Fractal Design Define R6 Review: Best Flexibility for Air -OR- Watercooled Builds

you’re trying to find inexpensive PC games take a look at King Gwinnett click the link in the description listed below to help sustain the channel and also never pay complete retail once more yes a brilliant P you’re watching negative seed technology and also today we’re taking a look at the specify r6 power outage version from fractal layout this is a mid tower instance with a focus on silence it’s gon na retail anywhere from 120 to 150 bucks depending upon where you locate it and also for range below it is alongside my favored instance of all time the mesh if I see also from fractal design currently right off the bat I’ll tell you one of the most outstanding feature of this situation is that it can be utilized for any type of application you’re looking for anywhere from like a Super Series button-down all-business workstation to a custom-made flashy hard-line show build and primarily all points in between now you can get this thing with or without a toughened up glass side panel as well as it is available in 4 various colorways the conventional colorway which is black with white equipment as well as white fence you can additionally get an all-white a gunmetal version or the one we’re looking into today which is

the black out that’s an all black situation with all black fans and black hardware the front of this situation will certainly look extremely familiar if you have actually ever before seen anything from the defined collection prior to you get a level rectangle of cleaned light weight aluminum that’s absent practically everything other than a power LED which is illuminated in blue air flow for the front of the situation is supplied by these two rather substantial side vents on either side by default this point swings open from entrusted to right which is very weird so luckily with a number of screws you can move the joints to the opposite as well as they’ll turn open from right to left as you would certainly expect the within this front panel is likewise coated with this noise wetting material which will certainly see throughout various panels on this situation also the front panel also conceals this tilted vented dirt filter that’s covered with similar to this mesh display door kind material and behind that or 2 140 millimeter fan so these are not fractals high-end fans so they do not have any type of rubber dampeners on the corners yet they’re still damn peaceful they are black in this case and also it’s very wonderful the

fractal consists of 3 of these fans with this instance the front panel also conceals a 5 as well as a quarter inch drive bay which you seldom see on an instance anymore as well as it really talks to the adaptability available below along the bottom of the instance you’ll additionally get a complete length front to back dirt filter you can take out from the front as opposed to the back so you don’t need to move your case far from the wall as delivered your default IO on the front panel have two USB 3 to USB to your audio your power button and also a somewhat recessed reset button you can obtain an IO panel below that has USB C it’s available at a different price it resembles 20 bucks on brand-new egg if you really need to have that the leading panel is their most current revision to their module fin innovation what that primarily implies is it can either be a flat noise damping panel with no airflow or you can pull that apart and below you’ll additionally have a mesh dust filter that’s breathable it’s got tilted vents virtually like the front of the case removing this panels made with a huge switch on the back of the case and also pulling it out completely discloses an additionally removable follower install or radiator install it also has a twenty 5 point 4 millimeter hole pre-stamped in it if you wish to drop in your own fill port the tempered glass side panel right here is absolutely gorgeous it’s obtained a little bit of color to it there’s no thumb screws or holes or any kind of structure of any type of kind there’s simply these little round adapters that break into these little getting ports on the instance itself and the entire layout is completely toolless it breaks in actually firm the only time you ever actually have to place the thumb

screws in the back is if you intend on carrying this case this leaves the solidified glass without exposed equipment and also it looks extremely tidy the opposite panel has the same noise wetting that we see throughout the case it makes use of the exact same mechanism the same toolless layout so in theory if you could get your hands on another glass panel from fractal these 2 panels aren’t interchangeable moving into the case we additionally obtain this huge vented PSU shadow that runs virtually the size of the case we also obtain this really one-of-a-kind side panel below that’s marked with the fractal layout logo design now this storage space plate is type of the cash shot for the entire case here because not just does it rare any type of followers or radiators you may have behind it yet it additionally covers 6 caddies back there that can suit both 3.5 inch hard disk drive or 2.5 inch SSDs so when it’s default setup you have whatever drives you wish to store in the caddies themselves you also have 2 added installs for SSDs behind the motherboard tray now these SSDs can be transferred to the front PSU shadow yet the only reason you can’t have ten drives all at once is due to the fact that just 2 SSD caddies are included with the instance it’s likewise worth keeping in mind here this is like my 3rd situation from

fractal and they constantly do an actually good task of making sure when the SSDs are flush placed that you still have ample clearance to get your cable televisions plugged in I recognize this appears noticeable yet this has actually been a concern for me with instances from other suppliers that set you back far more the various other thing this torch plate does visually is minimize the quantity of open area you have on the within of the situation occasionally situations are designed for water air conditioning and also they have a great deal of open area in advance where you would certainly have like a push/pull thick dustcloth configuration or tank as well as when you don’t have anything there it just looks like wide-open void so the huge method here is that all the drive caddies concealing behind the storage space plate might be completely gotten rid of and also the storage plate can be pushed back into the instance developing a huge opening for whatever water air conditioning devices you might have you can also do this if you just desire some additional unhampered airflow to your CPU colder but also for my cash if you don’t have any kind of water cooling equipment upfront it looks far better push onward and also you get the advantage of having the ability to hold on to your storage space so the internal

dimensions on this case are developed to ingest some significant length in the GPU Division 300 millimeters with the storage plate in the front or approximately 4 hundred and sixty-five millimeters with it press to the back 460 that’s unreal right the GPU can additionally be placed vertically because this instance does relatively whatever the riser Kip for this is an added accessory it’ll get you for concerning 40 bucks on Newegg I decided not to go this path because my cards are on air as well as it gets a little near that glass panel there I’m not a real big follower of the temperatures that that produces Steve over at gamers Nexus did a really good part on this in his testimonial if you’re curious regarding the details nevertheless if you are running a single card which cord is either a crossbreed or component of a custom-made loophole this would be a really unwell method to flaunt all-time low of that water obstruct around back you’ll additionally find a SATA power PW and also follower hub this thing can control as much as six extra 3 pin gadgets or three additional PWM gadgets you’ll additionally locate a couple of fractal designs really outstanding cable installing strips back here and also cable television

connection locations galore much like sprayed throughout the situation I assume that around does it for features currently due to the fact that this instance is so remarkably adaptable in modular it does me extra good to inform you practically what you can not do after that what you can and as I’m at some point intending a custom water loop structure this thing right here’s some things I noticed as I was checking out some various components for fit first of all yes this case can fit an EI TX board as well as it does a quite damn great work despite having that board in there you still have clearance for all your cable television pass-through gaskets which has actually been a problem in a few other instances I have actually attempted below you’re taking a look at an EVGA identified z170 board now something to note here if your board supplier does some wacky like puts 90 degree 24 pin adapters or 90 level USB 2 adapters here you’re gon na have a problem no issue exactly how I attempted to get this 24 pin adapter in below it’s we would certainly not go since of the angle that the cable television needed to bend coming through that travel through if you’ve got custom cords this may be much easier to pull off because you can such as capture them flatter but with a

default cable television coming off a modular power supply you’re gon na have a harsh go of it below the USB 2’s were entirely unusable for me because when that board was installed right the gaskets coming with the PSU were not set much sufficient back to enable me to actually obtain those plugs in even if I wired it before placing the board completely currently fortunately the 90-degree SATA ports were not a problem at all as for air CPU colders you have a complete Tower height of a hundred and also eighty-five millimeters to work with to make sure that’s gon na suit even several of the biggest CPU coolers available like the dark rock professional 3 or 4 from be quiet or the r1 utmost from cryo gear one huge shock right here is that if your board takes place to be geared up with an additional 4 pin power adapter near all-time low of the board to supply extra power to the PCIe lanes for overclocking there is really a pass-through cut into the shadow for that currently a truly clever relocation now when it comes to storage if you’re gon na go the open course and ditch the Caddy’s you’re obviously mosting likely to be

compromising a lot of storage the alternate places on the back of the storage plate are only created to hold two disk drives back there to make sure that’s gon na leave you with two SSDs two hard disk drives as well as whatever m2 setup you carry the motherboard itself if you’re likewise using a lighting controller like a hue plus that takes up an SSD mount that’s gon na limit you even more this probably isn’t going to be a big bargain if this is a video gaming or a show gear yet if it’s additionally pulling dual duty as an editing and enhancing rig or a workstation this can be an issue below at the time I shot this I can not confirm whether or not you can or can not get additional SSD caddies directly from Franklin now if you intend to show off your SSDs as well as mount them on the PSU shadow rather than behind the motherboard you’re gon na deal with an additional problem below on the appropriate side install that spot via is positioned excellent to bring your cables through yet there is no corresponding pass-through for the left side mount which implies all those wires are going to be appearing that one pass with and also crossing it’ll work however it’s not gon na look the cleanest as for followers as well as radiators you have a ton of alternatives right here with a few limitations to begin with yes you can fit a 420 millimeter rad in the top but just with the drive bay gone and also just with the storage space plate outdoors placement if you try to use a 280 millimeter rad and also origin for the situation you’re gon na have a problem with memory

clearance the guidebook recommends you can’t look at 36 millimeters in elevation as a lot of the showy or more recent memory is gon na be taller than that with the heatsinks your best to stay with a 120 millimeter version of some kind for the roofing system no on that same note the manual also specifies that you can fit a 3 hundred and sixty millimeter radiator in the ceiling of that instance with the storage plate in the forward placement you can refrain from doing that the storage space plate in fact obstructs partly obstructs one of the fan rails in the installing plate up top now you can if your radiator sits flawlessly flush with the sides of your fan you may be able to make use of the inside rails on the mounting plate to hold the radiator yet after that you’re gon na be right back to the exact same concern with memory clearance if it was me I would certainly go a various path as well as avoid the headache of that arrangement completely and while you can practically fit a 240 or 280 millimeter rad in all-time low of the case it’s not without a couple concerns first the size of that radiator down there is practically mosting likely to definitely create an issue with the size of your power supply right here we see a Corsair ax 1200 and also it’s definitely not going inside that case the only method you could get this done is utilizing a short no power supply I typically suggest like a Silverstone Strider 1000 watt for any type of instance where PSU length is mosting likely to be a concern the second issue is the positioning of the PSU shroud itself due to the fact that you can not get rid of that it makes it exceptionally challenging to get a radiator with followers placed to it down inside that opening I’m sure it’s feasible as well as like some ship-in-a-bottle type of way yet it’s incredibly challenging however you might conveniently fit a single hundred as well as forty millimeter rad even a thick one such as this black ice 140 GTX in all-time low and also still have room for push-pull fan

configuration so there’s that the last thing to be familiar with below is that if you are gon na make use of an e ATX motherboard and you plan on utilizing the fill port reduced out in the leading tray you have to be a little aware of the range between all-time low of the fill port with the necessary suitable affixed in the top of the 24 pin connector itself you obtained about 2 or 3 inches to get out of the way of that adapter so you’re gon na need to get a little imaginative to make that appearance clean and also not create too much limitation all that said the front of the situation is still incredibly flexible also with the storage space plate in the floor placement as well as all the caddies in location you still have space for a three hundred and sixty millimeter rad with followers in run when you open up that plate up you can go as thick as you want on the rag go press pull still have room for a tube reservoir do whatever you require to do in the front of the case currently I know that seem like a great deal however it does not take away from the fact that this is seriously one of the most versatile case I’ve ever before seen for whatever type of develop you’re looking to do there is a significant distinction between an instance that has area for what you’re trying to do in a case that is attentively created to aid you carry out a bill that’s based around air personalized water air conditioning or essentially any kind of factor in between in a best globe we would have seen this instance come with USB see a pair extra SSD caddies perhaps even an upright GPU install consisted of but that would have pushed the price closer to $200

whereas today depending on colorway in setup this can be carried Newegg from anywhere from 120 to 150 bucks huge thanks to fractal layout for sending this out for review I’m not gon na do an Amazon associate link on this since I really feel like it’s overpriced so strive Newegg instead you may have observed or lamented the lack of any kind of kind of incorporated RGB lighting in this instance but I do not truly feel like that’s ever been fractals deal what you do obtain instead is thoughtful very little design and also just insane build top quality all-in-all male this is just one of the ideal cases I’ve ever before had the chance to check out and I’m very stired to do a custom-made build inside this point at some factor that there’s just so a lot here I know I probably missed out on some things however I attempted to strike all the important things if you have any type of questions regarding particular clearances or fitment struck me up in the remarks listed below and I’ll do my finest to address those over the following week that’s it for this time i’m bryan pease many thanks so a lot for enjoying don’t neglect to hit that like switch struck that below switch as well as till following time [Music] Brian why do you always have pet cat hair in your be wrong well I’ll show you why

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