Review Acer Predator Triton 500 300Hz, RTX 2080 Super Beast

hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from tech spurt and this beast right here is aces mighty new Triton 500 2020 Edition specifically the predator Triton 500 PT 500 550 to 730d if you want to get all pedantic about it this all-new Triton 500 Gaiman laptop will cost you a tasty two and a half grand if you fancy it with all of those bells and whistles including an RT X 2080 Super GPU and that gorgeous 300 Hertz display so you’d better get seven now or maybe just grab some pliers and get to work on grands gold teeth so I’ve been thoroughly testing out the predator Triton 520 20 Edition this week it’s a really really tough life and here is my in-depth review for all you need to know and for more on the latest greatest set please do plug Subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers so with all the gaming laptops I’ve reviewed so far in 2020 definitely still seeing a continuation of that trend away from the insane laptop design it seems like about a decade ago every single game in that topic came up had it resemble some sort of HR Giger nightmare but the ISA Triton 500 is definitely fairly subtle beyond some little touches of flair here and there such as these sloped and lid corners and of course the obligatory light-up lid logo of course there is a still corner as this going over the top and a few areas and when you start up and predator train 500 it certainly makes its presence felt definitely very handy if your aim

is to scare the living out of anyone else who happens to be in the same room as you or possibly even the same household and this model apparently features a color called a Bissell lot black which I originally misread as abysmal black is it abysmal well that seems a little bit harsh but it’s certainly black but is it as black as an abyss well it definitely feels like I’ve spent a lot of time staring into one of those quite recently and to be honest this doesn’t seem quite that black I’ve certainly got no qualms at all with a construction here though the Train 500 wears just 2.1 kilos nice and light and it measures just 18 millimeters when closed up as well so it’s pretty portable as far as super powered gaming laptops core no certainly the decent sized backpack in order to lug it around with something no worse than any other 15-inch gaming laptops out there and that laptop certainly seems to be a reasonably rugged as well those dual hinges are nice and stiff and also seem like they could put up with a fair bit punishment while giving you a full 180 degrees of freedom well the rest of the chassis including that lid or basically as tough as all beef and you get a perfectly respectable selection of ports on here as well you get single USBC Thunderbolt you got three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports and HDMI 2.0 port in many DisplayPort and of course an Ethernet port and there’s a good amount of storage in this thing as well with a full one terabyte SSD shunted away inside and it’s a lipid bladder as well my crystal market tests return read and write speeds well over three gigabits per second great stuff and that keyboard on the hall is very agreeable as well as or not quite perfect I love the firm key action and the way that each key Springs instantly back into place as soon as it’s been struck deafening or sticking or any issues like

that it feels like a premium board through and through and as usual of course there’s a general slather and a full-on RGB backlight and and you can individually customize each keys color using the Acer predator sense app which can be called up with a quick tap of this dedicated key right here on the right side of the board’s over there you’ll also find some media controls although there is no number pad action the arrow keys do feel the wee bits squidge din they’re not set apart from the rest of the board while ISA has also committed the cardinal sin of the single raw enter key girl but apart from that it’s basically a thumbs up oh and the touch pad if anyone actually cares is all right supports usual multi swipe gestures and all that shenanigans but it doesn’t really like left clicking and frankly I just hook up a mouse straight away now one of the very first highlights of the predator Triton 520 20 Edition which definitely helps to elevate it over rivals is that 15.6 inch IPS display it is only a full HD panel sadly so you will have to get hooked to a proper Ultra HD monitor if you want to truly take advantage of this laptops graphical prowess but I was happy enough gaming on that built-in screen mostly thanks to the next-gen 300 Hertz refresh rate yeah that’s right a full-on 300 Hertz and that may seem like overkill and it certainly is for me personally with my alcohol and time weathered reaction speeds but if you’re absolutely dead serious about having that slight competitive edge especially if you want to get into the likes of eSports then it will do the job and certainly those fast paced action games like doom run with awesome fluidity it’s like a beautiful ballet of blood and dismembered

limbs flying through the air with a stunning smoothness contrast levels are good as well and color accuracy is also among the and my spy directs protests the air superlative triton 500 reproduced the full srgb gama and covered 76% of that adobe RGB you’ll definitely want to stick to the indoors game and/or would definitely find yourself some serious shade the Predators are tracking 500 screen tops offered around 315 it’s not the worst run by any means but certainly I did struggle once it started to get a little bit brighter outdoors and the anti-reflective court on that display isn’t the most time to reflect and I’ve certainly tested the audio chops are really strong as well yeah for DTS X ultra support and you’ll definitely want to get a proper surround sound headset on the go to really take advantage the actual built-in speakers are shunted away underneath the predator Titan 500 chassis and their sound is therefore a little bit muffled this up slightly fine for watching a video or something thanks to the high top volume but when you’re given you’ll definitely wanna get a headset on the got to get that proper surround sound action and now on to the second of the predator tries in 500 highlights are nice the performance what you get here is a 10th gen Intel Core eight series chips M specifically the Intel Core i7 1080 75 inch and just a quick heads up my review model came with 32 gigs of DDR for round stuffed inside it seems like the standard UK models

however only come with 16 gigs half the amount but you should still expect nice smooth performance as usual is as predator sense up is on board to tweak the performance settings and monitor your rig backing down about it plenty in the past but the best bit is definitely the ability to crank up the performance and overclock that GPU nice and quick and if you happen to like benchmarks in the same way that I like a nice large glass of chilled whiskey then great news that’s exactly what’s gonna be coming at your face so if the performance bumped up to those maximum levels PC mark 10 spat out a score 6700 49 a male Cinebench 10 offered up a score of 3254 so definitely that 10th Gen Intel chipset throwing its weight around and producing some really solid results but of course for blasting through all of this PC gears with the ultra graphics settings enabled you’ll need a tot GPU and the predator Triton 500 certainly does not disappoint on that front where you get stuffed in there is Nvidia’s GeForce r-tx 2080 super I run a tasty bit of 3d mark where the performance chops once again cranked up to the max and unsurprisingly the results were really rather good time spiced puffed out and Almighty score of 8949 meanwhile Port Royal which specifically measures the real-time rear trace and chops also impressed with a score of five thousand three hundred and three and the Triton 520 twenty also blazed through fire strike extreme with the result of ten thousand one hundred and sixteen one also decided to put the predator through its paces with a bit of string brigade benchmarking as well and on the default graphics sentence the average frame rate was 210 quite often push up towards those high 200s and apparently at one point even break in 400 frames per second and meanwhile on the ultra sentence it averaged at 147 FPS a mightily impressive effort so it’s good to see that the Train 500 is

actually capable of churning out 200 frames per second to make the most of that 300 Hertz display and of course I actually played some games as well on the train 500 for hours and hours to pull it through absolute hell and thankfully even with the GPU overclocked and turned on I had no issues with he build up its his fourth generation AeroBlade fans are stuffed inside this metal chassis along with five heat pipes in total to help keep the Train 500 cool under duress and if sir personally reckons that these funds are 33% more effective at shifting all that pesky hot air out of the laptop compared with the 2019 model a trained 500 and I was certainly impressed as well because after half an hour a frantic doom action of those detail levels maxed out and the overclocked and active the CPU temperature stabilized at around 85 degrees centigrade and the GPU temperature hovered around those low 70s and they steered that we’re well past the hour mark and Beyond and thankfully all of that hot air is effectively pushed away from you as well and all pointed the keyboard get toasty and I didn’t feel any heat creeping in around the edges or anything like that either and sure those funds do get pretty noisy at times but considering all the effort they’re putting in they’re really not too bad at all and even in a long intense gaming session the GPU usage rarely crept above 70% while the CPU usage hovered around 30% and if you fancy murder and your stupid so-called friends all just run them strangers online no issues with the connectivity

whatsoever we’ve got that Ethernet support and for Wi-Fi 6 support as well I just took to the wireless connection I found I was absolutely fine no stutters of stammers at all of course the battery life is completely dreadful not too surprising given the juice sucking internals in this thing you just over an hour of skull bust and fun times before a full battery is completely drained and as usual you comic you so the performance boosting features like that overclock and mode while you’re away from the means and don’t expect to get much longer battery life than that if you’re simply browsing a bit of the way about doing some Netflix or something like that because once again the predator Triton 500 snuffed it in about an hour and 40 minutes from a full charge so that right there is my fault is superlative Triton 500 2020 review and if you’re after a super powered machine with a 300 Hertz display you definitely can’t really go far wrong because you’ve got to have a bit of cash in the bank because this thing in cheap but I definitely think it’s worth it now are you tempted by the es of predator Titan 500 deftly be gritty or thoughts down in the comments below or if you’ve been using it yourself as well your own personal experiences be great to hear from you and please do poke subscribe and thing that notifications bar for more on the latest greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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