Glorious Model D- Gaming Mouse Review: Does it Measure Up??

today’s video is sponsored by dollar shave club you know what they say about guys with small hands right small d oh was that too easy well today i’m two handing a tag team of the latest mice from glorious looking to fill an increasingly crowded hole in the mini mouse segment will it have solid market penetration or will it come up short we’re going to go hands-on with the d minus today for both a size and a grip test to see exactly which d you can handle or if you should grab a d at all you ready let’s go [Music] yo i’m brian p you’re watching bad t-tech and today we’re taking on the d-minus gaming mouse from glorious pc gaming race you already know what it is retailing for 49.99 the d minus is the small but still capable version of the model d it’s a lot of what we’ve seen from glorious already so we’re going to focus primarily on size and shape comparisons and build quality it’s only available in matte black and white and i would suspect that’s due to the glossy models just not being big sellers but i’m

guessing here it’s a good size at approximately 120 millimeters long 61 millimeters at the front flare 65 at the rear and 58 ish millimeters at the narrowest point of the grip 39.8 millimeters high and tips the scales at 63 grams it falls into the category of mini ergo so there is some competition in there namely the death adder mini the mini skull and a couple mini symmetrical mice like the hottie the mirror and the viper mini in terms of build quality the bottom plate has loads of flex similar to what we saw in the pre-release copy of the mini skull though i understand final copies of that mouse addressed a lot of that i don’t actually own a final copy both top and bottom creak is present on my copy side panel creek and flex is pretty apparent easily enough to trigger the side buttons m1 and m2 side play is practically non-existent though and pre and post travel on both was very good side buttons feel good here as well with minimal pre-travel and really next to no post travel they also lock up very solid on full depress the scroll wheel hasn’t seen any changes here that i can tell you either love it or hate it but there’s no wobble no rattle it feels good i

actually enjoy going back to a glorious scroll after having used some other stuff i like the height the tactility and the spacing in between the ridges it’s easy to depress it’s less noise on both of these mini copies and on my full size d it’s virtually silent oh thanks to dollar shave club for sponsoring today’s video so what does a guy with a giant beard know about shaving well dollar shave club’s got you covered for all your grooming needs shower oral care deodorant skin care and of course shaving even now when i’m only shaving like here and like maybe here the ultimate shave starter set has this hefty executive handle two quality blades plus one ounce tubes of dr carver’s prep scrub shave butter and post shave dew my favorite is the shave butter because i can actually hit these precise lines without trying to guess like when i’m using an old school shave cream when it comes to skin care i don’t really like talking

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mini which is built very well and even like the hottie s comes in at just around 50 grams and feels more substantial in the build everywhere except maybe that bottom plate where it’s on par i have to point out too that while both mice are using the updated glorious ascendant cable my black copy came with a flaw at the stress relief that has some of the internal wiring actually coming out of the shielding this got worse the longer i had it obviously this is something that can be fixed with the cable swap glorious does make that very easy and i’m very certain that their customer service would have taken care of me on this no problem as they would you but this is still obviously going to be pretty upsetting for somebody who spent 50 dollars on their mouse and has to do a cable swap to get a flawless copy sensor here is the trusty 3360 the feet here are the g skates and they’re still specific to the d line at a glance they appear to be the same size as the full size d this means the ceramic g

floats for the model o are still not a fit here i do love that they’ve included the protective film in blue now so it should be super obvious that you need to remove these before use and they do actually still include the skates that fill that gap between the feet on the bottom they appear to be the same size as on the full size d as well surprisingly even with the hand measurement of 20.5 by 10.5 centimeters the d minus is still a handful it fills my hand out more than the mini skull and the death adder mini for sure versus a full size d that’s decidedly a palm grip mouse like maybe a hybrid palm claw whereas the d-minus starts at the hybrid palm claw and into a claw for me finger tipping the smaller d just didn’t feel right on the desk but it’s what i gravitated to naturally during gameplay the skull mini is definitely more fingertip for me it doesn’t feel comfortable really in any other grip and the da mini is fingertip as well but somehow is still too small and remains one of the most confusing mouse designs i’ve seen in a minute i think the d a mini is a miss and

that’s coming from a big fan of the death outer lineage where the d minus sticks out like it’s wearing gray sweatpants is in the height of the shell i normally naturally gravitate back towards a grip that has a little support under these front two knuckles i don’t get that with a lot of the mini mice regardless of whether they’re ergo or symmetrical now this is highly personal to hand size and grip style but the d minus and the mirror s deliver that for me with the g cevlov offerings showing me glimpses of that while the deathadder mini and the o minus come up short for me in that department this made things interesting in gameplay though where i was surprised that my hand actually just couldn’t decide between claw and fingertip it’s just a touch low to have my knuckles resting during game and i naturally went into fingertip mode a lot the biggest issue for me is that the mouse is still a little large for fingertip and a little heavy for me versus the skull mini where i can finger tip that all day due to size and weight this was a surprising turn but i played consistently better with the

hottie s so for me the d minus while it might not be blowing backs out is definitely still landing headshots so like we hear in a lot of mice whether or not this little d is gonna go deep for you comes down to your hand size and your grip style it’s like it’s geared more for a medium hand versus a small hand if your hand is gonna land you trying to finger tip this mouse i would definitely reach for something lighter whether it’s ergonomic or symmetrical and yeah i get that it’s only a 15 gram difference but you can really feel it especially on those flicks they feel a lot more effortless with that lighter mouse if you do have that small to medium hand and you’ll land anywhere from a claw to palm and or you’ve tried the d and it’s a little bigger than you can handle this will be a good fit i think by now we all know the consistency issues that come with glorious mice and their 50 price point it’s evidenced here with the frame having more flex and the cord being flawed on the black copy whereas the white copy still feels a lot better they both still do flex on that bottom plate though from a

customer standpoint if this was my purchase i would definitely be contacting customer support on that black copy and i know some people have strong feelings about glorious customer service but some polls i’ve run before indicate that most people don’t have issues with their mice and the overwhelming majority that do have their issues resolved so it is what it is it’s a smaller model d for people with smaller hands it’s not a really exciting release i know everybody wants to see glorious do a wireless i also know that there’s a new pixar sensor in town one that has low power consumption so that may be a hint about things to come stay tuned for that updated take on the gmmk ice white as well as a dedicated review on the hot yes i enjoyed my little hiatus but we’re all set up now in the new space so videos are gonna be coming out at a much faster rate again thanks to dollar shave club for sponsoring today’s video affiliate links are down in the description hopefully by the time you see this the store is stocked and the d-minus is shipping and that’s it for this time i’m brian p thanks so much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up you

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