Review Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds

hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from tech spell and these bad boys here are the anchor spirit to pot of anchors sound core range now the original anchor spirits were a pair of earphones tethered together with a neck band but for this successor they’ve actually evolved into full-on true wireless earbuds it’ll cost you just 80 of your British pounds here in the UK and yet they offer an excellent true wireless experience to rival any other sub 100 pound earbuds I’ve been using these more force for a few days now so here’s my in-depth anchor spirit to review and from all the latest greatest a concluded and lots and lots of true wireless earbuds reviews because God knows there are plenty of these things knocking about in 2020 please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now first up as far as the design goes you don’t exactly get much choice with the anchor Spirit twos they basically come in black and that is it but I do really like the aesthetics of these things there’s no stupid dangly bits like you get on the likes of the Apple earpods and when they’re shoved in your ear holes like so as you can see they’re nice and discreet and I really like that jewel silicone finish as well as well as the earbuds themselves you’ve got a fleshy wingtip which means that the buds sit really comfortably nestled in your ear flap hole wherever there medical term is and of course you get a variety of different bud tips and also wing tips as well as you can find the setup that works particularly well for your own ear shape and I found that once I’ve got the best possible setup for my ears I could wear these buds for hours at it ends and no difficulties whatsoever nice and comfortable and once I found the best possible setup for me definitely discovered that the anchor spirit thought to stayed lodged in my lug holes nice and securely whether I was doing jogging dancing whatever and just to prove it’s all good maash

test now from that actually used in the ankus produces a nice stress-free experience as well so right the way from the beginning when you’re pairing them up that you just pull them out of the case and they are ready to be discovered and if they are within range of the previously connected device bit of smart forward whatever it will automatically pair up immediately and I had absolutely zero issues with the Bluetooth connectivity as well more stuttering or stammer nor anything like that at all obviously I didn’t get a chance to properly stress test these bad boys with the current state of the world and like a fair few true wireless earbuds you can use them just one but at a time with the other ones stuff to win the case which is good if you want to be aware of your surroundings particularly handy as the noise isolation is actually pretty damn good with these things stuff in your ear and they find that they blocked out quite a lot of the ambient noise going on all around you so good if you want to but a peace and quiet see one little piece bubble as it were and someone who is not particularly fond of other people it definitely worked a treat and of course you get full on touch controls here on the anchor spirit ooze as well though they’re quite limited compared with some rivals what you can do is you can double tap the right

buds in order to play or pause your music and you can double tap the left buds in order to skip a track and you could also a long press in order to sculpt the assistant you can answer calls as well but that’s basically it there’s no single tap controls which you get on a lot of rival buds there’s no way of changing the volumes or weighted skipping back or tracking on the skip forwards and yeah I definitely didn’t miss not having any way of controlling that volume but the lack of single tap action means you don’t accidentally activate controls whenever you’re just kind of like just tweaking them a little bit fidgety in something like that or going to to actually just pull one out via your local just for a couple of seconds so that’s kind of nice well as a shame though is that there’s no way to customize those controls via the anchor app in fact there’s no actual support for these buds in the anchor up just yet hopefully that be something that’s coming soon and the actual tagline for these buds here on anchors box is many birds epic bass and I’ve got to admit I was a little bit skeptical when I came to to test them out

especially given that sub 100-pound asking price sometimes the bass could be not exactly particularly strong but they really were not about with these things those laws have got a proper kick to them which is great news if you like I’ve been a rock bit of metal hip hop tons the kind of stuff where that bass tends to be quite pronounced played quite a important part of the track and in fact combined with the ear-splitting top volume on the spirit ooze these things basically miniature ear nukes I did find that on a few tracks the bass did overpower some of the rest of the range but overall I was quite impressed by the level of detailed filtering through and quite a lot my tunes as well especially the softer more mellow stuff you could definitely pick up on some of those little find the details that you would otherwise miss in a subpar pair of headphones your full EAC support on these bad boys as well but they didn’t support high fidelity streaming unfortunately even when used with a compatible smartphone the call quality is alright as well they work particularly well indoors they pick up your voice nice and cleanly if you use them outdoors I found that I did get a bit of wind noise coming through the other person couldn’t quite clearly hear me I just sort of raised my voice a bit but as long as you don’t use them in to lot of an environment or unto blustery idea you should be okay and call me a sad way nerd if you like but I do love the swishy kit it’s funky slide up lid very cool indeed it’s time to charge up the birds I’ll just store them away just slip him in they got the usual magnetic connection to hold them in there tighter and then just I finally got around five to six hours of use on those buds before the ends we slipped back in the case for a recharge and then around sort of three to four full recharges from the kiss before that two needed to be

recharged and round the back it’s just fluffy bit pull that down type-c USB bung it in job done in the kiss it soft powers up fairly quickly and thankfully drivers set of LEDs here on the front of the case as well so you know when this needs a recharge – so as you can see just one LED is lit that means that will need to be powered back up pretty pronto so now bad as far as the battery life cause although they still can’t beat my current favorites my favourites of them for a good few months now the creative outlet gold but you give you around 10 hours of full-on use before they need to be recharged so they are absolutely fantastic for those really long haul journeys but overall I definitely enjoy my time spent testing out the anchor Spirit dot – is definitely the performance is really really strong that all your output is really really solid for that sub 100 pound price point really like the design and that’s where she kiss of course can’t get enough of that lovely but of course getting a new pair – wireless earbuds drop it on my doorstep every other day at the moment so I’ll definitely check out the rest of my reviews to see all of the alternatives that you have to choose from and for the latest greatest tech Tuesday poke subscribe ending that notifications belt and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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