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if you missed apple’s spring loaded event the ipad pro just got super charged with the m1 chip that we saw on the mac mini the macbook air and pro and what’s coming to the new imac this new chip promises a big jump in performance and ipad os is already built to take advantage of the m1 chip architecture so when you’re working with different resource intensive apps the m1 chip is going to provide you with a lot more power than what you had before but did they really just compare it to the original ipad like they showed it was 75 times faster than the first ipad like not even the first ipad pro but the first ipad that’s what they chose we were talking about the gpu they showed that it was like 1500 times faster like graphic wise than the original ipad again that’s our point of reference that’s like when they still compare the space shuttle you know they give it to you on horsepower it’s like 7 trillion horsepower like i think we need to find a different unit of measurement but that’s funny you know apple usually has these graphics during the event i get it it’s faster it’s better i love the m1 chip i just thought it was a funny point of reference of course for augmented reality and things like that that’s going to be an excellent option so if that’s something that you do you’ll definitely benefit from this new chip they also mentioned the fact that it’s now compatible with both playstation and xbox controllers so if you’re

playing games that can take advantage of those controls that’s pretty sweet and you’re actually getting haptic feedback another area where there is an improvement in speed is the storage so the storage on the new ipad pro the 2021 ipad pro i guess like the fifth generation is said to be two times faster than the one on the 2020 ipad pro on top of that it’s not just faster but it actually increased the maximum capacity of the internal ssd up to two terabytes so if you’re someone who couldn’t do enough with one terabyte like maybe you’re editing a lot of 4k footage and as we know you need to have that footage on the ipad in order to edit it because you can’t work off of external drives that’s something that could definitely benefit you and speaking of moving a lot of data from an ssd to the ipad the usbc is now upgraded to a thunderbolt usb 4 port so now you’re getting speeds of up to four gigabits per second which is just crazy now on top of this added speed we can also use more powerful accessories like even faster ssds and the xdr display at up to 6k like for me i think that the speed improvement is good and i like the fact that there is a higher capacity ssd on the ipad but what would really make it a more powerful tool for video editing for example which is a lot of what i

do would be an ipad os upgrade that would let me work off of files that are on an external ssd rather than having to move them onto the ipad that would be something that i would love next we’ve got some improvements as far as cameras and if you watch some of my other ipads or really any tablet review that i do i’m not a huge fan of the cameras on the tablets because i don’t really use them it’s not that they’re necessarily bad i mean they are usually bad but even when they’re good i’m gonna always reach for my phone to take a picture rather than an ipad but the new ipad pro has an awesome feature on the facetime the front-facing true depth camera so now it’s an ultra wide 12 megapixel camera so of course you still have face id but they have this thing called center stage and basically what it does is it detects you like where you are in the frame so let’s say you’re on a video call and it’s able to zoom in so it’s perfectly framing you like as if you have like a camera person behind the camera and let’s say you move from the center to the right it’s going to change the field of view it’s going to make it wider and then as you get closer it’s going to go ahead and zoom in on you so you’re always perfectly framed then they have this thing where if another person comes into the frame

the ai on the ipad detects this other person and they’re gonna go ahead and make the frame wide enough to include that person so they showed like a dad and a daughter and when the dad was alone the camera was focused on him but then as soon as the daughter came into the frame it kind of expanded the frame to include her as well so that’s something that’s going to be pretty sweet you know a lot of us are doing a lot of video calls facetime is awesome so that’s actually a feature that i was really excited about it’s hard to get me excited like i love cameras i have so many cameras but it’s hard to get me excited about ipad cameras but they did it all right so then i’m continuing to watch the event and i’m like okay well like did they do anything to the display it looks a little bit different but i mean it’s a render you know you can’t ever really tell well they did we now have a liquid retina xdr display so we’ve got many leds i think there’s like 10 000 mini leds and apple says they’re 120 times smaller than the previous generation i don’t know what they’re comparing it to but great they’re small and they’re organized in a little bit under 2600 local dimming zones and then there’s like optical films and

diffusers on top of it that mix the lights so that you’re able to keep the device really thin and still get very high brightness great contrast and the image quality should be absolutely outstanding we’ve got a thousand nits for full screen and 1600 nits peak and that’s i think when they’re doing hdr and we’ve got 1 000 to 1 contrast ratio of course it’s still a pro motion display so you’re getting apple’s adaptive 120 hertz refresh rate basically it detects the type of content that’s being displayed and then it decides whether you need to be at 100 or if it could display it at a lower frame rate so that you’re preserving battery life if you haven’t used 120 hertz it’s really noticeable even when you’re just using the ui so even when you’re just opening and closing apps you definitely notice that all the transitions are a lot smoother because if you’re comparing it to 60 you know it’s like an extra frame so the movement instead of something skipping from like here to here you see it move from here to here to here well you don’t really see it but that’s why it appears to be smoother and

you still have 120 hertz adaptive refresh on the 2020 model but now with the new xdr i can’t wait to see it now one thing i want to point out is that this new upgraded display is only available on the new 12.9 inch model so the new 11 inch model will still get the m1 chip and those upgrades

but it’s not getting a new display so you’re still getting a liquid retina display all right then we move on to connectivity and they added 5g support to the new ipad pro which some people are gonna like like for me i don’t ever use my ipad with cell service so if i’m not on wi-fi which i am like 99 of the time but if i’m not then i’m just tethering off of my iphone so i wouldn’t really use 5g but if you’re someone that’s going to be on the road if you’re on the go and if you need access to that bandwidth and it’s available in your area that’s a nice feature to have now as far as just wi-fi it’s wi-fi six compatible of course so you’re getting the fastest speeds available and that’s something that i definitely take advantage of at home we’ve got the orbi wi-fi 6 network here and we’ve got fiber so it’s super fast and now with that network it covers our whole house it’s awesome so that’s nice to have and again it’s something that we had before but yeah wi-fi 6.

Now the speaker system is going to still be amazing it’s the same one that we see on the 2020 ipad pro if you haven’t heard it it’s definitely like the ipad air 4 is better than the ipad 8 and that leap like when you move then to the ipad pro you definitely hear it like as soon as you just play anything games or even just watching video or content the sound is amazing and we’ve got support for dolby atmos now looking at the prices the 11 inch starts at 7.99 and then the 12.9 inch is a hundred dollars more than the 2020 model so it starts at 10.99 and goes all the way up to 21.99 if you want that two terabyte model 21.99 for an ipad pro i don’t know that i could do that can you do that i’m definitely getting the new ipad though just not the two terabyte model i can’t wait to order we can start ordering on april 30th and then they should be available in the second half of may so i don’t know what that means i didn’t give a date but second half of may one other thing before you leave they didn’t end it there they sort of just dropped it like like it was nothing and they’re like oh by the way we also have a new magic keyboard and white okay goodbye wait wait wait what yep new magic keyboard in white looks pretty sweet like i have it in black and like after a while there’s like wear and tear and it it kind of gets dirty i don’t know if the like the white might get dirty differently i kind of want it in white i don’t know if i can spend another 350 bucks on it but it looks pretty sweet i’ll probably get one i don’t know stop pressuring me fine i’ll get one you convince me i’m getting one i’m getting one let me know what you thought of the event hopefully you enjoyed this video click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy it twice good luck and see you soon

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