Accessories YOU NEED for the iPhone 13 Pro!

I started getting accessories for the iPhone 13 prior to it actually got below since I’m not permitted to make use of a phone without two of them. So allow’s discuss what I picked. The initial device I get for any phone is a case, I have not satisfied anyone that clothed her as high as I do, which is unusual since I would not truly call myself an incredibly reckless person however what are you gon na do? This year, I obtained the updated version of the case that I had from my iPhone 12 Pro, which is the ESR Cloud Soft. I absolutely love how this case looks as well as just how it really feels. It’s like a soft silicone that really feels actually wonderful to touch, it does not get slippery, it remains looking great as well as it’s very easy to clean. It’s a strong enough kind element to safeguard the phone from other decreases and also at the exact same time, it’s slim sufficient to where it does not feel really cumbersome. There’s additionally a bump out on the back to secure the cam so I can place it down without having to bother with the lenses obtaining

scratched. And also the upgrade that I transformed the ins 2014 is that this one is MagSafe and also HaloLock suitable. Basically it means that there’s a magnet in the situation that makes sure that it’s perfectly aligned with any kind of MagSafe accessory or with the entire ESR HaLoLock ecosystem. This method, you’re obtaining the strongest connection and also optimal charging speeds. The instance likewise includes a stand, which I do not usually use due to the following accessory that I’m gon na reveal you. If you don’t obtain one of those or you don’t need all that convenience, it is wonderful to have. The following device isn’t one that I thought I would certainly make use of really typically up until I got one and also I’m speaking about a real stand. Currently you may be thinking, why would certainly I need to stand for my phone? And also I thought the very same point, due to the fact that I utilize these cordless battery chargers almost everywhere around your home. And I really did not really see a reason that I would

certainly ever need a stand. And also I guess I’m sort of placing 2 devices together due to the fact that I’m including a cordless battery charger, which is what I make use of most of the moment, however below’s why I finished up using a stand. Of all, my cordless chargers, at the very least the ones that I have so far are either flat on the desk or they’re at a taken care of angle like this one. They don’t function for me when I’m on a video telephone call, the level ones, clearly do not function and also the tilted ones, aren’t typically at the optimal angle. They’re fantastic for taking a look at the display screen however they’re not flexible for the very best electronic camera angle. This stand can be angled by any means that I desire. No matter of whether I’m at my workdesk or anywhere in the residence, I can obtain the specific framework that I want. The 2nd reason I like this stand is that cord charging is still faster. And due to exactly how the stand is designed, when I have my phone on it, I can still have it plugged in at the very same time. This is also a fantastic represent an iPad and also this smaller one is terrific for the iPad Mini 6. And if you have one of the bigger iPads, they do make a bigger variation as well as I’ll put links in the summary to both

of them. And also if you’re interested in a comparison of the iPad Mini 6 and also the iPad 9, I’ll connect to that video at the end of this one. The following accessory I’ve made use of for years, and also it’s still my favorite and I’m discussing AirPods. I’m still alternating between the first-generation AirPods as well as the AirPods Pro. I in fact preferred the layout and also the fit of the original AirPods. For some factor, they fit my ears completely and I don’t also seem like they remain in there. And I have actually said this in various other videos but I typically have them in my ears during I’m heating up to play basketball, or if I’m firing about in my yard and also I have actually never dropped out. And I likewise obtained the AirPods Pro because a great deal of you suggested that I provide them a shot and see what I did there. Yet anyways, here are my ideas about these. The AirPods Pro plainly have far better audio quality, they passively isolate you from noise as well as they have energetic sound cancellation. They supply transparency mode, so you can still hear what’s taking place around you, so they’re the much more effective option. However for my ears, I like the feeling of the initial style much

better, so I wind up utilizing these a lot more. Let me recognize in the remarks area if you’ve had a chance to utilize both, which one do you such as better? The next accessory is another one that I absolutely require for every phone and also I’m talking regarding a display guard. So I currently pointed out that I dropped my phone a whole lot and also I’ve smashed means way too many screens. As well as I do not also need to drop it, I had the 10S in my pocket when I got it to do my review, so I wasn’t using it yet, I was just keeping it in my pocket in a bag and also in some way I was still able to obtain this significant scratch exactly on the screen. Currently I know the iPhone 13 cover glass is a more powerful material however it’s still not something that I can risk any longer due to the fact that I’ve simply paid method excessive in replacement. So there’s a number of excellent brands around and also perhaps I’ll do a comparison if that’s something that you want, but an exceptionally vital part when choosing a screen protector is the installment procedure. Directly, I do not really wan na mess around with stickers as well as alignment, so I tend to obtain the ones that include a guide that you

simply break onto the phone, you drop the display guard right here, and after that it’s constantly perfectly aligned. I’ll put some web links to a few of my favorites. And currently you know that when you’re viewing my videos and also you see any phone without a screen protector, that I just took it off for that shot as well as that I was unbelievably worried the entire time. Proceeding to the following device is one that I like because I have a truly old automobile yet I can’t assist it, I actually like driving it. Am I actually an actual technology YouTuber if I do not drive a Tesla? Anyhow, I’m discussing a wireless cars and truck battery charger, Christie has a more recent automobile and also has a Qi battery charger built in, and she’s obtained navigating but in my auto, I wanted a method to mount a phone to make sure that I can see the directions as well as to be able to charge it wirelessly at the same time. This is from that ESR HaloLock system that I told you around. And considering that my new case has a magnet in it, the link is really strong as well as you can see my phone does not drop. There’s not truly a lot to discuss below, however I like how strong this clamp is. As well as I like this added item right here that can be used for support and I likewise suched as the reality that it’s USB-C with 15 watts charging. Currently we know that this year’s apples iphone have improved battery life, but if I’m still going somewhere

without the capacity to charge my phone, I’m constantly gon na bring a mobile battery charger. For instance, I went to VidSummit and there are all these different sessions the entire day. As well as I brought my Anker PowerCore 10K PD Redux, it has an 18-watt power deliver USB-C port as well as a PowerIQ-enabled USB-A port. It’s really tiny and also it’s light, so I can have it with me and also it’s not actually an aggravation. It’s likewise powerful adequate to bill my iPad, so I get various other usages from it. And also I think it’s a great combination of power as well as comfort. I have other chargers that are larger as well as have greater ability however then, obviously, I lose the portability of a power financial institution such as this one. The next device is a great choice if you utilize your phone to tape-record video clip and also it’s various from any type of various other tripod that I’ve ever before used, it’s called the

MantisPod, it’s by PGYTECH. As well as it’s really the tripod that I use with all of my electronic cameras because it has an extremely special attribute. Yes, it’s exceptionally well-made, yes, it’s extremely strong because it has to support DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. It’s incredibly flexible in regards to setup and also it actually has a phone mount that’s integrated in, so it’s ideal in there as well as by doing this I do not have to remember to bring this with. The one trouble that it solves that none of my various other tripods do is that it enables you to place it in an extremely special means. So it’s got this smart style where this little point turns out, and afterwards if you wan na place it on a wall surface or a fence, you can simply place it on something, and after that it will certainly type of be placed like that as well as you can relocate this up as well as have your phone explained. As well as this is something that’s incredibly practical when you’re trying to film yourself. Yet, naturally, you can hold it if you’re vlogging, however if you wan na place this down and there isn’t a flat surface area, that goes to the best elevation, this is in fact very convenient. The next accessory is one that I utilize on a daily

basis and they’re in fact 2 different kinds, so I’ll show you both. As well as keep in mind that there are links in the summary to all the products that I discussed. So I’m always billing more than one thing each time. As well as this is why I enjoy this 100-watt charger with 2 USB-C ports and also two USB-A ports. It plugs right in and I can bill up to 4 things. As well as this particular one is a fantastic alternative, if I wan na run cable televisions to numerous locations from the same source. Now on my desk, I in fact use this 65-watt battery charger. Once more, it’s obtained two USB-C ports as well as 2 USB-A ports but this time around I can run one cable television to it and also then utilize much shorter billing cables for each tool. If I’m billing my Apple Watch, or if I’m using the MagSafe hockey puck point, I do not run into any issues. Ideally, this video clip was helpful. Click on my face to subscribe, and afterwards see this video. You recognize what I always claim, buy good or purchase twice. All the best and also see you quickly.

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