Preview OnePlus 8T Full Tour A Proper Upgrade?

oneplus fans prepare to destroy your kicks with joy because the oneplus 8t is here in this rather enormous freaking box i’ve been lucky enough to get my grubby mitts on it a whole week before the official launch so that means unfortunately right now i don’t know the official uk price or release date but i will bug that information in the video description down below but for now let’s whip the oneplus 8t out of its box and take you on a full in-depth tour of the hardware and the software and from all the latest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so this appears to be the slogan for the oneplus 8t ultra stops at nothing whatever that means uh how do you actually oh there we go hello that was very friendly box okay so first of all as usual oneplus has really gone to town with the reviewers guide it’s uh actually the size of a novel bedtime reading there i’m hoping it’s mostly pictures there’s the actual phone box and it looks like they’re sticking with the monolithic style packaging for the oneplus 8t and as usual they’ve very kindly included a couple of cases for the a t as well so we can check those out and there you have it absolutely flipping enormous box for a phone a book and a couple of cases good stuff so that was stage one unboxing the box now i’ve got to actually unbox the smartphone there she blows right

one indeed so first up of course you get the obligatory invitation letter complete with the usual funky oneplus porky pin device of course let’s see what pete has to say this time uh so who says uh hello the oneplus 8t is proper good in it it’s much better than them shitty samsung’s who likes those things only bedwetters and nonces that’s who no sadly he didn’t say any of that but if you want to read the actual invitation let’s just freeze for him here i guess you also get lots of boring guff like safety information and a bunch of stickers to give to your kiddie winks you get the actual oneplus 8t always handy you get oneplus condom case bundled in there as well with decorative slogan although completely randomly according to the press release info i’ve already read you don’t get this condom case if you live in america for whatever reason maybe you guys are less candid and therefore less likely to drop the phone than us you also get the fresh new and freaking enormous warp charge 65 adapter and last up your obligatory gorgeous crimson red one plus usb cable but enough of all that gum let’s actually check out the oneplus 8t now first up it’s worth mentioning that the oneplus 8t is designed to basically replace the existing oneplus 8 in the oneplus smartphone lineup that means it will be going on sale alongside the oneplus 8 pro which has not been replaced with the near t pro now the oneplus 8t has a serious heft to it at 188 grams it’s constructed from gorilla glass 5 front and back so hopefully should prove nice and hardy and it

appears to be a layer of metal just sandwiched in between the two you’ll be able to pick up the 8t in two different colors you’ve got the aquamarine green which is kind of like the flagship color and this one here is a step down this is the luna silver not quite as sexy and the specs are slightly different which i will cover during the hardware tour no real surprises here with oneplus 8t design though there’s once again bugger all headphone jack action but at the same time there’s also no dedicated google assistant button which is always a bonus and of course once more you get the usual alert slider positioned just here above the uh power button so far though first impressions really liking that design it’s not a massive evolution over previous one pluses uh the major difference is of course the camera chassis has been shunted away in the corner there but rather pleasingly despite the glass materials you’ve got this lovely matte finish and it does seem to be very very resistant indeed to greasy fingerprints eric you could quite happily feast your way through a whopper meal and then text your bestie and this thing would still be nice and pristine sadly the actual screen is getting quite grubby as you can see there though it’s actually covered with a screen protector just for a bit of extra hardiness so that’s always a bonus right let’s just get it all set up and then we’re going to check out the rest of the phone looks like the sim tray is stuck away right here on the bottom end and what you get here is a dual sim setup as you can see they’re one of these

reversible sim trees but sadly of course as usual no room for micro sd expandability so with the silver model you’ll be stuck with the 128 gigs of onboard storage but if you do get that aqua marine green one which is proven really difficult for me to say uh you get 256 gigs so plenty of space before i forget just have a quick try on of all of the cases as well so you can see how it fits all snug into first up the condom case i still see that lovely a silver finish and of course you’ve got the uh never settled brandon a nice little muscle design as well very funky and that’ll happily protect the edges on the back end of the oneplus 8t and it’s also raised up in the corners to help give the screen a bit of extra protection if it happens to fit his plant the floor god forbid so that looks like it’ll more than do the job but if you want to splash a bit of cash you can also grab this cyborg cyan cover this is a hard shell case and it definitely adds a very uh different very unique microchip style design to the oneplus 8t very funky i do quite like the 3d style effect i don’t know if you can really make that out on the camera otherwise you’ve got your more traditional cyan sandstone cover instead and i’m not even going to tell you how many takes it took me to get cyan sandstone right and before we actually crack on with the wonders of oxygen os 11 i’m just going to briefly mention as well there’s no ip rating for the oneplus 8t apparently it is splash proof so it’ll be absolutely fine in your traditional british downpour but uh you definitely don’t want to be going and taking it into the bath have it precariously balanced to the edge of the

sink while you’re doing your washing up anything like that now it’s no massive shock that it’s an in-display fingerprint sensor here on the oneplus 8t it’s an optical scanner so just exactly the same as the oneplus 8 and touchwood so far seems nice and responsive and that oneplus 8 in display scanner stays nice and responsive and accurate over months and months of use so fingers crossed will get the same from the 8t and as usual this is backed with a good bit of face recognition as well so you can use that if your hands are a bit grubby or something like that and so let’s just scan in my slightly tired looking face let’s see if that actually works yep super super nippy as usual now the oneplus 8t is especially intriguing because it’s actually the first to launch with oxygen os the latest version of oneplus launcher and in fact that is actually sat on top of android 11 making this one of the very first smartphones to launch globally with the latest freshest version of android straight out the box and oneplus fans will definitely notice a significant change to the general look and feel of oxygen os with this version 11.

i think it looks really neat and tidy definitely first impressions are good as usual you’ve got some strong customization options uh packed in here into oxygen oh as you can dive in here you can change everything to do with the desktop you can kill the apps tray if you want the google discover feed you can change up the icon pack uh if you dive into home screen layout as usual you can change up the grid layout and there’s been a significant overhauling of the clock style on the hibernation screen as well but i’ll be going into that and loads of other great features in my full oxygen os 11 tips and tricks guys because there’s a lot to cover so stay tuned for that for all you need to know now oneplus smartphones always boast absolutely killer displays the oneplus 8t certainly seems to be no different it’s a 6.55 inch nice and spacious amoled panel so as you can see they’re pretty much a full view right there on the front of the phone you’ve got this tiny little selfie orifice buried away in the corner nothing too intrusive with the default display settings it looks like a nice natural looking image quite realistic looking colors quite a neutral temperature overall and as with the original oneplus 8 you’ve got a just noticeable color difference of just 0.3 apparently which i’m sure is completely meaningless gibberish to most

people but what it basically means is again nice natural looking hues very realistic very accurate i know it’s a full hd plus resolution not quad hd plus or anything like that certainly the visuals look nice and pin sharp despite the fact as well that it’s a a bit of a beast of a display certainly squishing your face up nice and close everything remains nice and sharp now if you jump on into the display settings here on the oneplus 8t as well go to advanced you can completely calibrate that screen get some more vivid punchy images on the go go to advanced set it to srgb levels great news if you’re editing photos on the fly because that’d be really true to life colors and in here is where you’ll spy one of the big upgrades over the standard oneplus 8 that’s that refresh rate which now is set to 120 hertz by default you can’t bump it back down at the standard 60 hertz if you want to save some battery life sadly there’s no middle ground there’s no 90 hertz refresh rate option and if you’re really not a fan of that selfie cam orifice where you can completely hide it from view uh and once you do so you’ll just basically get a big thick black bar across it like so so i’ve got it and set the oneplus 8t’s display to a nice vivid uh setting so those colors are coming through nice and warm and punchy uh now definitely great if you’re watching a bit of animation or something like that here on the oneplus 8t you also get a

stereo speaker setups the earpiece will belt up media as well as that bottom firing speaker just there as well so let’s bump up the volume see what we got you’ve got a piddle about setting up external cameras in just the right spots and then slap on this enormous freaking grit headset which is then tethered okay very impressive stuff on the top volume certainly plenty of power i tried watching a bit of winter soldier and those gun shots and explosions certainly very very loud in freaking deed um so yeah so no problems even if you’re watching in a very noisy environment the balance isn’t 100 perfect of course as usual the top speaker isn’t quite pulling its weight compared with that bottom method but it’s really not bad and lots of great features tucked away in the audio settings as well including you’ve got a good bit dolby atmos action uh which can just tweak the audio output depending on what you’re up to as you see you’ve got the likes the live caption uh mode on there as well and you’ve got all the features shoved in there that you would expect including nfc for your contacts payments you’ve got wi-fi 6 support and you’ve got 5g connectivity as well thanks to the x55 modem which is stuffed in there alongside the snapdragon 865 and yeah it is the standard 865 not the 865 plus but you know what who really cares because it’s still hot you’ll still get absolutely fantastic performance

out of this thing i’ve already run a bit of uh benchmarking those with the scores right there so no bother at all if you want to be running any game on the google play store on top detail levels or absolutely storm through all and of course you’ve got that game space feature back in action as well a bit of an oxygen os favorite which just allows you to block notifications basically super ramps up the performance as well make sure that there’s no other apps hogging resources in the background it’s pretty much all the stuff you would expect from a decent gaming smartphone mod again i’ll be going through this a lot more in depth in my oxygen os 11 tips and tricks guys oh i did forget to mention uh briefly if you buy the silver version of the oneplus 8t get eight gigs of ram which frankly is bloody plenty for a smartphone but if you do get the aquamarine green model of it then you get an upgrade to 12 gigs of memory which is frankly absolutely bad and then our pre-briefing oneplus told us that apparently you’ve got a dedicated vp chamber stuffed inside the oneplus 8t now compared with the simple coolant pipes that you had in the original oneplus 8 so hopefully the heat dissipation should be improved too if you’re going to be gaming over a long period and especially if you’re going to be gaming while the thing is plugged in so that’s performance as obviously i’ll be gaming like a morpho on this beast for my in-depth oneplus 8t review so stay tuned for that as for the battery life well you get dual batteries in fact stuffed inside the oneplus

8t uh with the total capacity of 4500 milliamps and that is what makes the warp charge 65 uh battery charging tech possible uh it’s the same sort of charging tech as you’ll find in the likes of the real me smartphones the oppo smartphones that have just emerged so apparently you’ll get a full charge from mt and the oneplus 8t in just 39 minutes and yes you do get that warp charge 65 brick bundled in the box you don’t have to buy that separately which is always good to see according to oneplus this thing is equipped with a dozen thermal monitors just to help prevent the thing from overheating and therefore potentially setting your entire house on fire which is always again a bit of a bonus and apparently will also provide charge for other items such as tablets and even laptops up to 45 watts so when all this covered crap is over and you bugger off in your holly bobs again hopefully you won’t have to pack a separate laptop charger as you can see there in the battery settings the optimized charging feature is back in action which is great to see that just helps to prevent the battery from overcharging if you do leave the oneplus 8t plugs in overnight it’ll just trickle charge until the time when you usually sort of get out of bed sadly though no support for wireless charging wow wow wow you’ll have to get the pro if you want that okay kiddies it’s getting late uncle spurt is getting very tired and a bit cranky because he hasn’t had his bedtime whiskey yet so let’s just finish up the quick squint at the oneplus 8t’s rear camera tech and what you have here is a fairly nifty quad lens setup very similar to the original oneplus 8.

And if you are a oneplus fan you’ll know exactly what to expect from the camera tech as you can see there you’re immediately just straight into auto mode now primary sensor is a 48 megapixel effect so the imx 586 which of course has been in a butt load of smartphones usually produces pretty nice looking results and you’ve got ois built in there as well so hopefully should produce some nice looking photos color temperature seems a little bit cool in here but it is very ambient conditions so uh it is a little bit testing shall we say and as you can see there the oneplus 8t by default shoots at 12 megapixels are using four in one pixel bin just help brighten up a shot when needed uh but you can’t switch up to the maximum 48 megapixel resolution with a quick tap like so as for the other lenses well the secondary lens is a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle effort which you can swap to with a quick tap down there and that seems to offer very different color temperature results to the brim one i’ll be testing that one out the last two lenses are a five megapixel macro lens so you can shoot a really up close pictures with that if that’s your thing i guess and the last lens in the quad lens setup is a 2 megapixel a monochrome lens which just adds an extra bit of realistic black and white flair if you’re using that filter of course you’ve got the usual

selection of bonus camera modes slapped on top of there as well the usual obligatory portrait mode so you can choose a nice bit of bokeh style action behind your subject you’ve got your night skate mode which of course takes lots of different shots at different exposure levels blends them all together and then the final result as you can see that’s a bit more balanced so as you can see you’ve got a lot more background detail compared with just a standard auto mode and if you want to take back control then you’ve got the pro mode as well which adds all kinds of extra tools as you can see there you got the level you’ve got the histogram action up top uh you can shoot near the jpeg or raw format and mess around with all kinds of different levels as well you’ve got your slow motion your panorama all of that good stuff and of course a good bit of video action if we dive on into the camera settings you’ll see you’ll be able to shoot up to 4k resolution video at either 30 or 60 frames per second standard for uh oneplus that’s great to see and of course you’ve got that 21×9 aspect ratio uh cinematic setting as well as popularized by the likes of sony to get a nice bit of hot

movie action with creepy carol and for the oneplus 8t you’ve also got the fresh new video portrait mode as well which kind of similar to live uh bucky video whatever the frick it’s called on the samsung uh busy just keeps your subject sharp while blowing out everything behind them to really help them stand out so we’ll be testing that and all the other features for my in-depth oneplus 8t camera review and last up if we flip around to the 16 megapixel

selfie cam here on the oneplus 8t you can see how absolutely bloody shattered i really am definitely time to wrap up this video and go to bed i feel so that right there in a nutshell is the oneplus 8t as i say i’m getting this phone over a week before the official launch actually even happens so i’m gonna spend a lot of time with this smartphone using it as my full-time handset ready for an in-depth review which hopefully should be going live pretty much the same time as this unboxing also go check out my oxygen os 11 tips and tricks guide for a better look at the software and i’m hoping to do some comparisons with the latest and greatest handsets as well but for now i’m about ready to drop so have a good one everyone love you bye

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