Preview Redmi Note 9 Pro Xiaomi’s Ultimate Budget Phone?

now so far 20/20 has been a pretty damn good year for budget-friendly smartphones but big Daniel abun Jamie is back to take on the real me sixes and the more topology it’s with its redmi note 9 pro to be hittin u-kiss doors this June from 249 quid I’m gonna be fully reviewing the redmi note 9 per but for now let’s get it on box and take a full-on tour of all the hardware and the software so you know exactly what to expect if you’re tempted to grab on yourself and from all the latest greatest tech please do plug Subscribe ending that notifications Bell Jess so you’ll be able to grab the redmi note line pour here in the UK in two different SKUs got the 64 gigabyte base model that’ll be available for 249 quid from Jun Li if this here though is the 128 gigabyte storage model that will be available from June the 19th 4 to 6 9 so on the end dinky little step up in price you’ll be able to grab it from Amazon straight away and then later from me calm as well and I just got a Sur notes this on the side of the box as well ready Norton I’m Pro with easy access to the Google Apps you use most I wonder if that’s a cheeky little dig at the while we in the honors first of all let’s just have a quick gander inside the box and see exactly what you gets there’s the actual red V naught 9 pro in all of its lovely glory and it looks like as usual

you get yes indeed a nifty little common case in order to keep your lovely Norton port protected from all the elements look at that’s a sexy tinted affair as well very snazzy bit of poor keep in action natch and then underneath the sort flappy bit just your type C USB cable and I’ve got to pin European adapter because it’s a European at review sample but right here in the UK you should get your three-pin plug and that was nice and easy so now let’s actually check out the phone itself and there’s just a few little spoilers there some of the awesome specs and features packed inside this budget handset and there you have it the delightfully shiny redmi note 9 pro now it’s actually constructed from Gorilla Glass 5 back as well as front so hopefully should prove nice and rugged won’t get scratched up even if you don’t slap on the old condom case it’s a reflective mirror like finish but it’s actually a distorted reflection as well as funky sort of surreal manner it’s almost like staring yourself in a mirror through a haze of smoke I kind of feel like I’m watching a Cheech and Chong film or something now here in the UK you’ll be able to grab the base 64 gigabyte model of the Roman online port in three different colors you’ve got glitter white the slightly more vibrant tropical green otherwise this slightly funky interstellar agree which is actually more of a silvery blue to my eyes however if you pick up this 128 gigabyte model for 20 quid more you only have a choice of one color so not

really a choice at all interstellar great it’s bit of a shame you don’t have those other options but as I see to find it rather fetching that’s quite a big square camera grill there on the back of the redmi note 9 pro as you can see then it does jut somewhat from the surface of the smartphone as well but the good news is those camera lenses have apparently also been covered in Gorilla Glass 5 to help keep them scratch proof and about the whole phone has been treated by p2i as well to make it more durable as well as splash resistant the rest of the phone it is pretty straightforward stuff as well you’ve got a bit type-c USB down below next to huzzah a headphone jack here on the right edge you’ve got a fingerprint sensor which is actually built into the power button symmetry is around the other edge and up top it looks like you even get an IR blaster now let’s see your foot yes we’ve got some power in there already so let’s have a good old tour of the rest of the hall in the software set of screens already getting a little bit greasy hopefully the the back end won’t get too scuffed up although it’s trying to get a little bit marked right there yet so that’s mine my sweaty palms and so there we are the redmi note 9 port is all set up and we are into me UI 11 Jeremy’s launch which sits nicely on top of Android 10 know me why is effing one of those Android launches that has its quirks shall we see a little things like ads popping up when you’re trying to install an app stuff like that but it’s become an increasingly less intrusive you’ve got the likes of the the Google discover feed now and with me UI 12 it also introduces an apps tree as well which ever watch the dawn get right here now in me UI 11 and

apparently the redmi note 2 9 probably get me UI cover on summertime weather we don’t have a precise kind of rollout schedule for it just yet if you dive one into the me UI settings menu one of the better aspects this launcher is the excellent customization that’s on offer you can tinker and tweak with all kinds of different stuff you can get rid of likes the Google discovering play around with gesture navigation get all kinds of different themes that you can install including of course the obligatory freakishly cute cat one the settings menu is a little bit messy little bit clunky in places or some of those settings are buried away like the likes the one handed mode for instance some of the storage stuff if you jump on into the special features section you’ve got the game turbo on there which offers all kinds of great game and features are a bit of performance boost options stuff like that and the redmi note I’m Pro also sports a good bit gilben if I support and you’ve got NFC few contactless payments – I’ve just got to tidy things up a little bit because things do look rather messy in the current form as you can see just icons everywhere gonna try and tidy it up with some folder action situation there’s definitely helps by the fact you get a lot of pre-installed apps on here including three separate browsers as well you’ve got opera you’ve got the me UI browser and then of course you’ve got a Google Chrome you have five random games thrown on there all of which look like a direct ripoffs of other stuff you can get on Google Play fortunately you are free to uninstall these sort no big deal and now that we’ve got the redmi 9 Pro all set up you can see that six point six seven inch IPS beast of a display

in all of its glory the not line product feels like quite a wide handset when you’re clutching it I guess I was because I’ve been playing with a lot of phones recently such as the TCL 10 Pro that likes the Motorola edge where the screen actually curves around the sides of the smartphone as you do of course have those thick bezels left and right here on the Norton line prop the actual display itself it looks like a bit of a winner so full HD resolution panels of 2400 by 1080 so as you can see they’re nice crisp images when you’re watching back a movie or a TV show you’ve got pleasingly punchy colors are there as well and you can actually mess around with the color output and the display settings if you saw wish anywhere but yet definitely for a budget blow it looks like lb spawn if you bit a media action they call something a dinky little pinhole camera up here sadly is centrally position a prefer when it’s kind of wedged off in a corner because it’s less intrusive less obvious then you know what that looks like pretty impressive stuff sadly you don’t get built-in stereo speakers here on the redmi nor line port unlike some rivals are on this price point like the Moto G is the opera 92020 just a single mono Buster down below however you do at least get that headphone jack so you can plug in and you’ve got full Bluetooth 5 support as well if you want to go wireless now it’s really good news on the performance front here on the redmi note 9 poor because you’ve got a

qualcomm snapdragon 7 20 g chipset run and the shore and that’s backed by six gigabytes of ddr4 ram so as you can see apps basically loads and a heartbeat no problem whatsoever everything’s f2 been silky smooth so far and of course that 720 g has been built with an emphasis on gaming and entertainment so for media stream and gaming like spudgy mobile and stuff should play absolutely fine pretty benchmark enthusiasts out there that’s the Geekbench 5 scores when i just run it definitely very good results indeed for a budget bla and fingers cross it should be more good news as for as the battery life is concerned as well because the rotary not line Pro spots a five thousand and twenty milliamp cell so hopefully that should be big enough to keep you going all day long you’ve got a bit of battery saver mode of course and you can actually see what is something the power as well if you are finding that your drain and a little bit too fast and it’s 30 watt fast charger that’s all pretty damn good for this price point as much before you’ve got choices 64 128 gigs of storage so plenty of space for your media and apps and such forth but if you do need to expand does take micro SD memory cards as well and the good news is that memory card slot is separate from your dual SIM slots – lovely stuff so now on to the camera tech and here on the back of the redmi note line pro you’ve got a quad lens setup you’ve got a 64 megapixel primary lens using some songs gm2 sensor backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 5 megapixel macro lens and a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor today for a test about the camera tech we very kindly got Elsa modeling for us thank you very much Elsa and for what she seems to have already had a few so I’ve had to prop her up against the pot plant and basically if you’ve used a zombie smartphone

before you’ll be a writer’s form here it is a quite a feature packed affair shall we see lots of different toggles and things I’d like to play around with you’ve got the usual AI mode which basically is a form of scene recognition again it can boost colors if you shoulda nice bit of greenery things like that go HDR up top as well we’ll slap that on auto to help deal with those high-contrast scenes of course you’ve got all of the obligatory filters and beauty gubbins as well if you want to play around with that i’ll just gonna leave that knocked off i think you change up the view point at any time with a quick tap these little icons down here stop switches to the ultra wide-angle lens otherwise if you tap here at swaps you to a two times digital zoom of course there’s no telephoto lens here on the red meat Norton I’m Pro that might be an ask too much you’ve got the usual variety of bonus modes to play around with is whirling from the likes of a portrait mode to get a nice buck hair style effect it was have a dedicated night mode for those low-light shots got panorama mode good old pro lord as well if you want full manual controls to mess about with and when it comes to the video you can shoot at a variety of resolutions as at 1080p 30 frames per second by default become is the swap plan up to 1080 at 60 FPS or maximum 4k at 30fps you can also shoot video using that which wide-angle lens as well be all have to drop at a full HD for that it doesn’t support 4k of course and if you think that’s it

well no we’re not done yet because you also a tap up here in access even more bonus moderating could in the obligatory macro mode of course using that macro lens you got usual google lens bit of documents scan in action all the usual shenanigans and then finally if we swap around so that front-facing camera is a 16 megapixel selfie shooter and you’ve got support for like support rate more and everything as usual right there yeah like good old AI mode again a gap of HDR action and it looks like of course the obligatory beauty mode stuff has translated over to the selfie cam as well boost my eye size all the way up to animate crazy levels and there I am fully beautified what a stunner and there you have it that in a nutshell is the redmi note 9 process as i say gone on sale later in june from 249 quit here in the UK of this model there is two six nine with that extra storage but definitely so far very impressive the specs and features on board for that price point so let me know what you think down in the comments below stay tuned for my in-depth review and have yourselves a lovely week people cheers EV on

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