Camera Review Nokia 8.3 5G

so one of the most mysterious smartphones of 2020 thus far the nokia 8.35 g is finally hit in stores six months after it originally launched and shortly before it finds itself stuffed inside the presumably rather large pockets of mr james bond and ever since it originally launched i’ve been very keen to test out those zeiss branded optics slapped on the back what you have here is a quad lens rear camera setup comprising a 64 megapixel main sensor with quad pixel tech a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens plus basic macro and depth lenses to round it off manufacturer hmd global promises great photos at day or night from this camera while you’ve also got some stylistic video features for crafting cinematic masterpieces similar to what you get on sony’s xperia flagship but after that prolonged weight is the nokia 8.35 g’s camera tech up to snuff well i’ve been testing it out for a full week now and here’s my full nokia 8.3 camera review and for the latest greatest tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up that 64 megapixel primary shooter captures photos at 16 megapixels by default using four in one pixel bin to help keep the images bright and the results on the whole are pretty impressive stuff if conditions aren’t too

challenging you’ll enjoy short pictures that are packed with detail even when you’re checking them out on a big screen and colors are perfectly captured too to give your photos a nice natural feel do note however that there is no way to bump up the photo resolution to that maximum 64 megapixels on demand like more smartphones around this price point the hdr chops are rather decent even when shooting against the light or framing your subject with a bright blue sky the nokia 8.3 5g captures a well-balanced shot it’s rare to see any proper oversaturation with respectable levels of detail packed into those darker areas too but sadly the nokia 8.

3’s camera tag doesn’t impress quite so much when it comes to low light photography you do have a dedicated night mode on here but when things start to get proper dark the primary lens really struggles to focus so you’ll end up with blurry ugly shots regardless it definitely works better in situations like this where those brighter elements are then tempered for greater overall clarity although it’s still no better than what most budget phones spaff out let’s just hope that james bond doesn’t have any sneaky spy shots to take at night otherwise he’s well and truly thankfully though with a bit of help from that depth sensor the nokia 8.35 g definitely fares better when it comes to the portrait shots you’ve got a variety of filters to play around with here which produce quite different bokeh style effects

some are a bit random like the star and heart efforts but on the whole your subject is accurately defined and even crazy hair doesn’t throw this phone off too badly the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens offers a more pulled back view when you need it although you will be sacrificing image accuracy if you flip to that one with this lens colors appear richer in strong light which isn’t a massive problem unless of course you’re going for that really natural looking shot however in more ambient conditions the results with the ultra wide angle lens tend to be rather soft as well so it’s definitely best avoided in those situations so a little bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the photo results but when it comes to the video chops hmd global has put a lot of thought into the nokia 8.3 5g’s video features to help differentiate it a bit from the rest of the mid-range crowd you can shoot up to 4k resolution video with either the primary or the ultra wide angle lenses although you can’t swap between the two mid shootings you’ll have to make your mind up before you hit record at that ultra hd level you can expect sharp detail as usual and once again those colors are realistically reproduced when shot with the primary lens and also once again the low light results aren’t too smart so maybe just don’t image stabilization is half decent at 4k so you can move and shoot at the same time and you also have a dedicated action cam mode if you want to get really active but this only works at full hd resolution although at least up to 60 fps and no problems on the sound front either

because you’ve got that ozo audio feature which has been packed onto nokia branded smartphones forever and once again it’s really full-bodied spatial sound and audio so you can pick out finer details coming from all around and the nokia 8.35 g also has a win filter feature for when you’re shooting movies outdoors as well does it work debatable it sometimes seems to cut down a bit on the noise when you’re speaking at the same time to sort of make the vocals a bit more clear but here’s a couple of uh test videos so you can make your own minds up it’s a little bit breezy okay so same levels of breeziness the wind reduction filter thing is now on so hopefully it’s not quite as bad as it was and if you want to shoot a nice bit of commentary as you’re recording your video you can get of course the usual dual video mode on the go using both the front and the rear cameras at the same time oh my god it’s a duxio but where the nokia 8.35 g really stands out as far as the video front goes is the zeiss cinema capture feature this is basically a simpler version of the cinema pro app that you’ll find on sony’s flagship phone producing slick looking horn movies and that cinematic style 21×9 aspect ratio my 4k test clips shot at 24 fps certainly

looked stylish when i checked them out again on my tele all with bugger all effort on my part with the zeiss cinema capture feature you’ve once again got full manual controls over the likes of the iso levels the white balance all of that stuff you’ve got some filters you can apply as well you don’t have the same smart manual focus controls as the sony cinema pro app but you know what it’s pretty damn good it’s quite good fun messing around with that small variety of filters which give your footage an even more distinctive vibe although be warned that if you apply these before you start shooting it can’t be undone afterwards but thankfully you do get a cinema editor mode where you can once again apply filters after you’ve done shooting and these can be undone the cinema editor tool can even be used to add a stylish bit of flaring to your shots once you’re done as well michael beer eats your off and for yourself he needs well the nokia 8.3 rocks a 24 megapixel front facing camera which delivers similar results to that rear cam coping well with a range of conditions those portrait mode smarts are

impressive so you can cancel out all of that background noise when needed but once again when it comes to night shots it is a little bit cack so all right there’s my full review of the nokia 8.35 gs camera tech after using it for a full week so as you can see for your everyday sort of snaps and everything it’s more than up to the task but unfortunately it’s low light performance does let it down somewhat all the same i had a lot of fun playing around with the video modes on here you can get some really creative stylish looking stuff on the go if you’re willing to mess around with that cinema mode so that’s the camera covered off but go check out my full in-depth nokia 8.35 g unboxing for a closer look at all of the hardware and the software took you on an in-depth tour right there my full in-depth review of the phone itself should be coming in a couple of days so stay tuned for that please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell to be the first to see that one go live and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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