Review iPhone SE 2020 After Four Months

so today i’ve got something red shiny and surprisingly small stashed in my pants just for you say hello to the iphone se 2020 one of the most compact smartphones around and also one of the most affordable apple handsets this thing costs 419 quid sim free which is roughly the same as two and a half wheels for your mac pro bargain otherwise you can also grab it from the likes of vodafone here in the uk for 39 quid a month and i really should like the iphone se 2020 quite a lot as most of the youtubers claim to but unfortunately the iphone se does find itself tranced by rivals in quite a lot of different departments especially those androids launched in the last couple of months so four months after launch here is my in-depth iphone se 2020 review and from all the latest grips tech please do pub subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now as the less than proud owner of stubby fingers and tiny wii toddler hands i’ve been somewhat troubled by the recent flood of 6.5 inch phones so the iphone sc is actually quite refreshing allow me to reach up to the top end of the screen without much fumbling

and gnashing of teeth the iphone is a much smaller than the pixel 4 rear but of course google’s phone makes much better use of that space cramming in a 5.8 inch display we’ll see on the iphone you’ve got a dinky 4.7 incher surrounded on all sides by bezels the size of bournemouth still it is good to see that touch id sensor make a glorious return beneath the display which is especially handy in the current mask wear and climate and this does work as well as it ever did although there’s no face detection on offer as a backup now just 148 grams the iphone se is so light you’ll forget that it’s even stashed in your pocket which certainly for me resulted in frequent hilarious bouts of me slapping my thighs and muttering christ my phone while my heart tried its level best to eject itself out of my throat and that by no means is a dis on the iphone se it’s just a surefire sign that current phones are far too bloody big the construction here is very sound as well if a little dated the aluminium edges are pleasingly curved for comfy grip while the back end is all glass just like the front right now you can grab the iphone se 2020 in three different colors you got your black your white or your forever funky product red version and i definitely say it go for the red it is tasty and so far the durability seems fine as well although admittedly i haven’t dropped this thing and i have generally tread it with care there are a couple of like nicks on that screen but you have to squint quite hard to actually notice them so here is hoping over time the iphone se 2021 got the

way of most iphones and just be absolutely covered in scuffs and horrible little marks and it’s great to see that the iphone se 2020 is fully ip67 water and dust resistant as well which is a feature which is incredibly rare at this sort of price point you basically got the sony xperia 10 mark ii and that’s pretty much it so if you want to enjoy streaming a bit of homes under the hammer while you’re relaxing in a steamy bath or bobbing about in a swimming pool then job done although of course as usual as soon as the screen gets even slightly moist it becomes completely unresponsive so try and keep it as dry as possible now regular viewers will know that even on a good day i’m slightly less than impressed with ios which is basically the smartphone equivalent of your slightly stuffy uncle who’s trying to appear less stuck in his ways by emulating cooler relatives and not doing a very good job of it the latest freshest ios 13 appears fully featured here on the iphone se 2020 and it features all the usual great features like impressive uh privacy uh you got some great integration with other apple products a well-stocked app store and of course you’re guaranteed several years of updates courtesy of apple however it also comes loaded with all of the usual quirks and bugs that seems to be getting worse and worse in ios for instance messenger keeps crapping out on startup for apparently no reason i always get logged out of my mail applications my bluetooth headphones won’t automatically connect half the time just annoying stuff like that it’s the kind of stuff that gets my family really concerned every time i review an iphone because i find myself several times throughout the day sarcastically

screaming at my iphone it just works and while android certainly isn’t perfect i do miss little things like the app straw and the proper notification support and the overall openness whenever i switch over to one of apple’s handsets still i can’t complain too much on the connectivity front sure you don’t get any 5g support here on the iphone se 2020 unlike a lot of much cheaper androids like the oneplus nord the real me x55g the moto g 5g plus but you do get full wi-fi 6 support which works an absolute treat i had absolutely zero issues downloading files streaming music video things like that over my wifi network as well as other lte as well you’ve got 64 gigs of storage space as standard that’s of course going to fill up pretty fast if you download a lot of apps and movies and songs and things like that but unfortunately as usual there’s no micro sd expandability so you’re gonna have to throw more cash at apple if you want more storage it’s gonna be 469 quid for 128 gig model otherwise 569 quid for the 256 giga at which point the iphone se 2020 stops becoming affordable and it’s more in line with like the oneplus 8 and some really strong android flagships and the size of that 4.7 inch screen does mean that you will be squinting somewhat when you’re watching movies especially with those massive letterbox strips squashing everything into the center that’s a curse of the creaky old 16 by nine aspect ratio however the actual visuals themselves are rather lovely sure this is a mere hd resolution screen but these sorts of dimensions that’s more than good enough photos films whatever they all look sharper than a broken bottle wrapped in barbed wire colours appear quite natural and on that maximum brightness level you’ll hit around 600 nits so no worries with outdoor visibility however that screen is so tiny that it is actually detrimental

to usability at times and i’m not just talking about when kicking back with a bit of netflix or youtube or whatever sometimes when you’re browsing the web you’ll find that you have to tap a link two or three times before it actually registers and then goes there and if you’ve got a couple of links close together one on top of the other then basically good freaking look you’ve got to concentrate really hard otherwise inevitably you’ll end up going to the wrong one at times it feels a little bit like bomb disposal you got to focus on keeping your fingers as still as possible hold your breath to avoid unnecessary tremors you feel a sweat trickling down your ass crack and then the final flood of relief when you actually manage to tap the right one and it’s also a shame you don’t get that silky smooth 90 hertz finish here on the iphone se as well just like the pixel 4a especially when you consider that far cheaper android smartphones again like the oneplus nord the realme x55g and that motor g5g plus server up 90 hertz or in the real news case even 120 hertz visuals still no complaints whatsoever with the stereo speakers setup it’s surprisingly powerful and good clarity as well considering the iphone is such a tiddler and good bluetooth connectivity as well apart from the whole auto connect issue thing uh the connection stayed strong and stable it’s probably just as well because this is one of the few smartphones around this price point that doesn’t have a headphone jack and performance is an area where the iphone se 2020 really shines thanks to apple’s very capable a13 chipset unsurprisingly this can absolutely tear through all of your afternoon sessions on whatever game you fancy with a perfectly smooth frame rate no trouble although ios still

doesn’t give you any kind of dedicated gaming mode however don’t feel like you have to splash out on the iphone se 2020 if you are an avid gamer because lots of android handsets around the sort of 300 pound mark are now emerging with qualcomm’s excellent snapdragon 765 or 765g chipsets stuffed inside and that can smash through all of the latest games on top detail levels with a perfectly consistent frame rate as well so yeah i’m sure the iphone sc 2020 as you can see has its foibles but most of them more or less can be forgiven in some way until now because you see the biggest problem with the iphone se 20 20 by 4 is the battery life specifically the way that the battery life is more pants than the annual pants convention hosted by penelope pants wearing a dozen pairs of really bad pants if you stick to just occasionally checking your messages better light audio stream and things like that then you’ll probably make it to bedtime without having to prematurely plug it in however if you actually dare to use the cameras especially for video call purposes or you want to indulge in some gaming well you better have that lightning cable to handle is all i can say any kind of screen on time just immediately you can see that battery life dropping like a friggin rock but that said when the display is completely off the battery drain is quite minimal so as long as you don’t actually use the iphone se 2020 for anything then you’re fine now let’s finish up with the camera tech and sitting fairly flush with the iphone se’s arse end is a single lens camera just like the pixel 4 rear in this case a 12 megapixel shooter

with built-in ois but i shouldn’t really even mention the iphone se 2020 in the same breath as the pixel 4 ear because frankly google smartphone absolutely smashes this thing out the park when it comes to photo quality if conditions are just right you’ll get quite natural looking results and there’s no fault in the detail levels here either but even the merest hint of contrast especially where bright skies are involved results in over-saturation or a flat looking image where the pixel can always produce bold gorgeous picks so just as the iphone sc 2020 design is a bit of a leap back in time so unfortunately is the camera tech movement subjects are generally handled well and i like the results from the portrait mode more often than not although occasionally you do get little visual quirks like this random vertical line to the left of the face and if you want to shoot photos in low light without resorting to a blind and flash that whitewashes everything well basically forget it there’s no dedicated night mode or other help here so you’re basically stuffed however it is better news when you swap to that video as long as you again avoid bright skies and the like you tend to get crisp results at 4k level with the added bonus of the 60 frames per second option and now you can finally actually change the resolution and the frame rate from within the camera app instead of having to go out and then go into the settings and mess around in there for just trying to actually find the right bits i’ve only been complaining about that for about seven years i’ve lost count of how many years now so kudos apple you got there in the end audio pickup is absolutely fine both in front and behind the camera colors

look natural for the most part and the image stabilization is typically good for apple even at that ultra hd resolution and last up you also have a basic 7 megapixel selfie cam if you want to show the entire world how really bloody happy you are with your snazzy new iphone i found this made me look more tanned than in actual real life so it’s good for fulham forks that you’ve actually been abroad and yet you’ve got the same portrait spots as well with the same range of weird studio effects if that’s your bag so as you can see there’s a fair bit to love about the iphone se 2020 including the compact size the impressive performance and the fact that you don’t have to burn down your house and claim on the insurance to actually afford one however if you’re not already deeply ingrained and trapped inside of the apple eco system then i would highly recommend looking at some cheaper android alternatives like the pixel 4a which absolutely transfers the iphone when it comes to the battery life and the camera tech you’ve also got other options like the oneplus nord the moto g5g plus stuff like that which offer full 5g support better displays and all kinds of other advantages as well so that’s my full final review of the iphone se 2020 be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below if you’ve been using it hopefully you’ve been getting on it on with it better than i have and for more than latest greatest day please do port subscribe and ding that notifications about cheers everyone love you

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