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Today we have a very early model of the brand-new 80 refresh from setting styles this is an endless group by via the end of the year with fulfillment slated to start at some time in march however with the whole world experiencing shortages and shipping delays i could take that date with a grain of salt i do want to point out too this is one more board that’s had a great deal of sponsored material just recently this video is not funded in any way i do not have any type of affiliate arrangement with them at all and also this board is going back to mode as quickly as i wrap up with this video so we looked at the mode 65 recently and also i was really satisfied with that board for its amount of customized options its supply audio as well as the crazy quantity of flex in that fifty percent plate config this develop is a bit different as we don’t have flex cuts in this pcb and we’re making use of a light weight aluminum plate so we can kind of take flex off the menu this is additionally warm swap south facing 5 pin kale outlets pcb is once more made by gondolin drum which

i did not have to invest 10 mins googling to try to figure out exactly how to articulate this time this is mode’s tkl design for those of you that require to have a specialized function row this is as marginal as it gets with difficult lines rounded edges very little geometry no rotating encoders or even indications of any type of kind do still have that actually comfy 5.5 degree inputting angle and 19 millimeter front elevation right here as well big follower of that regardless of being warm swap we do have layout options right here not such as the bat quantity we saw on the disgusting 68 yet you do have the selection to switch in between regular or stepped caps in addition to making use of a basic 6.5 u bottom row or a sengan 7u base row design which i’ve chosen here today simply for funsies prospective downside right here is that if you’re running the common caps lock key or the exact same game base row you will certainly have north encountering activate your caps secure and your entire lower row so you will certainly have to prepare as necessary to avoid disturbance can validate that setting’s very own response direct

switch which are duroc v2 linears don’t have any type of north-facing interference for me with gmk some individuals found that puzzling in the disgusting 68 video clip which i will certainly connect here if you need some even more info about interference yet so we’re clear if you’re running the action caps secure the typical lower row the 6.5 u bottom row all your outlets are southern encountering you have absolutely nothing to bother with for that lower row it only gets unusual if you make it weird truly wonderful pcb again though excellent style nice as well as thick by the time it hits final it will work with qmk and also using also i needs to direct out there’s no rgb below no per trick no under world no indications we do have a little girl board this moment around also usb-c center-mounted good deep recess in the event with plenty of space for aftermarket connectors included stabilizers are the duroc v2s with the great smoky grey housings these require to be lubed and assembled and also i like that they include these gloss black wires we have two primary

installing options right here the separated top install and the pile place isolated top mount simply suggests we have these little silicone sleeves that fit over the tabs on home plate which assembly is then screwed into the top framework it’s not formally supported to install without these this time around there’s nothing to stop you from doing it however i do not know why you would certainly the sound and feel are both boosted by these the board currently makes use of an optional layer of poron in between home plate as well as the pcb but the stack install doubles down with a thicker poron sheet that submits the lower part of the situation this can modify the sound as well as the flex in particular setups we’ll pay attention to both here in simply a second however since we’re making use of a warm swap pcb without any flex cuts which aluminum plate it’s not going to alter too much flex i do not assume it’s mainly going to boil down to your audio preference this board has the exact same clam shell setting up where you hook the reduced lip and afterwards fold up the board with each other however it’s various than the 65 as well as that we just have 2 large hex screws in the base did i lastly obtain that right this time around this indicates we do not have that covert screw setting up from the 65 as well as we do not obtain that

awesome magnetic back item below i liked that on the 65 since it included an aesthetic component to the top and also it aided separate even the lovely scheduled forehead on that board below we have a much bigger temple and absolutely nothing to damage it up visuals are totally subjective yet it’s not my favorite look this board evaluates a great quantity also over four extra pounds of approximately 1.8 kilos fully developed as well as there’s no choice for a brass lower right here this is all aluminum i will certainly state that particularly for being a very early prototype the colors and the coatings below are top tier the tolerances and fit or tight everything looks costs and also it must i have actually deliberately prevented telling you the cost until this factor since i wanted you to have the same reaction i did the 80 beginnings at 459 us hey yo you good you need some water i get that the 65 is literally smaller sized so much less material cost however this moment around we have fewer cosmetic options less product alternatives for the lower case and less

complexity of design at a dramatically higher rate below we have shade choices and the same plate pcb choices that we had on the 65 but for me absolutely nothing awfully interesting from a visual viewpoint i was a large fan of the brass lower when i reviewed the 65 and also i was worried that board wouldn’t sound as excellent in the all aluminum setup that’s specifically what we have right here so we’re gon na hear this point out and see if we can make some feeling of this alright so i in fact truly like the audio of this board i like it a great deal more running just in the isolated top mount versus that pile place it’s obtained simply enough reduced end resonance to provide it some sonic character there’s a lot of difference depending where you’re hitting like the escape trick the inner secret and the arrows all audio extremely various but overall excellent audio as well as does not do anything negative i wouldn’t really feel any requirement to mod this board whatsoever the pile install for me just mutes it so a lot that it sinks out any kind of personality this board might have as well as surprisingly truly did firm up the keying experience also using the complete light weight aluminum plate here after making use of

both plate and also pcb configs i would take the flexi bouncy config over this any kind of day the solder version has flex cuts i do that in a fifty percent plate with this aluminum plate it’s dampened on bad however it still really feels pretty solid to me i do enjoy the typing angle on these boards i’m simply having a tough time with the cost factor of this board i am prejudiced due to the fact that i do have a tendency to such as smaller key-boards versus the tkl format but i really felt like the 65 delivered a great deal for its asking price at 349. That’s what i expected this port to set you back when you think about the frog tkl resembles 289 before pcb or the new r2 of the nk87 from unique secrets which we’ll take a look at following is 289 460 just seems like a nut leading yes what’s below is well performed yet i’m not seeing complicated geometry any type of standout attribute a visual discussion no brass weight alternatives no embellishments depending upon exactly how you see

things it might either be looked at as tidy and marginal or it could just be checked out as straightforward it is additionally offered in win essential listing that might be a marketing factor for some and there is the much shorter than industry basic wait time finest situation circumstance you’re taking a look at about four months of delay time right here versus a year or more for other team purchases like i said this does run unlimited through the end of the year so there’s no need to hurry into anything plenty of time to sign up with i assumption that’s my last call the setting 80 performs the fundamentals extremely well yet to me it really feels overpriced if you’re fine with the very little appearance as well as you do not mind paying a premium for lowered wait time what you’ll locate right here is a board that really feels and also appears actually good it doesn’t do a lot yet what it does it does extremely well all best any kind of questions hit me in the remarks and i will certainly catch you all in the next one you

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