YOU SHOULD BUY the Canon M50 MK II and Here is WHY!

a great deal of people make the mistake of getting cams based upon specs alone they succumb to either advertising and marketing or peer stress and they seem like if they don’t get the ideal specs available that they’re in some way slipping up so as opposed to focusing on functions that they’ll really make use of every day points like ease of usage basic article handling process and also great comfort designs they essentially contrast 2 listings of specs side-by-side and after that assume that the most powerful or function rich electronic camera is the far better buy which’s often not the case the canon m50 is plainly one of the cams that i recommended the most due to the fact that it actually delivered on things that i believe actually matter to most of users as well as when the m50 mark ii came out i was rather important of it since they just resolved a few of the limitations of the initial they did add one function that i absolutely love i saw it initially on another canon video camera and

afterwards i was stunned that it’s not available on every single cam that they make today i’m going to inform you why you should acquire the canon m50 mark ii and also why i currently advise it over the original to begin with the m50 was and also still is a good camera as well as essentially every feature that was readily available on the m50 is currently readily available on the m50 mark ii so by purchasing the newer one you’re not really shedding anything you’re just getting every little thing from how simple the video camera is to use to the 24 megapixel sensing unit to being able to learn the basics and afterwards update to full manual procedure of the video camera every one of those points have not altered as well as are still staminas of the m50 mark ii now allow’s speak about what has changed starting with the autofocus i like the dual pixel autofocus on the original m50 which is what we obtain when we’re

firing in 1080p it’s very easy to utilize it’s receptive exact and i count on that when i have it on the electronic camera is secured on my face and afterwards i’m constantly in emphasis with the m50 mark ii canon took the next action by updating it to a more recent system and adding some terrific functions for images deal with and also eye discovery work also better the system is much more accurate works when the subject is further away from the video camera as well as likewise works when servo af is allowed so you don’t need to hold the shutter button midway down for video clip we currently get real-time eye autofocus versus just face detection on the initial m50 which i assume is a crucial upgrade i’m always mosting likely to push for better autofocus i do not care what camera lens or lighting you’re utilizing if the shot is not in emphasis it’s pointless we’re likewise obtaining eye detection in 4k which is nice however that contrast discovery system is still slower as well as much less dependable than the twin pixel autofocus system for both digital

photography and video clip when you have numerous people in the framework you can use faucet autofocus to click on the lcd and afterwards have the electronic camera switch face or eye discovery to a different individual now other than the 4k limitation i would think about these to be considerable renovations in terms of autofocus especially for an entry-level camera that already supplied great autofocus all appropriate keep in mind the function that i claimed i definitely enjoy i’m discussing having the document switch on the touch display as well as the very first canon camera that i saw usage this was the g5x mark ii and also it blew my mind that not every canon camera has this feature currently you may be questioning why i like it so much it’s because we’re currently able to change all the settings using the touchscreen but then i have to a step my hand to another location on the cam as well as b press the switch which often tends to tremble the cam particularly when it gets on a gimbal or a slider currently with the least touch i can begin as well as stop tape-recording this is extremely crucial specifically when i remain in front of the camera i can push the switch on the display beginning taping i have much more obvious visual responses that the

recording began and also i can quit the recording from the touch screen as well if you see my m50 video establishing tutorial you saw that i never ever utilized the real recording switch on the electronic camera i programmed the shutter button to start and quit tape-recording but this is taking things to a whole brand-new level now on top of that canon included a self timer for video clip so you can pick between 2 and also 10 secs to provide on your own time to strike document and after that obtain back to where you intend to stand or rest it’s a convenient attribute however not really an essential one due to the fact that i’m still mosting likely to need to stroll to the camera to quit the recording so one means or one more i’m gon na need to edit that clip a few various other attributes that rollovered from the original m50 are the evf or electronic viewfinder which i most definitely favor over an optical viewfinder that you’ll locate on dslrs like the sl3 the evf on the m50 mark ii will really reveal you modifications in direct exposure when you change your

aperture shutter rate or iso and also you’ll have the ability to see what the final picture is going to look like before taking the photo it’s also accountable for the superior autofocus with face and also eye discovery next we have canon’s shade scientific research which i absolutely love as well as what is very important to comprehend is that with technique and work you can get great colors from any kind of current cam yet when i claim i like canon’s color particularly for skin tone i indicate that i think it looks wonderful right out of the camera without any modifying currently finally we have an attribute that you recognize i’m mosting likely to love the fully articulating complete touch display this suggests that i can place the screen to deal with in any type of instructions that i desire whether i lag ahead to the side above or below the cam this is extremely helpful for points like item photography or even when i’m capturing in portrait orientation as well as utilizing the lcd i can flip it down as well as it’s much easier for me to see the photo when the camera is below eye

level for video clip naturally it’s wonderful when you’re in front of the video camera or when you’re using the electronic camera on a slider or a gimbal the next reason that i suggest the m50 mark ii involves lens options now since the release of the original m50 a number of other brand names have come to market with efm lenses first we have actually got the sigma f 1.4 triad with 16 30 as well as 56 millimeter lenses and also after that we have the newer viltrx f 1.4 triad with the 23 33 and 56 millimeter choices both sets are fast and also sharp and also they offer outstanding worths in regards to expense currently obviously every one of these lenses will also service the initial m50 so it’s not an advantage of the m50 mark ii over the original it’s simply that currently we have much more lens choices offered than when this one was released i currently have a detailed video concerning the sigma triad and i am working with one for the viltrux trio as well now normally you might still utilize efs

lenses with an adapter or ef lenses with the exact same adapter or a rate booster if you’re not familiar with the difference at the end of this video i’ll link to one more video clip where i clarify whatever i’m relocating on to an upgrade that was an absolute should with lastly getting a tidy hdmi outcome with the m50 mark ii if you’re looking to stream or use this camera as a web cam for video calls this is exactly how you’ll obtain the absolute highest quality yes you can make use of the complimentary eos webcam energy app with both cameras however a tidy hdmi outcome going into a capture card will certainly offer you the very best quality and the greatest resolution at the exact same time you’ll be able to still utilize autofocus as well as also get audio directly from the cam talking of streaming you’ll have the ability to stream directly from the m50 mark ii to youtube without requiring a laptop or a desktop computer you need a wi-fi connection you can predetermined the live stream occasion on your

phone sign up the destination url to the electronic camera and after that just press document to go live if you’re intending on utilizing this electronic camera for online streaming getting the m50 mark ii is a no brainer and you can likewise use the clean hdmi feature to get endless recording on the m50 mark ii by adding an exterior recorder like the atomos ninja 5. if you’re still viewing and also have obtained value from this video clip offer it a thumbs up it quite assists the video clip as well as the channel and it allows me recognize what kind of content you such as so that i can make more of it as well as i’ve observed that over 90 of you haven’t subscribed yet so strike that subscribe switch currently the next function that i wish to highlight is one that a whole lot of people are going to use and also that’s upright video as well as i obtain questions about this all the time since individuals ask can i just revolve the video clip when i’m editing and the solution to that is of course you can however when you have actually upright video incorporated into your video camera the camera encodes these files as upright so then when you most likely to edit they’re already in the proper positioning as well as you do not need to do it over and over and over once again with every clip with tic tac instagram reels youtube shorts and also other vertical

video clip platforms this winds up being really convenient and conserving you a great deal of time and also hassle in the long run as well as speaking of saving time the m50 mark ii is the initial esm electronic camera with complete support for the new cloud platform which enables automatic backups of your picture as well as video clip data as well as yes that does include raw files the original files will be kept for up to one month as well as 10 gigabytes can be marked completely free long-term storage you can see that we’re obtaining a number of actually valuable upgrades for only twenty dollars much more since the m50 body currently sells for 579 as well as the m50 mark ii offers for 5.99 both are lots and also leave you money to spend on lenses and other devices yet i assume at this factor everybody should invest the added 20 dollars and obtain the m50 mark ii now if the rate difference is even more than that where you live allow me recognize in the comments area keep in mind that i have web links in the summary to all the items that i talked about ideally this video clip was valuable click my face to subscribe and after that take a look at one of these associated videos you understand what i constantly claim purchase it great or purchase two times all the best as well as see you soon

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