Realme X50 5G vs Realme 6 Pro Best Budget Phones Compared!

so if you’ll ask me just a week ago about my favorite budget smartphone so far of 2020 one of the highest-ranked efforts would have definitely been this bad boy here the real me six pro at 300 quid is not exactly super cheap but what you get in return for that cash is just impressive value for money unfortunately this last week Rumi has been shunted from that special place in my heart and replaced with real me this bad boy here is the real me ex 55g it also costs 300 pounds just like the six ball but it upgrades that text so now you get a 765 G chipset with 5g support and a 120 Hertz display for 300 quid I mean that’s just mental so lots of you have been asking me which one would I go for the real v6 pro or the new real me ex 55 G I’ve probably made it kind of obvious from that intro anywhere but let’s do a full in-depth comparison between the two so you can see which one might be best for you and if more the latest greatest actors do poke subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers so let’s start with a look at the design you’ve got the older real me 6 Pro hit on the left and the fresh new real me X 55 G here on the right just to keep things straight in my mind at least because when you see them both from the front they’ve basically the same you got a six

point six inch screen on the real me 6 pro a 6.5 7 inch on the real me X 55 G you literally have to start busting out tape measures and protractors to notice any difference in the dimensions or anything that the bezels are very evenly matched between the two and as you can see of course you got your double selfie cutout cam action in the top left corner as well and even when you flip these phones on over you’ll struggle again to notice the difference beyond a slight difference in the colors and also the patterns so the room e6 pro is available in three different hues you’ve got this funky blue coloration otherwise you’ve also got white and orange and as you can see when it catches the light just so it throws off this funky Lightning style effect very snazzy meanwhile the real me X 55 G is available in just a choice of two colors you got this lovely gorgeous snazzy green model otherwise you’ve also got it sort of a silvery white effort as well and as you can see they’re slightly different pattern as well and that’s literally pretty much the only way of telling his two phones apart there are some weeny little differences in for instance the camera lens arrangement but they are pretty much identical twins both of these really smart phones rock a bit Gorilla Glass five front and back so they are proper tough mothers you’ve got pop a bit of screen protect action on there as well neither phone is resistant however the merely splash resistance or fine if you’ve got a bit of inclement weather or you spill your beverage on them something like that now the old

edge mounted fingerprint zones are definitely making a big comeback in 2020 which I’m quite happy with I quite like that design that stylin and you’ve got one here on the sixth bra and the real neat X 55 G and in both kiss is nice and responsive and super Swift and both phones also support raise to wake and face recognition as well so you literally just pick them up and they will scan your mug and you’ll be strangely desktops again you don’t even need to touch that fingerprint sensor so now the software and there is absolutely bugger all difference between these two brilliant budget blowers they’re both running the latest Android 10 and that’s for the nice bit of real me UI version one point or slathered on top for those of you don’t know really UI is basically just the color OS launcher operating under a pseudonym you get all those great Android 10 features like you can dive into the display and brightness turn on the dark mode if you like you got full on gesture navigation all that great stuff you’ve also got a buttload of great bonus features on there including the game space tools which is excellent for any game and fans out there help stir bock notifications helps keep you focused on all of that delicious online carnage and the other hardware features are basically the same as well as you’ve got NFC support for the likes of Google pay on both of these or real me handset so you’ve got dual band Wi-Fi all that shenanigans but as the name heavily hence the real me X 55 G is the only one of the pair to support 5g connectivity so going

forward you’ve got that extra bit of future proofing so now let’s move on to the screen tech as I said before the basically the sim dimensions here you’ve got a six point six inch six Pro otherwise the six point five seven inch X 50 to choose from it’s an IPS panel in both cases this in contrast quite strong color reproduction as well you can boost the vibrancy in the display settings if you prefer that over more natural hues both of them produce full HD plus visuals and you know what I struggled to see the difference between the two they’re both nice and strong on those top brightness levels and yeah picture quality overall very good indeed when the real me 6 Pro came along and absolutely blew my mind that I busted a 90 hurt screen refresh rate option absolutely fantastic the kind of thing you’d only usually tend to see on upper mid to premium levels smartphones however of course really learn how to outdo itself at the X 55 G which boasts a 120 Hertz refresh rate and that really is super super-rare I’ve only seen a handful of smartphones usually like dedicated game and smartphones and the likes of the the oneplus 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S 20 that boasts that 120 Hertz writ and to be perfectly honest and it’s mind nakid all those i Coralie tell the difference between 90 and 120 Hertz anyway once you get above that sort of 60 Hertz level everything just looks silky gorgeously smooth so I wouldn’t make it a key factor in your decision making process those

displays are gorgeous but really defi hasn’t disappointed when it comes to the audio support as well both of these smartphones have full Dolby Atmos support it’s not help to just sort of fine-tune your audio depend on what you’re doing do a bit game and listen to some music whatever got full support for high res tracks on both of these and you’ve got all the great core tech support as well as Sufism you’ve got some sore knee headphones you get that nice bit of L DAC support so that audio comes through crisp and clear over Bluetooth and Bluetooth 5.1 support on both of these real new phones too now if you’re all about performance the real meat X 55 G certainly impresses of its price point it’s the only 300 pound smartphone you’ll phone with a Snapdragon 7-6 5 g chipset packed inside can you grab it and either six or eight gigabyte flavours this right here is the 8th Giga model I think got some perfectly respectable specs here on the older really 6 pro as well what you’ve got is the Snapdragon 720 G chipset here and that comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM as standard and the G at the end of those chipset names basically refers to the fact that these platforms were designed with gimen in mind so Qualcomm has given a bit of a boost to the GPU in both cases just to help us games run with a nice fluid framerate even on pretty high detail settings so if you are a game and finally the great news is these real me phones can blaze through any title on the Google Play Store if you’re a pub G mobile phone caller Judy fun you can expect a nice consistently smooth frame rate you know the real music sports or a

couple of tiny little stumbles when I was bombing across the landscape in a vehicle something like that but overall very impressive indeed but of course if you are deadly serious about your gaming and you want a smartphone that’s gonna last you a good few years then I’d point you at the real me X 55 G because that’s 7 6 5 G chips that offers a bit more grunt it’s definitely better future proofing and you can play on those high detail settings with flawless performance on the storage fund there’s no difference between them you get 128 gigs as standard and it’s ufs 2.1 as far as the soul reasonably nippy but not quite as quick as some of the more premium smartphones there however there is a difference as far as a micro SD memory card support goes because the fresh new real me ex 55 G sadly does not support memory cards so if you do want expandable storage the six pro is the way to go and then we have the battery life of course and again both of these really smart phones really really impressed you got a four thousand three hundred milliamps cell here on the older real meet six port slightly smaller 4200 amp on the fresh new x 55 GP and know what good luck trying to kill either of these things in a single day if you’ve got full charge when you wake up in the morning guarantee there will still have some power left last thing at night even if you’re you know you zoom in your mates you do look a bit gaming using that camera tech these are absolutely the smartphone equivalent of Michael Myers or Jason boys they just refuse to die and when you do eventually need to charge them back up again the good news is you’ve got full 30 watt fast charging support as well as the both power up in a jiffy so now let’s talk camera tech and even though it looks like a very similar camera arrangement here on the back of the

roomies 6 port and the X 55 G’s a quad lens setup on both you do actually get some very different hardware so while the real meet X 55 G sports a forty eight megapixel primary lens using Samsung’s GM one sensor what you get here on the roomies six port is actually an upgraded sixty four megapixel primary lens using the Samsung GW one sensor now the one that everyday photos do look pretty good no matter your choice you get quite punchy color reproduction but those colors don’t look unrealistic at least not unless you took on that Chrome a boost feature the real musics Pro did definitely over saturate slightly more often than the X 55 G when you’re shooting high-contrast scenes or just general daylight photos in very strong light indeed the X 50 definitely wins for HDR situations even if it’s not quite perfect and where you can capture more detail using the 64 mega pixel mode on the sixth Pro that difference in clarity is only really obvious when you zoom right in if you like a bit of ultra wide action well the good news is you’ve on it megapixel ultra wide angle lens on both of these Brewers which produce very similar results and you’ve also got a 2 megapixel macro lens on both as well as you can jump on into the ultra macro mode and shoot a very up course personal shot of an insect or a flower if you like now these really smart phones do differ when it comes to the final lens as well because here on the sixth Pro you actually got a 12 megapixel telephoto lens off only 2 times optical zoom something that’s very very rare at this sort of price point you can’t zoom here on the rule

meet ex 55g but it is just a digital zoom the final lens here on the X 55 G is in fact just a simple basic 2 megapixel depth sensor and it goes both these smartphones can shoot full-on portrait mode shots with a nice bit of baki action in the background you’ve got full control over that as well so you can bump it up lower it back down again and besides the fact they’ve got the 64 megapixel mode here on the 6 put on the 40 and megapixel board here on the X 55 G the rest of the camera modes are basically the same so for instance you’ve got a pro expert mode on both which allows you to pedal about with lights the X 4 levels the white barn Jing shoot full-on raw for tour images as well you’ve got their night mode support as well would you get in functions perfectly well on both of these smartphones you can just capture lots of different images at different exposures meld them together and what you end up with is a really nice bright good luck and result and on the video tip no real difference there either you can once again showed up to 4k resolution footage of course you’ve got the full-on super steady image stabilisation mode as well if you want it or ultra steady as we only calls it so you’re not a huge amount of difference between the two in terms of the general camera performance on the features it’s really all about our telephoto lens if that’s gonna be a deal sealer for you then the 6 port is probably going to be your huckleberry and then if we swap around to those front-facing cameras both the real me X 55 G and the real music’s pro use a 16 megapixel primary selfie lens using saudis MX for seven one sensor however they also have a secondary lens the only x 55 G it’s a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor whereas here and the real news 6 pro what you actually get is an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens so you can fit in more background action or a big group of mates if you’ve got more friends than I do that’s the only real difference apart from that you get some good-looking selfies on both of these smartphones again trying to avoid so harsh lighting and things like that and you’ll be absolutely fine all right there’s my full comparison between these two great value really smart phones have you’ve been on an art about which one to get hopefully that has helped definitely grater here on personal thoughts down below which one you are most tempted by and why and from all the latest creators tech please do poke subscribe and ding that a lot of vacations belt chisel Ron love you

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