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great look i don’t even like doing mousepad evaluations anymore for factors i’ll enter in a different video clip yet the entire sector feels actually recurring to me right now nonetheless i recognize you men are going to have a great deal of inquiries concerning these so right here comes the lightning round of solutions yes i have actually seen the statement for the gmmk pro yes of training course i’m going to examine it no i do not have one yet no i don’t know when i’m going to no i don’t have any kind of comment concerning it until i have one in my hand indeed gloria seems determined on coming for every person’s necks in 2020 yes i like that power since at the end of the day it profits the customer indeed one of their brand-new computer mouse pads appears a terrible great deal like an artisan and kai which is precisely why we’re having a look at their new line of components mouse pads today we’re gon na check out them both with their ptfe feet and their ceramic feet as well as well as no i’m not going to comment in any way on the model o

cordless yet you ready let’s go yo i’m brian p you’re viewing negative seed technology and also today we’re looking into the new elements line of mouse pads from marvelous computer gaming race full transparency i have not invested a lot of time with these i have actually just had these in-house for a few days and also glorious did send all these out for testimonial yet as you ought to recognize now does not impact my evaluation by any means there are 3 brand-new pads in the components schedule air ice and fire all 3 come flat pack now all 3 are only available in black and all just come in their xl size which is 17 by 15 inches or approximately 432 by 381 millimeters none are a towel surface area they’re all either difficult or crossbreed in some way and they’re all pretty fast we’re going to start with the least fascinating one and also work our way up as well as that occurs to be the air priced at 24.99 this is basically a v2 of their helios tough pad the xl variation of that helios is 18 by 16

this set’s 17 by 15. Pricing corresponds the xl sized helios which i think is a tricky current modification because that xl size made use of to be 19.99 the main objective of the mistake was to truly boost the longevity of the pad because that was among the principal problems about the original the various other complaint was the rate in which it destroyed mouse feet which is an usual problem concerning tough pads as a whole now certainly i can’t promote everybody or all over on the planet however substitute feed for mice nowadays are method less expensive they’re a lot easier to come by and also they’re readily available for essentially any kind of computer mouse on the marketplace today the days of paying ludicrous rates on ebay for hyperglides are lengthy gone so it’s 0.5 millimeters thick still has the exact same reusable sticky silicone base where generally like abide by your desk i don’t see any type of meaningful efficiency distinction between this and the helios which i mained for a long period of time i had one adhered to the laminate top on my uplift workdesk for essentially a year it really did not permanently

influence the desktop computer whatsoever i assume it’s quite suitable for high level of sensitivity gamers it plays really rapid has a whole lot of control not large on stopping power if that’s still a point you think in if it’s hot or really damp or if you’re a heavy coat your arm or your hand might adhere to it i do advise a sleeve it also needs to be flawlessly tidy you get even a crumb on this thing as well as it really feels like something is actually wrong it’s also truly loud if you’re a player that picks your mouse up and also establishes it down a whole lot because you’re basically simply banging your computer mouse precisely your desktop computer in between their ptfe g skates or their ceramic feet the g floats the ceramic floats are actually slower on this pad which is fine because the ceramic feet take an already loud pad and also make it crazy loud not a lot more to claim concerning it i have a thorough testimonial of the helios on the network it’s possibly an actually awkward watch by currently where i did my finest macho male perception throughout the whole point

nevertheless it’s linked down in the summary all best successive is the fire priced at 34.99 us this is their hybrid speed control pad this is precisely the exact same surface area as the fanatic dash dissimilar identical very same surface area same support exact same stitching too which i mention since this is the sewn edge for people that despise sewn edges on their mouse pad it’s actually limited it’s actually consistent it’s actually reduced so i personally do not even understand it’s there the only difference is the thickness gloria mentions the density of this pad at 4 millimeters it’s not it’s 3.5 the dashboard in fact is a full 4 millimeters when you hold both of them in hand side by side you can feel the difference squish level on this point is strong the huge variation of the dash is a touch broader than this and also it’s five bucks more expensive they also make the dash in a massive workdesk floor covering dimension variation too i really feel like it’s a solid surface area it’s water immune it’s resilient x as well as y are truly consistent it’s not impacted by moisture which is really easy to test because i moved to the pacific northwest it does a good work of remaining in put on the desk as much as gameplay i specified in the initial dashboard testimonial that it didn’t

actually work extremely well for me i’m a modern warfare player 400 dpi typically make use of an in-game level of sensitivity of 9 nowadays i dip into about 15. I really did not have as several concerns with the pad this time around i in fact played back and forth between this one as well as the dash just to see if it felt any different in video game in all it does not i like everything right they do advise you not to crease this surface back over on itself if you do it does this which is what my dashboard looks like currently because it was saved incorrectly eventually or else it shows up to be rather durable and the ice this is the one right below valued at 34.99 also this pad is mosting likely to attract a lots of contrasts to the artisan kai at this 16 by 18 size it falls right in between artisans big and xl sizes specified thickness on this is 4 millimeters yet once more it measures 3.5 the surface below is glass instilled it has the same rubber support as the fire pad exact same stitching too squish degree here again is strong generally the exact same on what you get with an artisan

mid the backing differs from artisan as well as for me the ice has a far better grasp on the desktop computer than the artisan mid does the surface area though is a little various with the kai it resembles you have all these little tiny glass beads like sand these come off with time it’s deliberate and also expected that you’ll require to change this pad usually you can literally feel this begin to take place as soon as you draw it out of package with the ice it feels even more like a laminated surface as if like an actually slim sheet of plastic was heat pressed over a fabric surface area that’s not precisely it but that’s what it seems like the reason that i assume it’s not exactly it is because if it was i feel like i ‘d have the ability to break that top surface area if i used sufficient stress which i was not able to do also using my thumbnail i still can not obtain the top of this point to split i attempted so no dice there either it most definitely seems like a layered point due to the sparkle in it as well as the method it reflects light it’s like there’s a deepness to it it additionally obtains really dirty looking actually quick so keep a microfiber nearby if you’re worried about that sort of thing it’s a truly rapid pad easily the fastest of any of the ones we looked at today and also in my viewpoint is faster than the kite additionally seems like it’s mosting likely to be more durable currently truthfully i can not say that for particular since i

haven’t logged adequate hours we could see that finish wear in time i do not know however i base that on two things number one it simply really feels in hand like a much more long lasting surface area and 2 i don’t assume it’s a big secret that sturdiness has never ever been among the marketing points of the kai i really prefer ptfe feed on this as opposed to ceramic it’s simply balls out method too quick for me with the ceramic feed so if you’re trying to find a sensation like actually sliding on glass or ice get the floats in this pad it’s the fastest arrangement i have actually seen thus far along with all that it’s my by far favorite of the bunch high as i hate to relocate away from a workdesk mat on my gaming setup this thing is my brand-new main pad eliminating the top place from my long running aqua control plus i’m fractured with this thing due to the fact that in spite of it being extremely quick it likewise has a great deal of control i do not recognize it i can’t explain it i do not even understand why it’s able to track because the surface area really feels totally smooth x and y are perfectly consistent it’s the very first distinct point i have actually seen in a truly long period of time i’m gon na be very pissed if

this ends up to simply be another oem due to the fact that i have actually directly never ever seen anything like it so there it is the air is whatever it’s a polycarb difficult surface i still delight in aspects of it but i play a lot in a different way currently than i did then and a large component of the appeal back after that was the affordable cost the big resembled 14.
99 or something so i’m much less of a follower of this pad at 24.99 the fire it is what it is it’s the fnatic dashboard it’s a crossbreed towel surface area that is up to the rate side for an artisan comparison it feels like a much faster hayate otsu for me it gives up way too much control to be my primary it is super consistent nevertheless unaffected by temperature and humidity ceramic feet actually feels slower on the fire than the ptfe but the ice i enjoy it once more it’s actually regular ceramic feet are

method faster than ptfe here i directly like the ptfe much better so cash where my mouth is time is this the kai awesome yeah i think it is the gameplay experience is truly comparable but the worth part truly ideas the scales we’re speaking about 34.99 plus delivering that’s versus 5400 yen or 51 us dollars yet the delivery will get you i can’t promote everywhere in the globe but if you’re mosting likely to get one pad from artisan to the u.s you’re going to pay an added 2 800 yen that’s a grand total of 79 usd to obtain a big or xl in mid plus any worldwide transaction charges on your settlement approach depend on me it’s a cost i have actually paid sometimes it additionally takes around 11 to 12 days to obtain among these from japan to the west shore when they are in supply as well as they’re constructed from the ground up to not be sturdy i can’t think about a single factor to select that over the ice other than for the flex as constantly links to everything we spoke about today down in the summary you will not have to wait excessive longer on that particular version oh wireless video i guarantee any type of inquiries strike me in the comments or come discover me on twitter which’s it for this time around i’m brian p thanks a lot for seeing do not fail to remember to strike that like switch hit that below switch as well as up until next time remain up you

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