Hunting the Best Wireless Headset: SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review

today I continue the hunt for the best wireless gaming headset on the PC we’re looking at the arctas seven from steel series and there is a lot to like here you’re looking for cheap PC games check out King Gwinnett click the link in the description below to help support the channel and never pay full retail again yo i’m brian peep you’re watching bad seat tech and what’s really good so first and foremost the price tag on the arc de 7 from steel series is a hundred and forty nine dollars in the US now depending on when you’re watching this video you might be able to score them for a lot cheaper but we’ll get into that later these can’t use the same 40 millimeter drivers the steel series used in they’re much higher in Syberia 800 they’re rated from 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and the impedance is 36 homes now if those specs sound a little familiar to you it’s because they’re awful damn close to the g930 3s from logitech but honestly that’s where the similarities end and the box there’s not a lot

going on here you get the receiver a manual a proprietary mini something to 3.54 pull right angle ox plug and a different mini USB to USB for charging these are all rubberized cables nothing braided going on here so first off the look so I’m just gonna come right out and say it these things are damn sexy very sleek and they do not look too light on the head like the majority of headsets especially wireless ones that I’ve tested the plastic on offer here is matte and the outsides of the ear cups are rubberized so no fingerprints that I could find and there is zero RGB on this unit unlike the wired arctas fives I like the arced is three and five the headband here is aluminum instead of plastic and it uses like this ski goggles inspired elastic band the configuration is a little different on this headband as well versus some of the other models the build quality here appears to be rock solid I can see where this elastic might make some people nervous but steel series offers replacements of these either in the stock design or in a different design if you want to customize your headset a bit now it’s important to note here that the fit from these

comes almost exclusively from this suspension headband design here which means there is very minimal clamping force it’s not really gonna get you here the downside is that there’s really no extension where the ear cuffs meet the headband only is swivel to allow them to lie flat now they lie flat great on the desk and they also lie flat hanging next to another pair of headphones Anker but where they don’t lie flat very well it’s when they’re around your neck resting on your collarbone there’s not a lot of diameter inside this headband and so basically you put these guys on unless you have like the pencil list of pencil necks they’re gonna have you in a rear naked choke that’ll have you tapping out pretty quick so the obvious upshot is the lack of clamping force but these seem to really be designed for a small to medium sized head I had to do some very very fine adjustment on the elastic strap to give me just enough gap between the crown of my head and the aluminum headband said the ear cups sit correctly on the sides of my ears if that aluminum headband rests right on the crown of your head you will start to feel that and it can get uncomfortable very quickly if you do have a larger head the headband being aluminum may be a benefit here because you can kind of flex on this guy a little bit to give it kind of a custom bend to help those ear cups get where they’re trying to go but in practice I’ve found that the padding they used on the ear cuffs has a tendency to settle in after about three to five minutes of use and they fit right into place and after a while you

basically forget you’re wearing them the memory foam here is a little squishy or less dense than what you would see on some other headsets and the fabric on the outside they call an air weave technology it’s basically like a sport mesh that’s very breathable I’ve worn these things for hours and hours on it and I can tell you I don’t get any heat buildup or anything like that and they are big enough to sit all the way around the outside of the ear the only thing you may want to be aware of is that if you’re sensitive to things touching the sides of your ears you’ll definitely feel the inside of the ear cuffs hugging your ears the lack of height adjustment where the ear cut meets the headband means that if these were any and I mean any smaller at all these would be a no-go for me the diameter of my head for reference is 23 inches and from the bottom my ear lobe to the crown of my head is eight and three-quarter inches so warning for you caveman types out there there’s also not a lot going on in terms of onboard control on the left ear cup you have a volume dial and a mic mute button on the right you get a chat mixed dial and the on/off

switch which doubles as a battery indicator light you’ve also got a couple of ports and the retractable mic the overall look is decidedly minimalist in comparison to the g9 33 the only thing I really would have liked to see here instead of the weird like headset sharing port is a button to cycle through different EQ presets so the look and the comfort are on point but the big question is what about the sound quality the answer is it’s pretty good now what I mean by that is that the best compliment I can pay a pair of headphones when I take them out of the box and put them on my head I’m not even curious about adjusting EQ settings they just sound terrific right out of the box and these left me going for the EQ to dial in the bass almost immediately and that’s the big sacrifice here this is a clean unit it’s relatively lag free it’s pre accurate sound but what it lacks the sacrifice you’re gonna make is the deep low bass tones the EQ emphasis here seems to be on the mid to low tones which is great because it really still makes gunfire crack in titles like Ghost Recon wildlands the division grand theft auto 5 the gunfire is still really punchy and cut through the mix no sweat where this fails even

despite heavy eq e is I just can’t accurately reproduce those nice round low bass tones these are really prevalent in headsets like any offerings from HyperX or even the G 933 this was really obvious when I plugged these with the aux cord into my Galaxy s8 and listened to music it was less obvious when I listen to movies now again you might not be into like I ball rattling bass you might not like that sound signature and might really appreciate a more flat reference sound and if so this isn’t going to be an issue for you at all the simulated seven-point wall on offer here is DTS headphone X and from my money I got better sound quality and better directional positioning with this set to off a note on volume here I ran these at almost or at full blast the entire time I was playing games with these I didn’t get any fatigue associated with this and in all fairness years in the nightclub industry have left my hearing compromised I don’t know if this will be an issue for you I wouldn’t have really wanted to listen to them any louder but it makes me a little nervous that there’s no additional overhead there so how about that mic well the guys at SteelSeries say that this is quote the best mic in gaming and it’s a solid mic don’t get me wrong but anybody who’s heard the Sennheiser game

Warner game zero mic would be happy to dispute that fact on a phone call the person on the other end thought the arctas 7 mic sounded like I was actually on the phone whereas like the HyperX revolver sy definitely gave the impression I was on a Bluetooth headset of some sort North cancelling was on point as well with the caller being unable to detect a rather noisy exhaust fan positioned about three to four feet away so points on the board there they also score big points for the inclusion of sidetone normally in a closed bag headset if you can’t hear your own voice in the cans it has a tendency to make little claustrophobic so sidetone allows you to hear yourself and it adds a little balance to the room a little equilibrium I really appreciate the inclusion here but overall I mean the mic is solid it’s more than suitable for taking phone calls if you’re sitting at your desk you got your headset on and it’s definitely suitable for playing in game but as far as being the best mic in gaming and house marketing guys might want to dial that back a little bit I also love the way that the mic retracts into the ear cup here it is worth noting that the only way to mute this mic is to actually use the mic mute button on the back of the headset simply pushing it into the ear cup it’s not gonna trigger the mute there and while it is handy you will need two

hands to push that mic back in because with the minimal clamping force of this headset if you attempt to do that one-handed all you’re gonna do is push the ear cup off the side of your head but the battery life on these things is crazy they advertise a 24 hour usage time not standby usage and I can tell you in practice over the past couple weeks that’s surprisingly accurate they also have a tendency to charge really fast so I love the battery life the downside with this is that you have to use a secondary charging cable which takes up an additional USB port on the back this is similar to the way the corsair Void wireless handles things so for me the logitech g930 3 with its one cord like planned short solution is definitely where it’s at and I would love to see this implemented in future revisions the range on these is really good as well I was able to navigate to like every corner of my apartment behind walls doors multiple rooms HVAC equipment whatever with no degradation in audio at all just full clear audio the entire time no cut outs no hiccups not on an important note here that I noticed while testing these make sure even if your wireless receiver is plugged in you need to power on the headset and

pair it before you start your game for whatever reason trying to do this after the game had already started resulted in no audio for me and me having to restart the game so just something to look out for the SteelSeries software design is also very minimal here which I liked in practice I had no issues with it at all all the information is on one page no navigating all the controls are right there your fingertips and everything is very intuitive so there it is overall for 150 dollars this is a very very capable headset its competition is gonna run right with the likes of the logitech g930 3 or the razer Manowar what I loved aside from the obvious convenience of wireless or the looks the comfort the minimalist design to controls on the back the minimalist aesthetic for the software the battery life the range the retractable mic the build quality there’s so much to like here now it’s not a big fan of the lack of serious bass

response the proprietary aux cable or the fact that I had to have both the wireless receiver and the charging cable plugged in simultaneously to use this unit while I was charging it now for the kicker from time to time these things go on sale I got mine for 99 bucks between Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon that is a hell of a deal then they immediately went back up to full price but right now at the time that you’re watching this video right when this video drops they are $99 on Amazon again at $149 I can sit here and go at pros and cons and debate them against other units at $99 I’m dead-ass serious there is no comparison if you’re looking for a solid wireless gaming headset for your PC you would be a fool to pass these up at 99 bucks and you know the deal I’ll put an affiliate link in the description below if you want to dive on that and grab a pair for yourself that’s it for this time I’m Brian P thanks so much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up

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