I WAS WRONG – M50 MK II – Is it Worth It?

what’s up individuals sagee right here and also invite to another tech equipment talk today i’m going to offer you my response to the newly released m50 mark ii and if you don’t intend to wait till the end looter sharp i’m rather let down so allow’s talk regarding what i was wanting to obtain what canon reports reported that we were going to get and what we’re actually obtaining as well as i intend to begin by speaking about the sensing unit so on canon rumors it said we’re obtaining the 32 megapixel sensing unit that we carry the m6 mark ii and in my video i claimed that i just can’t see that happening because it would certainly just crush sales of the m6 mark 2 if you had a camera that sets you back 250 less we’ll reach that soon as well as has the very same higher resolution sensor so while i was really hoping to obtain the greater red sensing unit i really did not assume canon was mosting likely to do that because it would simply once again it would just eliminate off any type of sales of the m6 mark ii or not perhaps any kind of sales but a lot of them and also for an entry-level cam like the m50 and also the m50 mark ii i’m in fact okay with a 24 megapixel sensor i don’t assume that the average

customer that’s going to use these cams needs even more megapixels yes it behaves to have if i had not been quiting anything else so if i had not been quiting reduced light efficiency or dynamic range or anything like that and if you just claimed i don’t need to pay more for it i’m obtaining more megapixels after that sure yet again for the sort of individual that’s mosting likely to make use of the m50 and the m50 mark ii most individuals really do not need additional megapixels so currently allow’s transfer to the cpu so on canon rumors there were no reports about the processor i was truly wishing that we’re going to get the digi x or 10 i don’t understand whatever they call it one of those yet that was really based on the fact that i was hoping we’re going to obtain these other functions that we’re not going to obtain and also since i know that we’re not getting them it makes feeling to me that they remained with the number 8. It’s not that i’m happy about the fact that we really did not get all those other things we’ll speak about that in a second but since we’re not obtaining them it makes sense that you’re not mosting likely to

upgrade the processor all right so currently allow’s discuss autofocus as well as the m50 mark ii will consist of a better dual pixel cmos autofocus with even more accurate face and eye discovery specifically at longer ranges so as the topic is further away from the camera it’s still going to have the ability to spot their eye and track it as they move with the framework to ensure that’s actually wonderful and also we’re additionally getting eye detection for video clip which is something that we don’t carry the m50 mark ii now in my wish listing i really did not consist of anything that concerned autofocus due to the fact that the m50 has autofocus that’s great it functions great for me so i had not been truly expecting anything else on the canon rumors report they claimed it coincides autofocus that we’re jumping on the r6 and also r5 which is awesome i don’t actually recognize if it’s precisely the exact same system because we’re not obtaining animal eye out of emphasis if it’s an improvement over what we have right now that makes me pleased and also if it’s not exactly the same yet we’re getting a few of those attributes at this price point that’s actually good as well as canon discussed that you have the ability to define tracking speed and also sensitivity which once more is actually great what that means is you can inform the m50

mark 2 how quickly you want it to move emphasis so if it’s concentrated on something and also it loses it for a second ought to it immediately change to the brand-new subject or should it do that a little bit slower in case something relocated right before your subject and after that the various other thing that you can do is inform it how rapid to rack emphasis from one subject to the next so given that you might make use of the touch screen to pick an emphasis factor if you click one subject and also it brings it into focus and then you click on one more subject it can arrange of change or pull emphasis extremely slowly or it can really promptly shift emphasis so you’ll have the capability to regulate that in video camera which is again an actually good feature so up till currently the features are all right today allow’s enter the important things that are not wonderful and that’s beginning with 4k video clip so on the canon rumors report they stated we’re obtaining 4k at 60 structures per 2nd without any plant as well as dual pixel autofocus in my video i was wishing for no plant 4k 30. Well we’re both mosting likely to be let down because we’re obtaining absolutely nothing we’re getting 4k at 24

frames per 2nd with an extra crop and a comparison detection autofocus rather of twin pixel autofocus and also if you don’t understand that system is just slower as well as it’s less exact so if you really desire 4k if you want your following camera to have 4k as well as that’s what you intend on utilizing it for i would certainly consider a various body something like the sony a6100 or the fuji xt200 or the nikon z50 those are all wonderful choices and if you intend to remain with canon the m6 mark ii can do that in 4k no extra plant with twin pixel autofocus so following let’s talk concerning the battery so on canon reports there had not been anything discussed about the battery in my videos really hoping that we would go to the lp17 battery that we’re hopping on the m6 mark ii and also i was really hoping for regarding a 20 19 to 20 boost in result yet we’re not obtaining that we’re getting the precise very same battery that we’re using on the m50 as well as the battery life on the original m50 is certainly among its weaker factors it’s not something that’s a bargain breaker for me and i do have two different services that i use when i need power all the time my most current one i’ll connect to that video clip up there as well as in the summary i utilize that as well as i can use the m50 all the time i never ever change batteries and i never ever also truly

consider battery life due to the fact that like i stated i haven’t also gotten near to experiencing the whole thing but having said that it would certainly always be nicer to be able to have a larger capacity battery right in the cam in situation you do not desire to bring any type of extra items okay so next allow’s speak about type element as well as one of the important things that i favor concerning the m6 mark ii over the m50 is that i have 3 specialized dials for aperture shutter speed as well as iso to make sure that indicates that when i’m taking photos if i require to alter iso aperture or shutter rate i can just do that i don’t need to consider the display i do not require to do anything i understand where the dials are and it’s a much far better customer experience with the m50 there’s just one dial so if it’s readied to shutter speed for instance and also you intend to transform the aperture you require to click a button on the back which will toggle both settings as well as now you can make use of the same dial currently if you wish to change your iso then you can set among the personalized switches on the back that’ll bring up the iso food selection as well as you can alter it so it’s not that you can not do all these points it’s that it’s simply not as streamlined similar to the m6 mark

ii well we’re not obtaining any one of that we’re getting the precise same body same form factor very same electronic viewfinder very same completely articulating touch display same flash everything all the buttons are precisely the same so we’re not getting any of that added performance what we are getting which is a function that i actually love and also i’ve only seen it on like the 5 gx mark one i believe to one of those is a document button on the touch screen so instead of having to get to for the record button or if you have the shutter switch set to start taping if you have the screen encountering either back or encountering you no matter there is now a record switch right on it so however if you remain in front of the electronic camera you can simply touch it if you lag the cam or sideways you can still just use that as well as i always seem like that doesn’t move the electronic camera as much so i like that a whole lot and i believe there’s also a hold-up that you can establish so if you’re a maker you’re on your own you wish to go hit document you need 2 seconds or 10 seconds i believe those are both alternatives you can

click it return to where you’re going to sit as well as after that it’s going to begin taping to ensure that’s once more a really wonderful feature okay so the next location where i was really hoping to see an upgrade has to do with audio degrees so in the initial m50 you can not see the audio levels on the display either before you’re taping or while you’re recording you need to go into the food selection or you have to utilize a setup that doesn’t show you the actual scene then you’ll be able to see it on the back on the m6 mark ii you can see the audio levels prior to and also throughout videotaping what i was hoping to get is something like what we have on the 90d where we would certainly have the ability to see them prior to as well as during recording and on top of that be able to modify them or change them while we’re videotaping the reason that is essential is if i’m tape-recording something as well as i see that the audio levels are as well low with the 90d i can simply increase them if they’re expensive i can lower them with the m6 mark ii despite the fact that i can see them i can not make any changes so with both of these cams i need to quit the clip make the adjustment leave the food selection beginning videotaping and also then i’m great but it’s much better to not

need to stop as well as simply to be able to readjust on the fly well we’re not getting that with the m50 mark ii i believe we’re getting the specific very same interface that we have with the initial m50 all right so currently proceeding to the next feature that i was hoping we’re gon na obtain is a tidy hdmi result on the canon rumors report i do not assume it said anything about that in my video clip i was truly wishing we were gon na obtain it since that would make the m50 the ideal streaming camera as long as you desire to stream in 1080p if you wish to stream in 4k once again it would certainly be workable yet you’re not going to make use of double pixel autofocus you’re going to make use of that slower contrast discovery system it must also mean that you have the ability to connect an outside recorder like the atomos ninja 5 and after that document for longer than half an hour as well as that’s terrific for long form material for lectures discussions if you’re filming spiritual solutions or any kind of other lengthy occasion that kind of enables you to tape-record indefinitely as lengthy as you have battery power for the m50 and enough recording media on the exterior recorder currently it’s a pricey enhancement to something like the m50 mark ii however if that camera

does everything that you need and that’s just a function that you wish to contribute to it as an option later that is something that you must have the ability to do now i wish to speak about another attribute that i was hoping we were going to get which’s 120 structures per secondly for slow-moving activity so absolutely nothing was stated on the canon rumors report but i was actually wishing that we were going to obtain them currently the m6 mark ii has 120 frameworks per secondly in sluggish movement however without any autofocus and also no sound as well as that’s what we’re going to obtain on the m50 mark ii it functions it’s not that you can not utilize it yet once more just like with any kind of video clip it’s nicer to be able to have autofocus you do not need to stress over that you’re simply fretted concerning capturing your shot so essentially what we’re getting is 1080p at 120 frames per 2nd reduced to 30 structures per secondly in cam which you understand slows down points down by a factor of 4 so it’s not that you’re not obtaining slow-moving motion it’s just not excellent as well as again if this was a cam that was launched 4 years ago i can arrange of ignore that however right now i believe it would certainly have behaved to have the following thing that i was wanting to obtain it’s not a big bargain but i was truly wishing to get a boost in ruptured capturing so the m50 can fire 10 frameworks

per second the m6 mark ii can contend 14 frameworks per second with a higher resolution sensor as well as the same processor well we’re not getting it we’re obtaining the same 10 structures per second and also the barrier can hold 10 raw pictures as well as 33 jpegs similar to the initial m50 carrying on to the following function in my video i was actually hoping that we’re going to obtain that i know that a great deal of individuals want it and also that’s upright video clip as well as you’ll more than happy that we are obtaining it so with the m50 mark ii you’ll have the ability to put it in upright mode and then record web content for instagram or tick tock or anywhere that requires vertical video clip on top of that you ought to have the ability to stream straight from the electronic camera without needing a computer system at the very least to youtube online i don’t recognize what various other services you can do that to directly from the cam however i’ll put that in my thorough evaluation carrying on to another function that i recognize some people have an

interest in canon reports stated you’re not going to get it i stated you’re not going to obtain it and you’re not obtaining it and that’s ibis or in body picture stablizing that’s the type of stablizing where the sensing unit in the cam is actually relocating to make up for the camera motion rather than that we’re getting the exact same stabilization that the initial m50 has its digital image stabilization in the body plus optical photo stabilization in the lens so they interact yet we’re not getting sensor change in body photo stabilization alright so total i believe this is mosting likely to let down most present m50 customers who are really hoping to update i believe that also canon called it an improvement which is not what i was expecting besides this time the m50 was launched in march of 2018 so that’s like 2 and also a half years earlier and i was really anticipating to obtain an extra significant upgrade the rate of the m50 mark ii is 599 for the body or 699 for the body plus the

package lens so the rate of it is great but my hunch is that you’re not going to be able to locate the original m50 in stores for a lot longer i think they’re mosting likely to sell out of the stock that they currently have they’re not going to get any type of much more so if you do not desire 4k if you desire an incredibly very easy to use user interface with a completely verbalizing touch screen superb autofocus vertical video as well as you want to stream in 1080p then the m50 mark ii is a great alternative i can not see a great deal of individuals upgrading from the

initial m50 to the mark ii and i can’t see anybody that desires 4k

acquiring the m50 mark ii i will most likely still get one so that i can share my experience with you and also compare it with the initial yet like i

stated in the start i was wishing for so much even more and i truly believe canon fizzled with one of its most prominent video cameras the only silver cellular lining here for me is that it resembles they’re proceeding with the eos m line which i truly like as well as i’m excited to see what this brand-new m7 will need to provide i’ll put links in the description to where you can acquire the initial m50 and also the m50 mark ii in addition to a few of my favored lenses and accessories i actually hope i was able to offer you a good overview of the m50 mark ii if i did please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you have not yet sign up with the area by hitting the subscribe and alert switches you can always locate me on instagram facebook and twitter at techyeartalk you know what i constantly state purchase it great or buy it twice all the best and also see you soon

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