Did Apple DESTROY the Tablet World?! M1 iPad Pro 2021

when the m1 ipad pro was announced a lot of people said it’s game over that’s it no other tablet matters today i’m going to tell you why apple didn’t destroy the tablet world and why some other tablets in this space are and will continue to be relevant and as we get to each part of the video and finally to the conclusion i’m curious to know which category you think you fit best it’s really important that we add contacts to this discussion because looking at this released in a vacuum doesn’t tell you the whole story if you simply look at the fact that apple took their most powerful high-end tablet already considered by so many to be the king of the hill and then made it better you could easily conclude that it’s game over and maybe it is but let’s take a closer look and then at the end talk about whether the ipad pro is worth getting or upgrading to apple took the form factor of the 2020 ipad pro and then added to it the m1 chip which is significantly more powerful than the a12z chip again on the 2020 ipad pro while we don’t know exactly how the m1 chip will behave

in this thinner form factor and with the smaller thermal envelope of the ipad pro we can make some pretty conservative projections at performance looking at the macbook air which also uses the m1 chip and has no active cooling system we’re getting a geekbench score of 1721 for single core performance and 7501 for multi-core performance if the characteristics of the m1 ipad pro result in a 5 10 or 15 reduction in performance we’re still getting an absurdly powerful tablet what i wonder is what percentage of ipad pro users are already maxing out the performance of the a12 z chip on the 2020 ipad pro to the point where that’s not enough now of course there are professionals using the ipad pro for extremely resource intensive work like video editing or 3d modeling but that has to be a very small segment of the user base now there is something that could significantly impact this whole paradigm very soon and then change everything so i’ll get back to that later on in the video now another benefit to the m1 chip is that in addition to this incredible processing power we’re also getting more ram in my comparison between the 2020 ipad pro and the samsung galaxy tab s7

plus i mentioned that the lower storage options of the tab s7 plus have 6 gigs of rams just like the ipad pro but the higher storage models went up to 8 gigs of ram with the m1 ipad pro the lower storage options matched a higher end tab s7 plus with 8 gigs of ram but the 1 and two terabytes ipad pro doubles that with 16 gigs of ram now this of course only compares the amount of ram and we could have a whole discussion about the advantages of the soc or system-on-chip architecture and while you may not need this much ram yet you may very soon with this additional ram we’re also getting storage that’s two times faster than the previous model and the maximum storage size is doubled from one to two terabytes this higher capacity could be something that would appeal to some users and keep in mind that a two terabyte m1 ipad pro just a wi-fi only version costs 21.99 now finally we are also getting a thunderbolt port to replace the usb c port we have on the 2020 ipad pro some users are definitely going to find uses for the transfer speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second and a new connectivity potential for higher

resolution displays higher performance accessories and faster external ssds now the next upgrade i want to talk about is the display where apple brought the performance of the pro display xdr to the 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro this means the users who are creating hdr content are able to take advantage of the higher maximum nits of 1600 and the 1 million to 1 contrast ratio and apple said the users can now take their xdr workflow on the go but how many people are using a pro display xdr and would those users actually want to take their workflow on the go where they don’t have all the tools in their workstation and don’t get me wrong i would love to use a pro display xdr color accuracy the dynamic range it’s 6k it has great off access contrast but it’s five thousand dollars for the standard glass model and six thousand dollars for the you know less reflective nano texture glass and all that is without a stand or a vasa

adapter and i’m not knocking the price it costs what it costs and it’s targeted at the one percent of the one percent which is why i don’t see the majority of them taking advantage of this mobile workflow where i can’t wait to use this new display is with photo editing now i love editing photos on my ipad with the apple pencil and i’m very curious about how much better the experience is going to be with the new xdr display it’s also going to be interesting to see how it works as a secondary display with sidecar it should allow me to use it as a reference monitor when i’m color grading and i’m super excited to see the difference it makes now i do want to mention that apple didn’t implement this technology on the 11 inch m1 ipad pro so you do need to get the larger version if that’s a feature that you want also the max brightness in terms of knits is still listed as 600 with the addendum of 1000 nits max full brightness and 1600 nits peak brightness for hdr workflow the 600 nits is the same max brightness as the 11 inch m1 ipad pro and both sizes of the 2020 ipad

pro and the 2018 ipad pro so will the average user actually get significant real life benefit from this new display and is it worth upgrading from the 2020 ipad pro i can’t wait to get mine use it side by side with the 2020 and 2018 ipad pro and then tell you guys all about it now if you’re still with me and i’ve gotten value from this video give it a thumbs up it lets me know what kind of content you like so that i can make more of it and i still see that over 90 of you are new viewers so hit that subscribe button now the next upgrade apple mentioned was 5g and while this is an upgrade for an ipad pro and it may be of use for a portion of users it’s already available on other tablets so it’s not as groundbreaking as the previous features that i described i consider it a nice to have but i think the majority of ipad pro users are not going to use 5g and as i mentioned in other videos when i do need the cellular connectivity when i don’t have wi-fi i just tether off my iphone so i don’t like to carry another data plan just for my ipad pro now before we put this whole thing together let’s talk about the camera features and the new magic keyboard now the ipad pro has always had a top of the line camera system when compared

to other tablets so even before the m1 ipad pro it was probably already the best like the lidar scanner i could take it or leave it it’s definitely a differentiator but it’s a feature that most people still don’t use now as augmented reality becomes more integrated into the types of things that we do every day i think that it’s going to be a more useful feature but for now i very rarely use it i do like the new improvements to the facetime camera it’s still located on you know on the top on the shorter edge so when you have the ipad pro again even a new m1 ipad pro horizontally when it’s mounted on the magic keyboard it creates kind of a strange angle because the camera is to the side so when you’re very close to it it’s very noticeable that you’re again you’re being like filmed from the side the new camera is a 12 megapixel facetime camera it has a 122 degree field of view and a two time optical zoom now if you watch my other m1 ipad pro videos you probably saw the demo where the dad was in the kitchen and then the camera was able to like follow him almost

looked like i followed him but of course the camera is not moving it’s just cropping in and reframing the shot in order to keep him centered then the little girl comes in from the side and the ipad pro notices it and then widens the angle of view so that she’s included in the shot as well now i’m super curious to know whether this wider angle camera can crop in and then make you appear to be centered when again the ipad pro is mounted horizontally basically is the angle of view wide enough so that it can crop enough out of the one side to keep you centered and can it do that without significant distortion and that’s definitely something that i’m going to cover in my detailed review now speaking of the magic keyboard there’s a little bit of a controversy going on because apple released a new version of the magic keyboard because the m1 ipad pro is 0.5 millimeters thicker than the older one now apple initially said that the first generation magic keyboard won’t fit the new 12.9 inch ipad pro with the xdr display but then they recently updated a support document to say that the first generation of the magic keyboard is functionally compatible with the new ipad pro 12.9 inch the fifth generation with

liquid retina xdr display and then they went on to say that due to the slightly thicker dimensions of the new ipad it’s possible that the magic keyboard may not precisely fit when closed especially when screen protectors are applied okay so that sounds to me like if you don’t use a screen protector you don’t have anything to worry about and you can just use your older magic keyboard if you do use a screen protector i still wouldn’t buy the new magic keyboard until i got the new ipad pro and checked out the fit when i read it’s possible that the magic keyboard may not precisely fit when closed that doesn’t scream to me go out and preemptively spend another 350 bucks full disclosure i did order one because i wanted to see the white version and i wanted to be able to test some different screen protectors and then share my results with you so i’ll be including that in a follow-up video now that we have all the data let’s talk about buying and upgrading in the us the 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro is 10.99 for the 128 gig wifi only model and that’s only an extra 100 bucks when compared to the 2020 ipad pro so if you don’t have an ipad

pro at all and you’re going to buy one i think the m1 ipad pro is the better purchase you’re getting a newer device that’s made a leap forward with the m1 chip the xdr display the thunderbolt port and the camera upgrade all for a relatively small increase in price especially considering how long apple supports their devices if you’re considering the 11 inch m1 ipad pro it starts at 7.99 and again there is no reason not to get it instead of the older model you’re not going to get the xdr display but you are going to get the rest of the upgrades if you already own a 2020 or a 2018 ipad pro then i think it’s less clear yes the m1 chip is more powerful yes the display is better and yes you have more ram faster storage faster connectivity and an upgraded camera but i have two questions starting with the camera how often do you actually use the facetime camera on your ipad and do you use it in such a way that the new features would provide a significant benefit the second question is are you pushing your device to the point where the already extremely powerful a12x and a12z bionic chips and 6 gigs of ram just aren’t enough for you and my guess is that for the majority of users the answer is no the tablet world isn’t

destroyed by the new m1 ipad pro because it’s more expensive than other competing tablets cloud gaming through xbox game pass doesn’t work yet and for the majority of users additional power isn’t really the deciding factor but that might change very soon we are only a short time away from wwdc and there are a ton of rumors about some exciting things to come sure we may see some new hardware and some os updates for ios mac os and watch os but we’re here to talk about the ipad so what could apple have up its sleeve with ipad os 15.

hopefully we get some widget updates and maybe a customized multi-user experience and undoubtedly we’re going to get some privacy and security features but what i’m looking for is the next step in multitasking better external monitor support and maybe just maybe some porting of desktop apps to ipad os i want a more compelling reason for all this amazing power that we’re getting with the new ipad pro i want to be able to unleash a new wave of possibilities with a thin portable and powerful tablet apple make it so hopefully this video was helpful click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy it twice good luck and see you soon.


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