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so alongside the mighty but also admittedly rather pricey Xperia 1 mark 2 flagship phone Sony Mobile has also just released a more affordable alternative that hopefully won’t have you scrambling down the back of the sofa for loose change this bad boy right here is the Xperia 10 mark 2 a proper upgrade of a last year’s mid-range mobile and in fact the Xperia 10 mocks who actually boss a surprising number of those super premium features portlet down from the Xperia war Mach 2 flagship smartphone but for that much cheaper asking price just three hundred and twenty quid here in the UK to be precise so that’s enough waffle let’s get this thing yanked out of the box take a full-on tour of all that hardware and the software the camera tech everything else you need to know ahead of my in-depth review and from one of the latest greatest actives with bug subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers so let’s see what we get in the box we get the phone itself which I’ll just stick aside for now you get your Quick Start Guide shenanigans all that good stuff but if 3-pin Yukiya adapter action of course with pop-out knobbly bit you’ve got your highly exciting type-c

USB cable and you got two pair of branded earphones as well as all their the hardshell type no silicone tips or anything so yeah they’ll probably be proper ear scrapers but they are actually three point five mil which is great because we do actually have a headphone jack here on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 just like the flagship all right so that’s the Box done with now let’s have a good old squint and the actual Xperia mark 2 itself and like the original Xperia 10 from 2019 it is once again a 6 inch beast and of course you get Sony’s a brilliant 21 by 9 design as well so it is a proper sausage phone and because it’s just 6 inches instead of the 6.5 inch flagship phone it’s even more comfortable to Klutch helped along by that love the rounded corners and edges that you’ve got here as well and the Xperia tamaak so it’s crazy light as well it was just a hundred and fifty-one grams making it actually

one of the lightest smartphones I think I’ve wielded in 2020 and as well as that slick 21 by 9 finished some of the other best bits of the design of the exterior wall mark 2 flagship have also filtered down to the 10 series including a Gorilla Glass 6 plate in both front and back to hopefully make it super durable and also you got full ip68 water and dust resistance on this bad boy as well and that is certainly a feature that you’ll really struggle to find at this or a price point like outside of the iPhone se 2020 and maybe you can find an Android flagship from about two or three years ago that’s now been reduced to around 300 pounds you’ll really really struggle so basically if you’re a bit of a cack-handed klutz you don’t have much cash in the bank it looks like the sony xperia 10 log 2 might well be your next phone that’s for the color as well the Xperia 10 Mach 2 is available in either black or white such an exciting range that I feel my trousers may explode it with joy though that said good luck finding this thing in white here in the UK because Sony’s official website and all of the networks that I checked or to Vodafone etc only seem to stock it in black thankfully it’s a very small black just like the Xperia one mark 2 definitely very fetching indeed and so far

touchwood seems do a reasonable job of hiding the the scuffie greasy prints although when it catches the light just saw it does look a bit of a state pretty standard stuff for a glass smart phone of course right so we’ve got some juice in the tank so let’s get the Xperia tin Mach 2 all set up and then we’ll take a tour of the rest of the specs now when you slip your sim inside the Xperia 10 mach 2 you’ll notice that there’s just space for a single sim card in there’s no dual sim support unfortunately we do have a slot for a micro SD memory card up to one terabyte in size to boost the 128 gigs of on-board storage all right ease the Xperia 10 Mach 2 is all set up and all ready for action apologies if you see sweat dripping off my face onto the screen it’s about 40 degrees in the studio today I really need to get some air con or something now first up when you want to actually unlock the Xperia 10 walk to it’s once again an edge amounted fingerprint sensor here on the side just like but the flagship and once again it is actually built into that power button not that you actually have to press in in order to work the sensor just toughy digit and you’re in CI so far and that seems to work

absolutely fine unfortunately like the Xperia one waktu there’s absolutely no face unlock here on the 10 mark to its fingerprint or basically usual pin etc not even the smart lock has that face unlock feature because let’s face it the Android fierson lock was a bit CAC and of course it’s full fat Android 10 here with dock more to Google all of those features that you know and love included and thankfully full on gesture navigation as well as seeing ditch that silly nav bar and just go on with the usual Android 10 swipe controls and of course you’ve got a huge selection of different theme in bit of a bit of wallpaper action to choose from including some nature-inspired stuff by the looks of it but of course as usual I’m going to stick with my geeky and my efforts and it’s really pleased to see that pretty much all of the software features fun on the Xperia 1 Mach 2 flagship have translated over to the Xperia 10 Mach 2 as well including Sony classics like that side tones which wasn’t really fun of originally but it has evolved it’s more useful than ever before you got the likes the 100 more of course you can actually assign gestures just sliding your thumb up and down that size sense bar as well including going into that one-handed multi don’t even have to open up the menu and thank God yes you can’t pull down that notifications bar from anywhere on screen so it’s actually fairly easy to use one-handed despite the incredible length I’ve got into quite some detail about all those

software features that I know and love from the Xperia 1 mark 2 in my fault in depth tips and tricks guide which were not just a couple of days ago so check that out for a closer look at the software here on the 10 mark 2 and they’ve got to say soft form definitely a fan of the Xperia 10 mark to his screen as well it sort of four cameras panel like econ the flagship obviously at this oil price point but is a six inch OLED display Full HD resolution everything’s looking nice and crisp so far and as you can see the bezels are sort of fairly skinny even though they’re a bit bulkier than they were on that flagship in fact if you’re interested there’s the Xperia 10 Mach 2 and the warm walk to side-by-side so as you can see slightly skinnier bezels on the one but really they’re not much fatter at all on the mid-range err so as you kind of halt because this is an OLED panel you get those gorgeous punchy colors really shining through absolutely exploding off the display gorgeous like handy stuff contrast levels are nice and sharp is where you get those nice deep blacks those nice bright crisp white and video out certainly looks great thanks to that full HD plus resolution of course nor not intruding on the display either you’ve got a gorgeous full view finish to begin with excellent stuff of course whereas the flagship offers pretty in depth display customization it’s a bit more scaled back as you’d expect you’re an experienced in Mach 2 so as you can see you in standard Morty you can

also switch back to original more just changes the sort of the colour-pop enos the saturation levels the temperature you’ve also got some manual control over the white bounds but it can it’s a bit more limited you can’t exactly get those really natural-looking pair buttons or anything like that all those speakers go as well we’re actually only a mono speaker setup here on the Xperia 10 mark to roll and a full-on stereo speaker setup but the good news is it’s not actually a bottom firing blaster like it quite often is on these mid-range mobiles I actually built it into this very edge here so even if you sort of clutching the phone at the sides that audio is still Cummins you full force and you’re not going to accidentally muffle it so it’s just check it out most impressive on that top volume level but the good news is if you actually dive into the sound set you’ve got pretty much the full range of audio chops here on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 as you did on the flagship so you once again got support for high res audio on here you’ve got Saudis on digital sound enhancement engine which basically makes those crappy sounds an mp3 is just brings them to life a bit makes them sound a bit more full-bodied of course you’ve got that 3.5 mm headphone jack if you want to get a wide connection on the go otherwise if you want to use a bit of

Bluetooth good news is you’ve got Sony’s L DAC support on there you got aptX HD and everything as well so it should be a really strong wire-free listening experience too now for the performance packed into the Xperia 10a mark – you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset backed by 4 gigs of RAM so basically the same setup as the Moto G it plus the redmi note 8 series quite a few those sort of mid-range – budget e mobiles for any benchmark enthusiasts who come with for the full review that’s the the benchmark Geekbench 5 scores single core and multi core again very similar output to the likes of the Moto G at plus in fact ii think the multi-core score is a little bit better there but i will be using the xperia ten mark 2 as my full-time personal handset ahead of my in-depth review so i’ll let you know how the everyday performance is and what it is like for gaming good news if you’ve got a Playstation as well because you’ve got full support for that PlayStation 4 remote play so you can access your PlayStation over your Wi-Fi network and get gaming on the bog in beds wherever you roam about your household unfortunately you don’t seem to have at the game enhancer app here on the Xperia 10 market here which was a really good addition on the Xperia 1 mark – I did a whole bunch of great features like notifications block and you could record your game in session all that sort of shenanigans I’m guessing maybe just can’t handle it because of the performance limitations here now let’s chat about the battery and it’s a

3600 milliamp cell here in the Xperia 10 marketers are hopeful you should keep you going all day especially the lot fairly energy-efficient snapdragon 665 chipset on board as well usual battery cable adaptive charge and so hopefully again over the long term you won’t get any battery damage but of course I’ll be bringing you for all verdict on the battery life with my in-depth Xperia T more to a review all of which fun and games brings us on at nicely too that camera tech and what you get here is actually very similar triple lens setup to the Xperia one mark – just – that time-of-flight lens as we’ve got is a 12 megapixel primary lens once again but then when it comes to the ultra wide angle and the telephoto lenses they’ve been pared back from 12 megapixels to 8 megapixels okay everyone say hello to Rimbaud lucky unicorn or gal amorous model for today’s photo shoot and the bottle launching up the camera up you can see it’s actually very similar to the flagship camera app that you get as well the main difference seems to be that instead of having three separate icons for toggling between the three different lenses it’s a tap to cycle affair instead which was on quite prayer like so much I definitely prefer the three separate icons that said you can simply hold it and slide your finger up and down if you want to sort of skip between them all that way so here’s Alban that song is auto mode can capture some great looking for tours here on Xperia 10 Mach 2 you manual controls are unfortunately very limited you can play around with the color

temperature and the brightness levels and that is basically it you don’t get the photo pro mode like you get on the flagship sadly but you do get a bit of bokkeum board action once again so again you can get that nice blurry background effect on the go really highlights at your subject you’ve got a limited selection of bonus modes as well just like on the Xperia 1 walk – you will not suffer for the addition of a night mode that wasn’t actually available on the Xperia 1 walk – it just saw entered night mode automatically as a way whereas here you have to manually select it and then when you hit that shutter button as you can see they’ll capture lots of different exposure shots and then sort of meld them together for hopefully an attractive look and results so as you can see there obviously these on testing light conditions but it has helped to brighten up the background a little bit or well of course again be fairly testing this out actually at night and if you want to get your zoom on well it’s actually a 52 millimeter telephoto lens here on the Xperia 10 Mach 2 unsurprising can’t quite match the excellent 70 millimeter focal length on the Xperia one Mach 2 but hopefully should still capture some good looking crisp shots even from a distance and if you zoom right in using a bit digital smarts as well hopefully again it will provide some nice crisp results just like the flagship as for your video you can swap sides just with a quick tap then you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage as you can see Full HD by default viewing do 4k and either 16 by 9 ratio or

21 by 9 like gorgeous cinematic finish and if we do the old switcheroo – that front-facing selfie camera as well I believe it’s once again megapixel effort just like the Xperia one mark to the specs are buried away em you log in correctly and I wasn’t massively impressed with the flagship selfie cam to be honest or I’m not exactly expecting one desire this one was quite soft quite easy to get overexposed results but again I’ll test it out you never know might get better results on this randomly and sweet baby Jesus how have I got this knack of just capturing so gorgeous selfies during all my unboxing videos I mean that is another classic right there and there you have it that in a nutshell is the fresh new Xperia T mark to a mid range more about from Sony and I’ve got to see if the 320 quid this thing already seems to offer incredible value for money if you saw them that haul 21 by nine gorgeous sony designed the general Sony ecosystem bit that remotely functionality all of that kind of shenanigans and of course you’ve got those great features like the waterproofing as well the gorgeous all led to split certainly seems to be pretty feature packed so be great to hear what you think down in the comments below as I said stay tuned for my in-depth review of this bad boy after I’ve used as my personal handset for a good few days but he got a feel for it and for more the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe ending that notifications well Jess

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