what’s up guys sigi here and also invite to another technology equipment talk today i’m mosting likely to tell you why i changed my cam backpack and also everyday reach the pgy tech 1 setting and initial let me ask you a concern are you extremely happy with your present camera bag if you’re watching this video i’m presuming you’re either looking for a camera bag since you desire to see if there’s something much better than what you have or you could be looking for your first camera bag and also you’re not exactly sure what functions or functions it needs to have or maybe you similar to camera bags like i do and also if you have a bag that you simulate allow me understand what you’re making use of in the comment section and also after that allow me recognize why you like it for me my issue was that the electronic camera bag that i was using previously was just uncomfortable therefore i recognized i needed to replace it i would love to quickly give thanks to pgy tech for sponsoring this video clip they connected to me a bit ago and also asked if i wished to evaluate this bag and i started doing a great deal of research undoubtedly i do photography i fire video clip as well as i love using my

drone i’m constantly utilizing different combinations of cam bodies as well as lenses so i assume i’m a rather challenging consumer when it involves backpacks due to the fact that i kind of needed to do a great deal in addition to everything i needed for work if there was a way for a backpack to also become my day-to-day carry that would certainly be a bonus offer before obtaining back to them and also after doing hours of research study i was thinking you know this bag can be a quite good fit and can fix several of the discomfort points that i have with my present bag so i made a decision to get to back out to pgy tech and also stated let’s do it as well as i have actually been using this bag for some time currently so i’m mosting likely to walk you through a full review and with any luck i can help you choose whether this would certainly be an excellent option for you i’m going to quickly discuss a few of the crucial functions and after that we’re mosting likely to study them in more detail and also talk regarding exactly how they associate with the real world use generally this bag is truly well made and also it combines functions of a cam bag with ones that i would search for in an everyday bring it’s a 25 liter knapsack when it remains in its most condensed configuration however the system is expanding for a total amount of 35 liters this modular layout consists of a removable messenger bag design pouch

that’s developed to hold your drone your camera equipment or any kind of day-to-day basics it has actually devoted pockets for battery storage space with fee status signs adjustable areas a comfortable mesh back padding with devoted air networks an rfid shielded compartment and anti-theft zippers there’s likewise a dedicated laptop computer or tablet sleeve which can stand up to a 15-inch macbook professional heaps of access panels and also great deals of storage space options so allow’s proceed and also dive in now there are five things that i seek when i’m selecting a bag building as well as convenience appearances utility or accessibility company and afterwards any kind of additional special functions and if you’re going to avoid any component of this video somehow see to it that you do examine that distinct additional add-on area because they did some actually smart things with this bag as well as i put timestamps in the summary to make your life easier fine so we’re going to begin with building let me simply claim that i’m not the most careful person when it pertains to my bags i make use of excellent bags so i recognize they can stand up to several of the abuse that i placed them via as well as still secure my gear the outer shell of the one mo is made from 85 polyester as well as 15 polyurethane so we’re getting the stamina as well as rigidity from the polyester as well as the adaptability

as well as activity from the polyurethane as well as this external covering is scraped and tear resistant currently structure as well as feel are points that are a little difficult to convey in video clip or photos but i’ll do my best right here it feels really great to the touch it’s virtually rubbery and also has some grippiness to it is that a real word grippiness i assume it’s a real word i uncommitted i’m keeping it grippiness it has it it’s a word i recognize this bag isn’t really going to get on my skin and perhaps i’m simply weird yet when i purchase things i’m constantly like massaging the appearance and to really feel like what the material actually feels like which’s something that’s essential to me this product is also solid sturdy it’s rainfall resistant as well as i really feel truly secure about carrying my pricey cam equipment or my drones in it i’ve tossed it on the ground i have actually dragged it and also it’s standing up wonderful like you could see it does not look new because i in fact use my gear for a number of months before examining it the climate resistance continues to the zippers which are water immune the zipper pulls are truly great as well as big as well as the zippers run truly smoothly even when the bag is quite packed the zippers additionally have this anti-theft loophole to them so you can simply draw this zipper pull through the loophole after that no one’s going to be able to quickly unzip your bag while you’re using it currently if you obtain caught in a tornado as well as you truly require an additional degree of protection after that you can use the consisted of

water-proof rainfall cover which is stored in the base of the bag in a velcro pocket currently the bag is also really nicely cushioned so everything from the sides to the front all the divider panels and afterwards all the various other parts that i’m gon na obtain to soon have a load of cushioning on them currently for me the lack of great padding is a non-starter if i’m placing thousands and also occasionally 10s of thousands worth of photography and video equipment in a bag i require to recognize that my equipment is protected i additionally really like that the back stands up and also it doesn’t tip over it has an actually great as well as solid structure to it as well as i like that pgytech uses a lifetime warranty alright so let’s move on to the shoulder straps my largest trouble with my current bag was that it was awkward so this was definitely one of the important things that i was searching for when i was investigating the bag now these straps are great as well as wide so the weight is dispersed truly well they have a wonderful quantity of cushioning which has this like crisscross hive shaped air network thing as well as it enables the heat to get away and the component that protests your skin is just harmonize so air can move via it as well as in my experience it’s very breathable as well as comfy now the very same padding is likewise utilized on the back of the bag it’s thicker right here and also offers also a lot more support and

comfort as well as additionally exterior channels that permit the air to stream in and out as well as once again this keeps you cool down currently in addition to the shoulder bands there are 3 exterior deals with one on the side over right here one at the top and after that one more one on the back of the bag as well as this likewise functions as a luggage strap so you can put it over your rolling baggage then take the weight off your back currently prior to i go on to the next area if you like what you have actually seen until now let me recognize by providing this video a thumbs up it aids me understand what kind of material you individuals like so i can make more of it and also if it’s your very first time below struck the subscribe and alert buttons so you can keep up to day on all the most up to date gear and also tutorials okay so moving on let’s speak regarding the appearance of this bag and i know it’s not the most vital point but i like to have a good looking bag i do i like it it makes me happy when i consider it and i got the one mo in the olivine camouflage which i love like i assume it looks awesome i definitely advise this color the black looks truly great as well as clean yet i currently have a lot of black bags and i wanted something that looks a bit different and also aesthetically something that interest me about this bag as well as a few other ones that i have is that it doesn’t actually look like a video camera bag to me i hunch at the very least i don’t believe it resembles a camera bag i believe

it simply just resembles an actually great bag all right so currently let’s relocate on to energy and access as well as there are a great deal of choices with this bag first and something that i really did not have with my previous bag is the ability to have total access so indicating that i can put this bag down open it up and also currently i have complete accessibility to the entire bag currently this is what i need when i get on place i can just open it up leave it open as well as then i can transform lenses obtain even more equipment out or just placed something away i do not have to keep whizing as well as unzipping different compartments now if the bag is whized up as well as i just require accessibility to my laptop or tablet computer i can simply unzip the top of it as well as after that reach in and also get my laptop computer yet this is just the beginning so next we’re mosting likely to check out this video camera side access panel and also this lets me obtain the cam out of the bag without unzipping the primary zipper and i can likewise do this while i’m using the bag by swinging it around obtaining the electronic camera out and after that swinging it back now depending on exactly how you configure your bag and i’ll reach that in the next area there’s another zipper right listed below which will give you accessibility to either the incorporated handbag or to an additional electronic camera body this is truly crucial to me because there are a great deal of times when i have greater than one body with me and also i require to be able to promptly

access both so i locate this sort of double accessibility module over here extremely valuable currently let’s relocate on to capacity the bag itself in the default setup is 25 litres which is plenty wherefore i usually take with me what’s terrific is that there’s an expanding storage compartment in the front so if you need it you just unzip the front zipper and afterwards you can see this entire area expands currently you can simply unzip the interior zipper as well as you just added 5 litres well worth of capability because this compartment is basically the entire length as well as width of the bag currently i generally place my gimbal in there which is superb due to the fact that a gimbal is usually a really uncomfortable item of gear to suit a bag due to the form now with a whole lot of various other bags i would certainly place it in the water bottle holder which is on the side and also that functions but the gimbal is revealed and it quickly can obtain harmed or swiped as well as with the one more i can fit the ronin s or my g and also we develop s and i have a bunch of room to spare in this large compartment i can additionally use this for a jacket or a covering or anything else that i intend to keep different from my equipment and after that in terms of capacity the pouch can be eliminated from the bag and after that worn around the waistline or as a shoulder bag and after that includes one more five litres of storage to the system which implies that you can go from 25 litres to 35 liters depending upon the arrangement as well as i love just how modular and flexible this makes the bag due to the

fact that i can pack it one method as well as after that reconfigure it when i get to my destination and also use it in various methods likewise whenever we travel the ladies constantly hand us pack that they don’t intend to bring so it behaves to know that i can develop some even more room on the fly that normally transitions us to speaking about the various ways you can arrange your gear in this bag so clearly it was designed for digital photography for video clip as well as for drone lovers as well as given that i do all three i most definitely place it to the test currently with the default configuration the top portion of the bag is divided making use of these cushioned velcro panels you can actually obtain innovative with the arrangement depending upon what you need to suit currently really the only thing that i maintained constant is the compartment closest to the side pocket so that i can constantly get my camera however i brought a ton of lenses my insta360r my gnarbox my power bank extra wires and places so this was the major area where i place my gear currently next there’s a divider which divides the bag in fifty percent and also by default the lower half of the bag contains the pouch which usually houses one of my smaller sized drones so i can place my mavic pro with the remote a couple extra batteries and filters on this pouch so

then when i wish to fly i can simply take this pipeline child and also i have whatever that i need the pouch likewise has added dividers in it so once more you can configure it precisely just how you need and also it also develops into a handbag with the provided shoulder strap so if you want to simply take your drone with you or simply the electronic camera and also a couple of lenses you desire to leave the large bag in the house you also have that choice as well as this little bag in fact has one more area that you can unzip which adds much more ability it’s type of like the bag that never ever ends as well as one of the last options in regards to how you can wear this little bag is making use of the waist strap that you normally utilize to take the weight off your shoulders you can connect the band to the smaller bag and afterwards use it around your midsection as sort of like a fanny pack and now you have this incredibly secure as well as easily accessible platform to collaborate with so i’ve utilized this arrangement with a camera and also multiple lenses in it and also it truly makes life easier when you’re changing lenses you’re not having to place anything on the ground you do not have lenses rolling away from you it also maintains your equipment clean and also safeguarded now as quickly as you take the pouch out of the primary bag or if you simply

leave it at house as well as now you have extra dividers that you can utilize to configure this whole fifty percent of the bag so when i have numerous bodies this is what i do that’s what i was chatting regarding in the past regarding the capability to reach in through either one of these pockets and also get an electronic camera body you can even take this divider and lay it flat versus the front of the bag and eliminate all these after that you simply obtain one extremely large area now directly that’s not how i utilize the bag however if you’re utilizing it as a daily carry and that’s what you like you do have that alternative currently another pocket that i desire to show you is contrary to that of the cam accessibility it has this elastic mesh pocket which i use to keep my lens wipes or anything that i want fast accessibility to but i don’t desire loose in the bag there’s likewise a zippered area over right here that i usage for memory cards and there are these elastic loopholes that can be made use of to hold cords in position all right so now we reach speak about all the fun little attachments that i actually value regarding this bag and also allow’s begin with the strap since if you’re a digital photographer or you fire video you’re going to understand exactly why this is essential to me whenever i’m shooting i always take my camera out and afterwards i take the lens cap off the cam but i don’t wish to put it back guaranteed since

it’ll go all over the area so i end up placing it in my pocket and afterwards i’m unsure which pocket i place it in i can not ever before discover it so what pgy tech did below is they included a lens cap holder to the right shoulder strap so take a look at this rubber band below i utilize this with the larger lens caps and afterwards this smaller sized one with lenses from like my m50 or a6400 it’s really wonderful as well as safe and secure now i know specifically where my lens cap is and also i can quickly reach it when i need it now on the other shoulder strap we have an actual zippered area which i generally bring a knife or flash memory card or a really tiny however powerful power bank that i occasionally utilize to bill my gadgets when i’m strolling around currently another point that i like below is the style of the shoulder band so each side is on this network so you can quickly readjust it as well as obtain it at the perfect elevation now an additional thing right here on the back is that the shoulder straps suit these little pockets so if you intend on bring the bag by the handles you can just tuck these shoulder straps away as well as they do not go flailing everywhere okay so moving on the zippered camera gain access to pocket really has another zipper within it that provides you

accessibility to an rfid safeguarded compartment where you can keep your pocketbook or your charge card next the zipper pocket listed below has three battery areas with a charge indicator so this might seem super basic yet i enjoy the simplicity below i have 3 complete batteries so i transform all these signs to environment-friendly and afterwards when i take a dead battery out of my electronic camera i grab a completely charged one placed the dead one away and i simply slide this indicator over to red and in this manner i’m never playing the game of trying to figure out which battery still has a fee beyond of the bag we have a canteen holder which can double as a tripod holder now depending upon the dimension of your tripod you can either simply fit the whole point in this pocket or simply 1 or 2 of the legs and also after that you make use of the tripod band to safeguard it in place as well as you’re excellent and if you do not desire the tripod mounted on the side you can additionally install it to the top using these utility bands that are saved in this cute little magnetic pocket as well as i do not understand what it is yet whenever my bag has a magnetic pocket it truly just makes me grin it i don’t really understand why yet i like it as well as you can likewise use these straps to attach something to the back of the bag like a blanket or a jacket or a sleeping bag anything that you either can not fit in the bag

or you just desire to keep different currently one last little device that i usage and also it’s not included with the bag however it’s this little shoulder strap attachment for an activity camera as well as i simply obtained a gopro hero8 as well as i intend to be able to have it on me when i’m heading out on shoots or i’m doing tutorials for you guys so this little thing just goes around the shoulder band and it clamps in area and afterwards i can affix my gopro i can level it with this expressing mount and then i can point it at the right elevation and i’m good to go so you’ll be seeing more shots from this angle in my future videos so would certainly i suggest this bag i’m going to say yes i have actually been making use of the one mode for a couple of months currently as well as it’s worked terrific for me i love all the different configurations that i can obtain with it the fact that i can go from 25 litres to 35 litres makes it super versatile i really appreciate the little attachments like the lens cap holder the pocket on the shoulder band the rfid safeguarded area and the dedicated battery areas with cost sign it fits it’s well made i enjoy the olivine camo look so all over it’s a really strong bag currently speaking of i pointed out prior to that there are 2 colors so the golden black costs

right under 200 dollars and also the olivine camo is an additional 20 dollars which for me would be worth it again due to the fact that i like just how it looks however let me know in the comment area which one you people like better as well as if you make use of the web link in the summary you’ll get an automatic 5 dollars off and totally free delivery throughout the us and in europe i truly wish i had the ability to provide you a good overview of the pgy tech one mo if i did please allow me know by providing this video clip a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you haven’t yet strike the subscribe as well as alert buttons you can constantly locate me on instagram twitter and also facebook at techgear talk you understand what i always say acquire it great or acquire twice excellent luck as well as see you quickly

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