Logitech Color Collection & G733 Wireless Headset Review: Hit or Miss?

today’s video is sponsored by dashlane i don’t know what’s going on at logitech right now but they are really coming to life right on the heels of the g pro x wireless headset they’re back with not only another wireless headset but a whole new color series for some of the peripherals that indicate they’re really listening to what the market is looking for right now in terms of customization and aesthetics the spread in the age range of gamers is wider now than ever before it only gets wider every day because people really don’t outgrow gaming anymore so we’re gonna start to see peripherals and products aimed at different age ranges in there and i think that’s part of what we’re seeing today so logitech is back with a new color series for some of their existing mice a whole new wireless headset as well as a new colorway on the g915 tkl it’s gonna definitely grab some attention we’re gonna have a look you ready let’s go yo i’m bryan p you’re watching bad seed tech and today we’re checking out the new color series and the new wireless headset the g733 from logitech a lot to cover today so let’s start with the mice we’ve got the

g305 and the g203 not new mice obviously but new colors the colors are going to be a running theme today we’ve seen both of these available in white and black previously i even have a terrifying beardless review of the g305 out there somewhere there’s no need to retread reviews of these very well-known mice except to say that they’ll now be available in both lilac and blue which we have in house today it’s my understanding these will be sticking with the original msrp so expect like 59.99 on the g305 in 39.99 on the g203 availability on everything we’re looking at today is going to be sometime in september so wired or wireless mouse-wise they’ve got you covered the feature of this new color lineup is the g733 wireless headset now design-wise this is a big departure from what we’ve seen from logitech before and i like it it’s design language feels like a sneaker like a coordinated athletic outfit again it’s available in black white lilac and blue the big headlines here it’s light speed wireless it’s silly comfortable and it weighs in at 278 grams 278 grams if you

remember i was just praising the weights on the razer black shark v2 and the cooler master cm752 and here we have a wireless headset that really only tops that way by about 20 grams that’s crazy definitely comfortable enough that you could wear this all day every day with no discomfort and speaking of stuff i use every day i want to thank dashlane for continuing to support the channel you guys know i don’t do spots for anything i don’t absolutely use and enjoy and dashlane is one of those things that really makes my life a lot easier as a password manager dashlane makes it super easy for me to manage all my online logins and accounts seamlessly across all my devices no more sketchy reused passwords no more password resets when i need to get into that seldom used account i go through and have dashlane reset all my passwords to random strings that would be next to impossible for somebody to guess or brute force it supports autofill not only for login and password info but also commonly requested form fill info important docs stored payment info even has its

own optional vpn built right in online security is serious stuff and i always encourage you guys to do your own research but especially after using it for a while and really polishing it to my needs dashlane is something i personally trust to keep all my accounts safe and organized and it saves me valuable time every day you can try dashlane for free on one device right now by going to bad seed and because they know a lot of people are still working from home you can get 25 off a premium plan using code bad seed go check them out so naturally to hit that low weight there’s a lot of plastic here and i kind of winced when i tested the strength of this headband but there’s no creak or any sign that it wasn’t up to the task it just doesn’t inspire a feeling of quality or durability in hand that’s a fine line to walk for a manufacturer between something feeling lightweight and something just feeling cheap like the headband did not feel like it was going to survive that test right there and this also doesn’t feel like it would survive a drop onto anything other than a carpeted surface now i could be completely wrong on that it may be

more durable than i’m giving it credit for but i’m not going to risk a drop test the headband system works due to this elastic strap in here which is color matched to the headset mint glitch in this case it’s also reversible super easy to swap out to you just line up the dots and you’re good to go so this part is another way you can tweak the appearance of the headset these will also be available separately at 9.99 a piece each headset colorway has its own corresponding strap and they’ll have an orange vector colorway that’s available only as an aftermarket add-on so if you like the body color of one but the strap of another you’ll be able to mix and match these there is some adjustment to the ear cups themselves but it’s literally like three quarters of an inch on either side the band has two anchor points inside as well to control size like a lot of headsets i wear this at the absolute max adjustment and it’s still just a hair shorter than i’d like it to be to really get that good seal under my earlobe the sizing is going to work for the majority of the head sizes out there you

know if you have one of those heads like one of those ones where you wear your snap back at like the absolute last snap probably not going to work for you i’d also be interested to see how long this elastic band will hold its own before needing to be replaced so it’s refreshing to know that you can replace these for 10 bucks if you need to the ear pads are also color matched to the frame and at least for now are not available as a separate purchase though it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see this in the future as they’re also really easy to remove and replace you can just toss these in the washing machine if you need to these are a dual layer memory foam wrapped in like a light breathable sport mesh smart design here with this really soft memory foam where it meets your face and then a more dense layer underneath to provide stability so they don’t bottom out there’s also like next to no clamping force on these at all outside of the cuffs are mostly matte plastic with gloss accents you’ve got the g logo and chrome controls are all on the left cup you’ve got standard stuff usb c charging the detachable mic got your volume wheel here as well as an assignable g button that you can use in g-hub to assign to whatever you want to you also have these pretty subdued rgb strips which are

practically essential for like any gaming product out there these days but i like the fact that it’s not overdone here the mic is a six millimeter condenser uni-directional cardioid mic it’s detachable and really flexible you do get g-hub support and of course you get blue voice here as well the default like broadcaster 2 preset makes my voice sound enormous they don’t include a mic screen here but they do have this aftermarket pack of mic covers available for 9.99 personally i think it’s hilarious but it’s not exactly my cup of tea maybe if they had like a comically large like full-size beard add-on or like a hand flipping the bird or maybe like a bachelorette party tiny wiener straw something like that somebody left a comment on a recent video talking about distance learning since the covid school situation is what it is right now i could totally see these aftermarket mic covers being a hit with younger kids these will fit most other boom mics as well like here they are on the astros the range on the g733 is also great since it’s going over that 2.4 gigahertz light speed

wireless as well didn’t have any issue with this at all the fob or dongle is also color matched they rated up to 20 meters which should be plenty of range for inside your home logitech states the battery life here at 29 hours that’s with no rgb and the volume only at 50 in practice i got about 20 hours out of these before i needed to recharge that’s with rgb on but the beauty part here is that these get really loud for a wireless headset you’ve got plenty of volume overhead which is always nice to see i run these between like 58 and 70 volume they do control the window system volume too so they play nice if you have other peripherals that do that as well so the drivers in here are the 40 millimeter pro g drivers versus the 50 millimeter in the pro x in game they perform well you still get a great sense of direction in game but you do get a nerfed sense of game world size or sound stage it’s hard not to draw immediate comparisons to the recently released g pro x wireless which i find to be far superior in detail separation cleanliness of bass delivery and sound stage i’m sure a lot of

that is owed to the 50 millimeter driver regardless in either headphone i don’t get a lot out of the dts headphone x 2.0 i’m generally not a fan of this even if you set your game mode like i play a lot of modern warfare i set it to home theater mode it’s still really bloated and just off and it definitely is detrimental to my game versus running in stereo as far as music listening with these nah i’m spoiled i get it but to me this sounds like a 99 wireless headset and that’s why i saved the price for less the asking price on these is 129.99 which to me feels about 30 higher than it should be kind of feels like you’re paying a premium for the design of the headset which is a hard pill to swallow when the audio isn’t anything special you do get some bass the game audio is solid it’s just not mind-blowing so it’s still very functional as a gaming headset but there’s nothing wow here nothing that i think would warrant such a high asking price audio wise the corsair hs70 will keep pace with these in between 79 and 99 the hs70 build feels more substantial and durable but they’re not going to be as light or as comfortable as the g733 and the mic on the corsair is not as strong it’s understandable that these aren’t intended for

the enthusiast market so if you are an enthusiast logitech’s own g pro x wireless is a very solid headset at 199 which is obviously a 70 jump but if you have some flexibility in the budget and you prioritize audio performance i would definitely recommend stretching for that one versus going this way closing out on a more positive note fans of the g915 tko keyboard can rejoice as it’s now finally available in silver and white and it’s absolutely gorgeous the brushed aluminum plate is amazing the white trim around the volume roller uh it’s a showstopper for sure and while it looks amazing alongside the g305 if you’re one of the lucky few who got a gpw ghost it’s a pretty insane looking setup the dongle is not color matched with the keyboard which was only a slight bummer for me but all the gameplay footage today was recorded using three light speed wireless peripherals together with no lag no latency no disconnects nothing i will be doing a full review of the g915 soon as it is at the

absolute high end of gaming keyboards price wise i do have both the linear and now the tactile low pro switches in-house as well we’ll also be digging into the experience of running an all wireless setup including the power play mat here pretty soon no word yet on whether they plan to re-release some of the pro wireless colors that we’ve seen previously or if they’re going to get the new color treatment or if there’s finally a revision to the g pro wireless around the corner i honestly don’t know at this point thanks again to dashlane for sponsoring today’s video look out for all this stuff to start showing up in retailers sometime mid-september i’ll keep you updated on social feeds as they get a little closer to launch and that’s it for this time i’m brian p thanks so much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up uh

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