Google May Be Putting an End to Android With This New OS. Could We See it On The Pixel 5?

hi good friend Brandon right here you understand Android is the most successful mobile phone os ever period despite appala having tremendous success with a particular line of phones there are dramatically more Android phones available than iphone gadgets right currently Android has a market share of over 86% as well as it’s still growing it’s sort of astounding when you understand it and also it resembles Google might be trying to change it we’ll see so what is it as well as most importantly what might another running system from Google bring that would certainly even make feeling to replace Android and also why are they also attempting to make another allow’s discuss it because this is technology today this video clip sponsored in component by Squarespace and also they’re all in one system to make stunning and powerful internet sites go to Squarespace com/ – this is tech today to obtain 10% off your very first web website or domain please share subscribe hit that bell I type of be alerted of when I publish brand-new video I ‘d really value it recently a fascinating if not extremely confusingly came out from Google in the kind of FCC trademark for a brand-new computer system operating system what makes this specifically unusual

is its name as well as why they would also trademark it as if Android and fuchsia had not been one-of-a-kind sufficient this one is called a pigweed indeed pigweed so relying on which state you stay in you might have different images coming to mind yet it’s really a leafy plant that looks like this currently you might have believed a moment ago wait a min we’re speaking about pigweed yet you likewise discussed ficha what on the planet is fuchsia which is in fact a terrific concern due to the fact that it is undoubtedly pertaining to this pigweed leek ficha is a new open-source operating system that Google has been establishing for some time you can really load it onto some gadgets like the pixel book and also see several of the standard user interface styles and whatnot much of the development in the use instances have actually mainly been connected to various other kinds of devices apart from smart devices like smart residence devices and various other Web of Points devices Hiroshi Locke himer the elderly vice president of Android chrome Chrome OS as well as the Placer spoke about fuchsia at last year’s Google i/o 2019 and also he

specified that fuchsia was not being made to replace Android and Chrome OS however is intended to be and also I price quote kind of an area where we can experiment with brand-new concepts he took place to stay in the globe of Web of Points there are increasing varieties of devices that require running systems as well as brand-new runtimes and so on I think there’s a great deal of room for multiple operating systems with various toughness and field of expertises ficha is among those things and so remain tuned this all makes feeling and would certainly discuss why fuchsia code has actually typically turned up in smart house devices like the nest home now it may be true that the primary focus gets on other devices past phones and that allows it to have durable attributes as well as support for the use situations in inner things gadgets wearables and accessories but that additionally doesn’t imply that this location to attempt brand-new points can not at some point become something even larger with time obviously a lot has been discovered from creating and also creating Android and a fuchsia UI user interface was made to operate a clever phone and laptop kind aspect so they’re plainly planning to have the alternative to broaden ought to it make good sense however some sources have actually asserted that holds true they just in

experiment with some notable objectives to desire especially to begin being utilized in tools this year next a lot of remarkably has been viewed as a senior designer interest job that around 100 engineers were servicing a minimum of in 2018 if it actually becomes something noteworthy internally as well as in examination gadgets it could broaden and also possibly replace Android yet it does not feel like it’s the best result expected from it you can learn more regarding ficha on their developer website at fuchsia eV and also maintain up to day on all the fantastic work and also research study by Kyle Bradshaw at 9:00 to 5:00 Google he has a fantastic series there called fuchsia Friday’s so what does all that concern large weed well the only various other areas appearing apart from in this trademark declaring remains in fuchsia back in November interestingly enough this code was transformed from pigweed back to fuchsia it resembles they obtained the names blended or something it need to be noted that this does not provide compelling

evidence that fuchsia and pigweed coincide and even straight associated however that the certain designer knows both them as well as may be dealing with both of them also the other spot where pigweed appears is in the chromium code repository specifically in the monorail bug tracker that the developers make use of well of creating the OS beyond that there’s not much for us to actually understand what pigweed is what it has to do with its objective and also why also has a name like that yet that leads us to a more crucial inquiry what would certainly the excellent Google os be what would certainly change Android and also perhaps even laptop computers as well as tablet computers exactly how can a brand-new operating system enhance what we already have today in many means mobile operating systems are very fully grown they have actually gone through model after iteration to fine-tune things and include brand-new functions yet we can not be naive sufficient to think that there isn’t space for enhancement so what might be boosted in a brand-new operating system well they would most definitely deal with

fragmentation well Google has functioned so tough to combat against people having dated variations of Android or otherwise having the newest features that they desire us to use by making a lot of brand-new things updatable via the Google Play Shop there’s still the truth that phone producers are not the most effective at keeping their tools approximately day might Google design a brand-new operating system in a method that offers them total control over these updates might it additionally provide an opportunity to leverage the dominance on the carriers and also have the kind of control that you see with Apple and iOS the other possible benefit of a new operating system is a far better system and also assistance for tablet tools it’s obvious that Android tablets are not well as well as the iPad is plainly the dominant tablet computer to be sincere when I believe of tablets I just think about iPads

as well as do not also think about android-based tablet computers it’s just not on the same level of top quality in terms of applications in designer support well Android has made considerable progression around it’s still real that iOS runs much more effectively than Android if Google can create an OS allows it to be much less of a battery hog and also not need to have a lot of specs tossed at to run actually well it would certainly assist them out greatly part of that may be assistance for their very own operating system on a chip or cpu we know Google has been working on establishing their own silicon for some time the pixel aesthetic core being a part of that whether they’re even remotely in an area to accurately make their very own system on a chip like Apple is not publicly recognized so disclaimer this is just speculation as well as most likely among the greatest issues with Android is exactly how much litigation has actually resulted due to its beginnings Google pays Microsoft a $5 to $15 licensing cost per tool offered if that is still in

location that suggests Microsoft makes at the very least 2 billion bucks a year just off of Android that’s not a bad gig for Microsoft huh on top of that is a lawsuits with Oracle that started in 2010 and also seems to be taking place for life as things recover and also forth being rescind reverse and also now escalated to the US Supreme Court the disagreement mores than copyright issues concerning the code found in Android OS and its use of Java’s API developing a new OS from square one without all these issues residual code workarounds and also whatnot which undoubtedly provide a substantial amount of alleviation for google as well as provide a better array of liberty to watch what they wish to do so currently the concern is can we see this on the Google pixel 5 because we’ve only listened to of pigweed for the very first time right about now and we don’t actually understand without a doubt what its purpose is entirely it’s hard to understand if we’ll see also a fragment of it in the Google pixel 5 if fuchsia is made use of mainly for the Web of Points devices and also devices even more than phones and also tablet computers perhaps pigweed completes the spaces for that point is for

sure if Google is smart they’ll make certain that all these operating systems play nice with each various other you know what else is really wonderful having a beautiful very easy to make conserved and use internet site by this video sponsor Squarespace right currently I’m working with releasing a podcast with a close friend as well as we’re going to develop our internet site with Squarespace Squarespace makes it super very easy to do that with her fantastic looking sites that are crazy easy to customize and they have 24/7 client support that can help you with any kind of kind of concerns you have as well as they additionally have all these wonderful devices to aid see to it your internet site is effective you have powerful analytics tools email listing search engine optimization devices and also an ecommerce system too they also have the capability to develop secret personalized web pages that are password safeguarded so you can produce special material for services your job for followers competitions AR Gees and also even more I have

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as well as thanks to Squarespace for supporting this channel so I can continue to make content for you totally free so what do you think Google is finishing with pigweed and also also fuchsia what can they do that would make it better than Android what do you want out of the operating system that you’re wishing despite just how fully grown Android is leave a comment below delighting in that this is tech day community disharmony chat sermon we ‘d love to have you thanks for seeing this is technology today where we discuss the junction of innovation and our daily lives in organization as well as in all points created until next time

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