ATTACK on TITAN Collab Capsule from HiGROUND !

i got ta say i got a lot of regard for high ground that initially capsule they performed with hundred burglars i was not easy on that board a 65 mechanical keyboard that may in fact put the thieves in hundred thieves they might have just ghosted me after that video i honestly would have understood yet they’re back today with their newest keyboard capsule as well as officially qualified collab with preferred and also confusing anime assault on titan this is the devote your heart pill as well as consists of key-boards keycaps and mousepads in both levi and also colossal titan layouts plus amikusa and also aaron jellyback i’m not an anime man whatsoever i’m doing my ideal this is an easy clear poly crossbody bag with steel equipment has high ground as well as aot branding with mikasa on one side as well as aaron on the other goes with 40 bucks the pads are 900 by 400 millimeters and are remarkably great they come packaged in a tube so there’s no wave in all when they turn out absolutely level the printing looks terrific high ground logo and one edge aot logo design in the reduced best edge these are rubber back three

millimeter thick they have actually stitched sides that are actually flat to the pad really wonderful consistent sewing the surface area as well as the stitching sort of seem like a fanatic dash so these are totally suitable for video gaming and not just visual it was a great surprise these are valued at 50 bucks so you’re definitely paying that collab tax but you’re obtaining a high quality pad that’s really functional the key-boards are the star of the program here though and i was certainly curious to see what type of renovations they ‘d made over their first board that board was basically a gk rebrand system 65 with some entry degree gatter on red changes some rather decent looking caps a silicone plate dampener for an attractive costs rate appearance i’m not shed on the idea that branded merch retail gaming boards as well as serious personalized key-boards are all various animals different audiences you can not truly assess them similarly however i rated that very first board hard like the testimonial itself was hard not me directly i truly like that they have actually branded the individual boxes right here so even if you don’t select that full pill experience you still get packaging that shows it being

an enthusiast’s collab inside we still have the exact same high ground puller but they have actually upgraded to a braided cord this time it is still that gkrk design yet a host of improvements to that base formula so we still have that very same 65 design with committed arrows the instance this time around is like a clear smoke gray with a serial phoned number plate on the back this is a good touch however you can inform this little sticker here is quite slim like you can see the folds where they applied it ravaged that i really did not get number 69. You can see the huge high ground word mark behind the instance this is molded right into this big two-piece silicone insert in the base this assists the sound a fair bit yet it likewise adds a respectable amount of weight this board immediately really feels better in the hand as a result of that keycaps are still dye sub pbt a little thicker than last time we still have that around print with the tales found on the front faces of the caps rather of the top they did lose those second feature legends like on the fro so it does really feel less chaotic i like that these have a really smooth appearance not at the same high quality degree as like the unique keys pbt that we

simply checked out however the printing is actually regular as well as the area bars are straight these aren’t such as a real black black because of the color below they have like a blue tone to them we have the high ground logo design on the internal key attack on titan on the space bar and the scout guard on the retreat key like i said you can get this border in either levi or enormous titan these are an ubiquitous print visuals which high ground is beginning to be understood for the titan board is sort of a hard read like you need to be at simply the right angle to actually understand the full graphic but that’s just type of the nature of printing similar to this we also have that issue where several of the additional legends are going to be tougher to review because of the graphics but once more that simply kind of features it the levi board to me is much cleaner it end up with some nice grayscale and also these red accents if you just like the caps as well as don’t need the boards these collections will certainly additionally be readily available at sixty bucks per under the caps the obtain reds are no extra and instead we discover custom tinted variations of the ttc heart button mind blowing the ttc heart is an actually solid stock switch that we have actually considered in the past on among the ducky kids however with the smoke gray housing shade that they’re

calling the titan heart it’s tough to capture on video camera but these really have a little plastic heart captured in the stem of each button this is a huge level up these don’t need lube they seem as well as really feel great incredible to see naturally the board is still warm swap needs to you intend to change these out but you really would not intend to we have five pin outlets with perky rgb these are north dealing with so your leds will deal with shine through or backlit keycaps if you ever before intend to go in this way they have actually remained with the shiny metal plate and also despite the kind of oem look i get it it’s a truly reflective surface which assists the rgb backlighting as well as unlike the white painted plates that we see from brand names like ducky this will not obtain messed up if you make a decision to hot swap your buttons we still have the silicone plate dampener it’s white this moment around versus orange it fits the style of the board much better and also we still have plate mount stabs yes there’s a trade-off right here pcb mount are constantly a lot more stable like you can see the housing wobble below but plate installs are very simple to eliminate and also simulated realistically the core market for this board is most likely not going to care concerning this at all yet they are quite rattly the spacebar absolutely has

some difficulties these are manufacturing facility lubed yet it’s really sparse as well as like a lot of factory lube it’s irregular this is almost totally fixable with the lube syringe the room bar is still a little stubborn [Praise] i imply that type of represents itself right the board sounds pretty good the stabilizers are the opportunity below it’s a company typing experience like there’s no flex or anything however the buttons are very smooth no scratch thicker caps appear to have a reduced pitch and also having all the internal space inside the situation generally loaded with silicone amounts to a board that for me appears surprisingly great i’m pleased with the strides they have actually made in between that very first keyboard and this board when that very first testimonial went down i did have a handful of individuals connect and tell me i was as well tough on it or i was anticipating also a lot of what was essentially a merch key-board i obtain that i recognize that the core market for that board or this board are possibly not super key-board geeks many people appreciate the collab the branding the exclusivity of the drop not the technical information yet what we have right here is objectively a better board in regards to parts really feel and appear i like the aesthetic tweaks

certainly it’s not gon na hang with a personalized key-board that costs a pair hundred bucks for a bare bones package and also they do still have some job to do on their stabilizers as well as the factory lube there however at 145 i like that attack on titan followers can get something like this and also not really feel like they needed to compromise on quality simply to obtain the branding huge props to high ground for not obtaining in their sensations yet going back to the lab as well as leveling up to supply a board such as this the buzz and also the demand for this pill are actual these will likely be gone within minutes the drop opens might 6th at noon pacific and you require to be quick flippers will probably be throughout this one that’s it for today as well as i will certainly catch you done in the next one remain up you

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