Audio Engineer Reviews & Compares Every Samsung Galaxy Bud Model (Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds2…)

ever considering that the samsung galaxy butts 2 appeared i was truly interested to see just how the various galaxy buds versions contrasted with each various other as an audio engineer these points make me interested and i figured that a variety of you were possibly just as curious as i was so in this video clip i’m mosting likely to contrast the samsung galaxy buds professional with the samsung galaxy butts 2 the samsung galaxy buds live sword i’ll explain that in a moment and i simply needed to include the samsung galaxy buds plus since they remarkably stand up pretty well and to make this video clip also much better as well as experiential i’m mosting likely to allow you hear the comparative differences in between them using this 2 thousand dollar binaural mic so you know make certain you’re putting on earbuds or headphones to pay attention to this video clip and get the full experience we’ll additionally hear the distinctions in eq setups on most of the earbuds so you can hear exactly how each eq setup changes the way things audio incidentally this video is sponsored partially by ideal buy in their leading deal area which is consistently updated include brand-new products constantly from laptop computers tvs computer game pcs cellular phone tablets

appliances cameras wearables speakers as well as earbuds and also extra so you’ll intend to check their website out regularly to see what’s on sale just a couple weeks ago i saw a number of samsung galaxy buds take place sale there so you never know when you can snag an offer on them so look into the web links in the summary and also ensure you follow me on twitter at this is method as i’ll tweet out when i see them for sale we’ll look into a few of the other earbuds as well as technology that i love that’s currently for sale later on in the video however if you’re asking yourself which one you must obtain as well as which one i like one of the most well we’ll discover out allow’s listen to this very first example this track is filled up with a whole lot listen to the sub frequencies the high-end from the entrapment the hi-hat kind audios and also the mid-range from the synth [Music] now in that sample you possibly saw something actually unusual regarding the galaxy buds light they’re probably the most special compared to the other galaxy buds due to the fact that they do not have ear pointers that enter into your ears this is excellent for those that do not like or can not utilize earbuds that go right into their ear canal the downside is that it doesn’t produce a great seal on your ear which influences exactly how complete the sound can be and it’s

actually just shooting sound right into the general instructions of your ear quickly which is why it does not appear all that fantastic or complete in these samples so to be reasonable for the rest of this video we will not consist of the samsung galaxy buds live in the contrast due to the fact that i just can not record it in addition to i had really hoped i still desire to give some understanding on what they sound like as well as my ideas are as an audio designer so what are my monitorings i ‘d state that they’re the weakest in terms of audio with a total sloppy audio not a great deal of strong as well as controlled low end and very little luxury and the truth that they have energetic noise termination makes a little feeling to me since it does not develop a seal in your ear so the only reason i ‘d suggest getting these is if you can not or do not desire an earbud that enters into your actual ear canal now before we pay attention to the next track it is necessary to recognize that while this microphone is remarkable as well as provides an extremely cool method to hear relative distinctions it isn’t an excellent approach yet can still be practical in listening to things in a manner that’s even more clean and sterile in terms of how it captures audio and that’s in fact a good idea since your mind completes a great deal of voids when you directly listen to points in your

ears since the body is odd and also amazing as well as incredible but the microphone captures points just the manner in which they lack kind of compensating for points perhaps you can say that’s even more clinical or objective i don’t understand keeping that said allow’s listen to the following sample in this one pay attention to the reduced end the reverb from the vocals and the arrest the sharpness of the hi-hat and also the stereo spread from the wah-wah audios as well as let us recognize in the comments what you observe [Songs] the samsung galaxy butts 2 are the latest addition to the samsung galaxy buds lineup with it comes a tidy and new very little style active sound termination and confusingly a retail price of 150 now at that price it appears rather complex because the galaxy buds pro take place sale quite usually and near that 150 dollar price point as well as when that’s the case it truly earns less sense to get the galaxy butts as well yet if the galaxy butts 2 do take place sale on something like best acquires top deals for closer to 100 then it starts to make even more sense when it comes to their sound they’re a little bit brighter ventilated as well as tidy but they lack a great deal of that reduced end fullness to it and also the mid-range is a bit scooped out it really feels like it’s a bit buried so things like guitars piano and voices are less complete and ahead as well as in the mix which can feel a little bit less intimate and also energetic as well as less complete as well as

immersive appearing in its entirety so in the samples we’re concerning to pay attention to it’s really mid-rangey and also warm and also full type of example sounding take note of exactly how it might sound cleaner on the galaxy buds as well in the feeling that there isn’t as much of that warmth in mid-range that’s been sort of eliminated but it likewise does not sound as complete and also even sounds a bit slim at times oh as well as that’s for energetic noise terminating well we’ll discuss that pertaining to all the various other earbuds in the future in the video clip [Music] now mentioning the samsung galaxy however 2 let’s listen to exactly how it handles different eq settings you’ll discover that all the earbuds contain 6 various eq profiles that you can select from within the samsung galaxy wearable application there’s the default regular there’s the bass boost soft vibrant clear and treble increase currently in regards to hardware design all the cases are shiny besides the galaxy buds professional which has a matte surface which i absolutely prefer the buds plus tablet form does look a little bit out-of-date but it’s not terrible and i really like the looks of the galaxy buds pro one of the most it looks sharp tidy and also has an industrial look simultaneously the butts 2 are superb if you desire that really clean and minimalistic appearance it also can be found in a lots of different shade choices too if you intend to be a little bit more daring as well as meaningful i also do not mind the buds plus design and also if you can get in this truly red color i assume it looks actually fantastic when it comes to the buds life they’re a bit fascinating because they are formed like beans which is sort of amusing and that really leads towards convenience the buds to life are not typical earbuds so it can be a bit complex to figure out unless you read the instructions to see how

you put them in your ear now regardless of them having a design that doesn’t enter into your ear canal as much i do discover them to be instead unpleasant to wear since it’s just difficult plastic resting as well as wedging versus the various parts of your ear however my body is not the very same as your body so this is absolutely one of those you need to wear to see if you like it sort of scenarios i directly would not have the ability to use this for hours on it currently the buds as well seem to have the narrowest chauffeur stem of all the earbuds so if your ear canals are a little bit on the small side you may desire to maintain this in mind and also much like the butts plus two it does have a kind of oblong squishy form to it and after that there’s the galaxy buds pro it does not in fact have much of a sim at all as well as evidently i have relatively huge ear holes which appears means much better in the head than stating it aloud anyways they feel flawlessly fine in my ears but i have actually listened to a lot of people state that they can’t even place the earbuds in their ear right and also it is extremely awkward so maintain that in mind and also in my experience i haven’t had any type of problems with any of these earbuds dropping out of my ears to ensure that’s actually excellent and also the buds plus also have a little bit of a wingtip design too to keep them secured to make sure that makes these an actually wonderful alternative if you’re wearing these while being active alright for this following song pay focus to the clarity of the assault on the guitar strings as well as how onward the mid-range is on the body of the guitar in the vocals [Music] [Songs] yet if i’m singing all currently some of you may be

wondering why i included the samsung galaxy buds plus because they’re essentially out-of-date and also do not adhere to samsung’s current style language and function collection for their earbuds well in spite of their absence of energetic noise cancellation i directly appreciate their mid-range ford and also complete audio compared to something like the galaxy butts 2 which sort of scoops a whole lot of that out in addition to that they have a much extra economical price of what i believe is a much better sound quality as well as what’s really amazing is that samsung has added some updates to them also though it does not have energetic noise termination they included an openness mode which is really quite salt so if you uncommitted around active sound cancellation and also having the latest appearance and like a fuller a lot more mid-rangey cozy audio you must certainly consider getting the samsung galaxy buds plus these things are sleeper pinch hit those that get on a spending plan fine for this song it has a lot of wonderful reverb going on listen to how onward the vocals audio as well as if you can listen to as much of the percussive tools in the history or if they seem really hidden this is where the mid-range can truly bring out a few of the tools the bass guitar is additionally an excellent part of the tune now allow’s pay

attention to how the buds plus deal with different eq settings is among the great things regarding samsung is that they tend to pack in a great deal of functions that oddly other business don’t include like cordless charging so that means that each of these choices can both be billed through usbc as well as cordless qi billing so it makes it very very easy to keep the battery rounded off throughout the day when it comes to battery life the galaxy buds live last for six hours on one fee with anc on for a total of 20 hours with the instance the galaxy switches 2 lasts for 5 hrs on one cost with anc on for an overall of 20 hours with the billing case the galaxy buds plus have 11 hours of play time with a total 22 hrs with the charging situation remember this one does not have energetic noise cancellation as well as finally the galaxy buds pro lasts 5 hrs on one fee with anc on for a total amount of 18 hours with the charging instance that suggests that the galaxy bus plus has the lengthiest battery life but does not utilize anc as well as the galaxy buttons pro is the most affordable however does use anc as a whole though you’ll probably be pleased with the galaxy switches pro since it’ll obtain you through an entire waking day of paying attention alright for this next track pay attention to exactly how clear the bass guitar is on the track along with

the electric guitar and afterwards pay attention to just how brilliant the symbols are in this track [Songs] when it comes to the microphone quality well how about you pay attention to it for yourself keep in mind those best buy leading deals at the time of the launch of this video the samsung galaxy buds aren’t for sale but the sennheiser cx as well as cx plus get on sale for fifty dollars off here’s what the galaxy but 2 seem like the sennheiser energy two earbuds are 100 off and have active noise cancelling as well as personally i actually like sennheiser items i’m also utilizing their microphone for my videos below’s what the samsung galaxy buzz plus seem like also though the samsung galaxy buds get on sale today samsung galaxy smart devices have a number of offers taking place where you can get like a 200 ideal buy present card for buying a samsung galaxy s21 fe right here’s what the galaxy buds professional seem like you can also discover discounts of approximately 600 on some samsung phones with trade-ins obviously you can learn what bargains are going on by looking into the web links in the summary and thanks once more to finest buy for sponsoring a portion of this video clip alright this next song we have a traditional string ballad take note of how full the strings are the clearness of the piano and also the area in the mix made

for the strings and also vocals do not obtain me wrong i’m ready currently you probably already noticed this but the galaxy buds pro are much remarkable as well as sound contrasted to all the various other earbuds in samsung’s galaxy bud line it’s got a great substantial low end without being unwieldy as well as sloppy it’s got a wonderful and also ventilated top end as well as the mid-range behaves and also existing it additionally sounds extremely tidy and also full now an interesting feature of audio perception of quantity as well as real scientific worth dimensions can be completely different so for this next track that we’ll listen to pay attention to the meters as well as exactly how they correspond as well as volume in between each earbud however the galaxy buds professional audios considerably louder simply since they cover even more of the frequency variety in a balanced manner in which’s sort of what blending audio designers are for and things i’ve been able to provide for over a years balance blends for musicians take notice of this wild perception of volume it’s truly rather fascinating currently allow’s listen to exactly how the galaxy butts professional handle different eq

settings we’ll actually undergo all the alternatives and afterwards go back to the normal eq profile since i find it to be the most effective option amongst all the others avoids all the problems you receive from improving or getting rid of different frequencies like you ‘d find on the other eq accounts allow me understand if you agree [Music] is [Music] [Music] now for anc or active sound cancellation it’s an intriguing thing in customer sound currently we have very differing designs and levels of anc there’s the most effective of the finest like that of what you would certainly find on sony xm4s and also the apple airpods professional that usage both outside and internal encountering and c where you really feel like you’re in an anechoic chamber where you feel isolated and also there’s no representations then you have anc that only decreases noise in specific frequencies which means that there’s still a great deal staying and then you have anc that makes you really feel like you’re in a tunnel and also appears to just be consisted of to have one more point on the spec sheet yet should have never been consisted of in any way for the galaxy buds live it honestly appears like you simply have a microphone for everything however concentrated straight before you and also it’s less

complete so it’s not actually something to base your acquisition on for the galaxy bus 2 i do not also know if anything’s occurring it’s so unimportant so i would simply turn it off and also obtain the additional battery life and also then the galaxy best professional at least eliminate a whole lot of the mid-range sound like the majority of space tone as well as white noise you can still hear people’s voices yet it’s truly slim it’s still much from what you hop on the airpods professional sony xm4s or the bose peaceful comfort in regards to anc so it suits the camp of working but not sector leading the plus side is that you don’t really feel much of that stress in any way that you can typically get with those leading tier anc choices now this next technique is for my individual buddy she’s an author her name’s hannah parrott listen to just how vibrant the trip appears and also if you can hear all the layers from the horns to the really strings as well as melodious percussion tools now if i were to rank all

these in order the most effective audio quality i ‘d obviously pick the galaxy butts pro as number one then i would certainly place the galaxy butts 2 in 2nd place but 2 in 3rd as well as after that buds reside in last place so comfortably that means that the leading 2 are both the most expensive and the least pricey which means you have some fantastic choices depending upon your budget and also if they get on finest buy’s leading offers provide you can obtain the galaxy butts pro for regarding the exact same cost of the butts also at list cost to ensure that’s a steal let’s listen to one more song but i ‘d strongly advise the galaxy butts pro as long as they fit comfortably right into your ears have a look at the web links in the description and also allow me recognize your ideas in the comments this song it really has a killer bass line in it focus on that the synth as well as the singing reverb thanks for viewing this is technology today until next time permanently allow’s go

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