GOOD AND BAD! Apple Magic Keyboard 2022

the apple magic key-board for the ipad air 4 and also the ipad pro has some truly excellent attributes it’s got a great minimalistic style makes your ipad float and also it looks pretty trendy however there are a couple of points that i believe would certainly have made it genuinely enchanting what’s up individuals sigi here as well as welcome to another tech gear talk if you’re seeing this video you’re possibly considering purchasing the magic keyboard or maybe you already bought it as well as you simply intend to see a review or maybe neither as well as you simply like enjoying my videos to which i thank and also i appreciate you today we’re mosting likely to dive deep right into the magic key-board for the ipad air and pro speak about the functions i’ll share with you some opportunities for improvement and also we’ll see if this is an item that you ought to think about so starting do you even need a keyboard for me

the solution is a basic of course as well as i use my ipads like i utilize my laptops as well as if you viewed my 10 day evaluation with the ipad 8 and the ipad air 4 where i used them as a laptop computer substitute there’s simply no chance that i was mosting likely to have the ability to do that without a keyboard i do a lot of keying i compose scripts and also bullets for my video clips i respond to e-mails and also i answer a ton of talk about youtube as well as respond to dms on instagram there’s just no other way that i’m doing every one of that with the on-screen keyboard so for me i do need some kind of key-board yet if you only do extremely light keying after that you may be able to manage with just an instance and afterwards save on your own a number of money now mentioning money the magic key-board can be found in two sizes the one for the air 4 and 11 inch ipad professional expenses 300 dollars and the one for the 12.9 inch ipad pro costs 350 bucks so we’re most definitely paying a

costs for an apple product now whether you believe that’s way too much or not is certainly up to you and also i often tend to check out cost as it associates with functions and after that attempt to choose if it’s a great worth for me so allow’s take an appearance at the style as well as ergonomics and after that obtain to the capability from a layout point ofview the magic keyboard is quite sweet i don’t really care that the ipad drifts in principle however it does have really tidy lines the layout is sleek as well as minimalistic and also it does not add a lot of dimension or weight to the ipad however with every layout there’s always an exchange and also in this situation among things that we’re quiting is defense so the front and the rear of the ipads have lots of security with the magic keyboard therefore does one side but the opposite side plus the leading and the bottom of the ipads are quite revealed and also i don’t know if it would certainly endure a loss since it’s probably to land on one of those corners or a side an additional problem that i have with this design is that the apple pencil is exposed this is fantastic when you’re working you can just conveniently grab it and also simply place it back however when

you’re delivering the setup in a bag you’re mosting likely to discover your pencil at the base of your bag the pencil can additionally come loose when you reach to obtain the ipad currently if you’re the sort of individual that will maintain this keyboard at your workdesk you do not intend on truly taking a trip with it this isn’t actually mosting likely to be a concern for you although when you take the ipad and also wish to leave the pencil you don’t really have a terrific area for it i presume you might just put it on the key-board if you’re going to be much more mobile as well as place this in your bag just maintain this in mind and keep an eye on the pencil one fantastic function concerning the magic key-board is that it’s very very easy to eliminate the ipad as well as after that reattach it to the board this isn’t something that i really do quite much ever before due to the fact that i don’t trust myself with a nude ipad yet i can see that not everybody utilizes their gear the means i do and i like to explain functions that i believe are excellent also if you don’t use your gear like i do so if you’re a person that you know usages this for inputting and also grabs this to go watch material as well as places it back i imply this is very easy as it requires to be i likewise like the truth that it’s a quite compact keyboard so it doesn’t call for any space behind the ipad for extra

assistance this is in fact truly valuable when you’re operating in a limited space one issue with this absence of assistance and the slim style so due to the fact that the ipad is heavier than the base this mix is leading heavy and also if you’re collaborating with the keyboard on your lap it doesn’t always stay flat as well as it tends to turn and potentially tip back if you don’t keep your wrists on the rest prior to i carry on to the typing experience if you like what you’ve seen thus far and have gotten worth from this video let me recognize by providing it a thumbs up it aids the video and also the channel and also allows me know what kind of material you like so that i can make even more of it and also if it’s your first time here struck the subscribe as well as alert switches so you can remain up to day on all the current gear and tutorials regarding the typing experience i like inputting on the magic key-board it’s most definitely a lot far better than the on-screen key-board the tricks are backlit so they’re easy to see even when you’re working in the dark tricks themselves have a nice feeling to them have a one millimeter of traveling so you’re getting some tactile feedback as well as they are rather comfy to type on the noise is a little dampened for my taste however i do like a clicky keyboard so i’ll proceed and provide you an audio sample one

concern that i had with inputting has to do with the layout of the board because the ipad is drifting it’s really covering the top of the key-board that compelled apple to press the keys further down on the board as well as it left less space at the base for the track pad which i’ll obtain to in a min but a lot more essential for the wrist rest due to this narrower layout my hands landed precisely the side of the board so i either had to type like that which had not been incredibly comfy or i had to choose in between stretching my hands off the board or trying to squish my hands so they fit on the board in any case wasn’t perfect so directly i assume that added to my hands tiring out faster than they usually would now let’s obtain to the trackpad which is amazing i suggest i have only excellent points to claim regarding this trackpad it’s exceptionally receptive it’s evenly clickable all over which is not real for every single key-board trackpad combo on the marketplace actually i would not change anything regarding it simply it’s incredible all the gestures worked excellent as well as when i utilized it with spreadsheets or when editing video clips it actually was an excellent trackpad so great task apple following i want to speak about the power supply and the billing port the magic keyboard gets the power from the ipad itself via the clever adapter on the back that’s terrific due to the fact that you don’t have to fret concerning keeping one more tool billed and you do not need to mess around with batteries now one of my favorite features of the magic key-board is the usbc passthrough under so you can charge the ipad without having a cable television kind of hanging as well as dangling from the side of the ipad itself as well as i occasionally fret about that i don’t

understand if that’s taxing this link factor so having it flat on the workdesk is really wonderful it’s likewise a much cleaner setup when the wire gets on the desk as well as it’s means much less most likely to obtain in the means the ipad air 4 as well as the ipad pro come with a usb c port which is a good upgrade from the older lightning port it unlocks to using a usbc hub to attach exterior drives check out information off of an sd and also mini sd cards and even attach an external display but one point that i was let down regarding with the magic key-board is that the usbc passthrough only works for power and also not for information so you can’t attach an ssd to the usbc port on the key-board and also utilize it with the ipad you likewise can not utilize a usbc hub this way so i wound up needing to hang that from the side of the ipad which virtually defeats the factor for me if this is something that’s possible with a second generation of the magic keyboard it is certainly something that would make me update this brings me to an additional opportunity for improvement with a function that i’ve seen on various other boards faster way or function tricks so key-boards like the slim folio for my ipad 8 or the folio touch for my ipad air 4 have a row of feature keys at the top

which do points like most likely to the home screen control display illumination program or conceal the on-screen keyboard bring up ipad os search and control vital brightness currently we additionally have a complete collection of media manages with back play pause forward mute as well as quantity up as well as down controls and afterwards at the end of the board on the top right we have a display lock key which turns the ipad display on or off currently these are exceptionally practical and i love being able to swiftly silence a game or a video clip when i get a telephone call or stop a video if i’m remembering while researching and also considering that i’m used to having this performance i miss it each time i make use of the magic keyboard the concern below is mosting likely to be just one of readily available room since of the layout of the board the ipad is hanging over the top which we already spoke about as well as it already restricts just how much space apple needs to collaborate with if they added another row of buttons the concern i mentioned at the start would be even worse and then all-time low would be even narrower so i don’t recognize what they could do to fix this issue but i’ll leave that as much as the great minds at apple and also while they go to it i have an additional function that i wants to see which’s the

ability to flip the ipad right around to ensure that you can have it in vertical mode or check out mode and also really utilize the ipad like a tablet without needing to remove it from the board and if they were somehow also able to keep this angle when you turned everything the method over then you can have the keys facing down as well as the ipad would not be always level on the desk maybe tilted up a little which would be fantastic for attracting or editing and enhancing images utilizing the apple pencil as well as that is something that i have actually seen on various other boards it would certainly be amazing if it was in some way incorporated right into a newer variation all right so is the magic keyboard worth 300 or 350 dollars relying on which version you get i would certainly love to know what you think it’s most definitely a cool layout it’s very slim it does not call for a lot of desktop computer room to use it has good secrets an exceptional trackpad and makes it extremely simple to get rid of and reconnect the ipad i would certainly like to understand what you think of the possibilities for improvement

that i discussed and if you have other ideas certainly drop them in the comments area listed below i’ll put links in description to where you can get both variations of the magic keyboard and also those web links will immediately be updated with the least expensive pricing i actually wish that i was able to give you an excellent introduction of the apple magic keyboard for the ipad if i did please allow me understand by providing this video clip a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you haven’t yet sign up with the community by striking the subscribe and also notification switches you can always discover me on instagram facebook and twitter at techyeartalk understand what i constantly say purchase it nice or acquire two times great luck and see you quickly hey you appear like somebody that likes ipads as well as ipad devices you need to have a look at among these two video clips right below no i imply go ahead and also click one of them allow me know what you think bye

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