is screenshots. If you simply click down on the volume button and the power button at the same time all at once, you’ll take a screenshot. As well as then right below, you can adjust the crop. If you have your pin out, you can annotate it. And afterwards conserve it and share it with somebody else. Truly fantastic. Currently, number 21 is look. If you happen to be in as well as satisfied, you obtain your S pen, just click

glimpse. And also now it’s sort of at the bottom right here, as well as you can hover your S pen over it and also sort of pop right into the application, which is actually cool. It’s a little bit like an image in picture and also split-screen, if you simply need to look at something genuine fast and then you can drag it all the way up. To close it. Idea number 22. Possibly there’s a lots of apps that you carry the phone that you just do not utilize. And also it’s just kind of jumbling things up. If you hold down on the house display and go down to home display settings in all-time low, right. Go all the means down to the barn. And there’s a high to applications option. Currently you can just select which ones you don’t desire to see anymore. So maybe I do not such as making use of Samsung net. So I’m simply going to click that as well as apply. As well as then currently when I most likely to the apps, I do not see it there. It really assists tidy points up a little bit. And also if you desire to add those back, you just return as well as simply uncheck it. Tip number 22 is an

actually fantastic safety and security feature. If you go to your setups and key in SOS, You can send an SOS message if you remain in trouble. So allow’s allow that. It mentions pushing the site crucial twice. I set that open the electronic camera, pushing the subconscious 3 times considering that SOS messages, make certain that you only push the psyche twice when you want to utilize an electronic camera. Be very careful about that. You have to accept it, and afterwards you have to choose an individual that you wish to send a message to. This is based upon your get in touches with. So I have actually added among my good friends, however can include numerous friends. And after that what will take place is I’ll take pictures using the front and back electronic camera and connect a five-second sound recording, and afterwards send a message to them. Actually, actually valuable suggestion number 23. Mentioning protection, if you most likely to settings and also type in lockdown mode, when again, you need to kind in the pin that you developed when you activated the phone. And after that the lockdown alternative is at all-time low. Currently, when you hold back the par button, there’s a lockdown setting. If we click. There’s no biometric option. There’s no face unlock. There’s only the pin choice because the new 10 and 10 plus have an in screen fingerprint viewers. It can occasionally be a little bit particular. It’s brand-new innovation. One method you can boost it and also make it much faster to make use of is to include your finger print numerous times to head to the settings as well

as enter fingerprint. There’s a biometrics and also security choice. Click on that fingerprints right below. Getting in the pin that you created, and then you can add finger prints. This just gives it more data and enables you to unlock your phone a bit much easier. I directly like adding my fingerprint when it’s simply typical. And after that after I’ve left a shower, cause your fingerprint looks a bit different when it’s been a little wet idea number 25. Exactly how did I record whatever on my screen? So there is an integrated choice. If you most likely to your setups and also you swipe right, it’s under screen recorder, yet I find that it’s actually. So I use this application called AC screen recorder. It’s definitely free. You go in. I’m really using it today. And it gives you a bunch of choices right here. You can alter the resolution, the structure rate, the little bit price you can tape-record the audio. You can show the cam. If you wish to do that. Include text as well as logo design, things like that. It’s a truly, truly effective as well as actually aids you make these videos for you. It’s not funded by I obtain this inquiry every single time. I make an ideas as well as techniques video. Before I end the. I intend to give you $5 for

enjoying up until completion. Yes, I’m severe. And I’m doing it in collaboration with this video clip sponsor privacy. com as well as their cost-free solution that helps shield you against credit score card scams. As someone who has operated in the bank card, fraud avoidance division at the number one bank in America, purchasing things online, place your charge card number as well as personal information in danger, specifically with all those information breaches have become so usual. Now, protects you against fraud in numerous ways, you have the capacity to develop a brand-new virtual heater card for every purchase, which is wonderful for those one-time.You can develop a digital car to see to it those registration trials remain a trial due to the fact that you can set a limitation on exactly how much they can bill a digital card. You can also develop a specialized card for your reoccuring memberships and also turn any type of among your produced cards on and also off whenever you desire. The most effective part is that it’s

absolutely complimentary. They earn money from the people. You purchase points from not you and also know they won’t offer your data, secure your identification and your bank card details. Subscribe [email protected] com lower. This is texting. $5. If you register via that link, seriously, it is a no brainer join. Currently, do you have any type of various other pointers that you think are valuable that I didn’t cover? Proceed as well as leave a remark down below as well as ensure you sign up with that this is texted a neighborhood disharmony chat server. We ‘d love to have you there. And also I would truly, actually appreciate it. If you shared this with others and also subscribed and also struck that bell symbol, there’s even more videos than note 10 and other technology items appearing soon. Thanks for viewing. This is technology today, where we speak about the intersection of modern technology and our everyday. As well as company as well as all things developed up until next time.

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