WHY PAY MORE?! Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech Folio Touch

if like me you utilize an ipad for work or as a laptop substitute you’re mosting likely to need a keyboard the on-screen keyboard simply isn’t excellent enough for any serious quantity of typing the inquiry should not really be whether to buy a keyboard it must be which one you’re going to buy if you’re seeing this video my guess is that you want one or both of these options so allow’s break these down talk about the good and also the bad and see which one is the most effective suitable for your ipad what’s up individuals sigi right here and invite to an additional tech equipment talk today we’re going to contrast the logitech folio touch for the ipad air 4 to the apple magic keyboard i initial obtained the magic keyboard use it for concerning a month and also after that logitech asked if i would certainly be interested in examining the new folio touch i did partner with logitech and also they did send me this key-board for my sincere as well as neutral review and also if you’re not new to this

channel you recognize that i always keep it genuine with you guys and also i share my actual individual experience alright so allow’s get to the key-boards both are excellent choices as well as there are benefits and also downsides to each one so my objective will certainly be to share my reality experience that you can select based on what’s essential to you the first point i wish to discuss is the price since i assume for most individuals this is a rather substantial acquisition the apple magic keyboard costs 300 dollars and also the logitech foliar touch costs 160 dollars so it has to do with half the cost this is a rather huge distinction and also you can in fact purchase a 2nd generation apple pencil for 130 dollars with the logitech foliar touch and also you’ll still be at 10 dollars under the magic key-board so if we’re strictly shopping on cost alone clearly the folio touch comes ahead however that’s not truly exactly how i select items i look at worth and also price is truly just one component of the formula we also know that apple doesn’t market on price they offer as well as experience so allow’s speak about the inputting experience which’s something that i kind of ignored for many years of programming i just used whatever key-board i had as well as i really did not actually give

it a reservation and after that when i started using mechanical keyboards and also discovering just how large a distinction they produced me i started being far more knowledgeable about just how the secrets feel as well as sound and afterwards how that impacts my overall user experience so allow me open these up so we can just take a peek at the alignment here i’ll simply also prop this up so that they’re kind of similar both boards have backlit key-boards so the secrets are simple to see also at night i’m mosting likely to give the folio touch a mild edge right here because you can regulate the illumination degree with specialized secrets and also we’ll reach a great deal even more of these shortcut feature secrets later on the secrets on both boards have one millimeter of travel however the foliar touch keys really feel even more like laptop computer secrets i absolutely like keying on them they seem to recuperate a bit extra and i also like the audio that they make far better it was a little more clicky and much less of a hollow thud like on the magic key-board currently i do need to admit that i’m really a person that

suches as clicky secrets and there’s definitely an element of choice there so let’s do a fast sound examination okay back to the feeling of inputting for me i really felt like my hands got fatigued extra rapidly on the magic keyboard since there’s much less feedback from the keys so you wind up pressing them harder than you require to and also along with that there are a few other factors that i’m going to discuss in the future in the video the vital format on the folio touch is a little over a quarter inch bigger than on the magic key-board so it equates to an ever before so somewhat roomier configuration this isn’t really a significant distinction but it exists now an area where there is a substantial distinction is the real position of the keys in connection to the lower panel if you discover the magic key-board has about an inch as well as a fifty percent of room on top and after that we obtain to the leading row of tricks the folio touch only has concerning a fifty percent an inch the reason this is meaningful is that the foliar touch has a lot more room for my hands to rest on as well as they’re really being supported by the board on the magic key-board my hands were either off the board or they’re relaxing exactly on the side of the board which was not the most comfy now when taking a look at the various locations where i really kind either at a desk

or on sofa or laying in bed i like having this larger wrist rest virtually in every circumstance this is a best shift into comfort designs and the different settings as well as positionings that each keyboard supports among the points that i like concerning the magic key-board is that because the ipad is drifting there is stress in these two back joints so the keyboard does not need any assistance from the back that suggests that when you’re in a tight area it’s simpler to use because you do not need as much depth to work with i additionally like exactly how thin as well as streamlined this style is i have to admit that it looks terrific however it does have some sensible drawbacks which i’ll reach soon now the folio touch has a flap on the back which is both excellent as well as negative like on the one hand absolutely calls for even more room to work with so it could be a limitation yet on the other hand does supply a great deal a lot more angles for the display when you’re inputting which is a bonus

offer with the magic key-board there were times when i desired it to be slanted back simply a bit more as well as i couldn’t since the means the magic key-board is developed methods that it’s currently top heavy right since the ipad itself is larger than the actual key-board so if you have it on your lap at a slightly descending angle you type of need to maintain stress down on the wrist rest to maintain it from tipping back and also when you remove your hands you have to be cautious that it does not topple assume that if they made it tilt up any type of even more than this it would certainly be an actual issue any kind of anytime you weren’t on a level surface as well as that’s why they restricted it to where it is now utilizing the folio touch on your lap you do not face the tipping concern yet you will require to have the board closer to you due to the fact that this back flap needs to be sustained aside from keying mode the folio

touch can additionally be taken into watching mode which is kind of like a pyramid so it resembles that and currently we have a smaller impact that resembles what we have with the magic keyboard other than that it’s better well balanced and it supplies much more seeing angles now you can not key in this setting however you can use this to see content currently if i push the folio touch to the restriction in this setting which resembles ideal around there then i get to illustration mode which is great for drawing or for when i’m using the apple book lightroom or editing and enhancing in lumafusion i like having it at this small angle as opposed to flatten the desk because i do not have to lean over as a lot when i’m making use of the pencil currently this clearly isn’t something you can do with the magic keyboard i have actually seen some individuals like use it such as this as well as as well as so technically you can i indicate you have the keyboard type of in front of you i’m gon na claim that you can yet it’s it’s not the very best however a lot of the moment what i see people do is if they want it flat on the desk they just

take it right off the magic keyboard and also they placed it down directly i ‘d be stressed over the electronic camera obtaining scratched but i always say that i’m not like one of the most careful person with text to make sure that might just be me which brings me to the last mode which reads and also this is where we can flip this down flip every little thing such as this and now i can make use of the folio touch like i would certainly a regular tablet as well as i can utilize it to check out that’s another thing that you can not finish with the magic keyboard again you can take the ipad out and now there’s no protection as well as we’re mosting likely to maintain this board while you’re using the ipad and also is this going to be next to you when you’re done and also you want to place it back so i don’t truly see that as an excellent option if you’re the kind of individual who does not mind having the ipad without a situation and you only intend to make use of the keyboard at your workdesk for everything else you’re great with simply having a naked ipad air 4 after that the magic keyboard is wonderful it’s a lot easier to remove the ipad since it’s just kept in location by the magnet so taking it out as well as placing it back on the magic key-board is quicker i don’t trust myself without some type of a case which suggests that if i took it out of the magic key-board i ‘d have to place it in one more situation as well as that’s simply not mosting likely to occur and also talking of shielding the ipad the folio touch is hands down the better choice both keyboards

protect the front and the back however the folio touch being thicker most definitely adds one more level of security with additional padding you can see that the electronic camera is inset a fair bit so you ‘d truly need to put it on something that would certainly extend and fit through that hole in order for it to get damaged the folio touch additionally has a bumper going all the method around so the top bottom and sides of the ipad air 4 are secured whereas with the magic keyboard the one side is safeguarded but the other side the top and the base are exposed and also the video camera is only somewhat listed below the surface of the back you don’t need to stress over the cam obtaining damaged on the magic keyboard if you place it on a flat surface area however it is much a lot more revealed than with the folio touch among the important things i enjoy regarding the ipad air 4 is the apple pencil 2 compatibility it’s fantastic that you can just combine as well as bill the pencil wirelessly as well as i like the truth that it affixes to the ipad itself with the magic

keyboard the pencil is revealed so when i put it in my bag or take it out unless i’m really taking care the pencil usually befalls with the folio touch there is a magnetic strap that looks at the apple pencil and also snaps onto the rear of the instance so the pencil can still charge however it will not come loosened also as a result of the bumper the pencil is deeper right into the instance so it’s more shielded now the strap does indicate that when you’re keying you require to flip it over as well as allow the magnet snap right into the back to ensure that it’s not such as tumbling around like this that’s something that you do not require to do with the magic keyboard but i’ll take that extra action over needing to stress regarding losing my apple pencil the band also has a little cutout right there within it if you intend to utilize an apple pencil alternative like the logitech crayon now proceeding i wish to speak about the power resource so both key-boards use the smart port to get their power from the ipad air 4 so you don’t need to stress over billing either one of them

and also once more you do not have to stress concerning replacing a battery the magic keyboard has the benefit below with a usbc passthrough under of the board i really similar to this attribute and i desire that it was available on the folio touch due to the fact that it enables me to have the charging cord level on the workdesk instead of hanging from the side of the ipad air 4. It also indicates that i can bill the ipad as well as usage an additional accessory like an external ssd without utilizing a usbc hub when i use the folio touch i utilize this small usbc hub to make sure that i can still power the ipad air 4 as well as link an sd card outside ssd and even an outside monitor currently i want to discuss the track pads which are available with both boards right here i had actually blended feelings and also depending on just how you utilize your trackpad you’re mosting likely to like among these over the other the folio touch trackpad is larger than the magic keyboard it’s a tiny bit narrower however it is deeper due to the bigger wrist rest yet then i understood that the top of the board can’t be clicked it’s only as you obtain regarding a quarter of the way down that it starts to click and you need to push pretty hard now as you relocate down it calls for much less

as well as less force and it’s best as you obtain closer to the base on the other hand the trackpad on the magic key-board clicks completely everywhere and it appears to require a little much less pressure which is much more comfy to use so if you actually like to press your trackpad the magic keyboard is a much better option i virtually missed this distinction since i don’t such as clicking the trackpad and also if you saw my 10-day testimonial of the ipad air 4 i mentioned that i promptly switched on faucet to click on the magic key-board due to the fact that it’s how i choose to utilize the trackpad and because i allowed it prior to i got the folio touch i virtually really did not observe that you can not press the top of the trackpad both trackpads completely support gestures so you can maximize your productivity both are precise and also responsive as well as both add to a laptop computer like customer experience if you like actually pressing down on the trackpad you’re gon na like the trackpad on the magic key-board if you’re a tap to click type of individual like me you’ll choose the larger trackpad on the folio touch with a bigger and also much more comfy wrist rest okay so currently i intend to get to this

added row of faster way or feature tricks which is something that i actually liked regarding my slim folio for my ipad 8. On top of the folio touch you can see an added row of keys that quickly performs ipad os shortcuts without having to utilize key mixes if you saw my ipad key-board shortcuts video clip i showed you how to do things like bring up the spotlight search rapidly go to the residence display a few various other shortcuts like changing between applications as well as taking screenshots plus i covered just how you can see every faster way available in every application what i definitely like regarding the folio touch is that several of those shortcuts are available with a solitary specialized trick plus we have some functions that are not readily available utilizing standard key-board faster ways so you can go to the home screen control the screen illumination program or hide the on-screen key-board bring up ipad os search control vital brightness and also we likewise have a full collection of media secrets with back play pause ahead mute as well as volume backwards and forwards controls and then at the end we have a display lock secret which turns the ipad

display on or off for me being able to alter the brightness of the display or rapidly struck the mute switch when i get a phone telephone call without having to connect with the switches or with the ipad nerve center those are the kinds of features that add to a much better real-life user experience alright so allow’s place this whole thing together if you want a streamlined and also minimalistic style with less moving parts you such as to push down on your trackpad you want usb-c passthrough for charging which is actually wonderful if you want a smaller sized footprint when typing you frequently eliminate the ipad air 4 from the keyboard to utilize it without a case and 300 dollars remains in your spending plan after that the magic keyboard seems like it’s an excellent fit for you if you prioritize capability with 4 various settings created for keying mapping out using an apple pencil watching as well as reading if you wish to far better safeguard your ipad air for and apple pencil while at the very same time you want a far better and also a lot more comfortable typing

experience a bigger trackpad and all of those outstanding shortcut function tricks at the top all for 160 dollars which is basically half the rate after that the logitech folio touch is the ipad key-board for you i’m always interested regarding the types of attributes that are determining aspects for you people so please let me know which you like far better as well as why as well as if i missed something that you ‘d such as to learn about every one of these once more let me recognize in the remark section it will aid me create better evaluations and contrasts for you in the future i’ll place web links in the summary to where you can purchase both key-boards along with the devices i pointed out in this video clip i really hope that i had the ability to provide you an excellent contrast between the apple magic keyboard and also the logitech folio touch if i did please let me recognize by providing this video clip a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you haven’t yet sign up with the area by hitting the subscribe and notification switches you can constantly find me on instagram twitter as well as facebook at techgear talk you know what i constantly say acquire it wonderful or get it two times best of luck as well as see you soon you

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