Zeal Zilent V2 Switches Lubed w 3203 feat. JTK Hyperfuse

so today I’m lastly placing the ending up touches on my mass go down all build it long last we’re mosting likely to lastly see its last kind I’m gon na begin by taking the superb Zee OPC quiet v2 switches out of there providing a lube task and afterwards perhaps hooking it up with a new collection of key caps yell out a hot types and also Brandon Taylor they both have excellent videos around already on looping switches I’ll link them both down in the description you ready let’s go this video is given you by book marking com bookmarks a totally free website contractor where you can create an expert looking website with organizing in simply a pair minutes by addressing seven simple inquiries bookmarks AI engine 8 an actually construct your site right in front of your face in much less than two minutes and you can modify basically every aspect of the page once it’s full you can likewise update to link your existing domain and also create an on the internet shop with ecommerce assimilation it’s awesome click the web link in the description below or examine them out

at book marking com yes well brilliant P you’re seeing poor C Tech and today we’re mosting likely to be lubing what is quickly my favorite switch the quiet v2s from zeal PC if you’re not accustomed to their line you can have a look at the video I did before that sort of provides the run-through on whatever they have to begin with we need to gather some supplies as well as here’s things this is a really laborious process so I grabbed some stuff that I assumed would make my life a little less complicated if you’re doing this on the economical you can use a little flat blade screwdriver yet I went with the switch opener that I got on vital employer as well as I really advise this it cost 20 dollars plus shipping it’s made of cnc aluminum I love it you just push down it pops open as well as I take it the remainder of the means with my fingertips so I do not wind up shooting Springs all over the location I such as that this set is taller than a few of the other ones out there due to the fact that I can support the rear of it against my palm and also begin to relocate truly rapid obviously we’re

gon na need some Lube I chose try BOCES 3203 from switch mod it’s a reduced density as well as like 2 actions down from the 205 that I used on the steps you’ll need a little paintbrush for this too I likewise decided to order a mod a Lube station from zamboula on hope I’m saying that right I obtained it on shapeways for like 31 bucks I wound up taste as well as not liking this I such as that it’s tiny sufficient to hold in your hand while you deal with the various other at first I such as the idea that the stems would be put in a manner where you can paint all the sides but actually they don’t really suit there in such a way that influences self-confidence and they left nowhere to order the lube stem from I primarily used it as a place to hold the lower housing as well as reconstruct the switch as well as for that it works actually well it’s also nice since it permits you to work with like at a time so what sort of maintains your sanity as you go since this is hugely tedious job told the stims this 4 buck jeweler’s claw is an absolute essential it allows you hold the stem while you paint the faces and afterwards put it right back in addition to the

springtime when you get your method down you do not even have to place your brush down when you place them it’s excellent so as you listen to everyone say less is extra this is still a thicker Lube than I was expecting I had no concept what to anticipate honestly other than that it was expected to be thinner than 205 as well as it is yet it’s not an oil so we’re gon na obtain a little on the brush making certain to get rid of any one of the extra versus the lip of the vial then we’re gon na clean the slider columns inside the base do each side a couple of strokes and afterwards as soon as around the facility column where the springs gon na rest the spring we’re going to clean a person either in and after that rest it in the button now we’re gon na reload the brush and also once again no unwanted we’re gon na make use of less below we struck the side of each stem ensuring you obtained a wonderful excellent layer from leading to lower then the front and back face as well as ultimately the

lower edges for tactile buttons the standing guidance is to not lube the legs due to the fact that you risk shedding some of that petting there those eyelets are currently extremely responsive so they could be able to endure it however it was my very first time and I didn’t desire to risk it so I chose to not do that as soon as we have the springs in the stems matter we can go ahead and also begin placing the top real estates back on legs go towards the copper leaf logo looks at the copper fallen leave that’s the strategy currently we’re gon na duplicate it sixty five times for this board the other thing I suched as regarding the loop terminal was that it likewise works resembles a button tester when it’s all done so you can obtain an idea of noise and also really feel to see if anything needs to be addressed prior to you go on approximately two hrs later we’re back in company whatever’s reconstructed and right here’s exactly how they seem as well as they really feel absolutely incredible we took my

preferred buttons as well as made them really feel and appear way better than they did prior to I have actually never truly been able to pick what individuals were discussing when they would certainly pay attention to a sound examination as well as resemble oh those switches sound Scratchy I can totally pick that out now so the old is currently seen upgraded switches lubed switches and some mods to the stands that made a huge distinction in the field we’re practically there but it simply requires a something to make it stand out boom that’s JTF hyper fuse right there huge package as well everything fits the all wonderful I racked up these own uniqueness that last can always be a little difficult for the old and it was right here as well yet I just went right into qmk and exchanged out the house and also the Delete crucial and now the roll height matchup is really quite great these are ABS no backlight yet they look great they’re truly smooth to the touch they have a wonderful sound the only thing that actually wasn’t a huge follower of below was the

plastic trays they made a terrific impression good and also resilient great for long-lasting storage yet it’s a real discomfort to get the individual keys out of there so it’s lubing your button deserves it yeah it definitely is is it an enjoyable procedure no definitely not but the juice is worth the capture I love the method my all ended up probably gon na go back and also lube those inks on the Routine and the next quit would certainly be a complete custom board considering like possibly mid-december for that web links for whatever we took a look at below today consisting of buttons caps and also all the devices needed down in the summary any concerns whatsoever struck me in the remarks or stop by the dissonance which’s it for this thumb I’m Brian P thanks so much for seeing do not neglect to strike that like switch struck that sub button and also up until following time keep up

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