Zowie Divina S1 & S2 Review: HYPE or HEAT??

a great deal of hype a great deal of buzz around the Divina s collection from a client perspective it might also look a specific kind of method so today we’re gon na take a really close consider the s-1 and s2 see just how it compares against the epic FK series as well as see if it’s actually worthy of all the appreciation let’s go this video is brought to you by bookmark com bookmarks a free website builder where you can produce an expert looking internet site with holding in simply a pair mins by addressing seven simple inquiries bookmarks AI engine 8 a literally build your website right before your face in much less than 2 mins and also you can modify essentially every element of the web page once it’s complete it’s incredible click the link in the description below or examine them out at book mark com yo I’m Brian P you’re seeing Betsy tech as well as today we’re having a look at the Divina S series mice from sallee for transparency all the computer mice displayed in today’s video were provided by a desync practically my go-to people for all points Davina here in the US however as you ought to recognize by currently it doesn’t affect my review in any kind of method available for simply under 70

bucks the s1 as well as s2 are identical with the exception of size and weight so we’ll begin there the s-1 is gon na measure a hundred and also 26 millimeters long 61 millimeters large and 39 millimeters high it is available in concerning 94 grams on my scale the smaller sized s2 is gon na determine 122 millimeters long 58 millimeters wide as well as 38 millimeters high evaluates about 87 grams I seem like the s2 dimension in hand is pretty constant with the G Pro Wireless which is a little tiny for me directly so the s1 is gon na be my tool of choice the s-1 is classified as a medium-sized computer mouse where something like the EC 1b is a huge dimension Computer mouse for the document my hand determines just under 21 centimeters from front to back in regarding ten factor 5 centimeters across I make use of largely a palm grip trigger changes below Hawaa understands and also regardless of generally having a much heavier actuation than Omron’s the buttons in the S feel extremely light and very rapid especially if you’ll be originating from an FK scroll

wheel below is the exact same all-white 16 action we saw in the Davina EC collection it still has the sound of that wheel however the covering on the EC seemed to intensify this it’s more restrained on the price quote I actually like the low profile scroll wheel on the FK it trips a bit higher here that might be the one point that I would certainly transform about this mouse directly and these side switches excellent outstanding things below comparable position to the FK but they’re a lot larger meaning you do not have to rock your thumb up to activate heavy actuation here as well so you’re not gon na inadvertently cause as well as they really feel really firm and very stylish if you’ve ever located Zoe side buttons to really feel a little mushy that is absolutely dealt with on this computer mouse this is precisely what I directly search for in a side switch comfy and also where I require it to be when I require it to be there a side switch is not something you need to have to think of while you’re playing sensor below’s a 3360 the implementation is near-perfect this is among

those things that constantly attracts me to Zowie mice one of the points that establishes them apart is the absence of software program straight hardware is always the method to go in my viewpoint on the bottom you also have options to readjust ballot price along with dpi from 400 800 1600 and also 3200 you also reach charitable glides front and back as well as Sally feet are a few of the ideal out there and they provide you an added embed in the box I did decide to put hyper glides on the s2 that you see in this video clip simply to contrast against the stock feet throughout gameplay I reached be truthful I really did not feel a great deal of difference for those that wonder I have been using this s1 on the wonderful Helios for concerning a strong month currently hefty and also I still don’t really see any type of recognizable endure the feet as well as the layer liked it or disliked this maintains the gloss layer that we see on the remainder of the Divina line in the FK special edition I have actually obtained so used to using it that it really feels weird having fun without it but along with the color plan this is gon na be just one of the much more polarizing aspects of this mouse table right here once more is very thin really flexible with a wonderful sharp upwards angle where it

exits the mouse to minimize drag paracord would still be a welcome upgrade here but it’s not obligatory my paracord at the s2 and also if you desire your mouse to really feel Wireless this is the method to go alright I saved shape for lash since that’s where this Computer mouse actually delivers I have actually always gone directly for her go computer mice for convenience which currently having obtained made use of to having fun with an Ambu mass is weird since the form enables near perfect positioning on the outdoors edge for either your ring or your pinky figure depending upon how you hold your mouse after that contrast to the FK collection the S will certainly be two millimeters much shorter front to back 2 millimeters greater at the peak of the hump as well as the triggers are two millimeters higher this holds true despite whether you’re considering FK one knowledgeable s 1 or FK 2 knowledgeable s 2 the suggestion this hump might be holding you back so to mount it it rests

right in the middle between the FK series at one extreme and also something like a G 403 at the other this functions truly well for me since my knuckles relax simply behind the top of this point what this does is leave a little pocket in the rear of my hand this is actually essential because I can equip purpose with this Mouse utilize the heel of my hand as a break or a pivot point as well as wrist aimed an appropriate or track a target that little pocket enters play due to the fact that you can also do this up and down by adjusting with your finger ideas as well as pulling the computer mouse back into your hand or pressing it out a little it’s unnecessarily made complex when I explained it yet it’s really intuitive when you’re playing and also this is how I found I have actually been making use of a computer mouse that’s as well large for my all-natural play design if your computer mouse is too large for you it fills your whole hand you might be compeling on your own to up and down deal with by arm aiming and that at the very least for me suggests much less regular shots this is why you hear individuals put so much emphasis on shapes and size and searching for something that helps you that’s exactly how he obtains this that’s why they offer every form in their magazine in a minimum of two different dimensions so do I personally recommend this

Computer mouse do I really feel like it deserves the hype yeah definitely you have actually been hanging around in the disharmony recently you’ve probably heard me talking very highly of it paracord supply feet hard surface is virtually the sweet spot for me today and also while I do love the group over at Edison for helping me make this video clip I do not have any kind of sort of reference or affiliate plan with them whatsoever so I have definitely no financial interest in mind when I inform you this is the initial Mouse I have actually utilized in ages that has actually enhanced my gameplay a considerable quantity yes there are lighter Computer mouse around or heading however I still think anything sub 100 grams appropriates for FPS I actually would not get as well captured up in that there’s a satisfied happy medium that exists between rate and stability as well as I assume this is truly close to that I do choose it over

the FK series which regardless of a hand hold flights a little as well reduced for me though it does have side buttons on both sides so if you’re a lefty it’s an excellent choice admittedly I was pretty cynical going in there was a whole lot of buzz behind this computer mouse as well as only a couple bigger reviewers got examples yet I’m a hundred percent offered the s-1 is my major currently and for the near future and it obtains a solid referral from me big many thanks once again to Edison for sending out these out for evaluation I will leave links in the summary listed below if you want to grab one on your own I’ll additionally put a web link down there if you’re trying to get your hands on a paracord and also I’ll put a link in there for beetee’s superb tutorial on how to mount it that’s it for this time I’m bright Pete many thanks so a lot for watching don’t fail to remember to strike that like button struck that sub switch and till next time remain up

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