Don’t tell me the Google Pixel 4 XL Doesn’t Have an Ultra Wide Camera!

hey good friend Brandon below when we check out the landscape of smartphones now we see a little a trend the 1 plus 7 Pro + 1 + 70 ultra wide-angle the Samsung Galaxy S 10 + S 10 plus ultra wide-angle the note 10 and also note 10 plus the entire true wide-angle the Sony Xperia v as well as Xperia 1 ultra wide-angle the Apple apple iphone 11 pro ultra wide-angle and after that the Google pixel 4 as well as for excel no ultra wide-angle awkward in a mobile phone climate that has ultra wide-angle electronic cameras all over Google appears to have actually chosen out of having one in their newest mobile phone rather choosing our regular angle lens in a telephoto lens for somebody like me I personally prefer an ultra wide-angle lens over a telephoto lens which I’ll discuss later on in the video clip as well as I additionally liked the photos that the Google pixel creates over all these various other phones also if you were to sideload that Google G KML so I had to locate a solution for that and also a fix for that I require I did discover just joking this is not

this is actually not what I’m going to utilize I’m not using this certain lens I’m using this set rather still a little bit of a chunky young boy I also have this gear and also this as well as certainly they have different advantages and disadvantages as well as use instances which I’ll discuss so just how concerning we go on a little a venture to an additional land outside of the workshop and check it out yet where we’re going on a journey I’m preparing the journey oh wow where are we going to Paris to New York City to Japan right back to Los Angeles in an issue of secs just how is that feasible story box the solution is story books as well as they’re sponsoring this portion in the video however yet not not this part an additional video clip simply just this part sir blocks has a large library of over 1 million properties and also growing of premium video similar to

this they likewise have After Impacts templates music to shake out to you images and sound results on top of that you can download and install as several properties as you want due to the fact that they have an endless all-access strategy and also can utilize them royalty-free for whatever you desire Starbucks additionally saves you a heap of since he normally need to pay per product on various other services so you can save a ton of cash as well as go fly in a rocket rather I I in fact do not understand if you can save adequate cash to fly in a rocket perhaps maybe not I suggest possibly you’re investing a crazy quantity on another thing that’s that’s 3 dollars go look into story blocks by mosting likely to story blocks comm slash this is tech today or click the web link in the description many thanks to tale box for sponsoring this portion of the video so I can make content for you free of charge now for our first legendary place all right so um welcome to my bathroom just kidding we require to return to the studio first prior to we return below so on BRB so I have 2 different rigs that I’m using beyond the stock electronic cameras there’s a timeless as well as compact moment situation which has these add-on lenses that you simply screw on it’s extremely simple and also the situations have a

truly excellent feel to it I such as the black canvas one the most I have the wide-angle lens here and also in old superfish lens they have a brand-new one out for modern smart devices that doesn’t have this vignette inor darkness along the edges as well as it’s a little bit sharper to the sides as well I’ve used moment lenses in instances for many years and also utilize them for every phone I use as my major tool I remain in a couple of video clips on their different lenses which you can examine out with the card up below at the card at the end or in the summary then I have the B manuscript which is honestly what you would certainly make use of if you’re trying to make some severe videos as a whole cage that you can mount stuff on to you as well as it additionally has this depth of area adapter that enables me to place Canon EF and also lenses on like real lenses for your video camera your DSLR I have this incredibly large angle lens that I got for really affordable to reveal you exactly how you can make your image really wide by including a regular camera lens however your photo quality is greatly figured out by how good of a lens you’re using similar to this one that I’m making use of for my normal video clips this though that I’m using for this video for the wide-angle lenses

I’m not as high quality so simply keep that in mind currently the evident pros for the minute gear is exactly how tiny easy and also cost-effective is fairly you simply have an instance to ensure that you make use of daily and you just get some add-on lenses that you have as well as it just screws on as well as it works fantastic the disadvantage is you have a minimal quantity of lenses that you can use it’s either the ones that minute makes or others that make lenses making use of the very same installing system their lenses are actually fantastic in top quality and also are rather durable however at a little under $100 each it can be expensive for some bear in mind it makes a whole lot of sense to invest a most likely to on truly high-grade glass and also these points are very long lasting and clean now for the Beast hold it’s fantastic since you can personalize it to your heart’s material they have their own lenses that you can screw on also yet the biggest game-changer is the deepness of area after that a great deal of you put on a variety of luxury lenses some of

those lenses you might really use to make a film on the flexibility is amazing but the dimension and the principle tweaking of the different currently to make it all line up is a little bit of a problem if you’re seeking to simply take pictures or video without having to mess around with things the base script really isn’t a wonderful option it’s fairly a bit a lot more expensive if you’re making a major video with your phone this is an actually clever selection of training course I have a feel that links down in the summary if you wish to examine them out so it may be weird for me to say this specifically on a video about just how I’m repairing that Google grabs for is a lack of ultra wide lens however I’m somewhat alright with not having an ultra vast camera on my phone you see all these added lenses constructed into phones are not the very same level of quality as the landmass’s this makes the ultra wide-angle shots a bit reduced res or soft as well as often with much less vibrant range than the major lens edding an outside lens enables you to utilize that main lens that is of a better while adding better lenses on top of it remember the weakest part of the chain will impact every little thing else and a poor sensing unit or lens that’s constructed into your phone that could be the weakest factor

now offered a selection between an extra lens I would certainly like an ultra wide-angle over a telephoto lens well there are most definitely some clear advantages to having a telephoto lens particularly if you delight in taking photos of design or are attempting to obtain a specific portrait shot look or else a lot of the time you can simply stroll closer to the subject you can generally do that yet with little spaces like an elevator or my shower room which is quite small you can only backup a lot anybody who has actually ever attempted to take a property image or get a shot of you and all your close friends in an elevator or at a table at a tiny dining establishment well understand why a vast angle is a game-changer I discovered that I have actually directly had a tendency to need an ultra wide-angle lens greater than a telephoto lens however naturally I rather have both for the ease also if the high quality of these added lenses aren’t as good however if you desire the included focal sizes at the finest well after that we need to go to a new area to inspect it out okay so we’re outside right currently in this actually good garden

location however we’re mosting likely to do is have a look at the moment lenses on all the various phones first and after that the beast grasp ok so first we’re going to consider the pixel for succeed with the moment situation and lenses we’ll take a picture first without any kind of lenses on there in addition to video clip and also after that we’ll include on the lenses so we’ll take an image with the pixel for excel I’ll opt for video clip so we’re still on the regular lens and also we’re going to include on the 18 millimeter this is the wide-angle lens a lot bigger distinction right here and also after that it will take a video keeping that so if you didn’t observe when you go right into video it’ll crop in a bit greater than on the images as well as let’s try it with the superfish and also this can be really practical on video so it’s practically as if you don’t have that plant there as a result of the superfish here is the moment the wide-angle on the pixel for stand out now allow’s unscrew this and placed on a superfish just to see what it looks like that is a massive distinction you can

see a little of curvature there yet it’s okay all right let’s exchange it out for the note 10 so it’s interesting concerning the note 10 plus is it does have a large angle so we’ll consider that also and also type of contrast it with the lenses this is a supply camera so let’s take a photo normal will certainly most likely to ultra broad F and also most likely to video clip currently this is the typical angle one as well as after that because we do have a wide angle of setting we’ll simply pop out and that’s what that appears like so on the note n the regular angle lens is the center one so I’ll put the moment wide angle on as well as since we’re attempting to determine just how this affects the major lens we’re not going to switch over between the regular and also the wide angle lens once we start adding these extra lenses so here’s the picture with the broad angle most likely to video clip there’s a little video examination with the minute wide angle lens on video clip on the note 10 and then because we’re recording a video we’re gon na loosen this and also put the ultra light on for the superfish rather and also see what that appears like that’s quite dang wide currently if I were to take it off bear in mind where we’re kind of seeing we can see as much as such as here on the framework a bit of the tree maybe over the institution branch right here maintain that in

mind I’m gon na take it off the superfish and also go wide remarkably enough the superfish is even broader than the ultra wide on the note 10 and also after that this is what it appears like on image I’m extremely stylized alright let’s do the exact same thing with the iPhone 11 Pro so we’re in the stock electronic camera application also let’s go to you the super vast oh wow that is really wide currently the main lens is the leading one so screw on the wide angle of the minute lens below’s the video with the moment wide-angle lens on the apple iphone 11 Pro and we’ll unscrew this large angle as well as we’ll put on there’s superfish so this is what the incredibly fish appears like let’s see over right here we can see practically to the edge of this little planter over here so let’s take this off and also go ultra vast once more the super fish on the moment lines is much larger than the ultra wide on the actual phone I guess currently we got ta set the Beast grasp they can inform any factor that you ‘d desire to use something like a monster grasp with this insane rig right below is actually for video since it currently crops in a little you’ll still get a little bit of vignetting as well as some concerns on video with your pixel 4xl I’ll wager allow’s discover out how the rest to do so the reason that you intend to use the filmic Pro app on this is due to the fact that the picture winds up mirroring as well as the great feature of this

beast grip gear is that you can type of move it around so it centers right on the lens we sort of need to utilize these rails right here to relocate it around it’s appropriate over the facility of this so as you can see there are some plant lines right here if you were to chill out this little lock right here this is just how you can type of make certain that’s oriented properly see how I can revolve it you can see what krepp cuts off there so I revolve it so it’s ideal so it does not go all the means to the edges and afterwards I primarily focus this lines here as well as this is what it looks like so this particular lens we could not so vast it it does have a little of colorful aberration over right here so it’s super broad without having a great deal of that type of curvature that you get with a superfish currently allow’s try it with the note 10 this is what the note 10 looks like on the beast grip we’re shedding a little bit of light so we’ll proceed to the apple iphone 11 Pro so the apple iphone 11 Pro is actually nice with this since the intermediary for the B manuscript is best it makes it really simple to illuminate so this is what the video looks like on the iPhone 11 Pro with the beast hold adapter it looks quite great as well as I assume what do you believe go on as well as leave some remarks down below so it’s beginning to rain to make sure that’s not good I’m gon na evacuate I’m

gon na pack up genuine fast great so the rainfall is type of diminishing a bit and we’re gon na film some video clip with the photos of 4xl and also this B script rig [Music] now one point that you might discover regarding this is that I can such as run about a bit as well as wide-angle lenses do not look as wobbly due to the fact that of that primarily focusing is so hard currently bear in mind the lens I’m making use of for a wide-angle lens on the Monster grip isn’t the finest option available however it shows you that you could not utilize something such as this if you wished to all right I believe we obtained a lot of really excellent video what do you think concerning the video there do you assume this is a little bit excessive probably yet it’s still truly trendy so were your thoughts in the shots and the minute and be manuscript gears would certainly you ever wish to use them which one would you use and also why as well as likewise do you like a wide-angle lens or telephoto lens and also we have the pick between both let me know in the remarks and sign up with that this is technology add a neighborhood dissonance chat web server we ‘d love to have you thanks for watching this is Tex today where we discuss the junction of innovation in our day-to-day lives in business as well as in all points innovative up until next time

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