DON’T USE the M1 iPad Pro WITHOUT these Accessories! (2021)

You guys probably know that I love my new iPad. I like the size, I like the display, The speaker sounds great, but to really get the most out of it, you need to add some accessories. We’re gonna talk about productivity options and protecting the iPad Pro, and then in the second half of the video, I have two of my favorite things, one organized and streamlined everything for me, and the other one has already saved me money, and I just found out, it’s going to be a game changer, starting out because of how I integrate the iPad Pro, into my workflow and daily living. The first thing I’m gonna add is a keyboard case combo. If I’m doing anything other than typing a URL, or maybe a search query into Google, I prefer using actual keys over the on display keyboard. I’ve got two options here, the new magic keyboard, which now comes in white and a new Logitech combo touch. As far as productivity, I use my iPad Pro for emails, I use it to reply to comments, and to manage my channel, and I use it to do research for my videos, and all of these cases, these two options dramatically improve my productivity, starting with a magic keyboard, Apple hasn’t changed much, beyond making it accommodate the slightly thicker design of the M1 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and offering it in white, aesthetically, I really like this new color, and I think that it compliments the silver iPad Pro, and there are connection points, for the smart connector on the back.

So this keyboard doesn’t require a pairing process, and at the same time, it gets its power from the iPad Pro. To connect you just simply place the iPad right on the back of the magic keyboard, and the magnets will keep it secure.

This is the same keyboard that we saw in the previous model. So we’re getting a backlit keyboard with excellent keys and an outstanding trackpad. Then there’s also a USB-C pass through on the bottom left of the magic keyboard, which you can use to charge the iPad Pro, and this way instead of having the charging cable dangling from the side of the iPad, it’s flat on the desk, the price is exactly the same as the old one, It’s 300 bucks for the 11 inch model, and 350 bucks for the 12.9 inch version. If you’re looking for another great option with different features and at a lower price point, definitely check out the Logitech Combo Touch.

It’s a really great keyboard case that offers more protection for the iPad Pro, multiple modes, for typing sketching, viewing content, and reading. We also have a nice keyboard with a row of shortcut function keys, and those keys do things like go home, give you brightness control, of the display and the keyboard, you bring up spotlight search, control volume, offer multimedia control, and allow you to lock the iPad Pro with a press of a button. We’re also getting an upgraded track pad and a new feature that allows you to detach the keyboard from the back, so you can use the iPad Pro in tablet mode, while still having the back protected. You can also then flip the keyboard and reattach it sort of the other way, so that when it’s folded back, your fingers don’t inadvertently hit the keys, and I’m finishing up a detailed comparison of these two, and I’ll link to it at the end of this video.

Now, in addition to these types of keyboard/track pad cases, you can actually use a full-size keyboard and a mouse.

Right now, my absolute favorite is the Keycron K3, it’s a low-profile mechanical keyboard, and I think it looks awesome, and it’s great to type on, it comes ready to go with iOS or Mac iOS, but they also include key caps for Windows, so you can easily switch them out in a few seconds. I chose to go with blues because I really love a clicky keyboard. (clicks keyboard) Sorry, not sorry. And there is something that’s very soothing to me about the sound of clicky keys, but if you want a different sound or a different field, there are a lot of options available, and that’s the beauty of a mechanical keyboard, and these are also hot swappable, so if you change your mind in a future, or if you just want to play around with a different kind of switch, you can order a new set for 19 bucks, and then quickly switch them up.

See what I did there, and if you want an even slimmer option, you can go with something like this Hitachi Slim X1, and I’ll put some links to a few of my favorite options, in the description.

Now, whichever keyboard you choose to use, you’re probably gonna want to add a mouse, so that this way you don’t have to constantly reach for the iPad Pro and I use two options. My main one is the Logitech MX Master3, I’ve been using this lineup of mice for over 10 years, and they keep making improvements with every release. You can connect it with up to three devices at once, so I use it with my Mac Mini, my main Windows workstation, and the iPad Pro, and all I need to do is, hit this little button on the back over here, and then it alternates between devices, and there’s no need to re-pair every time.

Now, if you don’t actually need the latest and greatest, you can buy one of the previous versions, which pretty much have all the same features, at a lower cost. If that’s still more than you want, and you’re looking for a smaller, more portable and less expensive mouse, then I would check out the Logitech M350, which is also known as the Pebble.

All right, so you have a great keyboard and a nice mouse and now you need something to help prop your iPad Pro, if you want a great and simple solution, get yourself a stand like this one, it’s solid, it’s completely adjustable, and it lets you position the iPad, at just a right angle for you. This particular one is from the Nulaxy, but there are a ton of options, and I’ll have links in the description. Now, depending on what I need I may choose a different approach. I like to expand the functionality of my iPad. And if you want something very compact for that you can use this USB-C mobile pro hub from Sitaychi, It connects to the thunderbolt port on the iPad Pro, and it gives you a USB-C port for charging, a USB port for compatibility, with older accessories, an HTMI port, if you want to use an external display, and a headphone jack, so you can use wired headphones or a wired headset for gaming.

My more advanced option is the stand hub for the iPad Pro, and this both props up the iPad, and it attaches using an included USB-C cable, and again, it gives me an HDMI out, a USB-A port, a USB-C port, a headphone jack, plus an SD and micro SD card slot. Now I love this added functionality and the fact that the cables and accessories are no longer hanging from the side of the iPad. Now, if I’m not using one of my keyboard cases, I’m 100% of the time going to use a protective case.

The 12.9 inch M1 iPad Pro starts at a $1000, so I’m not trying to get it scratched or broken, or cracked, I’m always going to be using a case, and right now I’m trying out a few options from ESR, which is the same brand that I use for my iPhone, and I’ll just show you a few of my favorites. Now, starting with the least protective one, if I just want protection for the back and the sides then I’m gonna use, this flexible translucent black case, and it still protects the Apple pencil. Now the next one is called the rebound magnetic smart case, it connects just like the magic keyboard, with magnets on the inside, and then it also gives you that tri-fold functionality, where you can position it in three different orientations. There’s a magnetic flap that helps protect the Apple pencil, and I really liked that, because when you’re transporting using this case, you don’t have to worry about your Apple pencil getting knocked off, like you do have to worry about with the magic keyboard. It also has a really nice feel to it.

It’s almost like a rubbery texture, and again, it’s really nice to hold.

Now I’ve got two more options. We’ve got this rebound pencil case. It’s very similar to the rebound magnetic one but it’s not magnetic. It actually sits right inside here, and again, the Apple pencil is protected and I really like this has the same feel to it, and it’s a dual tone design, which looks pretty sweet with the iPad Pro, also because it’s not magnetic. and it sits in this case, it’s protected on all four sides, obviously the front and the back, and this way there are no exposed parts of the iPad Pro.

So this offers even more protection, and now onto the last case, this is like the tank of cases, and it’s called the Century stand case. It’s extremely solid, like nothing’s happening to your iPad, when it’s in this thing.

It’s got these notches on the back so that when you flip it over, this little thing right here. You can put it in like at any position and it’s gonna stay exactly where it is, because it’s both magnetic and there is a notch. You can also set it in this orientation and because of the magnets, you can literally like put this on your refrigerator, and it’s not going anywhere, and then when you’re traveling, there is a little slot over here where you can slide in the Apple pencil and it’s not going anywhere, and speaking of the Apple pencil, that’s definitely an accessory that I recommend.

And I have a video where I share my favorite Apple pencil tips, and tricks.

So if you want to know why, I think it’s such a useful tool. I’ll link to that video at the end of this one. Now with all the accessories that I showed you, you might be thinking, how am I gonna bring all these with me and keep them organized? I’ll tell you how, the Tom Toc Padfolio.

Now this is one of my absolute favorite iPad accessories. Essentially. It’s like a 2 in 1 protective case, and tech bag and it looks awesome, so I guess it’s kind of like a 3 in 1, Now starting out with the iPad compartment, that’s on the back, you can see that it’s separated from the rest of the bag with this rigid divider, and it’s got a velvety soft fabric cover, this way, even if you don’t have a screen protector, on the iPad Pro or even a case, the iPad is completely covered, and the compartment is big enough to fit the iPad Pro, with any of the cases that I showed you, and even with the magic keyboard or the Logitech Combo Touch.

Then when we flip this over, on the back we see, a ton of elastic straps for different accessories. So whether you pick out the ones that I showed you or different ones, it’s a really versatile option.

Now finally, on the inside of the front panel, there is a large compartment that can have some of the larger accessories that I already showed you, including this last one that I’m gonna show you in a minute.

Now the hard shell exterior of the padfolio adds even more protection from drops and it passed a military grade drop test, so it’s rated for a five foot drop. So basically just don’t go playing Frisbee with your iPad Pro and you should be good. Now, finally, the padfolio is wrapped in a water repellent fabric to protect your items from spills, and it uses dual YKK zippers with really nice poles. Personally, I really love this all black design with red accents on the zipper poles, of course it comes in other colors, and like with the rest of the accessories that I mentioned I’ll have links to this in the description. If you’ve gotten value from this video so far, give it a thumbs up. It lets me know what kind of content you like, so that I can make more of it, and I still see that over 90% of you are new viewers, so hit that subscribe button. As far as audio, the iPad Pro has incredible speakers and they might be the best speakers of any tablet that I own, but still for the most part I use headphones for content, or a headset for gaming, for wireless headphones, I like my original AirPods or the AirPods Pro, and if I want a wired headset right now, I’m using the Meze 99 classics, for gaming, I almost never use anything wireless, and I’ve been testing out the, Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT, in wired mode, and they’ve been so good, and the last accessory that I want to cover is, an external SSD.

And this is where I have some exciting news. So first using an external SSD, lets me buy an iPad Pro with lower internal storage, and I can keep larger files on the portable SSD, and then connect it during times when I need access to them.

Now, the M1 iPad Pro has an upgraded thunderbolts/USB 4 port, So I copied a 10 gigabyte file, from my one terabyte OWC Envoy Pro Yaks, to the iPad Pro in 18 seconds, which is insanely fast.

So I can spend a lot less money on internal storage, get way more external storage, and I can share this portable SSD with other devices, like my Mac Mini, my iMac and my main workstation. I also did a comparison of some of the most popular SSDs on the market, and I wanted to help you choose the best combination of price and performance, for your needs, and I’ll link to that video in just a moment. Remember that I have links to all the products I talked about in the description. Hopefully this video was helpful.

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