65″ of Insane 120hz LG C1 OLED Glory. The Best TV for the Xbox, PS5, and PC! | LG 65C1 OLED 4K TV

hello close friend brandon right here so i have actually had this actually really old sort of common tv it’s only 50 inches as well as i simply purchased this actually huge television stand and also it looked very tiny on top of it so i have actually won a new tv for a while and also i’ve had a great deal of different firms approach me asking if i would check out their television and also there was just one tv i was interested in the lg 65c1 and also the good news is lg reached out to me to sponsor a display of their 65c1 led tv and oh my benefits check out just how excellent it searches this tv stand i believe it uh fills it out fairly perfectly do not you think oh gosh divine cow that looks nuts so allow’s take a closer check out what the lg 65c one has to use yet if you wish to inspect it out right now there’s some links down below in the summary now the one point that is truly awesome is how thin the lg 65c1 is my old tv was as thick as a large book while the lg 65c1 is thinner than my iphone now you don’t need to place this on a stand you can install it to a wall surface where it

would certainly look impressive as well as tidy since of just how thin it is currently one of the benefits of the lg c165 is that it has an oled innovation where every single pixel is self lit when you compare it with various other sorts of screens like lcd some not almost some lcds have something called complete variety regional dimming where they have a whole number of different lights or leds behind an entire number of different zones which assists out a little bit with contrast proportion however it still ends up having a great deal of concerns with like halo impacts and it simply does not get that pure black with the c165 because every single pixel is self-lit every solitary pixel itself is a regional dimming zone what’s impressive is that i can just type of do that nearly right away and also that suggests that you don’t have any one of those issues with a halo impact or blurring or smearing due to the innovation that’s constructed right into this television that indicates that your blacks are genuinely black you have insane contrast proportions where it’s just rather much pitch black against something that’s simply dynamic bright

and also vivid i imply check out that isn’t that nuts now another truly outstanding feature of the lg c165 is that it has the a9 gen 4 ai processor what that implies is that it’s so powerful that has this ai deep knowing processing in there that has more than a million information factors visual information indicate be able to improve the top quality of the picture that indicates it will certainly assess the image or video that gets on the display to give it much less noise better contrast as well as better saturation it also has auto illumination which is something that you would sort of really see on your smart device so it’s actually sort of neat to see in a tv and also much better it adjusts the sound high quality to the kind of content that you’re watching now one of my favored functions of the lg c165 is the inclusion of dolby vision iq and dolby atmos adobe vision will assess what you’re seeing and also change the picture to match it and after that there’s dolby atmos which indicates a lot to me as an audio engineer that implies that your audio high quality is mosting likely to be way better than without dolby atmos it’s able to tune your audio it has the ability to provide you a fuller a lot more immersed noise as well as if

you have something that is supporting dolby at many it’s type of outstanding with some kind of sound engineering magic they’re able to have just from your television the ability to have sound sound as if it resembles moving around you as well as over you so the audio top quality from the integrated audio speakers is fairly surprising but if you really want that full full motion picture immersive sound i like to have a surround stereo yet dang whatever they’re doing is wild and you can utilize the benefit of dolby atmos in your border sound system that suggests that there is hdmi emergency room assistance in the back so among my favorite functions is the filmmaker or director setting that means i can view a film have that setting automatically on and afterwards see what the supervisor had planned in terms of exactly how their motion picture looks considering that i movie edit as well as color my own videos being able to duplicate what i intended on the television implies a great deal to me as well as after that you have activity pro which is activity

smoothing so if you’re the sort of person that does not really like the 24 frameworks per second 30 structures per 2nd kind of blurriness that you might see in more cinematic type motion pictures you may wish to have movement smoothing on because it will certainly load in a few of the blurriness as well as make it look even smoother considering that i really enjoy the supervisor sight for the picture high quality i also like to watch it the manner in which the director intended so i don’t actually use movement smoothing myself yet it’s a choice that’s offered for you to utilize if that’s your choice currently for all the terrific video gaming features that are constructed in this it has g-sync compatibility if you’re making use of an nvidia based system as well as freesync if you have an amd based system so gc can freesyncs helps reduce any of that tearing that you would see in your pc gaming that is just truly distracting and then you have the video game optimizer that changes depending what kind of game you’re playing because you know each game has a different sort of demand whether it’s a truly bright photo a really dark contrasty

image actually high structure rates and more as well as if you intend to you can promptly customize the setups to the kind of game that you’re playing and after that it has the one millisecond input lag which is really really low as well as that’s truly outstanding because the moment that you hit a button or relocate your your computer mouse or your joystick it’s going to react right away you will not discover a difference which’s actually crucial when you’re playing a first individual shooter like do mother’s as well as if you happen to have a configuration that sustains hdmi 2.1 so can the lg c1 that implies that you’ll stand up to 120 frameworks per second and the advantages of hdmi 2.1 data transfers so one millisecond input lag and 120 frameworks per second extraordinary i just consider it on the maternal it’s nuts and it likewise sustains hdmi vrr and alm and also in addition to that there’s a lot of truly great

applications supported like twitch so if you want to see that you can do it right from the tv whatever you’re trying to find in a television the lg 65c1 practically has it has the incredible blacks and comparison proportion as well as hdr quality with those self-lit oled pixels that gives you that extraordinary black levels and also the amazing saturation as well as comparison levels that lg’s understood for it has the advantage of dolby vision and also dolby atmos for the extraordinary visual top quality and audio top quality and if you’re a player you have g-sync as well as free sync compatibility with the extraordinary 120 structures per 2nd assistance as well as one millisecond input lag the reality that you have the ability to make use of a 65-inch tv for your video gaming monitor it’s sort of ludicrous however you can do it it’s your tv watching your cinema in the house watching your gaming monitor done in one the lg 65c1 is rather stacked and also it’s got a great deal of power therein there’s a whole lot more that you can discover it by clicking the link down below in the description and while you’re down there go on as well as leave some remarks from me and some inquiries for me as well as i’ll be more than happy to address them thank you so a lot to lg for funding the showcase and also many thanks for viewing this is technology today until next time you

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